Riders will bring Grey Cup to Humboldt if they win it: Reynolds

The Roughriders plan to bring the championship trophy to Humboldt, Saskatchewan – if they win the Grey Cup this season.

Team president Craig Reynolds told the Regina Chamber of Commerce the team is doing whatever it can to help the community at the centre of a tragedy that saw 16 people associated with the junior hockey club killed in a fatal bus accident last week.

“If we’re fortunate enough to win the Grey Cup in 2018, which is our goal, our guys will spend some time with that Cup and then we’re going to take that Cup to Humboldt,” Reynolds said. “That will be the first place we take that Cup.”

Reynolds spent time in Humboldt while growing up in Foam Lake, a community of just over 1,100 about an hour’s drive from Humboldt.

“I’m struggling with this in a lot of ways and part of it is being from a small town, being from a small town that’s close, one of my closest friends is from Humboldt,” Reynolds said. “You know the small town feel how everybody knows everybody and they’re grieving together, it’s impacted everybody in that community.”

The team is reportedly donating items that will be used to raise funds for the families who have been affected by the tragedy and he expects players will show their support throught the season. Receiver Duron Carter has already said every touchdown this season “will be donated to the Humboldt Broncos families.”

Reynolds said the Riders will do whatever they can to help.

“Our club is thinking about them,” Reynolds said. “However they want us to be involved, we’ll be there.”

– with files from the Regina Leader-Post and CJME.


56 Comments on Riders will bring Grey Cup to Humboldt if they win it: Reynolds

  1. Grey cup and the sliders in the same breath ? Lol lol

    • Ridersnhabs // April 12, 2018 at 3:06 pm //

      I only looked at the comments to see who would be the first with no class after the tragedy to make a derogatory post and you win . You must be so proud . Show this to your mom she will probably fridge magnet it for you .

    • Dan Bombers // April 12, 2018 at 3:32 pm //

      Come on Dan what the fu**was that

    • It wasnt meant in a negative way just know that wont happen. RIP To all those who passed you will always be in my prayers and thoughts .

      • Jeff Garcia's Agent // April 12, 2018 at 5:30 pm //

        I like how you use WON’T. Just like you WON’T ever let a single Rider article on this site get posted without trolling it. Or how you WON’T stop uses a pointless, ridiculous, lazy pun like “sliders”. At least “cryders” is moderately clever. “sliders” means nothing and WON’T ever be the burn you and others seem to think it is.

      • However you may personally feel about the nature of this promise, it is–at this point in time–something that is best kept to yourself. To do otherwise is to reveal yourself as entirely lacking in class and common sense.

  2. Wood horse // April 12, 2018 at 2:25 pm //

    How about holding training camp there?

  3. If I win a Nobel Prize, I will bring it to Humboldt as well.

  4. Rider lover // April 12, 2018 at 3:38 pm //

    Funny how only the Riders offered to do this. Rest of league could learn something!!!

    • Wood horse // April 12, 2018 at 7:24 pm //

      Funny how only the riders offered to do this?
      The riders should be taking the lead on these things. It took Reynold’s a week to say anything! This is such an ill conceived thing to say anyways. As written on 3downnation, Winnipeg has been doing things.
      Calgary Sports and entertainment group has been doing things the Edmonton Oilers have done things. Everyone has except the riders!!
      Saskatchewan and riderfans should really be asking why

      • Honestly Ive been a little surprised at the lack of presence from the Riders in all of this… Tweets from Duron and Chris Jones etc, but nothing official. Although it is the offseason. I noticed Mosaic Stadium did have #HumbodtStrong on the jumbo-tron yesterday but was gone today. But even the Bombs lit up IGF in tribute. I feel like the Riders are the backbone of the province and should be front and center in some sort of tribute. Might be hard with most players at home in Sunny Southern States? Who knows.

        • Bleeding Green // April 12, 2018 at 9:24 pm //

          Never mind, it was back up this evening. Must have just been off earlier this morning.

      • The Riders were actually the first sports organization out side of the SJHL president Bill Chow speaking on behalf of the other SJHL teams to respond tom this terrible incident. The Riders quietly posted the following on snap chat almost immediately after official word of the accident become public:
        We offer comfort, support and strength during a time that is difficult beyond measure for so many.
        We mourn the passing of those who have perished and they will forever be in our hearts and minds.
        Saskatchewan prides itself on the strength of our people.
        Now, more the ever , we must lean on our neighbours, family , friends , to find this strength !
        #Humbolt Strong #Saskatchewan Strong
        PLEASE at this time do some research before making antagonistic statements. The Riders have also quietly reached out to the Humbolt community financially and with items donated for auction etc. Player s such as Eddie Steel, Brendan Labatte , have commented quietly, and have reached out tom the community. Club CEO Craig Renolds is from a small town close to Humbolt and knows the area well.
        The Riders have done what SASKATCHEWAN does in times of great grief like this ; Quietly LEAD BY EXAMPLE , expressed grief and support and have not looked for public accolaids of what they HAVE done!!! Great job Riders !!!! You get Saskatchewan.. Also a shout out to Kelly Bates and the Edmonton Eskimos for choosing to fly under the raidar at this time in offering their support. For those that don’t know , Kelly Bates— CFL retired player , now Eskimo coach , grew up in Humbolt!!

