Jerome Messam feels Roy Finch’s arrest could be racially motivated

Saskatchewan Roughriders Canadian running back Jerome Messam wants to know the full story behind Roy Finch being arrested.

Finch has been charged with assault and battery of an officer, resisting arrest and possession of marijuana.

Messam and Finch spent two seasons together in Calgary.


172 Comments on Jerome Messam feels Roy Finch’s arrest could be racially motivated

  1. Well well well…….looks like someone on the other side believes my theory too, However will ridernation be able to discredit me and not Messam!

    • Comment Awaiting Censorship // April 18, 2018 at 2:21 pm //

      Messam has just proven to be just as much of a scumbag as Finch himself. Anyone with a brain would distance themselves from such a loser, but I’m guessing Messam is a pothead too. Too bad we can’t deport him. He deserves to live in The States.

  2. Habsnriders // April 16, 2018 at 6:05 pm //

    I agree with you Jerome

    • Yet you and Jerome have no idea what happened.
      If someone is high on marijuana and driving it’s like DUI you are going to be arrested.
      In most of these arrests, the police have no idea that that driver is black or white when they see a car blow by.
      Of course Jerome is going to stand up for a bud!
      I wanted a drunk guy here resist arrest and they put a baton on him, it’s what they do but he was white so he couldn’t complain about it.

      • greenenvy? // April 16, 2018 at 7:11 pm //

        Are you trying to say there is unequal treatment based on color & the WHITE guy is the one who gets the raw deal? Messam may be jumping to conclusions but there is a reason for that. Maybe you haven’t read how often blacks get shot or beat up with little or no provocation but it’s not like it hasn’t been in the news.

    • There are 2 sides to every situation. Sadly there are some coppers out there that hide behind master badge and believe they are above the law. In this day and age…..the world is watching – so you best have reason to up your Use Of Force or the officer is no better than the offender.

      Flip side – there was a “supposed” assault, and it was pretty clear the subject was evading and resisting. In an elevated situation, they don’t know Finch from Adam. He fled, and upon further contact, the tazer was deployed with no effect. If the subject is not compliant or show hands they can assume nothing. If the subject is armed the result is another officer/officers shot, as well as the subject.

      The sheer number used to control after tazer deployment, tells me the subject was in an agitated state. If none of you are familiar with “excited delirium” I encourage you to read up. Can explain a lot of what not only law enforcement, but first responders deal with in our world today.

      There will be body cams and more will come out. Only positive from this was there was no loss of life.

      • Riders23 // April 17, 2018 at 2:23 pm //

        Did read about excited delirium, interesting information — interesting theory you have brought forward Yup, thanks for this out of the box thinking and behavioral theory. Indeed it could be somewhat plausible based on Finches alleged drug use. ( I use alleged as Finch has never personally confirmed or denied having used drugs )

    • brian johnson // April 17, 2018 at 10:11 am //

      Jerome play the black card with no information.
      Someone from inside the building called police,
      they responded as require. Guys smoking pot which is a offense in Oklahoma. Refuse to be cooperate.
      Its the police against blacks Card again. Wait till you see the first video. News showed the second video 4 minutes later.

  3. Scottsask // April 16, 2018 at 6:15 pm //

    I disagree, you should not be smoking marijuana in an idling car, and I’m an advocate. Be responsible for your behaviour, do not be behind the wheel of a vehicle.

    • True Green // April 17, 2018 at 1:14 am //

      Exactly. Should and will be legal (here anyway) but doesn’t make it ok to smoke and drive. If they guy had his arm out the window with a bottle of booze in his hand no one would question the arrest. Including Jerome who’s comment I don’t think has much though behind it. But he has the right to his opinion.

  4. Scottsask // April 16, 2018 at 6:18 pm //

    That being said, also do not transport pot through an airport, no excuse for stupid behaviour. I don’t see what that part had to do with race.

  5. MR. Green // April 16, 2018 at 6:20 pm //

    That was basically my comment earlier. Is he guilty of marijuana use and using other drugs while driving carelesly endangering others from an earlier incident, yes, but do we know what truly happened with this arrest, no. I stated police can be corrupt and racially motivated, however there were a lot of cops on scene (they all can’t be bad) tracking him down after evading the police, so it does not appear Finch is innocent, but we do not know and may never know. Every incident cannot be used racially. Messam and Finch are friends and I get his support. The guy needs help and football is secondary.

    • See my objective post, almost very last post, on
      original story. The taser was used after he was totally subdued. And, no, it doesn’t matter how many cops were there, thus assuming all of them can’t be bad. Lest we forget how many cops watched as 9 bullets were pumped into a prone,deranged guy, on an empty Toronto trolley bus…and nobody moved to arrest one of their own.
      No doubt, Finch needed to be arrested, even with brute force, but the taser could have killed him, as he could have been in a state of excited delirium.

  6. I disagree with Jerome. There was also charges before this. Lightning doesn’t strike twice, unless there is giant pole sticking out of the ground. And in this case, this wasn’t Finch’s first time doing something like this.

