Henoc Muamba sensed his Riders release coming

Henoc Muamba had an inkling he wouldn’t be in Saskatchewan for the 2018 CFL season.

The Riders gave Muamba his $35,000 off-season payment in January, but the 29-year-old has been in pro football since 2011 and knew that didn’t guarantee playing out the final year of his contract in Regina, especially with another large bonus due in February.

“I wasn’t thinking that I got my first one and my second one is coming that means I’m going to stay here. I really take it day by day, week to week and year to year. I’ve been in the league for long enough to know the language that general managers, so I have a good feel for the industry, the business,” Muamba, who recently signed with the Alouettes, said.

“I kind of saw it coming. So it wasn’t the biggest shock to me. People were more shocked when they heard about the actual announcement. But I was shocked way before the announcement when that process kind of started. The announcement itself was not a shock to me.”

Despite being released by two teams with off-season bonuses looming – Montreal let him go in February 2016 to avoid making a payment – Muamba believes those (potential) payments are important.

“I have a great agent in Johnathon Hardaway, I would even say the best agent out there. I could be biased but he’s the one who negotiates my contracts and I’ve been with him from the beginning of my professional career until now and I really trust him and I know that he wants the best for me,” Muamba said. “I love the way he does business as well, I love how he structures my contracts, but it’s not just how you structure the contract it’s also the value of the player that you’re structuring the contract for. You have to know your value and the more you can bring to the table the more you can negotiate and ask for when it comes time to it.”

The Riders shopped Muamba in advance of cutting him loose, never an easy process for a player.

“I heard about the trade rumours around the same time I had the feeling where this was headed. Another reason why I knew is because I’ve been in the business long enough and in the league long enough to know when and how certain things will happen. I also have the right perspective of what this business and what this league is about and how it operates,” Muamba said

“I’m actually very interested in business when I’m done [playing] I plan on getting involved in a lot of business, not necessarily in football, but running a business. So having that mentality as well I see and understand some GMs perspectives and mentalities – you have to understand supply and demand. It’s good to have that mentality as well to know when people want to negotiate certain things or want to change certain things with respect to the contract and the business side of things. That’s one of the reasons why I wasn’t too shocked.”

Last season with the Riders, Muamba had his best year since the CFL all-star campaign he put together in 2013, playing in 17 games making 82 tackles, three forced fumbles and two interceptions to earn the Riders Most Outstanding Canadian award. He would’ve made around $220,000 in 2018 under the original three-year pact signed with Saskatchewan if he stayed in green and white.

“I’ve always approached this game, especially at this level you have to understand – as fun as the game is and as good as it is to me and my family – there is a business side to it. I understand that I am my own business. With that being said, I know my worth, I know what I offer as well, what I bring to the table to a team. Understanding that with respect to the market and understanding yourself is important moving forward when you talk about business,” Muamba said.

The St. Francis Xavier University product played parts of two seasons in Riderville and Muamba will always remember opening new Mosaic Stadium and the passionate fanbase.

“It was a great atmosphere to be able to open up a new stadium out there was amazing. I had a good time in Saskatchewan and I have a lot of love for a lot of the guys in that locker room. I made some great friends, probably some friends that I’ll have for the rest of my life. The fans in Saskatchewan were definitely one of the best fans in the CFL,” Muamba said.

“Some tough decisions have to be made when it comes to business. And if that’s what happened, one of the reasons you don’t hear any anger in my voice, part of being a professional is understanding it is what it is.”

Justin Dunk

Justin Dunk

Justin Dunk was a five-year starter at quarterback for the University of Guelph. He covers the league for Sportsnet and 3DownNation.
Justin Dunk
Justin Dunk
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Justin Dunk was a five-year starter at quarterback for the University of Guelph. He covers the league for Sportsnet and 3DownNation.

139 Comments on Henoc Muamba sensed his Riders release coming

  1. I could be wrong – but didn’t he and his agent turn down more than he signed for in Montreal ?

    Regardless, I think he wanted to head back to Montreal and I wish him well. My Riders will certainly miss his presence this year.

    • Moronator // April 15, 2018 at 12:11 am //

      You are wrong. By Switching teams he will make 220 000.00 (35k + 185k) in 2018 far more than the 160 000 the Riders offered him.

  2. Scottsask // April 14, 2018 at 2:45 pm //


  3. I’m sure he did see it coming

  4. MR. Green // April 14, 2018 at 3:27 pm //

    That’s a positive attitude. The business side can suck, especially in the cap era. We will miss you, but I hope we don’t miss you.

  5. Greenland // April 14, 2018 at 4:30 pm //

    Not for that price. Too much money.

  6. Mr.Red – are you talking ‘height’ ?

  7. Riders23 // April 14, 2018 at 5:09 pm //

    Henoc has handled his release in a graceful way and has not burned any bridges regarding the Riders and Rider Nation , which is great to see. Henoc was a positive influence by all accounts on and off the field and I am certain we will miss his contributions this year. However as stated he became a bit to pricey given that the Riders have options regarding his position , having one of the strongest D-lines we have had in years hopefully will soften the need for a tier 1 run stopping MLB. Who knows what might happen in camp and never know Judge might get his head straight and be a hungrier and more in shape player then Henoc was at the start of last season. Good luck to Henoc in Montreal !!

