Lions release QB Alex Ross and DL DeQuin Evans, sign another pivot

The Lions let quarterback Alex Ross and defensive lineman DeQuin Evans go while adding another pivot.

Ross was a CFL rookie in 2017 and played in four games completing 5-of-12 passes for 82 yards and two interceptions.

Evans signed as a free agent in B.C. last off-season and suited up in five games making eight tackles, one sack and one forced fumble. Over 23 CFL games with the Lions, Alouettes and Stampeders, Evans has 31 tackles, five sacks and one forced fumble.

Meanwhile, the Lions inked quarterback Ricky Lloyd who played 33 games at Minnesota State during his university career, throwing for 3,379 yards and 36 touchdowns for the Mavericks.


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  1. Thoughts BC Dave ??

  2. Al Ross looked terrible at QB. Completely out of his league. Had a good laugh thinking back to a few of the BC fan boys who promised great things from Ross when he signed with the Lions.

    Possible that another team might pick him up to be used as a tackling dummy in training camp but beyond that, it’s not happening for this guy.

  3. My comment is under moderation. Wondering if I posted a link? Apologies if I should not have done that. It was an NCAA Div II game between Ricky Lloyd’s team and another. Happened to come across the whole game on You Tube when I googled Ricky Lloyd. Watched the first half.

  4. Edward Leslie // April 13, 2018 at 4:35 am //

    Alex Ross’s stats are pretty inconclusive. A very small sample size. But Ed Hervey signed ex-Argo Cody Fajardo. He probably has one or two prospects from the NEG list that he wants to look at too.
    Not surprising to see him and Evans get the proverbial “Apple & a road map”.

  5. I agree Edward, that it is silly to say Ross looked terrible, or great because, as you said, was just to small of a sample size. Since he did spend the year there, however, I would have guessed Ross, Fajardo and Lloyd would have been coming to mini camp and only two of them being invited to main camp May 20. Wondering now if there will be a fifth before main camp. If not, looks like Jennings and Trav will compete for #1 and Fajardo and Lloyd for the #3 job and the 4th will be on the PR and this will be Travis’s last year?

    My first post in response to Yup is still under moderation. Google Ricky Lloyd and watch him if you want, in the Semi between Minnesota State and Concord Mountain Lions. Lloyd played the first half and I was very impressed with his accuracy, his patience going thru his progressions and his mobility. He moved the pocket around but could drop back and throw or roll out and throw. Cant wait to see if that carries on up here.

    Still not sure why Evans was let go. Was he not our best pass rusher until he got hurt, and until Bazzie came back up from the NFL?

  6. Once upon a time the Riders had a young QB named Seth Doege. Put up huge numbers in the Big 12 and everyone was hyped about his potential as a pro.

    Doege started ONE (1) game and didn’t even make it to halftime before getting benched. The guy looked absolutely terrible – – just like Al Ross did – – and had as many INTs as he had completions.

    Doege was released shortly thereafter, never to been seen again.

    Do you really think Doege needed more time to be further evaluated? Casual fans aren’t able to objectively asses players, but I can assure you that Doege is/was hopeless as a pro level QB. Just like Al Ross.

    But if you feel you need another two or three years to finally figure that out, I totally understand. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen because the Lions braintrust clued in and realized the same thing that I did after seeing Ross bumbling around trying to play QB.

  7. Alex Ross was too small a sample size to conclude he couldn’t play and last year was not the year like back in the Buck Pierce days where he was no 4 behind Dickinson, Printers, Jarius Jackson.

    Jackson started the pre-season game in Regina but badly destroyed his thumb and that year on the first offensive play of the game. The other QB went down and Buck came off the bench and propelled them to a win.

    Then it made him unexpendable and the rest was history and a job. He got many chances that year as the system was prone to QB collisions under Jacque Chapdelaine and the QBs were being banged up all the time.

    Ross was too little too late to really showcase himself. Fajardo has some upside so Ross is up or out in Wally world.

  8. I bow to your superior knowledge and psychic abilities 51.

    • There’s nothing “psychic” about evaluating football players, my friend.

      You have to watch the games to see who can play and who can’t.

      When you see a QB fluttering inaccurate passes, throwing into double coverage and missing wide open receivers, it’s a pretty certain indication that he’s not a pro level QB.

  9. It’s hard to assess why so many successful NCAA QB’s look like high school freshmen in the CFL. Then some unheralded guy from Div. II lights it up from the get-go.

    I believe it comes down to unwavering confidence. CFL QB’s need to be gunslingers, not game managers. Some guys just have it, like R. Ray, J. Franklin or J. Jennings while so many other prospects fail miserably (albeit in normally limited playing time.)