  7. And Jerome says – “All my anger and outrage is based on what I’ve read. Still many facts to come out”
    yes Jerome so shut up and quit making assumptions!!

    • greenenvy? // April 16, 2018 at 7:15 pm //

      Everybody has a right to an opinion, Jim. It’s not like a lot of the posters here have a cozy relationship with the facts.

  8. So in other words:
    As far as Rider fans are concerned. Roy Finch is Guilty and there’s nothing more to say. I wonder what they’d say if he wore green?

    • Greenland // April 16, 2018 at 6:33 pm //

      It doesn’t matter what colour his uniform is. Stupid is stupid.

      • MR. Green // April 16, 2018 at 7:30 pm //

        I believe Rider fans would be split. I do not see us comming down on Hufnagel and Dickinson like you dowith our people.
        Finch was suspended last season for testing positive and it appears the Stamps never cared about the person away from the field all they wanted was production. Ignoring his hard drug use had led to worse and always will now matter what substance you abuse. He has now 3 incidents well inside a year. You cry about 3 Riders totaling 4 incidents, where both had come out of retirmement and was in the same position as your recently retired Federkiel or whatever his name is. Carter never put other lives in Danger like Finch when he drove crazy at hi speeds under the influence during his other criminal charge. Like I said, he needs help and I hope he pursues and accepts it. I don’t think he is a bad person , he made mistakes. The longer he denies, the worse it will become.

        • greenenvy? // April 16, 2018 at 7:45 pm //

          Aah. Now I understand. There are “our people” &, you know, everybody else. Can you be Canada’s team without recognizing, you know, those who are not “our people” – you know, not “one of us”?

          • MR. Green // April 16, 2018 at 8:13 pm //

            Read it the way you want. If you can’t see this as, my team, your blinders make you socially blind. When your handle for commenting is meant for social discrimination, we all know who you are and what you represent. No, you are not one of us. I stand behind my comment. MY #1 people are my kids and family.

          • greenenvy? // April 16, 2018 at 9:23 pm //

            Do you? Do you know who I am, Mr. Green? Do you understand humour, Green? Sarcasm? Irony? You have a very soft shell. Unable to poke a little fun at yourself? You need to lighten up a bit. Don’t take yourself so seriously.

          • Riders23 // April 16, 2018 at 9:29 pm //

            Common sense prevails here , sorry Mr. Green identified himself as a Rider fan and was commenting that Rider nation in general does not LUMP players actions/poor decisions into the actions of Coaches /Administrators, as Mr. Red does when a negative article comes out , he immediately attacks Chris Jones and or Craig Renolds. ( our people )

          • Riders23 // April 16, 2018 at 9:38 pm //

            in THIS PERSPECTIVE , when you refer to the Riders as Canada’s TEAM , true if your NOT owing being a Rider FAN/Supporter ergo being ONE of US, then yeap your NOT part of Canada’s team . But don’t worry Green Envy , Rider Nation has TONS of Room for converts who see the light !!!! We warmly embrace fans from any former/current franchise to join the fun of Rider strong Riders Proud !!! Rider Nation !!!!

    • Bleeding Green // April 17, 2018 at 12:35 am //

      We have the stupidest player in the league when it comes to pot arrests. I hope Rider fans don’t jump all over Roy for this. That being said, were you one of the ones all over dumbass Duron when he was arrested?

  9. Politically Correct // April 16, 2018 at 6:27 pm //

    This is a suspected crime issue not a race issue. Leave the race card in the deck.

  10. Scottsask // April 16, 2018 at 6:28 pm //

    I just called out Duron Carter for stupid behaviour, does this not appease you?

  11. “Without these type of players we wouldn’t have a league”

  12. Trouble ain’t looking for anyone …. Your the one looking for trouble when those things happen sorry

  13. Barry McCawkiner // April 16, 2018 at 6:47 pm //

    Jerome showing a complete lack of intelligence… i’ve seens tons of white folks get handed there ass for taking a swing at the cops.. stupid breds stupid… but no wonder why Jerome sticking up for this fool 😉

  14. greenenvy? // April 16, 2018 at 7:37 pm //

    Does it take 10 cops & a taser to subdue him? A bit over the top. Hell, I hear it took a little lady from border security to take down Duron. Must make them tougher in Winnipeg. LOL.

    • Greenland // April 16, 2018 at 7:52 pm //

      I guess it depends on what he was on. He had already escaped earlier so your going to see that sort of response from the cops. As for Duron , I would say he was a little smarter and excepted his fate.

      • greenenvy? // April 16, 2018 at 9:27 pm //

        Yes, Greenland, he “excepted” his fate. More precisely his lawyer did by pushing dates forward. But has he “accepted” his fate? Now, there, that’s another question. And what exactly is his fate? Do you know? Has his fate been decided yet? I believe that is yet to come, so you’re putting the cart before the horse.

      • Carter and smart are mutually exclusive.
        Twice he pulled the same act, if he didn’t know it was wrong the first time he sure’s hell did the second! If thats not showing a lack of respect for our society and country I don’t know what is.

