Canadian receiver Rory Kohlert calls it a career after six CFL seasons

Canadian receiver Rory Kohlert is calling it a career.

The Edmonton Eskimos announced Friday the 30-year-old Regina native has retired.

The six-foot-two, 204-pound Kohlert had seven catches for 77 yards in 15 games last season with the Calgary Stampeders. Kohlert signed with Edmonton as a free agent in February.

The former Saskatchewan Huskie spent his first five CFL seasons with Winnipeg. He appeared in 100 career games, registering 167 catches for 1,990 yards and nine touchdowns.



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  1. Now whose simple name is Rod Black gonna mispronounce?

  2. One of the worst receivers in the CFL. This guy was atrocious.

    As I said during the discussion about Edmonton’s NI, Kohlert is better suited to be in the stands selling hotdogs than he is to bring on a football field.

    • He was a filler – just like most Canadian receivers.
      This is what happens when we have a Canadian ratio, teams have to start players that shouldn’t be playing pro-ball.
      There is only one 1,000 yard Canadian receiver and that’s Sinopoli, it’s getting harder to find guys like him because they are not out there.

  3. BC Dave // May 5, 2018 at 1:53 am //

    My God you are a rude individual. I feel sorry for you. Your last of self worth is really coming thru on every thread.

  4. Edward Leslie // May 5, 2018 at 4:52 am //

    The Eskimos let Cory Watson go, which in retrospect might not have been such a good decision. He was a reliable receiver and a good blocker.
    Kohlert was supposed to replace him, but with his retirement, they just have two national receivers: last year’s first round pick, Nate Behar and spare part,
    Natey Adjei. Neither of them hardly played last
    season. Plus the Eskimos didn’t draft a receiver in the first four rounds.
    If I was Brock Sunderland, I’d make an offer to Samuel Giguere. He’s one of the better free agents still available.

    • Pretty bad when you use Samuel Giguere as an example of “one of the better free agents still available”
      Giguere couldn’t hang on to anything last year.
      Another example of why the Canadian ratio has to change, there are very few Canadian receives out there.
      Why do you think that most of the draft picks are O-lineman?

  5. MJ Bandit // May 6, 2018 at 8:42 pm //

    Bkhari Grant has dropped wayyy more passes in his CFL time than Kohlert ever did or would; Grant keeps getting CFL chances because of his passport – plain and simple favortism towards mediocre import receivers – Khalil Paden is another example along with some of the stiff import receivers the Bombers have tried lately; Maurice Mann was a classic example – dropped tons of passes but kept getting more CFL chances – if he was a Canadian receiver he would have been laughed at & written off by the typical Canadian hater posters here. Agreed that Giguere has shown to be a mediocre stiff too with weak hands, but all sorts of young Canadian receivers – like Brian Jones or Llevi Noel for the Argos – continue to sit on CFL benches while all sorts of teams trot out average to useless American receivers – like Hazelton or some of the drops hands imports Ottawa has played. It’s the CFL way.

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