  8. Rider fan // April 14, 2018 at 5:12 pm //

    Once a player is with the riders most fans have a bond with that player. One example would be Kent Austin is still well received. Mr Hurl has big shoes to fill I am sure he will be up to the task.

  9. So he returns to a place that dumped him because of money. What’s to prevent the Las from doing it again. Can’t believe he would go back.

  10. Looks like a really nice press conference room. Very low, stained ceiling tiles, wires hanging everywhere.

    • Yes, old Mosaic was a beaut – not quite up to McMahon standards but still serviceable.

    • Must have been after a game at McMahon

      • Not stained tiles at McMahon. All facilities are new within the last 8 years including the visitor areas

        • Nope. 2005 was the last renovations. My uncle was on the crew. He always is.

          • I encourage you to look back to photos of the 2009 Greycup, look at the photos in Calgary’s locker room and compare it to today. The last reno was not in 2005 I can assure you

  11. Henoc may not have burned any bridges, but I’m guessing Hardaway has. It’s interesting that he said he knew he was going to be cut when he was being shopped. That says that he knew he was making too much and that nobody would trade for him at that salary. That seems like a Hardaway thing, never renegotiate.

    It’s hard to know whether we’ll miss him. Our front seven has had a major overhaul with the additions of Hughes, Evans, Hurl, and I’d add Mays as well, and Judge and Francis are a year older maybe ready to play more downs as well. And we have Eguavoen who could slide over and play MLB a swell. So, lots of options, lots of potential for rotations.

  12. Lol – Henoc sensed it coming. I wonder if the first clue was, “Henoc, we need you to take a $50,000 haircut, ok?”

  13. Riders can start up to nine Nationals.
    Please get over this “Riders have no national talent” narrative we hear every off season. It was true in 2015/2016 but its not now.

    • Many teams could start up to 9 nationals if they had to. In fact some teams could start more! Depth is what you have past that. Do you have Canadians who can come in if needed at EVERY POSITION? You have lots of safeties, but what about O-linemen?

      • Please post depth charts of all nine CFL teams to back up your ridiculous assertion.

        You can’t because its not true.

        • I certainly could for Calgary

          • Then you should probably stick to talking about the Stampeders instead of making claims which have no basis in reality about the other eight CFL teams.

          • OG Bergmen
            OG Erdos
            RT Wilson
            WR Durant
            SB Brescasin
            WR Parker
            MLB Singleton
            DT Wiggan
            DT Turner
            Safety Adeleke

            There are more options, but these are the most viable 10. All these names have contributed very significantly, very consistently for Calgary

          • Riders23 // April 14, 2018 at 6:34 pm //

            no Mr. Red , you were asked for REAL starters so out of the list Singelton is the only major player!!! ie PARKER is a JOKE !!!!!!! That is the equivilent of us as Rider fans listing St. John , Picton , Blaszko and Awachie as Canadian starters . lol your continued over appraisal of average to below average players on Calgary’s roster continues to be some of the best comedic writing in Canada.

        • Evan – it’s the man (and I use that term loosely) of a hundred names AGAIN. He’s just displaying his OCD for the Riders.

      • red, you are way beyond stupid! can you tell me which team has CDN back-ups at every position?
        you are too stupid for words !

    • greenenvy? // April 14, 2018 at 6:49 pm //

      Evan, last year you started 3 imports on OL – Dennis, Campbell & Coleman, regularly which gives a good indication of depth. You started either one Cdn at WR when you played 5 man sets or at FB when you played 4 receiver sets. So you needed 3 more Cdns on defence which were DT, LB & Safety. You gain Hurl but lose Muamba, not a good tradeoff. You gain Evans which pushes Steele to backup, which is good. You played mostly Hecht at Safety but Brouillette & Edem give you good strength there. But I’d be surprised if Riders don’t play 3 imports on OL again assuming Campbell is signed as has been hinted. He has to play LT, LaBatte & Bond are your guards with Clark at Centre & Coleman on the other wing. If a Cdn is ready for a starting role, say Bladek, he isn’t replacing Coleman, Campbell or Bond unless they sh*t the bed. He may move in at guard & LaBatte moves to Ctr. The only way this year you play more than 7 is if you play BOTH Steele & Evans in the middle (bad idea in my book) or when you play Messam. I think Messam plays some but not regularly. He had the yards but he’s the only guy in the top ten under 5 yards/carry rushing. The good RB’s get over 5 & into 6. He also was the worst guy catching the ball, more drops than anyone, under 5 YAC once he caught the ball. Harris & Gable over 7 YAC, Johnson & Riders’ Marshall 8+ YAC & Wilder over 9 yards after catch. He’s getting older & slower. Still great straight ahead runner but turn him & he’s not good lateral. When Jones was asked in Edmonton in 2015 why the Esks didn’t try to sign him as he was a big name for them when he played there, even back in 2015 Jones said just that. Stop him from running downhill & he’s not effective. Back then, though, Messam proved them wrong. But his stats this past year in categories outside of total yds weren’t good. But since I’m not among the Rider faithful, Evan, I say YES YES YES – play 9 Nationals. I hope you do. Good luck with that, should it happen. Sadly, it won’t.