        • Hmm…..was Finch not arrested last month. And just arrested again ??? Irony of your statement …..

          • Finch’s occured in the USA. Duron disrespected OUR country and cost us all as tax payers. But that’s ok as long as he catches balls and buys movie tickets, right?

          • Right. See, we do agree

    • Read above Envy. Not a shot at you….just an explanation.

  15. Oh wow!
    Messam is expressing an issue of white police brutality against blacks, Carter expressed something similar on twitter a while back.
    Riderfans are undermining these concerns with comments like ” Jerome showing a complete lack of intelligence”, “Jerome, shut up and stop making assumptions”
    Is this simply ridersfans not wanting a concession of credibility to the Stamps from a rider, or is there a fundamental difference in thoughts between rider players and rider fans?? Messam will see these comments. We will see what happens.

    • You are so daft it’s unfathomable. Seriously!

      • My god, look at what you guys are writing man! How ignorant can you be? Rider fans are creating a divide.

        • You do it CONTINUALLY. I gave an opinion from both sides above. Not from a red or green perspective. But you choose not to READ. You only choose to battle and make this unfortunate situation about the Riders and Stampeders….IT’S NOT !!!!

    • Riders23 // April 16, 2018 at 9:58 pm //

      As you pointed OUT in previous comments you believe as you put it Messam is Old and cant get he job done anymore etc!!! now your defending him and indicating that if Messam reads these posts he will get his nose out of joint and what quit ? ask to be traded ? attempt to poison the locker room and get cut ? according to your past assessment if any of those scenarios occurred Messam not being a Rider would be no big loss!!! Man dude please seek mental health assistance as you seem not to be able to stick to a consistent logical train of thought, that is a bit of a sign of being mentally unstable .

      • Oh my God are you stolid. You think this has to do with wanting to see the riders fail on the field? I really don’t know how he will react to this, I suspect he’ll just go out and do his job, but perhaps not embrace ridernation like you all think you deserve. It might even motivate him to play better!
        The fact you think everything revolves around wins and loses is shocking

        • Why yes I can be quite Stolid – definition (of a person) calm, dependable, and showing little emotion or animation. When it comes to reading and processing your nonsensical rants and postings that carry no logical train of thought that you often make on this sight .But I wlll admit more often then not it takes copious amounts of chammonmile tea to get to and remain in a stolid state of mind when following much of your posting !!! But again thanks for the compliment regarding having to be stolid in order to put up with you on this sight.

    • Messam will see these comments? Yeah cause he follows this website hahahaha.

    • Puck Hog // April 17, 2018 at 8:13 pm //

      Your mother might see your comments. Bet she’ll be proud.

  16. Edward Leslie // April 16, 2018 at 7:50 pm //

    It’s fine for Jerome Messam to stand by an ex-teammate, but it’s disappointing that he’s playing the race card.
    Finch already got in trouble for PEDs in the CFL AND he has previous legal problems in Oklahoma, so why should we assume that he is the victim?
    A better question would be, what is he doing sitting in an idling car for so long at that time of the morning? Probably waiting to buy or sell drugs.
    It’s the police’s responsibility to investigate suspicious people. His crazy behaviour and trying to flee would suggest to most that he’s using more than marijuana, as others pointed out.
    Finch has had enough “second chances”. There are plenty of speedy guys who return kicks, including Canadian Tunde Adeleke. Ottawa also recently released Quincy Mcduffie. Maybe Calgary might want to sign him.
    Finch can join Euclid Cummings on the “Do not allow back in Canada” list for border security.

    • Well put, EL, I get Messam’s feelings and he is more then entitled to his opinions regard race relations , however it is certainly possibly bad form backing a person involved in an incident where information released indicate that persons actions were quite out of the norm. Perhaps it would of been a better plan for Jerome to express his support privately and personally to Finch rather then putting it out in public. IMO not the smartest comments to make publically Jerome!!!! ,

  17. Do you guys realize you are undermining the issue of police racism that one of your players has????

    • Let’s not kid ourselves here. You don’t care about the cause of racial profiling. You are trying to hide the fact this happened to your precious stumps player. And of course here you are defending him to all ends because it is eating away at you. You my friend have way too many issues that a quack couldn’t even fix. Strong meds aren’t going to be enough to help you.

      • and you are doing the opposite, trying to bury a Stamp player at any cost just for bragging points in future arguments

        • Finch buried himself. Finch doesn’t need any help with that but keep your head in the “tar” sands out there in Alberta you inbred.

    • Puck Hog // April 17, 2018 at 7:20 am //

      Red: just SHUT UP!

  18. So I guess because he’s black he gets a free pass to sell drugs and assault police officers,,, sounds about par for a liberal defence lol.

    • Its not an issue of whether you believe in “liberal” ideas or not, it’s an issue of sensitivity and listening to the issues of another person, I this case Jerome Messam’s views on this tpoic

      • True Green // April 17, 2018 at 1:22 am //

        Sensitivity and listening? Coming from you? If anyone deserves to be tazed and have 12 cops jump on them it’s you for making that comment, please tell me your laughing on the inside at yourself for thinking anyone would believe you’d think before you speak or act with sensitivity.

