Kaepernick’s NFL workout cancelled after he declines to stop kneeling: report

Colin Kaepernick’s bid to get back to the NFL has taken another hit according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Kaepernick was added to the Montreal Alouettes negotiation list in September and was previously on the Ticats list of 45 protected players.

The 30-year-old has played six seasons in the NFL but made headlines as the first player to kneel during the U.S. national anthem, a form of non-violent protest that has been adopted in various forms by athletes across North America, including the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Kaepernick has been a free agent since opting out of his contract with the 49ers in March 2017, leading to speculation that he has been blackballed by the league.

Kaepernick has thrown for 12,271 yards and 72 touchdowns with 30 interceptions and 2,300 rushing yards (6.1 yards per carry) and 13 touchdowns since San Francisco selected him in the second-round of the 2011 NFL draft.


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  1. RANDY HOOK // April 12, 2018 at 1:55 pm //

    I must tell you I have a great deal of admiration for this young man. To stick to his guns is the way he is done and cost himself all the money he is Colin K’s resolve tells me that he’s a better man than 90% of the men out there including myself. But I think it is disgusting that the owners are kowtowing to the Donald Trump more on that he is! If call in case you ever decide to come to Canada I hope the people of this country will accept him with open arms whether he stands for our national anthem were not!

    • Dundas dude // April 12, 2018 at 2:07 pm //

      I hope they wouldn’t let this hypocrite across the border , who happily accepts the fruits of America (a big paycheque) but disses the country (by kneeling during the anthem).

      • Drew’s Dirty Beard // April 12, 2018 at 7:11 pm //

        “Dude”, you’re an embarrassment to our town.
        For the good of the Valley, please STFU.

    • Tiger man // April 12, 2018 at 2:50 pm //

      He’s already made millions.

      His protest would be genuine if he didn’t have all that money in the bank.

    • I have to total opposite view, the guy is a scumbag loser.

    • President Trump is a very good president. He has nominated Christian Constitutional Conservatives to SCOTUS and lower courts, is moving embassy to Jerusalem, has supported religious liberty , wish Canada had it so good, a lesbian premier of Ontario, Pierre freakin jr as PM, says pro life people not welcome at the table.

      God Bless President Trump

      • For your info, the lesbian Ontario’s Premier is Kath -leen Wynne, while our Prime Minister (or perhaps “Sinister”!) is Justin Trudeau, son of our former Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau. I am a proud right-wing Conservative here who still argues about Pres. Trump credentials. He is still better that Killery/Hitlery Clinton and is PRO-Israel. Touche!!

      • I’m pretty sure God wants absolutely nothing to do with Trump.

      • You’re not too bright, are you.

      • Bleeding Green // April 12, 2018 at 9:29 pm //

        What an ignorant comment. You literally sound like Trump… & just so you’re aware, that is not a compliment.

    • I am siding on CK’s side. He started protesting back in 2016 because he objected FIRST and FOREMOST against police bruta- lity vs. black-skinned people in various US states. It is NOT the same as REJECTING the flag. I don’t see any national flag as an “idol”. Comments welcome!

      • You’re wasting your time trying to reason with dim-wits.

        • Haha it does seem to be a lost cause at this point. Saw a great article about Robert Kraft going and visiting Meek Mill in jail and how he really made a statement about how Meek got a raw deal about where he is. Yes OK maybe he did. The justice system is flawed, and Meek sits in jail for it. (although he DID break the law and that has consequences) CK believed the justice system is flowed too and took a risk and it likely cost him his career. He had a RIGHT to do what he did, and he is paying for it. If Robert Kraft REALLY wanted to make a statement, he’d sign Kaep as a backup to Brady in New England. Goes to show that a rich powerful white owner is allowed to make a statement about social issues in America, but a black player isn’t. Hmmmm…

        • Lavinia Vanlandingham // April 12, 2018 at 8:50 pm //

          especially Greg

    • randy the nfl is siding with the paying customers who booed the kneelers and stopped watching which resulted in the most exciting super bowl in years having the lowest ratings in years. Conflicting rights. Owners have a right to fire employees hurting sales. All colin has to do is wait till after the games AND attend a candlelight vigil at the Police HQ with Pope Francis

    • well i do not admire him at all; i showed up for my job every day for almost 35 years; any social justice protesting i did on my own time, not company time. he’s a loser

  2. Has Kaepernik not made his point ? he is not sticking to his principles now. Play ball and respect the rest of the team and league and yes the national anthem . He can continue to make whatever point he wants through so many other ways and be successful at it because he is a celebrity. Get with the program or get another job, Colin

  3. Paul Garner // April 12, 2018 at 2:10 pm //

    Hey Randy. I agree with you. I love this guy. They can’t break him. I know not everyone agrees with his protest but you have to give him credit for his convictions.