      • Very Good greenenvy, great read

        • Green is the Color // April 17, 2018 at 3:24 pm //

          Are you two dating now? You seem to share the same POV – hater’s stance on most things Riders. Just thought maybe you took your relationship to the next level???

  14. That’s fine that Calgary can start 10 Nationals. However its irrelevant in the context of your original comments that Saskatchewan has no National talent and that every team in the CFL can start nine Nationals. Stop trying to change the subject when you get called out for postings things that are not true.

    • I didn’t say Sask has no Canadian Talent, their starting 7 will be fine. Likewise, I never said every team can start 9 I said many could, Calgary is 1, Winnipeg probably could. In 2016 Ottawa did and Montreal did for many years in the 2000’s

  15. You said most CFL teams could start nine Nationals, and you only named two teams which are relevant to the 2018 season. Stop trying to reinforce failure, what you said was not correct.

    • greenenvy? // April 14, 2018 at 7:03 pm //

      Evan, since all the teams must have 21 Nationals on the roster, sure all the teams technically can start 9 Nationals. But Jones has ALWAYS favoured loading up offence with Nationals if he can & start only 2 Nationals on defence. Look at the starters on his 2015 Grey Cup team. That’s the ideal for him. He would like to get 4 Nationals on the OL so he can start 10 imports on the D. It’s one thing if you have a Muamba AND Evans with decent backups. But my guess is, & you can jot it down if you like, that Jones is not starting Hurl, Francis or any other of your Cdn LB’s there if he can possibly help it. He needs a guy like Judge to step up like the Stamps have with Singleton. Francis was a failed safety for Pete’s sake, where you can “hide” a Cdn if you’re desperate to meet the ratio. So now he’s an answer at LB? Of your Cdns at LB, most are special teamers & that includes Hurl under the best circumstances. If Judge performs as a #2 pick, maybe, but…….

      • Riders23 // April 14, 2018 at 7:31 pm //

        Another Kid they are high on is Brandyn Bartlett, 24 year old CDN kid playing out of I believe the SEC with Tusculum. With seasoning this kid might be very good AKA a bigger verson of Konar with the Esks. Hurl IMO is a 1-2 game flyer till some one like Judge/Bartlett or import Equavan get more reps at MLB. Who knows what Jones has up his sleave, small possibility of seeing a 3-4 D a lot at times depending on what they do with Nic James and Rakeem Coxx. Evans might in a stretch be able to play nose is Hughes plays well. I know a LOT of if and maybe’s but that is what will make camp /preseason fun.

        • Bartlett and Judge are prospects, not proven, you can’t rely on them at this point. It’s just hope

    • Evan, you really need to read more carefully. I said MANY not MOST.

      • Pathetic semantics. Most or many. Six of one or a half dozen of the other. It changes nothing. You’re still wrong.

        • pathetic semantics?
          Here’s a statement
          Many Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer this year. About 206,000 out of 35 million. Is that the same as saying “Most Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer this year??”

          • How many will be diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic?
            Hint: the count starts with the tolls herein.

  16. @ Riders23
    Are you kidding me? Singleton is the only real starter out of that list?
    EVERY PLAYER listed there has played very well and very consistently for us. Parker has been a starting receiver for 5 seasons.
    I think you are confusing All-star players with starting caliber players. In that case fine, Singleton is the only All-Star, but all these guys can play. You think Calgary would be the team they are if they couldn’t?

    • Riders23 // April 14, 2018 at 7:17 pm //

      Man, Mr. Red ( 8 or 9th name you have used to post with ) you need to start a business selling those ROSE or Red colored glasses you see the world through. Tell me again just HOW many grey cups has Calgary won in the last 2 years ???? Given the exceptional talent they have they must be on a RUN of 4 or 5 CUPS in a Row not ???? gee I just looked they have as many cups in the past 2 years as BC/Winnipeg/Edmonton and Saskatchewan, that being 0. It is ok to be a fan but to constantly put down other teams or commenters when they like their players equally to your liking your players , you just look like a sad bias individual that is hate filled. Plus if Wiggan and Turner are SOOOOO awesome why did the Stamps go out and pay great coin to sign former pathetic Rider Esa Marbure, oh!!! I forgot your otherworldly coaches will tunr him into a superstar as he didn’t get coaching in pathetic Saskatchewan. Ed Philion (former Eskimo great ) and Chis Jones know jack squat about coaching in your opinion.

      • Oh I forgot about Marbure!!!!! What great depth we have on the D-Line alone!!!!!
        Grey Cup disappointments aside rider23, it’s pretty hard for you to argue Calgary isn’t the best team in this league man for man! When 1 man leaves or is injured, another fills in.
        Ok so tell me, who are these 9 riders who will start in 2018??

  17. The Riders are starting to have pretty good Canadian depth. One guy I’m really interested in seeing this year is Cameron Judge. And speaking of the Judges, here’s Teal’c in a Rider toque!

    • woops! Don’t know what happened there. Try this one!

      • Cam Judge retired last year. He tweeted this much. Remember he left the team?? I’d say he is a huge question ark at best

    • Until these players prove themselves they are just prospects

  18. Again, you are incorrect and don’t know what you’re talking about.
    Judge is still on the active roster and was with the team at the end of the season, after his twitter tirade.