    • greenenvy? // April 16, 2018 at 9:34 pm //

      Of course not but that doesn’t mean you tase him or have cops gang tackle him. Don’t police get trained in hand to hand combat, how to handle a person one on one? Do you really need a dozen cops to defuse a situation with one person? Kinda reminds me of posters here. Write a comment on the Riders & the posse comes out. I can count a good dozen Rider posters chiming in almost any time somehow says the least bit about Gang Green. Like shooting fish in a barrel. Kick up a little dust & the rodents come crawling out. LOL.

      • Trained in use of force envy. Escalation/DE Escalation based on subject response. It’s not like you see in the movies.

      • lets see if Finches blood-tox readings are made public , who knows what type if substance concoction could be revealed. Already its been proven Finch has used steroid type substances legal or illegal for what ever reason , obviously he is using Pot, based on pervious charges its indicated he has recently been involved in using Harder drugs, if say he was using PCP at the time of his arrest it would take MULTIPLE police to control him. AS your boy MR. Red pointed out he is a BIG strong natural athlete that could of handled many with out being on drugs —– Red’s attempt to argue that he went down easily and was cooperative from a previous post. Bottom line Green /You and Red love to pile on a issue when a event or issue arises regarding the Riders but SQUIRM like maggots when the shoe is on the foot. Your IMO becoming as intolerable as MR. Red regarding your disdain for the Riders and loosing all creditability despite your previous sound factual arguments and intelligence .

  19. WOW!!!!Listen to yourselves!
    “We don’t care about you or any other black’s issues or experiences dealing with police, it’s far more important to try to 1 up the Stampeders than it is to worry about you or real life issues”
    I for 1 am not suggesting for 1 second that rider fans are racist! We have seen in the tragedy of the last days, how wonderful they are and how giving of themselves they are. However, they are allowing their hate and jealously of all thing Stampeders cloud their minds to the point of sounding so.

    • What a half wit. If you really believed in that crap you spew, you’d be posting your crap on a CBC to CTV to CNN site, not waiting for it to rear it’s ugly head on a sports site and start preaching black issues.

      • Its not about liberal identity politics and playing the race card you moron. It’s a simple issue of human decency, listening to your fellow man. Jerome has a reason why he feels the way he does and we should hear him out instead of dismissing him.

    • We’ve seen your classless comments on the tragedy because of your hatred for the riders. Time to dummy up fool!!!

    • Sorry MR. Red , I might find disfavor in making this comment , perhaps banned , BUT , I find it unrealistic and hard to accept that you TRUELY care a hoot about the HUMBOLT accident unless it serves your twisted posting purpose. I have read many of your posts attacking how the Riders have handled news of the Humbolt incident. IF you were legitimate at all you would of gone to their CLF web sight and viewed their organization response to the incident that was posted on Social media , read their players reactions /statements, listened to Craig Renolds interview from last Monday on CRKM 620 Sports cage regarding the Riders plan for Humbolt moving forward, before talking trash about the Riders. Now today once again when Under press form other commenters you choose to bring in IMO false admiration for we Saskatchewan people that have followed the Humbolt situation closely. Once again if you understood ANYTHING about Saskatchewan or its people you would realize the Riders are a cornerstone rallying point for a large % of us living in or out of the province in good times and bad. AND believe it or not at the end of the DAY I could care less about the Stampeders —- and comparing my favorite team to them. I could care less who your players are and the stupid crap they may or may not do. What I do care about is dysfunctional people like you using forms like this to create unrest and ill will between multiple posters. Please do us all a favor cheer your butt off for your chosen team , comment all you want on Stampeder Articles /players/etc, but just choose to remain 10000 miles away form all things Riders—- take Green Envy and his hate with you obvioulsy youn two have a real life association as he posted what i feel to be your Real given name in posting he meant to direct at me . IF you take this challange grasshopper you will please a TON of readers here IMO. IN other words please don’t call us we will call you if your opinion is wanted. Riders23 —- drops mike and walks off into sunset !!!!! ,

      • Holy crap I missed that one from greenenvy on letting us know his real name. Please Please Please Please let me know what it is.

  20. Chris AB // April 16, 2018 at 8:35 pm //

    ah the old racism card from Messam who is a bit of a punk, himself…..being a non-white doesn’t give you a pass, and allow you to try to break a cop’s jaw with your fist….then flee from the arrest….and then fight with them some more

    victim card

    man up, Messam…you big crybaby

    if a white dude was violent with cops, he too would ALSO have his ass dropped and tased….rest assured

  21. Jerome Messam knows no more of the details than anyone else, he is just assuming because the man is black he is being profiled. He conveniently left out the fact the said person was breaking the law. White, Black, purple a criminal has to be dealt with. JM is being a racist by bringing up a race. I see a criminal in the picture I don’t see a black man, only a racist sees a black man. Which is a Liberal stance or have you been living under a rock the last few years.

