Nova Scotia unlikely to use new federal infrastructure money on stadium: premier

Nova Scotia will get $828 million in federal infrastructure funding over the next 10 years but the premier says it’s unlikely the money will be used towards a new stadium to house a CFL franchise.

The provincial and federal governments announced an agreement on Tuesday that makes Nova Scotia the seventh province or territory to sign on to the $180-billion, 12-year Investing in Canada Plan. Much of the money goes to small, cash-strapped communities.

Premier Stephen McNeil said the money would assist with water and sewer projects and other provincial priorities including the twinning of 100-series highways, the expansion of broadband internet in rural areas, and construction of a new art gallery in Halifax.

Reporters asked McNeil whether this was an opportunity to help fund a Halifax stadium that might attract a potential CFL franchise. McNeil downplayed the possibility but said the province would look at all projects brought forward under the program.

“While this is a substantial amount of money, the need is great in our province,” he said. “We need to make sure we address the issues that we have no choice but to do. Municipalities are mandated by law to deal with the water and sewer issues and we have to make sure those are our priority.”

McNeil said the long-term nature of the funding would help with planning for projects that will benefit the entire province. He said there would also be the opportunity to draw in private sector help.

The money would also allow the province to help fund infrastructure projects in its 13 Mi’kmaq communities as well as provide some relief for struggling towns and villages.

Under the plan’s first phase, the federal government has approved nearly 3,500 projects across Canada worth $8.4 billion.

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  1. Wood horse // April 10, 2018 at 2:24 pm //

    There are many things to consider when spending public money on private enterprises. Clearly the Nova Scotia government take the same pragmatic approach to these decisions as Alberta. Such endeavors will only occur after much thought and finding common benefits to all parties. As opposed to “Of course we’ll build it, it’s the riders for God’s sake”!!! approach.

    • A small province like Nova Scotia with a small budget shouldn’t be funding CFL stadiums that are only used 9 times a year. They need better highways, bridges, sewers, water treatment, Halifax still dumps it’s untreated sewage directly into the harbour.
      The only thing I disagree with is the statement about funding an “art gallery”

      • The usual moronic comment about a stadium being used nine times a year. Please tell me which other major stadium in this country is only used nine times a year. God it’s exasperating constantly reading that same ridiculous comment.

        • Wood horse // April 10, 2018 at 9:07 pm //

          BC place, Roger’s centre, BMO Field, Common wealth

          • Are you only counting events with your fingers?

            All of those examples you list are used *far more* than 9 or 10 times a year. Other CFL stadia are too, though not to the same extent as the likes of Rogers or BC Place, or even BMO.

          • Jays down to nine home games a year from 81. Get off the crack!

          • What else would the use a 24k stadium for in Halifax?? only 9 CFL games a year.
            Halifax concerts are held at the Metro Centre and soccer games will be held at the new 10k soccer stadium.
            What else could they use a CFL size stadium for in Halifax???

          • You can’t be serious!!!! The metro centre for concerts??? Really? With a seating capacity of about 11k, what kind of acts could you draw? A high school band? Most CFL facilities barely hold enough to accommodate major acts. Look up attendance figures for top flight entertainers…promoters can’t even begin to bring these acts into some backwater facility. I am sure you have heard of the Saddledome in Calgary…maybe even the Sasktel centre in Saskatoon. These facilities are not very old, but both cities are considering new facilities because the ceilings are too low to even accommodate the equipment that some entertainers bring. The Halifax Scotia centre (which I think is the current name) couldn’t even accommodate the multiple semi-trailer loads of equipment. That you would even consider that place as a legitimate concert centre is beyond belief…unless, of course, you live in a town of 3000 people, and are enamored with anything that is bigger than your local curling rink!
            Sheesh, even tractor pull events draw more than 11k fans. Even Bryan Adams, past his best before date, drew 21000 in the smallest CFL city. Other acts there, in a city of about 250k have drawn as much as 90K…wake up, and smell the coffee.

          • Re Jeff on the use of a stadium.

            Pro football, university football, local minor football, community soccer, rugby, lacrosse, winter community usage with a bubble, offices and community meeting and /or fitness rooms. Not everything needs to happen on the field itself.

          • canadianfootballfan // April 13, 2018 at 6:11 am //

            Even the Big O gets used way more than 9-10 times per year, and it’s not even an official CFL stadium anymore.