    • So you read nothing into that twitter tirade? That gives you no cause for concern at all in terms of his character, personality or state of mind?

      • Coming from the poster boy for no character, personality and questionable state of mind – that’s pretty rich.

        • I’m not sure your opinion of me has anything to do with concerns over Cam Judge’s behavior. If Jones conducted proper interviews and vetting this wouldn’t be an issue

      • I’m actually more concerned about your mental health/stability. You seem to say outrageous things that clearly have no merit and then try to change the subject when you get called out for it. Not the sign of a man who is doing well in most aspects of life.
        Judge probably just smoke some good weed Carter gave him, what’s your excuse?

        • Evan – if I’m not mistaken Judge was recovering from surgery ? A lot of negative thoughts can run through ones mind if they fear their career is in jeopardy.

          • So you think he simply had a case of temporary insanity due to surgery? Ok that explains it. Nothing to see here afterall!

        • I will refer you to my comments to Yup above. Not sure what your thoughts on me have to do with the bizarre behavior of rider players.

    • greenenvy? // April 14, 2018 at 7:23 pm //

      My last comment on this. I have said it too often to count but you have no decent LB’s outside maybe Eguavoen (short sample on career to date). Your competitors have, for example, BC’s Elimimian (Former MOP, still an all-star), Foster (YOUR candidate for outstanding D player in 2016), Stamps have Singleton (last year’s most outstanding D), Eskimos have Konar & Sherritt (injured last year but on the CFLPA All-Star team as voted on by the players & coaches in both 2015 & 2016), Wpg has Fenner & Leggett @ SAM. The RIders have nobody of that quality on the roster in their LB corps – that’s just the truth of it. That doesn’t mean the team can’t be good but if your LB’s don’t come through your problems last year stopping the rush are going to be worse, regardless of the front 4 you have. I don’t care what names you throw out there about your depth at National on LB – Bartlett, Chevrier, Francis, Gagner, Grondin, Hurl & Judge. I believe that covers it. These are special teamers. Jones would trade the lot of them AND Messam for Konar & Singleton. And you have all of 2 imports on the roster – Eguavoen & Moncrief. Expect to see a LOT of guys flown in at training camp or a trade. That’s ST depth, not LB depth. I’m done with my raves. Enjoy your evening. Time to go out for supper.

      • Soooo much fail. You’ve turned into troll 2, so desperate you’re just making crap up. Have you no shame left? You’ve just reduced yourself to being little more than a two bit liar.

        The reason Foster wasn’t re-signed is because he was BEATEN OUT by Moncrief, who played great last year and should contend to be an all-star this year. Equavoen is very good as well. So we’ve got two very good veteran LBs, and behind them we have Melvin White and Taylor Mays, both with good NFL experience. We only have one spot to fill and lots of options to do it. My current favourite is to move Equavoen to the middle and cover the remaining outside spot with one or a combination of Judge, Francis and Hurl. So we have youth and top tier athleticism, a converted TE who might be coming into his own as a LB, and a vet who has been a solid if not spectacular starter for quite a while. We could also start a Canadian somewhere else and go all American in our LB corps if need be. We could go with two Canadian DTs, or a Canadian RB, or an extra Canadian on the OL. Options, options! Jones loves depth and options! And that’s probably what has you panicking and reducing yourself to the level of two bit liar.

        • Yes an Epic Fail. A shallow and pedantic evaluation of the LB talent. Foster only played one half all season and even after Knox came back from the NFL Eguavoen started over him, just as he has since 2016.
          Terrible analysis like this is what happens when you write to back up a biased narrative or agenda and don’t actually do any research.

      • Can you take the town crier with you too envy….PLEASE ?

        • greenenvy? // April 14, 2018 at 11:19 pm //

          Yup, RFD & Evan. It’s easy to beat out a guy that ISN’T THERE. Foster was released by the Baltimore Ravens on Sept 1 last year, signed with the Riders & played the last 3 games. So if you call beating out a guy for SAM when that guy is playing in a different city, yeah good for Moncrief. Notably after Foster signed he played. As Foster is not even 30 & was your Most Outstanding Defensive rep the year prior, he would look good at LB there this year but whatever. I think Moncrief will also beat out Konar, Singleton, Leggett & Elimimian for a LB position with the Riders because like Foster with Baltimore, they are also playing on another team during your “competition”. “Winning” eh boys??? LOL

          • Notably, you’re LYING again! Foster did play a few games when I think Moncrief was nicked up, but as soon as he was healthy Moncrief was back in and played the last 5 regular season games plus the two playoff games, because he had BEATEN FOSTER OUT. Subsequently we *did not try to re-sign Foster*, because he had been BEATEN OUT of a job. Once again, you are a LIAR!

          • correct, RFD

          • greenenvy? // April 15, 2018 at 12:50 am //

            You’re right. Foster was dressed for 3 but the 3 LB’s of record were Moncrief, Knox & Muamba. Let’s see how they did the last 5 games. Muamba, 18 def tackles, 2 Int’s, Knox 19 def tackles, 1 sack, Moncrief 13 def tackles & zeros in Int’s & sacks. If you say so, you’re in great shape, Plus 5. With Foster away, exactly how many games has Moncrief played?