    • QBs can look great in college if they play in a gimmick system like Oregon or Hawaii. That’s why no talent scrubs like Tim Chang and Vern Adams fail miserably.

      QBs can also look great in college if they have superior receivers as we saw with Johnny Goofball at A&M. There’s a huge disparity of physical talent at the NCAA level and that’s why the pro grade receivers can dominate overmatched NCAA coverage guys. Everyone in the NFL is an elite athlete in terms of size/speed/strength so you don’t have a bunch of physically overmatched players getting dominated as you see in the NCAA.

  10. They are two different games. QBs have the toughest transition from college to CFL because of the extra man and different reads. That’s why a small sample size is hard to judge most times (as two of us have said here). Wally’s way was to bring in intelligent QB’s with strong arms (our field is bigger) and are mobile. He does not ursh them and if you are the #3 guy, your job is to learn and absorb. You might get some game reps but he will only put you in situations you should be successful at to gain confidence. NEXT year at camp, they look to see how far you’ve grown in you DECISION MAKING. That is the #1 thing he looks for in your improvement in in your second camp.

  11. Any word on how Lulays rehab is coming along BC Dave ? It’s a tough injury physically and psychologically to come back from.

  12. Last time I heard anything Yup, it was the day we extended him. Rehab is coming along great and right on schedule. One one hand, you have to think with JJ in 2016 form Trav will not play a lot but another side of me wants to see him play. Absolutely love the guy. Just just his play but his leadership and his character.

    • I do hope that he shakes off any ghosts from the injury. I was watching the game he went down in – he looked completely deflated.

  13. He did but his interviews since have been very positive. I think it mainly cuz he loves the game and he loves to play. He is aware, too, that the toughest part of rehab after those type of injuries is the mental part. Every indication I have is that he is handling that great. Can’t wait to see him in camp. You might be surprised, but then again, if you know his character, you may not be surprised at all.
    I think the mere fact they signed him to another year is an good indicator. I also like the way we are doing this as opposed to the way we handled the Dave Dickenson situation.

    • If his head is in the right place, and I’m sure it is – he is a more than competent QB. Fairly certain your Lions will have an spot for him when he finally takes the pads off.

      PS – kind of nice talking football over here without old, you know who!

      • I know lol. That’s what I was hoping for when I first found this site. News that may not be on my other sites I check and dialogue with nice fans from other cities. We ALL love our team but…Let’s not do anything that can be construed as an ‘invitation’ hahahahaha.
        And I agree that we will have a spot for Travis after he retires. Will probably be similar to the Dave Dickenson path in Calgary. Wha I first meant was that Dickenson wanted another year and Wally basically tried to force him to retire then. Went to Calgary where they promised him what he wanted but he never really got it. He got what we offered (and turned down), that of a “playing coach who’s main purposes were to back up starter and mentor the guys in the QB Pipeline.

  14. Edward Leslie // April 14, 2018 at 8:38 pm //

    Those “Option” Quarterbacks who run as much, or more, than they throw are difficult to get a read on.
    Guys like Eric Crouch and Jordan Lynch had huge success in NCAA, but didn’t get any interest in the NFL and didn’t work out in the CFL at all.
    Timmy Chang had staggering passing numbers at Hawaii. I believe he’s still the all time leading passer in NCAA history, or very close. I don’t know why he bombed in the CFL.
    As for making quick judgments on a quarterback, because their mechanics make it obvious right away that they don’t have it, I’m unconvinced its that easy.
    People who watched Anthony Calvillo in Las Vegas and Hamilton will say “How did that bum even get signed in the first place?!” But after apprenticing under Tracy Ham in Montreal, and learning the hard way (by playing in LV and the Hammer), Anthony became quite possibly the best quarterback in CFL history.

    • They do not all work out. As I said, different games. In one country he’s looking at 11 guys. In our’s’ he’s looking at 12. HOWEVER…When it comes to QB recruiting, I trust Wally (who is going to argue with his track record for finding QB’s) and I trust Hervey. And I trust Wally’s methods of developing QBs.

    • Can’t say I can comment on Calvillo in Las Vegas but while he was in Hamilton, I was looking forward to him developing and playing as the starting QB.

      If I thought I was being a homer – the BC fans sitting behind me at BC Place when I was in town for a Lions – Cats game were commenting that they wanted BC to trade for Calvillo.

      So I as well as others did not wonder why Calvillo was on Hamilton’s roster. I did wonder why Hamilton kept Ledbetter instead of grooming Calvillo. Either way, I recall a bad O line as the bigger issue.

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