  4. Weird…? I saw a report that he’d said he’d stand for the anthem if signed for next year. …And everything on the internet is true so I’m confused.

  5. Doug Mc Clintock // April 12, 2018 at 2:21 pm //

    A lot of mixed feelings out there but I would not like to see him knee on a CFL game if our anthem was being played ! To those who served and died during wartime, we honor these people that gave us our freedom we have today ! Stand and recognize this ! learn from the past and go forward.

  6. Doug I’d tend of agree, but that’s the problem with this whole situation. He is protesting police brutality in the United States. His protest has nothing to do with the brave men and women that are serving and have dies serving their country. People took offence when he knelt for the anthem because it was disrespectful to those men and women. Fair enough! I think CK’s protest is just, but he should have gone about it in a different way. There is too many people that don’t want to listen to what his protest is actually about, and just see him kneeling during the anthem and see red.

    • For your info, the lesbian Ontario’s Premier is Kath -leen Wynne, while our Prime Minister (or perhaps “Sinister”!) is Justin Trudeau, son of our former Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau. I am a proud right-wing Conservative here who still argues about Pres. Trump credentials. He is still better that Killery/Hitlery Clinton and is PRO-Israel. Touche!!

  7. Chris AB // April 12, 2018 at 2:38 pm //

    protesting the ‘racist’ society and system…..that’s allowed him to be an adored superstar with tens of millions in the bank and on the cover of major magazines….this douche-bag hasn’t got the slightest clue of what discrimination and oppression really means….he’s a spoiled rich kid….try living black, in the deep south, in 1940, and then maybe your authority on the subject of oppression will be credible

    • Good point. If a few professional athletes are doing well, it is impossible to imagine that there is any discrimination in the country. Thanks for explaining that for us.

  8. Randy, agree with you 100%. Whatever one’s own beliefs, I respect his courage to stand up to the opposition he has faced.

  9. The onus is on Seattle here to accept peaceful and dignified protest from one or all of its players. This is not an insult to the flag or anything like that, but against continuing racism.

  10. I don’t care what he thinks. I watch sports to get away for the shit for a couple hrs. And now we have politics ruining the games.

  11. If Kaepeenick wants to screw over his career permanently that’s his choice. Players won’t be kneeling in the NFL next season I believe. Time for him to say point made & move on.

  12. The kneeling is just symbolism and doesn’t do anything practical but CK has done other things to benefit others less fortunate.
    So strategically to get his issues and causes addressed, he needs to be in the NFL. Therefore he should change his symbolic kneeling, standup and then do something else to express himself during or after or even before the game.

    • greenenvy? // April 12, 2018 at 4:03 pm //

      You could say the flag is “symbolic”, Dano. The “American Eagle” is symbolic, Dano. I’ve seen fights break out over a player stepping on the team symbol in a hockey dressing room. Fights break out over players stepping over midfield during warm up. Our society is full of iconic symbols & take them seriously. Why the years long lawsuits over the Apple symbol between the Beatles & Apple? Not important? This “symbolic” kneeling is very powerful. Kaepernick understands something I think you’re missing. He’s already missed a year & given up millions of dollars. He’s still standing up to white owners in the NFL & it is making a difference or they wouldn’t put a condition on his return – not kneeling. Why? Because it’s NOT working? Why are the Saskatchewan Roughriders supporting him? He doesn’t have to be in the NFL to make his point. In fact, the longer he’s out, the more he becomes a symbol.