          • Riders23 // April 15, 2018 at 1:51 am //

            Sorry Envy but if I recall correctly , the eskimo’s are quite thin at LB as well and depending on oft injured and injury pone players : Sherrit, Konar have spent more time on the trainers table in the past years then 100% on the field. Your club has been relying on servicable lb’s like Corey Jones that has been cut twice now by Jones when Our Guys returned from NFL gigs. The Esk’s are praying that Sherrit and Konar finally have a healthy year esp after Greenwood retired due to injury having not even played 1/2 of a regular season game for your club. As for Our Young PROSPECTS, I find it hilarious that posters like you and that what ever name he uses this week hate filled stampeder fan consistently belittle the potential of lesser experienced Rider prospects but boast that your clubs are consistently filled with cant miss no names. Many of whom have been barely adequate like many of the Rider replacements. No team currently in the CFL is truly a dominate team IMO. Only a FOOL or a very insecure pathetic loner would consistently fantacise that their CFL club is a dynasty of any sort —- again just look at the results of the past 5 years of Championships. AS pathetic as it might sound if Montreal gets some qbing this season , given the D they are building they have as good of chance as anyone to win it all.
            But some insecure jerks will keep basing other teams for the next 8 months to feed their need of feeling like a expert on all things CFL.

          • greenenvy? // April 15, 2018 at 12:20 pm //

            Sherritt played 35 games in 2015 & 2016 & was sat out in the last meaningless game of 2016. Not sure how you figure he’s injury prone. That assessment obviously doesn’t apply to Collaros in Regina who has never started more than 13 games in a season & has played less each season of the last 4. Injuries happen. Esks did quite well without Sherritt. It was when Korrey Jones got hurt early in Wpg, they tanked while he was out & they were down to 3rd string rookie Mulumba. For the record 11-0 with Jones healthy, 1-6 with him out. I have never mentioned who I follow Riders 23. Do you know? I bring up the Stamps, Eskimos & sometimes Winnipeg stats to refute your over the top reliance on players who haven’t done much but keep being hailed as stars without much evidence to support it. I try to stay away from the Bombers because that might be rubbing it too deep for you sensitive souls. Do I think the Eskimos are deep at LB? Have never said so & Ladler is a guy they’ll miss. But Korrey Jones, who CJ cut, proved he can play & the difference is he has spent 4 years in the league. So they know they got someone who can back up Sherritt or Konar. Yes Konar’s Cdn, but they will start Boateng at DE, Colquhoun at CB & King at safety so have flexibility. Like the Riders they have 5 Cdn LB’s, perfect bodies for ST & that’s mostly what they are. But Kevin Jackson has played LB in Ottawa, Blair Smith has been rotated at LB & both are 3 year veterans. I mean they are a good example of depth. They won 13 games including playoffs & paid out a league record $1MM in injury money. Only 1 of their 5 starting DB’s played more than 10 games & that was Adams. Still gave up 2nd fewest passing yards. Take everybody except your CB out of your lineup for half a year & see how you do & win 12 games? THAT’s what I mean about depth. If you’re going to use a yardstick for comparison to how you stack up, use the best teams last year & the best teams right now are in Alberta. If you dig deep into the numbers, there’s no question.

  19. Clearly Henoc didn’t want another year with the sliders fearing he wouldn’t finish higher than 4th place so I’m guessing he is happy to be out of sliderville where the fans only support a winner ,hence there is so many season tickets available this year

    • What a F O O L !!! So MTL is a better team than SK?
      Steve, do you even think a little bit (if you are capable of doing that) before you spew garbage?

      • lol no.. MTL is the one team in this league lower than the riders. The one team with more questions at QB than the riders

  20. I will say, although Calgary COULD start 10, its unlikely they would. They will start only 1 at DT and international Micah Johnson will take the other spot. Receiver, likely only 2 Canadians will start.
    Calgary will likely start 8, that’s what they did consistently last year.

  21. Edward Leslie // April 14, 2018 at 7:21 pm //

    I like Henoc Muamba as a player, but Henoc Muamba, “the businessman” doesn’t impress me.
    I definitely don’t like Jonathan Hardaway, his agent.
    There have been rumours that CFL teams might not even bother to draft his clients. He’s that much of a pain to negotiate with.
    Too many athletes and celebrities put all their faith in their agents, only to later find that they were totally being used. Quite often they finally notice that their money is gone, or there’s not nearly as much as there should be.
    I don’t know if Hardaway is THAT KIND of agent, but he’s a greedy tool and he’s too combative. He puts the player’s reputation on the line to increase his take by the smallest margin. And these “lucrative bonuses” have turned out to be non existent paths to the unemployment line and career instability.
    Thanks a lot Jonathan!

    • Curious about Leslie // April 14, 2018 at 8:10 pm //

      Leslie you sound like a real hater who wrote a very WELL-WRITTEN summary about an agent totally based on your ignorance. How do you know anything about Hardaway or what is in his client’s bank accounts when they retire? Do you work for a team or a sports agency? If so, which one?