    • Well whatever the case as many riders as possible will see these comments, via facebook, twitter or other. They can judge for themselves what to make of these comments from their fans

  22. Jerome hold your race card to you know the details
    you fool.That’s what makes people sick and tired of hearing this because if it is a black person it is automatically racism before they even know what happened

  23. To me whether he was just sitting in his car or not my big issue with this whole situation is why does it take almost 12 cops to take one small guy down like come on they flying into the ground already and for some reason they all had to jump on him when he wasn’t really struggling. Let’s all be honest these days the police force seems to not be able to handle one person especially another cases of elderly white guys with a butter knife and they got to shoot a man. I think it’s the police need to handle themselves better because I think any police officer out there after a bad day we’ll go home and smoke a joint. The offenses that they’re charging people with now especially that this stuff up here will be legal at some point very soon and probably down there as well do not justify this type of and beating. There are so many worse things that they don’t gang tackle people for when they arrest them who have done worse crimes. Whatever happens happens in the situation but I feel Roy didn’t deserve how he got treated by the police whether he was black or if he was white.

    • Puck Hog // April 17, 2018 at 8:17 pm //

      You don’t think he was struggling? He was obviously on something. What normal person would decide to do what Finch did?

  24. Edward Leslie // April 16, 2018 at 10:19 pm //

    J: This isn’t the MMA. It’s not some one on one competition to see who’s tougher.
    The police plan is to get the situation under control as quickly as possible, without risking injury to the arresting officer.
    It might seem excessive for multiple police officers to to go for the takedown of an offender, but quite often these people are high on crack or meth, and aren’t easy to handle. A quick takedown by multiple police is safer for the police AND for the perpetrator.
    The quicker they are under control and in handcuffs, the less chance that they will get injured in the scuffle.
    The only thing Roy Finch should be concerned with is getting off the drugs. He’s already ruined his football career as it is. Now he just has to hope that he can avoid serious prison time. Assaulting a police officer is a very serious offence, especially in the deep south. Don’t look for him at the Stampeders training camp next month

  25. Riderfans will through their own player under the bus just to hold onto a narrative that is negative to the Stampeders.. WOW

    • Flustered hey? Can’t spell anymore.

    • Make that call Mrs.ed. it’s only a phone call away.

    • AS a Rider fan I will throw ANYONE player included under the BUS that immediately plays the RACE card before objectively review facts regarding the case at hand ; regardless of their personal relationship /tie to that individual. I expect any player to intelligently study the situation and form a learned opinion before offering public comment as they do represent the brand . In fact it is my expectation that hopefully Chris Jones has reached out to Jerome and had a conversation with him regarding his public posting. Historically Jones has been said to have had many conversations with Jonathon Newsome regarding Newsomes use of social media and his personal adgenda; there is speculation much of these conversations lead to Newsomes release from the Riders. As well Jones has had conversations with Durons over his use of social media. !!! That is what is expected of a organizations leader , making sure his PLAYERS , are making informed comments Via social media not just pushing personal perspective and venting personal wounds !!! as a representative of the team. Jerome can make all that statements he wants as long as its coming from a informed factual perspective and he is willing to support his position in objective public debate.

      • Well if that’s what Chris Jones does he is failing miserably. I’m sure your opinion would be different had Jones signed with the riders this past February.

        • had Finch signed with the riders I mean

        • nope would expect Jones to put Finch on a VERY VERY short leash if finch is not serving federal Jail time for assault possession etc. If Finch was a Rider I would expect Jones to have along talk with Him regarding the Riders CODE of CONDUCT , explain to him anything BUT exemplary Choir Boy public behavior is NOT acceptable in or off season . Show Finch the list of potential replacement players that he was bringing in to fight for Finches job , and remind FInch that on a personal level he is fortunate to be given 1 last chance to preform given his sketchy track record of multiple substance abuses and criminal proceeding . I would also expect Chris to point out to Finch that a mans actions and reactions to any given situation is the responsibility of that given man regardless of his skin pigmentation , should Finch have been lacking a functional parental figure to POINT that SIMPLE gem of wisdom out to him !!!!! Cant say what the stampeders will do regarding finch moving forward as I am not a stamps fan nor will ever ever ever will be as long as the grass grows and sun shines !!!

          • lololololololololololololololol
            Right,,,, uh huh
            More like, do whatever you want, just don’t get caught.

    • Greenland // April 16, 2018 at 11:17 pm //

      What is wrong with you?

      • It’s only allowed 5,000 characters to explain that to you on this micky mouse site, so it can’t even come close to explaining what’s wrong with it.

  26. I’m sick of this ‘race card’ bullcrap.

    Really, just stay out of trouble and it won’t matter what colour you are.

  27. Scottsask // April 16, 2018 at 11:20 pm //

    Game, set, match, that’s a wrap folks. What a day!

  28. Racism and prejudice are so American, that when you protest against them. It’s like you protesting America

    Direct quote on twitter from Duron Carter.

    • And…….