  5. Winnipeg put the lights at their stadium on Green & Gold in honor also.

  6. Alex Droho // April 12, 2018 at 3:43 pm //

    Speaking as a Cats fans what happened in Humboldt transcends competition. I suspect that whomever wins the Grey Cup will be honored to bring it to Humboldt.

  7. Reynolds, you have as much of a chance of winning the Grey Cup with Chris Jones running the show as I do of winning 649.

  8. 3rd and 1 // April 12, 2018 at 4:57 pm //

    I understand Reynolds wanting to do something on behalf of the Riders. I’m just not sure if this approach. Something a little more concrete would have a warmer feeling to it.
    Reality is there isn’t one team in the CFL that can stand up and boast they have the best chance to win the Grey Cup. No one predicted Toronto would win the GC last year.
    Both Toronto and SK found themselves in a 3rd and 5 situation. With the team wining that play most likely going into the GC.
    So when you read classless Dick comments like Dans. It makes me wonder how someone can go through life with an ugly outlook. Just to show you how dumb your comment is Dan. In the last 10 years the Riders are only 1 of a couple teams that have won the Grey Cup twice. So grow up pal and show respect on articles that are trying to help the pain of those who are grieving. Butt head!

    • I agree. It was a nice thing to say, and its the though that counts for sure, but doing something like holding training camp there like Wood Horse said would be a great idea. The Riders are the heart and soul of SK and I think that they could help in bringing in some sort of healing to a community. Its times like these that I wish I was in more of a position of power or influence to do something for the community. All I can do is pray for the grieving and those that survived.

    • Hate to burst your bubble but perhaps you should check your facts before you call anyone a butt head. The Riders won the Grey Cup in 2007 and 2013. The last ten years has Calgary, Montreal and Toronto winning it twice each with BC, Ottawa, Edmonton and Saskatchewan each winning it once. 2007 is no longer within the last ten years. Just the facts.

  9. Pennyrocker // April 12, 2018 at 5:08 pm //

    It would be something if the Riders wore a Humboldt Bronco patch on their sleeve in honor. After all Reynolds did say the team is thinking about them.

  10. Wood horse // April 12, 2018 at 5:32 pm //

    Without a doubt the province of Saskatchewan has reminded us all again what an amazing community it is. The out pouring of support is warming amoungst the cold reality of this tragedy.
    However; it seems to me the province’s biggest and most popular entity has been awkwardly distance during this. Saying we will bring the cup there “IF THEY WIN IT” is really inappropriate and even comes across as insensitive and dismissive of the tragedy. What’s worse is this message came from the highest person in the organization!. Equally dismissive was Duron Carter offering the donate every TD he scores to the victims. What does this even mean?
    The riders spend a fortune on scouting, considering the low returns this yields, perhaps some of that money should be spend on a PR department.

    • Time and a place for your usual crap wooden head – and now is the time to shut your pie hole.

    • Habsnriders // April 12, 2018 at 7:09 pm //

      Every comment you have made about the Broncos starts out great then your true colours come out in a back handed comment .
      I can see you complementing a girl . Wow your are really pretty except for your lazy eye .

    • Way to get a jab in Wood. Can’t let a Rider thread by without it!

  11. greenenvy? // April 12, 2018 at 6:50 pm //

    If you follow the CFL twitter account all the teams are doing something. Let’s not make this about one CFL team. It’s a nice gesture but only if they can make it happen. Every team & person can contribute in their own way, not copy cat gestures which only one team can possibly accomplish. Kudos to the Riders but that doesn’t trump or negate what others are doing. Take it for what it is – a nice gesture. No need to diminish what they’ve done. It’s about Humboldt, not who makes the biggest gesture. This isn’t a competition.

  12. Greenland // April 12, 2018 at 7:05 pm //

    Totally agree. The support has been incredible, not just from Sask. but from around the world.

  13. mr62cats // April 12, 2018 at 7:21 pm //

    Great gesture on the part of Reynolds. However if he and the writer of this article were not in Humboldt when the gesture was made….the correct word is “take” not “bring”. Same thing for the comments above about other teams making the same offer.
    Sorry I had to mention that. Let the insults begin.

  14. Wood horse // April 12, 2018 at 7:35 pm //

    I’ve always been under the impression the riders bring the cup everywhere in the province when they do win it. I assume the cup has been there and would go there again regardless of this tragedy.

  15. Sorry, Mr.62cats, but an English teacher you are not.
    Both bring and take could be correct, depending on perspective. The Riders could, indeed, take the cup to Humboldt. In the alternative, they could bring the cup with them when they travel to Humboldt, if they win the cup. The missing (with them) can be assumed, because the context indicates that, clearly, they will be traveling to Humboldt, FROM REGINA…and bringing the cup with them.
    However, I have to laugh because you have not jumped on the much more egregious plethora of English diarrhea found herein…not from just the i d i o t trolls, but, occasionally, from 3Down “staffers” too.
    Having had the opportunity to teach public speaking, and English, it was remarkable to have seen students, who, ostensibly, achieved in school, yet have only a rudimentary knowledge of the English language. Many immigrants, whose mother tongue is not English, learn the nuances of this “crazy language” with more success than locals. SAD!