  22. Greenenvy,
    I said they CAN start up to nine Nationals. Meaning that there are nine different ways currently available for the Riders to achieve seven National starters.
    What Jones did in 2015 is totally irrelevant to 2018. He started as many as four Nationals on defence in 2017, not two as he had in 2015. He will start Nationals where they will help the team the most in 2018.
    Hurl has been a starter for a play-off team the last two seasons at MLB. He may not be the most athletic LB, but with Evans and James eating up blockers and allowing him an unobstructed path to the football, he is serviceable. However depending on things workout at other positions, MLB could be an International starter. Nobody thinks Francis will start anywhere, I don’t know why anyone would waste time bringing that up.

    Two National DTs are also a possibility. Say what you like about Steele, but he was solid enough to start for a GC winner and on a good Rider defence the latter two-thirds of 2017. Preferably the starting DTs are Evans and James, but if required Evans and Steele are a decent starting pair of National DTs.

    The only reason they started three Internationals on the OL was an injury to Clarke and later an injury to Labatte. They will most likely start Nationals at LG, C and RG. If injuries happen again Bladek/Dyakowski will be there to back up. I can only see a need to go three Internationals on the OL if there are again multiple injuries to OL National starters.

    I don’t really care where Messam ranked in what category or that he is a North/South runner, and neither does anyone else. Yards are yards. 4.6 yards/carry is serviceable. Complaining a RB only ranked high in total yards is similar saying “all he does is score TDs”.

    WR will be interesting, especially if the Riders land a WR in Round one of the draft. They were able to start two National WRs in 2017 when required and still led the CFL in TD passes, and if required by needs for International starters at other positions can do the same in 2018. Most likely they rotate in a second National at WR if they want to play an International in placeof Messam at TB.

    FS is a National spot, no ifs ands or buts.

    • greenenvy? // April 15, 2018 at 12:05 am //

      Tell you what. You CAN start 9 Nationals on offence. You like Bladek, you can throw ST John, Zver, Dyakowski, Meredith out there since you like all your “depth” & start 5 on OL. You CAN start Bagg & Harty & play with only 3 import receivers & you CAN start Bridge & Messam. Good luck. But you don’t like facts, Evan. Stats are a way, the best way we have right now, of measuring performance. So here’s some about Hurl & let’s start with an opinion, not a fact. A Post sports reporter, a big Rider guy, said this about Hurl. For a LB he’s a good ST’s guy. He also said Jones may rue the day Muamba left. There IS no comparison. Other teams, notably BC, funnel the action in for their LB’s to make plays. But Hurl isn’t a Bighill or an Elimimian. If you’re suggesting holding up blockers to allow Hurl to make the play, you may be sadly disappointed. Now the facts, like them or not. The top 8 tacklers in the CFL were ALL LB’s. None had less than 93 tackles, which was Muamba & not all played a full season. Hurl played 18 games for the Bombers who had Westerman, Okpalaugo & Jeffcoat applying pressures & had 65 tackes, well down the list. This was a GOOD season for Sam. He has 90 career games, exactly equal to 5 full seasons & averages 33 tackles per year about a third of what a good MLB averages. Now you want him to make plays for you with an “unobstructed” path to the football. You have a short memory. The fans in Regina were happy to see him go the first time & he’s a few years older. Just ask the Bomber posters on here if they wanted Hurl back. The major point I made & I would guess ONLY Rider Nation would even think of disputing this is there isn’t a club in the CFL who the Riders match up to at LB. It’s laughable to mention them in the same breath as your West competitors. As for the “weak” East – Muamba, Woods, Ball, Dean, Hebert etc. – really? The teams west of you ALL have former Defensive Player of year winners & in the East you have nominees & all- stars at LB on all 4 teams. You got Hurl & some guys who have potential.

      • Well – I guess with a new year, comes new stats envy. Not pleased about it, but Henoc has moved on. I’m confident in Mocrief and Eguavoens ability and we will see what transpires in training camp.

        • Why not offer a rebuttal rather than throwing insults?

          • Can you not get even the slightest grip on reality ? You run on like a broken toilet, slag the Riders at every opportunity. You’ve been kicked off of here and dozen times, run multiple handles so you can answer your own questions…..and you want civil discourse ???

          • Riders23 // April 15, 2018 at 2:15 pm //

            Sigh explain how Yup’s reply to Green Envy is an insult, from my perspective , Yup , like most Rider fans looked ot be trying to close the issue and move on , saying this year us new year and he will support the players the Riders put on the field and hopes they do well. Nothing about them being dominate forces in the league , superstars etc. Like most Rider fans he just supported our club and left the boasting about how every member of the team they cheer for is a league all-star whether they play 1 down or every snap of the season to others ( such as You ). I just don’t get the ire of ass-hats like you or envy have toward all things Saskatchewan and Riders. Jealousy I guess drives it , or feeling of insecurity. Even in the past week regarding the terrible Humbolt incident , folks like you two turned positive comments into darker shades of sarcasm and ill will directed toward of province and sporting endevors. This post probably ill get me banned but cleary fools such as you DONT have a CLUE about what Saskatchewan is/ who the people of our province ARE and HOW we support OUR identity. Maybe you should watch the clips of Babcock / T. Mac / and Gulley ( your flames Coach ) and maybe it will sink through your hate filled thick head, WHAT it MEANS to be a SASKATCHEWAN ITE!!!!—– once born in its never far from our hearts!!!!— # Humbolt/Saskachewan Strong !!!