      • Duron’s feelings will probably clash with yours on this

        Why the hell is it a argument when a black man asks to be treated as a equal… Damn! Does it hurt your feelings that bad!!!
        Another twitter quote form Mr Carter.

        • And…….

          • Do you think Duron in a conflict with riders fans over an issue he is passionate about will turn out well?

          • This isn’t about black or white for you. It isn’t about your star kick returner being in a world of sh*t. It ALWAYS boils down to your hatred for the Riders, and you’ve proven that a hundred times. There was a horrible tragedy in Saskatchewan and you were toxic and ckassless – no empathy, just vile hatred. You only come on here to argue PERIOD. I wrote a reply near the top that had nothing to do with black or white, green or red. You – are busy reading Duron Carters twitter ???? There is truly no bloody hope for you. Go argue with Mom – I’m out !!!

  29. Messam is going at it on twitter with some of his new teammates. Not good news. Could be a divided lockeroom at Mosaic.

    • More probably NEW CAP space for the Riders — if Jones and co reflect and determine Jerome is NOT a good locker room fit for the club. As young pointed out , at 32 years old /// 130k per year Jerome is expendable , especially with Richardson/ Thigpen/ Marshall—– numerous other prospects—likely an undrafted Atlee Simon — former Rams player who did well at the recent national combine waiting in the wings !!!!! IN other words BYE Jerome —- don’t let the door hit ya in the butt if you cant get along with fellow teammates !!!!

      • So you are admitting Messam is old and over paid!!!!! Thank you- I’ve been telling rider fans that for 2 months now I’m glad you confirmed that because they’ve been telling me how stupid I am!!

      • White Horse // April 17, 2018 at 12:37 pm //

        Riders 23…I do enjoy reading your posts. Your comments are just plain common sense. Good on-ya. Red or Green…good sense rules.

        • Riders23 // April 17, 2018 at 3:03 pm //

          Thanks for the compliment White Horse , most folks posting here are seem grounded and use common sense and intelligent unless overly provoked. The majority have a great passion and support for their chosen team, and eat crow well when real life events and facts indicate personal opinion on a subject is somewhat incorrect. AS well most folks show great humor and creative personal whit when ribbing other fan bases in good natured fun. Have a great week looking forward to reading your posts /opinion on various subjects moving forward as well.

  30. Dave Dickenson is sure quite. Not good. Him and JH at odds again.

    • lol Things are always quite in Calgary, It’s a sign of a stable organization.

      • In reality it’s that they don’t care. They definitely have a history of that.

      • Hahaha yeah really stable in Calgary. LOL

        • Whats not stable? Tell me.

          • Oh let’s see. The team throws each other under the bus after losses and they seem to have a two drug dealers as starters, not to mention a third player shot at a hick bar in Calgary. Yeah, that’s really stable! But my your measure of stable, you would have no clue! Haha. Dolt.

          • Uhhh – YOU aren’t stable for one!!!

        • First off- Finch was never a starter, he was a special teams player
          – How is the Hicks shooting indicative of an unstable organization?
          – Tommy Campbell is no longer a Stampeder.
          – The guy who spoke out after the Grey Cup (Marquay McDaniel) is no longer a Stampeder.
          -Teams that come within a hair of being back to back Grey Cup Champs, all while accumulating a 28-6-2 record (28-2-2 in games that mean something), Are not unstable.— Sorry Try again,

      • Puck Hog // April 17, 2018 at 9:20 am //

        You got part of it right – the stadium is literally a stable.

        • Better to thrive in a stable then parish in a palace

        • Riders23 // April 17, 2018 at 3:15 pm //

          Puck Hog , a tip of the cap to ya for the excellent dark humor comment , although MR . Red set it up as low hanging fruit , someone had to run with the obvious good natured response and lite Mr. Red up once again !!!! How long can Mr. RED handle the sarcastic/humoristic and intellectual pounding he is taking on this sight. One has to at least admire his capacity to absorb the punishment his ego and intellect have taken recently. One would almost assume if his ego could physically manifest currently it would have the same appearance as the beat down m mug shot of Finches face posted here on 3dn nation. Pummeled , red and quite bruised.

  31. Green&Gold // April 17, 2018 at 1:17 am //

    This has to be a tough blow for a team that struggles to get any press in Calgary. It’s too bad, now the little bit they will get is negative but caused by a bad decision made by a player, not the team. Best to part ways.

    • That’s fine. Well just spot you an early 14 points then proceed to kick you ass again in the Western Final at historic McMahon.

      • Green&Gold // April 17, 2018 at 10:29 am //

        Lol. Stay on topic Red. You are giving your fanbase a black eye

        • Riders23 // April 17, 2018 at 3:28 pm //

          No worries Green&Gold , let Red position himself to look even more out of touch with reality by seasons end. I have not seen 1 other poster on this sight currently making BOLD predictions about eventual playoff games — especially regarding what is shaping up to be a VERY tight and competitive western division with little separating worst from first by seasons end.(barring catastrophic injuries to any given club). I for one hope my favorite team the Riders will have made enough improvements to survive the gauntlet by seasons end and represent the West in the Grey Cup in your fair city. I am certain the majority of other teams fan bases feel similar about their team. May the best team eventually be our divisional rep.