        • Nova scotians always think they are the most important beings in the universe

      • Actually, Halifax has had sewage treatment facilites operating since since 2010.
        Otherwise I concur.

    • What an asinine comment from an Albertan. You clearly have no idea how public money works in Alberta eh? Let us put east talk with the big boys. Back to your little oil dump now son.

    • Can you not physically restrain yourself from turning EVERY article into you personal smear campaign ?

  2. Doug Mc ClintockMM // April 10, 2018 at 2:25 pm //

    If you are a long term CFL fan, you would like some of this money for a new Halifax Stadium but I don’t think it would be on top of the list or be funded by government grants. How was the Saskatchewan stadium built ? Where did these funds come from ? They do have a terrific fan base !

    • Cal Gary Shampeders // April 10, 2018 at 8:16 pm //

      A football stadium is NOT vital infrastructure and never will be. If you’re a multimillionaire who wants to own a franchise in a successful league, build your own stadium with your own financing. Sports should never, ever be the priority when it comes to spending taxpayer’s money.

  3. Scottsask // April 10, 2018 at 2:26 pm //

    And it’s worked out great!

  4. Please do not waste any more taxpayer dollars on another ridiculous white elephant boat anchor like Regina and Winnipeg did.

    There’s ZERO hope of either team ever paying off the hundreds of MILLIONS in government handouts.

    No team in the CFL could even service that kind of debt – – let alone ever pay down any of the principal.

    • No Federal money used on Mosaic 51

    • And yet we have all these new stadiums in Canada, how did that happen?

      • Killa, first of all, user fees per ticket will help,
        But, guess what, modern cities in the civilized world have a multiplicity of services that will never pay for themselves, like museums, parks, art galleries, theatres for the performing arts, libraries, bike paths/trails, walking trails, swimming pools, and essential services like fire halls, police stations, schools, jails, to name just a few. And, yes, sports facilities, whether it is an arena, or stadium, or ski hill, or auto racing facility, perhaps a velodrome…the list is endless. It IS what a civilized society does to enhance the lives of everyone. Please take off the blinders. It is people like you who share a myopic view of everything that live miserable, unfulfilled lives, all in the name of saving a buck. And then their offspring blows their inheritance frivolously….often, as a kind of push-back. That doesn’t mean that gov’t. should waste money by paying terrorists tens of millions of dollars, but there must be balance…a football stadium fits into that “balance” as much as any of the other above-mentioned venues.

        • I think you have your sarcasm detector unit turned off. Read my posts, I am pro stadium and very much against those who are trolling this topic without valid evidence against the idea.

          • Sorry, Killa, I was trying to watch hockey at the same time, and I thought I was replying to a continuing thread from Arra 51. I liked your retort ! So, could I be accused of distracted driveling? mea culpa !

  5. Puck hog // April 10, 2018 at 2:51 pm //

    MacNeil says about the money, “the need is great”. Then he goes on to suggest that the money may be funding an art gallery?

    • Yes that was the stupidest thing I heard.
      Roads, bridges, sewage treatment etc yes but an art gallery?

  6. That’s Liberal philosophy Puck Hog – it will never change , CBC is the biggest sucker fish of them all

  7. A stadium in Halifax funded privately? Never going to happen. There will be no CFL team in the Maritimes.

    • I agree, this ownership group thought they could just come in and say they are going to run a CFL team but by the way taxpayers have to build a stadium for us.
      It’s like a company coming in and saying we want to start up a business in your city but please build us a factory and supply the machinery and we will run it…….

      • Proof? You know nothing about what they had/have in mind, like everybody else except the prospective ownership group themselves.

        • Oh yes I do! I know that they have zero dollars for a stadium and without a stadium there is no CFL team.
          No group of investors is going to come up with $200 Million to fund a 24k stadium.
          If they had money for a stadium they would have announced it.

          Besides knowing Halifax, it would be an embarrassment playing in front of 13k.
          These investors

          • You “know” ZERO about the funding model! And it won’t be a Halifax only team, do some research!

  8. Wood horse // April 10, 2018 at 4:08 pm //

    To the art gallery critics. Art provides avenues for education creativity and expression. I would argue they contribute more to society and a better society than do stadiums for a pro sports team.
    Remember I say this as a sports fan and as conservative of an Albertan than there is. I just have a open mind and realize there is more to life than sports.

    • Keep sending your kids to art school and see how that works out. LOL. Alberta fools…..