        • As are you if Zack doesn’t work out

      • And nobody in the CFL has the talent the Riders do on the DL and at WR. And our RB depth is pretty good as well.The International LBs we have will be fine.
        I’m more than ok with facts, its your manipulation and misrepresentation of facts that I take issue with.

        • Talent alone doesn’t make for a good team. Especially in the CFL.
          FYI, I’ll grant you, your Receivers are probably more talented. DL? Calgary’s is young and very talented, look out look out for Davis and Vauthers on the ends, if you don’t know the names, you soon will. Bridge knows them and Collaros soon will (assuming he’s still around when our teams play)
          RB’s?? Past the old Messam you are very unproven at the position.

          • Riders23 // April 15, 2018 at 2:24 pm //

            YOU MEAN Brandon Bridge and hung a beat down on your CLUB in that cow pasture you call a CFL stadium ; while Bo PEEP threw int’s to back up corner Duron Carter that went for a TD, that BB, yeah he looked so in fear , that he was laughting his but off celebrating with his team mates after the win !!! Careful your fear and jealousy is becoming almost RAGE in proportion twisting your limited grip on reality !!!

        • greenenvy? // April 15, 2018 at 11:51 am //

          Is that why the Riders finished 5th in passing yards? Is that why your 3 top guys have NEVER in their careers hit the 1100 yard barrier? Check it out – the top guys do a few more yards than that. As for your DL, you can argue you have the best DE’s & Evans is good but not good enough to be make the CFL All-Star team or even the Eastern all-Star team in the East. He is not a Sewell or MIchah Johnson. Calgary has more depth with Vaughters, Davis & Law & old man Hughes should have been the odd man out & was. Edmonton had THREE DT’s with 8, 7 & 7 tackles at DT. To get that kind of performance, 22 tackles out of DT is unheard of. Cummings is gone but Bowers steps in & Ceresna comes from Ottawa where he & Evans were 2nd in pressures to the Eskimos’ duo. As for James, too big for a CFL DT, 3 games zero sacks so not sure you can tell how good he is from that but I keep hearing he’s a stud. BTW, the 4TH string DT/part time DE for the Esks is Moore, who in 5 games had 2 sacks, 2 tackles for loss & 6 pressures. How does that make James look? My prediction – won’t last the year in Regina. And he’s not even the first backup. So please don’t tell me about the depth on your DL. The TWO, count them on the roster, import LB’s will be fine? Jones will be flying a bunch in because NOBODY starts 2 & has no competition or backups. But that’s okay Evan. Once they arrive these “prospects”, much like your Cdn content, will be hailed as the next great thing.

          • greenenvy? // April 15, 2018 at 11:52 am //

            Esk DT’s had 22 sacks, not tackles. Correction.

          • Once again – you’ve got this all figured out Envy. Your disgust for the Riders WAS second only to the clown with a hundred names. I’ve seen and been a part of the usual “my team is better than your team” banter – but I’ve never seen anyone invest the time pouring over stats in an attempt to discredit one team as much as you. The 2018 season is upon us, your stats are in the PAST. Players who produced may not do so this year. Teams that dominated last year may not in 2018. The entire league is unproven thus far, as are their rosters. Some things that are certain – I will cheer for my Riders and enjoy the league as a whole. You will continue to find anything and everything wrong with my team because that’s what floats your boat. Enjoy the season envy, and get your Rider spreadsheet set up. I think 2018 is going to be a great season for the CFL.


          • Excellent info Greenenvy and thank you for the stats. Don’t worry about those who disparage you because the stats (facts) don’t fit their narrative. Riderfans simply don’t like the truth because the truth is rarely renders favorable outcomes for them

          • The truth is – you’re pooched if bo thunders in

          • Riders23 // April 15, 2018 at 2:32 pm //

            Yeah way to support your EE d-line , with woman beater Cummings as its shining example!!!! Usually the EE have more class then to play a LOW life woman beater like Cummings but i guess injuries made them desperate last year. I find it ironic how guys like you support these players unless they are on RIDERS roster , then these same players become the incarnation of EVIL and a true indication of HOW CLASSLESS the Rider have been forever. Funny how hatred drives your every statement but you just continue to pile it on !!! I feel sorry for you !!!

  23. Messam won’t be asked, or expected, to break 40-yard runs. He will be used on second and short, or short TD runs. CJ always preaches the need to keep drives going by getting those 2 or 3 yard runs.

    • If that’s the case he’s a pretty expensive player for short yardage. Spencer Moore could do that for you. If you can’t move the ball in those situations look at the O-line.

  24. The problem with Calgary is they can’t win the last game on the schedule

  25. RED…have you heard that a fool’s wisdom is in his silence? You probably don’t remember George Reed. He just kept pounding the line of scrimmage, and wore down the D.
    That is what Messam can do, but I am not comparing him to Reed, because he had/has no peers.
    O-lines can only do so much…a bulldozer like Messam gets the extra yard.

    • Calgary had to utilize Roy Finch in the playoffs because Messam can no longer carry the load. Part time running back, great investment at $130,000.00!!!

      • Finch had 1 carry in the cup loss.

        • I refer you to the Western Final.
          Messam’s best before date is over.