          • Green&Gold // April 17, 2018 at 4:39 pm //

            You guys are trending in the right direction for sure. A team to be reckoned with

  32. Take a hike Messam. You’re just trying to stir things up when there’s nothing to stir up. Get a life.

  33. Wait a minute! Putting Chris Jones and the Code of Conduct in the same sentence is unbelievable. Chris Jones accepting only choir boy behaviour? Is this the same Chris Jones that tried to sign Khaliff Mitchell? Chris Jones would sign a guy off the Most Wanted list if he thought he could help him win games and that he could somehow get it past the CFL, the Rider board of directors and the green fan base paying his exorbitant wage. It was only after that episode that Jones realized that he could not sign unsavoury characters without consequences. Choir boy indeed!

    • Don’t forget the league had to intervene in the attempt to bring in Greg Hardy too

      “Without these players you don’t have a league”

      Rider fans themselves should talk about conduct. Launching beer cans at the BC Lons!

      • Riders23 // April 17, 2018 at 4:13 pm //

        Sigh @!!!!!!! Like there never has a at least 1 incident of a highly intoxicated Stamp fan throwing /punching or trying to start a fight with/at a Rider fan in your historic Mc DUMP stadium. Logical people realize 99% of the Stamp/Rider or for that measure ANY CFL teams fan base a good well grounded passionate great people. Only a HATEFILLED zealot keeps dragging up ancient history to try and tarnish another organizations team and fan base. With every post MR. Red you only confirm on this sight that you are 1 of those hate filled 1%ers that is completely unhinged mentally. How you escape permanente banishment from this web sight defies common logic, nothing I have ever read that you have posted passes the measure of what a grounded person and sports fan would post . NONE of oyur posts are intended to inform-enlighten or stir logical discussion. When folks respond to your dig’s in and rants in logical you jet off in Yet another BIZZARE rant designed to put down other teams fan bases or the team/personal/administrators themselves. How 3dn nation allows this goes beyond logic as I have mentioned. Sadly for me as much as i very much enjoy reading other posters opinions and respect their valuable takes and information, etc, I find myself seriously considering abandoning viewing this CFL information source in order to maintain a balanced /healthy perspective regarding our CFL member teams , fan bases and web sight authorities. I have a feeling I am not the only poster to this sight that is close to coming to a similar conclusion and thinking of looking for other CFL information sources. Congrat’s Mr. Red your unabashed hateful narcissism win’s day, hopefully in real life you have a healthy balanced personality and this screen presence is just your twisted attempt at some sort of personal amusement . IMO if this truly is how you operate in the REAL world its my hope you have personal nuclear family to support or significant other/partner to be subjected to your unhealthy /psychotic twisted perspective of existence .

  34. Good point. I had forgotten Greg Hardy. They would have made quite the “choir”. It is up to the Riders board of directors and the CFL head office to enforce any Code of Conduct in Saskatchewan because Chris Jones would not do that. I suppose “Ethics Officer” is one of the few titles he doesn’t have with the Riders.

    • Stampeders’ Roy Finch accused of assaulting police officers in Oklahoma

      Bit – keep deflecting and talking to yourself you sad little fellow

      • lol its so funny that you think that…… I still wouldn’t be surprised if it was you

  35. Pennyrocker // April 17, 2018 at 10:25 am //

    The only racist I see is the person crying racist. Finch did want to go peacefully and deserved what he got when caught the second time.

  36. Tiger man // April 17, 2018 at 12:45 pm //

    “I’m not condoning smoking marijuana in your car but if this man was not hurting anyone & minding his business why were the police called and why so much force used?”

    How about because Roy could have decided to drive the car after he smoked up…pretty easy…just turn the key and press the gas pedal…this could have resulted in innocent people being injured or killed in the process..

    So, he could have hurt someone..and public safety is EVERYONE’S business….

    Jerome, you may have been looking at this through Roy’s eyes…I was seeing it from an innocent bystander’s perspective…

    • How many times as Carter driven while high? The bigger problem for Finch is he may have had a warrant out from a missed court date

  37. Finch is another fine example of the thugpeders! The entire team are known sleazeballs around this city.

    • So all Bo’s charity work is just a front for the teams thuggery??

      • Red you are so out of touch with the real world I wouldn’t expect anything less from you than to try and use Bo Peep as your retort. Get lost Red, you embarrass your city and fan base.

  38. Roy must have a splitting headache this morning.

  39. greenenvy? // April 17, 2018 at 1:30 pm //

    Have to wait for the full story to come out. Now that they’ve caged the songbird, maybe Finch will sing. Probably could use more buddies tweeting support but may not want to get egg on their face. So far haven’t heard a peep. It’s sad. Maybe won’t see Bo feathering any passes to Roy this year.

    • He could be making license plates with McClanahan soon. If not already.

      • 20 years after his CFL career ended for McClanahan. Want about the dude spreading HIV???