  13. greenenvy? // April 12, 2018 at 3:48 pm //

    People don’t get it. It started because of young blacks being gunned down & are still being gunned down. Obviously the extra money doesn’t matter that much to Kaepernick but to dismiss him by saying the protest is irrelevant because he’s made lots of money is ludicrous. How much money is he giving up? This is not about disrespecting the flag or those who fought in the war. Blacks fought in all the wars too & when they came back nothing changed. This is about disrespecting the black population in the US, of being shot & no one being brought to justice. And if you are a well known personality in the US, how better to protest than to use your fame as a podium? For some well known white politicians & billionaire owners among others to make this about the flag & disloyalty to veterans & the country shows just how out of touch they are. And THAT’s why this will continue to happen. With the death of Martin Luther King 50 years ago, a large number of programs have been on American television on black history which gives you an idea of how recent it has been for blacks to get rights & how far there still is to go. If you really don’t understand what this is about, do yourself a favour & educate yourself. You don’t have to go back to the ’40’s. You think being shot without provocation is a step up from being lynched? Almost any black player can educate you. They didn’t all come from Ivy League colleges & most certainly didn’t live in homes that could afford sending them there.

  14. Crooked Hillary // April 12, 2018 at 4:00 pm //

    Donald Trump didn’t dodge the draft so that some half-african could kneel during the national anthem.

  15. “And everything on the internet is true…”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Best line of the day !!!!!

  16. I don’t blame the teams for passing. He is a distraction. Sign this guy and all of a sudden the focus is not on football.

  17. I think there are other ways for silent protest other than kneeling during an anthem. Perhaps if the players offering support gathered at center field and took a knee in prayer after – it may not be received as direspectful while others stand to support their Country and flag during fly bys etc.

  18. My understanding is that initially he sat on the bench during the national anthem and a friend who was a veteran advised him that was disrespectful and suggested the kneeling instead.
    It is people like Trump who have tried and largely succeeded in turning the conversation from bringing attention to the conditions blacks and other minorities face in the united states to disrespecting the flag because then they don’t have to fix the real problem.

  19. bassoline // April 12, 2018 at 8:25 pm //

    If Russell Wilson or Cam Newton would have been the first ones to protest, they would obviously still have jobs. He is not that good of a quarterback, so he decided he wanted to be a martyr.

  20. No place is PERFECT whether it be north of the lower 48 or in the lower 48. I have NO PROBLEM with Kap or anybody else KNEELING in PRAYER during a anthem. To kneel in protest of the country one is living in, paying taxes and enjoying the privilege being there where thru out the world we in North America enjoy the best living standards of the industrial world that seems wrong to me.

  21. Conflicting rights. Colin has a right to protest. Owners have a right to fire employees hurting sales. Attendance has dropped and the most exciting Superbowl in years had the lowest tv ratings in years.

    All colin has to do is wait till after the games AND attend a candlelight vigil at the Police HQ with Pope Francis and Beyonce.

  22. Please Trudeau – don’t let this guy play our game

    Trudeau because Kaperdinks ideals – you will legislate changes in our 3 down game to serve his views

    • Stage – Trudeau will probably offer him and apology and a few million bucks for the way he’s been treated in the NFL

  23. Rickybobby // April 13, 2018 at 11:51 am //

    Lmao yup so true. African Americans are killing each other by the thousands every year that’s what the NFL players should be protesting. Trump’s a pedophile rapest and is president of the United States and kap sucks what is this world Comming too. We should all get down on our knees and pray

  24. Pennyrocker // April 13, 2018 at 12:14 pm //

    What happens in the States should stay in the States. Disrespect to our flag for something our country has nothing to do with is wrong. Plan and simple. It is not showing support for our own country.

  25. Dundas dude // April 13, 2018 at 2:05 pm //

    Go Cats, we want the Cup in 2018!

  26. Kap has a lawsuit pending. No one is hiring him until that dust settles.

  27. The Lions tried-out a QB a couple of years ago who could throw the football 60 yards downfield while his knees (although his accuracy was found wanting). Kaperdink should perhaps practice that and maybe he could get a job?

  28. Perfect for Calgary

  29. In the fall Kaepernick said he would stand for the anthem if he played in the NFL again. Now he says he might kneel. Goes to show that he can’t be trusted and that his word is meaningless. No wonder no one wants to give him an opportunity – he’s just not a reliable, and believable person.

    Who would want to deal with that?

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