        • You’re right, he doesn’t. It would be nice if he did.
          However; the faces of the organization do, Bo, Singleton, AND MANY OTHER. Recently retired Deron Mayo says he will STAY in Calgary post career. Huff and DD have houses here, their children have/do go to school here. They sure heck don’t live in a Holiday Inn Express. Where is Duron Carter? Where is Zack Colaros? Where is Branden Bridge?

          • Riders23 // April 15, 2018 at 2:43 pm //

            They are enjoying better weather !!! sunshine training and getting their bodies right to play well this year. Not sitting huddled in some crap tentament in Calgary , freezing their butts off struggling to get to a crap white trash trailer park training trailer to prepare for the season . In my books that kind of makes Duron and CO pretty smart !!!! If I had the connections and opportunity to live in great weather with very affordable training facilities//surrounded by world class NFL athletes instead of suffering through -20 degrees/20 cm of snow in late April I would as well.

        • lol Interesting spin.
          Actually neither Bo or Singelton are training in a trailer. They are training at a world class training facility at COP. Where Canada’s Olympic athletes train.
          Is Jones decision to abandon Regina also based on wanting to train in the warmth????

          • Green&Gold // April 15, 2018 at 3:42 pm //

            Really? That’s where they train? That’s too bad. Every other team in the league has amazing training facilities for their team. It’s a shame the stamps don’t. Wonder why?

      • Do you ever shut up..? Seriously – your obsession is beyond comprehension

  26. Green&Gold // April 15, 2018 at 1:16 am //

    I thought this story was about Muamba?

  27. Edward Leslie // April 15, 2018 at 4:48 am //

    Curious: Just based on what I’ve heard about the Hardaway. You guy with John, you’re taking the “Hard-a-way”.
    Muamba’s multiple releases from Montreal and Saskatchewan, without collecting bonuses his fine agent got him, show the inadequacy of his deals.
    Like I said, I don’t KNOW if Hardaway is a crook. Maybe Muamba might be the next Bill Gates as a businessman after his football career is over too.
    But there seems a kind of Brian Wilson/ Dr Eugene Landy-type business relationship here that appears unseemly and not altogether positive.
    You be the judge. I just calls em as I sees em.

    • Curious about Leslie // April 15, 2018 at 11:00 am //

      Last comment from me Leslie because you make NO sense so this is really a waste of my time. Hardaway makes a deal. A team welches on the deal for whatever reason. Then Hardaway gets a new deal. What leads you to believe any of the money from either of the deals is stolen by Hardaway? Plus, there are like thousands of dollars involved in these deals not millions like the NFL. Plus, it seems like a smart player like Henoc would notice $100 missing. So you sound like an ignorant hater that works for a team or an agency. Which one is it?

  28. Don’t know which one I find more annoying…the inundation of Johnny “I’ve done squat at the pro level…but I’m still having trouble fitting my head through the door” Manziel stories…or the equally annoying inundation of Henoc “I’ve done squat at the pro level…but I’m still having trouble fitting my head through the door Muamba stories. Believe it’s a tie.

    • The difference is Muamba has added value because he’s a Canadian player. He’s been a solid performer and dumping his salary for the likes of Charelston Hughes is very short sighted.

      • Riders23 // April 15, 2018 at 2:51 pm //

        Man your such a joke, this statement coming from a guy 4 months ago had Hughes almost nominated for Sainthood // beatified Messam whom you now trash; While at the same time last fall you be litteled Muamba non stop saying he couldn’t compare to Singelton etc etc. Perhaps if you were even 0.5 % consistent with your commentary other then your hate of anything Riders , people might have 0.5 % on an ounce of respect for the crap you post!!!

        • and you were all bragging how young the riders were and how old Calgary was. Guess what? You were right and Calgary did something about it. The path is paved for many more year of domination by the Stamps.
          How far can Hughes and Messam carry you? Both are starting to show signs of age.

  29. The problem in Calgary is they throw each other under the bus and the management doesn’t control it

  30. Greenland // April 15, 2018 at 2:38 pm //

    I believe he was cut back in February

  31. this whole line of iffs and but(t)s makes me laugh uncontrollably.It is a well-balanced 9 (not 8, as posted) team league, so any team, with a little tweaking, a little luck, and few injuries can make a run.
    It is true that figures don’t lie, but liars figure. Just get into the playoffs, and anything can happen. Just ask the stamps who were beaten, twice, in the GC, by teams that hover around .500
    So, for some to claim, unequivocally, that a team will wind up first or last, or anywhere in between, is pure, unadulterated BS! If you trolls crave attention THAT MUCH, go play in the traffic, or, in the alternative put mirrors all over your house, then dress scantily, or not at all, and you will have something to laugh at…and the attention you crave will come from your eye-rolling spouse. If you have kids living at home, ignore all of the above, and just kiss the mirror in your own dressing room/bathroom, pat yourself on the back, if you can still reach your back with your hand, and have a great day.

  32. $$$ $$$ $$$ that is not what this should be about. Muanba is a darn good player that is why the Colts and Cowboys gave him a shot in the NFL. Darn good players should make DARN GOOD MONEY no matter what side of the border they come from. Simple as that. $$$ well justified in this case.

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