        • Or the guy who beat his kid with a belt or the one who choked out his girlfriend…

          • not sure who the kod beater is , but Joffrey Reynolds career was over when his issues went down….try again
            Eric Tillman
            Taj Smith
            Cory Sheets

          • And don’t forget a world class receiver who the stampons turned their backs on and is now homeless. Class

          • Who would that be? Pitts?
            Turned our back on him? Actually he started up his own contracting company post football and Calgary bought him a full set of hand and electric tools and a truck.
            FYI, to no one’s surprise, the riders tried him out and he couldn’t even make it there, they were really bad at the time!

          • Pitts too? Really? Add another to the list then.

    • I see what you did there envy…..nice work.

  40. Wow is this team ever out of control. Yikes! This Finch guy will be playing in the prison league soon. Isn’t this the second or third Calgary Stampeder with horrible brushes with the Canadian law?

  41. handsomeblackbradybreaker1953 // April 17, 2018 at 6:14 pm //

    In Oklahoma…..likely racially motivated.(Or in any of the other forty-nine U.S. States,for that matter!!!!!)

  42. How does the fact that Finch broke the law, assaulted police officers, fled arrest, and been charges multiple times with hard drugs lost on you on here who claim racial profiling? Society has an expectation that these people be taken off the streets no matter what force is needed to achieve this.

  43. Interesting reading how real Stamps fans feel about this on one of their fan sites. Way different than pick-a-name.

  44. Freelasagnahunter // April 18, 2018 at 6:01 am //

    3DN wanted so badly to value signal on this and wonder aloud on racism but stubborn lack of facts get in the way.
    Then Messam comes along and does it for them.
    When its shown cops were justified in what happened 3DN doesnt have t o climb down and no one will dare remind Messam.

  45. Did this go don at Philly Starbucks?

  46. Why do so many of you make this about teams, or management?
    The moronic comments herein defy belief! Is it not possible to be objective?…instead of making this about teams? It is about a talented man who has fallen victim to the drug culture. Yes, he chose this course; that doesn’t make it less tragic.
    This coin has two sides. On one side, clearly, Finch has broken the law, and is running from the cops. His prior bad acts speak to same. His take-down was violent, but, probably necessary. (The piling on, not so much) A court date would probably convict him of something…perhaps many offences.
    However, the other side of the coin shows the cops’ malfeasance. Cops know that they are being recorded,so they will continue to shout commands to give the appearance of resisting arrest. ie.When the guy’s head is squished to the pavement by a whole football team of cops,they are still yelling at him to put his hands behind his back. Ridiculous! He is totally restrained…probably can’t move at all! Even funnier are the commands (for the recording) to stop moving. Then, with all these guys on top of him, a taser is heard, for several seconds. An earlier poster cited excited delirium, and he may be right. This will afford enormous strength,however, the police should be aware of the ample evidence,that in such cases, a taser can cause immediate death! The Polish visitor, Dziekanski, in the Vancouver airport is only one example of many who have thus succumbed. I knew a guy, personally,who needed to be revived under similar circumstances, or he would have died.
    I am NOT IN ANY WAY condoning Finch’s actions. He may well deserve incarceration. However, in civilized society, penalties are determined by a court of law, not by a lynch mob (who,easily, could have killed him by taser) or the court of public opinion. (websites)
    Finch is another misguided man, who made bad choices, and fell victim to the drug culture. It is possible that incarceration, rehab, and counselling (not necessarily in that order) could put his life back on track. However, he does not deserve capital punishment, which could have happened, and it doesn’t excuse the cops’ over-the-top arrest.
    If he was dealing drugs, too, the cops went too easy on him…no sympathy for dealers. Yes, they would have been in the wrong, but I would look the other way…sometimes incarceration alone isn’t a big enough deterrent.

    • DAKAZ – we can only go by what we see on video. Verbal commands most certainly serve their purpose. It is to leave no doubt as to what they want the subject to do. If the subject is not compliant, officer safety is priority one. They need to see hands to rule out a potential weapon being accessed.

      Verbal commands can bite the police in the as* also, in that they are now attracting the attention of civilian witnesses, including other video footage. So don’t kid yourself when you indicate they are doing this only for their body cams etc.

      I did mention Excited Dilirium at the beginning of this thread as possible reasoning for the sheer number involved to gain control of the subject (although not likely) Who knows what caused his non compliance. but the one thing folks need to consider. Until he is completely controlled, there is ALWAYS potential for him to gain access to one of the sidearms present….and there were 6 at least. They will do what is necessary until the subject is restrained and it’s often not pretty. These guys are not only wrestling with the bad guy, but often interfering with each other. Can you say cluster f&*$ ?

      As mentioned previously, there will be body cam footage to go over. The cavalry came in hard because of the prior assault PO, but they should be held accountable if deemed that they were excessive. Only positive is that there was no loss of life.

  47. There is that RACE CARD again! Every time a Black guy gets in Trouble it’s only because of the Colour of their Skin! Tiresome excuse!!!!!!!

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