Alouettes release four Canadians

The Montreal Alouettes have released four national players, running back Dillon Campbell, offensive lineman Matt Vonk, receiver Seydou Junior Haidara and defensive back Mikaël Charland.

Campbell played one game for Montreal in 2017 registering one carry for seven yards. He was drafted by the Toronto Argonauts in the fifth round, 39th overall in the 2015 CFL draft.

Vonk tore his ACL after dressing in nine games for the Alouettes last season. The 27-year-old has played in 36 carer games since being selected in the fifth-round, 36th overall by Saskatchewan in the 2013 CFL draft.

Haidara played in 16 games making five receptions for 28 yards in 2017 for Montreal. He was selected in the second-round, 12th overall by the B.C. Lions in the 2013 CFL draft. The 29-year-old has played in 70 career CFL games with the Lions, Riders, Bombers and Alouettes.

Charland signed a two-year extension in December after contributing to special teams for 12 games making one tackle. He was a second-round pick, 16th overall by the Ottawa Redblacks in the 2016 CFL draft.


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  1. Starting to sound like another organization

  2. Like to know who made the call.
    Someone doesn’t understand how important it is to have a strong Canadian base if you want to be competitive in this league or how difficult it is build one. These guys were picked high in the draft. They can’t all be incapable of playing either on special teams or as backups or of being developed. Some have played a number of games in the league.

    • Of course it’s important to have a “strong” Canadian base, these guy were not strong. Going high in the Canadian draft doesn’t mean a lot these guys were all underperforming. Check out the last two drafts, unless they are an “O” lineman, most will be added to special teams and be backups, they hang around to fill the Canadian ratio.

  3. to build one.

  4. No impact palyers here they were all broughth in last year debacle to patch in for injured canucks…

    • Riders23 // April 17, 2018 at 5:47 pm //

      Well Vonk signed as a free agent last year /2years ago ? , Haidara your right was a cast off and brought in as filler. What is somewhat suprizing is that Kavis in some way must of possibly thought Haidara was of equal or better value as a player as he traded Canadian Daniel Radford to the Riders which I believe resulted in the Riders releasing Haidara . Radford did well on SP teams last season and a few limited reps on Offence when injuries hit. Radford if given that he has continued to progress in the off season is projected to see a more impactful role in the Riders offence this season but the addition of Jake Hardy via free agency puts that into question. The Radford maneuver by Kavis would of been a good gamble if Haidara would of out grown Radford in skills /abilities—free player in Haidara plus draft picks for Radford.. I felt the Vonk signing might of been a good pick-up for the Als but obviously much like Riders St.John he has not progress as projected. Given Vonks probably salary/ age /stalled progression , the Al’s having High numbered draft picks and a strong class of Cdn olinemen to be drafted this year, Vonk was certainly expendable IMO. As well doubtful that Vonk is picked up even as TC cannon fodder given that a much more talented player in Danny Girioux ( ex Esk ) remains unsigned and available. Vonk could resurface IMO if a team mid season runs into Cdn oline depth problems due to injury.

  5. Had to shed some $$$ to pay for Henoc

    • MJ Bandit // April 17, 2018 at 6:11 pm //

      Those guys who got cut would all have been making CFL minimum wage if they made the roster, so replacing them with another low paid Canadian will not save anything.

      Nik Lewis making the Als roster again and getting paid anything over minimum wage – there would be some savings there to put him out to pasture; Bowman & Cox are another couple of vets who would be making good coin, but they each might have something in the tank left to contribute. Drew Willy making anymore than the bare minimum for a CFL back-up QB is a waste of money IMO – better to roll with a young guy and hope he has some upside.

      Lots of saving$ for Kavis if he needs to $lash.

      • Every little bit helps

      • Cox is not coming back, he’s doing Scouting for the Als and will stay on with the organisation. Nick has called it a career. There was no roster spot for these four guys anyway.

        People don’t know a damn thing what is going on with this team playing arm chair GM. These fools allowed me to make 20k last year with the Argos. Keep it up 🙂

      • Draft picks are added to rosters kept around for a couple of years as fillers, they are paid the CFL minimum. Unless they are “O” lineman, they are usually replaced with the new crop of draft picks, that way the “fillers” will always be on minimum wage. It’s what happens when we create this ratio and force teams to play Canadians that shouldn’t be playing football.

  6. MJ Bandit // April 17, 2018 at 10:40 pm //

    Wonder why both Cox & Lewis are still listed on the Als roster?

    You should invest all your big winnings to become the Als new owner – no doubt you know everything about the team and could set them straight as owner/GM.

  7. Tom calder // April 17, 2018 at 10:46 pm //

    Don’t be so arrogant, Putin

  8. Als are expected to maka announcement on Cox and Lewis this coming days both are expected to retire.

  9. Hey, Riders23, you make some good points…HOWEVER…could you please use some punctuation, like periods, and new sentences. It makes for a much better read. BTW, the words aren’t could of, should of, or would of. It should be: could have, or would have. When we speak, it may sound like would of, but, in fact, what you are hearing is the contraction of would have, and would have, as in would’ve and could’ve.
    Teachers never retire; they just lose their students. (And, often, I see “loose” instead of lose.) You can lose loose change. But you lose it (not loose) it, when it slips out of your pocket. If the coins were, somehow, tethered to your pocket, a case could be make for them being loosed, but that would be referencing their departure, not explaining that they disappeared.
    English is, truly, a stupid language.

  10. sheesh…..writing too fast….”a case could be made for them…”

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