    • And that’s…..a wrap! You must be especially proud to be a Canadian when our PM speaks 🙂

    • DAKAZ: Thanks for the thoughtful reply. No I am not an English teacher. You are correct about the “perspective” but what I was taught (in Hamilton) and what the English Language Learning Centres say, is “we TAKE things to the place we are GOING to. We TAKE them FROM the place where we are to another place. TAKE is used in relation to a starting point.” Which is why I mentioned the importance of the locations where the gesture was made ie: we will TAKE the Grey Cup TO Humboldt. If I was in Humboldt I would say “thanks for your offer to BRING the Grey Cup here.”
      This same issue was debated a lot at the CBC where I spent 30 years as a radio reporter writing news stories.I thought this comment section was a good time to bring it up again. I would prefer leave the “English diarrhea” for others to debate.

  16. Bombs Away // April 12, 2018 at 10:46 pm //

    Mr. Reynolds, maybe not your best comment.

  17. I am so glad to hear from you, mr.cats. Finally!… somebody who has respect for, and comprehension of, the English language.
    You were not wrong. In fact, the header should, indeed, use take, rather than bring, because it is definitely in the third person, and from a distant perspective. Furthermore, while the header doesn’t quote Reynolds, it ascribes the verbatim to him, whereas he correctly used take, in a context that would absolutely preclude using bring.
    Sorry, if I appeared to be condescending; my singular intent was to present an alternative, not to denigrate anyone.
    While many bloggers herein seem to have absorbed very little from their English classes, it is much more egregious for the many scribes, who collect a pay cheque for spilling ink, to similarly butcher the King’s (Queen’s?) English. You, sir, are a credit to your profession! I, too, was a scribe, several decades ago, working my way through school, which still evokes memories of my frustration from proofreading, and correcting, the drivel from my much more experienced colleagues. Your reply contained only one very minor faux pas; I am not referring to the omitted “to” which, obviously, was the product of haste. Sorry, I couldn’t resist the teacher in me. You write very well. Besides, your blog was just friendly banter, not subject to going to print, or on air, where thousands would see/hear same. Please feel free to exchange views any time.
    My take on the Halifax stadium situation is subject to revision, because I am not at all familiar with the Halifax “landscape,” so I would appreciate your input, as you are probably more closely connected to Halifax, if you still live in Hamilton. (ugh! what an ugly, rambling, sentence; please forgive me, I am writing too fast.)

    • mr62cats // April 13, 2018 at 8:38 am //

      I live in Peterborough and have been retired from the CBC since 2004.
      Been a Tiger-Cat fan since 1961.
      IMHO the events of last season involving Austin, Briles etc resulted in the worst blunder of the Bob Young era. Austin’s demotion to “consultant” is a step in the right direction but a Grey Cup win anytime soon for the Tiger-Cats looks to me like a pipe dream. Even hosting a Grey Cup seems to be a pipe dream given the stadium issues that have not been resolved yet. But I live in hope.

      • Sheesh…somebody who is probably older than I am…but, I am guessing, not by a whole bunch. Anyway, Austin is an astute football guy; he will land on his feet. His “promotion” to vice-president in charge of paper clips will last only until he lands another gig, likely in the excited States.
        Maybe, even in SASK, because I am not buying Reynolds Koolaid re: sustained success. I opined as soon as Chris Jones landed the job that he wouldn’t stay in Regina because he is the consummate mercenary. Either he would bring success, spelled Grey Cup, and bolt to greener ($$) pastures down south, or he would fail, thus being shown the door. His resume speaks volumes.
        So, cats, Bob Young seems to be a decent individual. How/why was the Briles saga allowed under his watch? Or, is he a hands-off type of guy, allowing his hires to do their jobs without interference? (not like the MTL. train wreck)

        • mr62cats // April 13, 2018 at 2:21 pm //

          DAKAZ: I think he delegates everything to Scott Mitchell.
          Bob’s decision to step in was a rare move. From what I could see, Bob Young viewed the Briles hiring as a PR disaster.He was right.

  18. U need to have a QB to win a grey cup first teams would be honored to bring grey cup or Stanley cup to Humboldt

  19. Some really disgusting posts on here. Goes to show how social media has bogged down society. I’d love for Wood or Dan to say any of this to a grown man’s face instead of from behind a keyboard. Pathetic.

  20. Margaret Marshall // April 13, 2018 at 11:14 am //

    All roads lead to Humboldt. This would be a great gesture of support if the winning Grey Cup team brought the cup to Humboldt. 3Downnation fans have voiced their condolences and support for the devastated community. Good for the riders and other sports teams for the concrete support they have provided.

  21. In hindsight; “this tragedy gives us extra motivation to bring the championship trophy to this community” (Or something like that) might have been a better way to put it. But I’ve always thought that CR’s face has said “I have no idea what I’m doing” from the first time I saw him. But like I said, Its the thought that counts…

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