      • Wood horse // April 10, 2018 at 9:14 pm //

        Education doesn’t have to be an avenue to a particular career moron. What a simpleton. You gotta realize there is a big, rich fulfilling world out there past watching sports, sucking cheeto dusk off your fingers and laying in your laz-ee-boy.

  9. White Horse // April 10, 2018 at 4:24 pm //

    Alberta has same issue with McMahon Stadium. U of C which owns McMahon (Alta Govt) will never be upgraded or replaced with tax dollars. Private funds are the only answer. If Calg gets 2026 Olympics then we have a open book for all levels of govt funding.

  10. Doug Mc Clintock // April 10, 2018 at 4:30 pm //

    Wood horse, I agree with your thoughts, there is more to life than sports but……. Years ago when things were more reasonable, arenas and the like where funded by the public at large and taken over by the city or a business !
    Doesn’t Nova Scotia have a strong college football team and stadium. Couldn’t this be enlarge to accommodate a CFL team ? Halifax Schooners sounds so good !

  11. East Coast schools are ten times better than West schools and universities. This is common knowledge.

    • Bahahahahahaha you don’t know what you’re talking about. I live in New Brunswick but I was educated in western Canada. Eveything here is crumbling, education, infrastructure, you name it. An aging population and declining tax base make for a bleak future in Atlantic Canada. The only reason anyone from outside of the Maritimes would ever come here for an education is they can’t afford or can’t get accepted by a better school.

  12. Billinburlington // April 10, 2018 at 5:20 pm //

    Any chance that Art Gallery could be attached to a stadium and call it The Halifax Arts and Sports Centre… killing two birds with one stone? Get an eastern sponsor to name it! The Bell Aliant centre for Arts and Sports. Get creative… and anything can happen. Would be a perfect venue for a roving Canadian Football Hall Of Fame display.

    • The region just spent MILLIONS on a new state of the art world class Convention Centre, it opened in October to rave reviews. An Art Gallery could go in there.

  13. LOL Money for art gallery instead of for a stadium.But like Billinburlington’s idea

  14. Well, I started reading…and smiled…I read more…and laughed…I read still more…and began holding my belly in uncontrollable laughter.
    Yes, infrastructure, education, etc. are priorities. Furthermore, I would agree that art galleries serve a purpose. But HOW MANY PEOPLE (what percent of the population)are served by an art gallery? And do you know of ANY art galleries that are not white elephants?
    How many of you have been in an art gallery, and if so, how many times in, say, the last 20 years? I thought so! Over several decades, I have been in some of the most prestigious art galleries and museums in the world: London, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Vienna, Madrid, Lisbon, Barcelona, etc. And, I enjoyed every one of them, but I don’t need much more than the fingers on both hands to count these events.
    Also, consider that a football stadium is not used just 9 times a year. It can be used for various levels of football. It can draw major entertainers for concerts, or athletics, and conventions. Those events invigorate the local economy. Besides, the story talked about REPLACING the old art gallery, which means they already have one. How would a new one bring any of the above-mentioned benefits? Furthermore, like any big city, gangs and crime are rampant in Halifax (perhaps worse). Most CFL teams help the schools to build football programs, in which more kids would enroll if they had a pro team. Often pro players go to schools to speak to kids about life choices. Isn’t it better to get kids into sports instead of gangs?
    How many kids are going to say: “oh, look, a new art gallery! I want to be an artist.”
    Speaking of white elephants, the CBC WASTES more money EVERY YEAR than would be needed to build a football stadium.

    • Wood horse // April 10, 2018 at 9:25 pm //

      Art galleries are white elephants? Have you been to Europe? NYC?
      Calling them white elephants almost makes the argument for them. Art galleries do not generate the money pro sports teams do, yet have much more cultural value, therefore Governments should fund them.

      • Wood Horse, I guess you can’t read…if you could, you wouldn’t ask if I had been to Europe.

    • Wood horse // April 10, 2018 at 9:37 pm //

      While you may only go to an Art Gallery once, MOMA has more visitors per year than Metlife Stadium (Jet/Giants combined), Yankee Stadium, CitiBank Field, MSG (Rangers and Knicks) and Barclay Place (Islanders and Nets combined).
      School groups would visit a Halifax Gallery everyday

      • Do you make this stuff up as you go along? If you are going to be a pathetic troll it might be a good idea to get an occasional fact even in the vicinity of being correct.

        MOMA 2.5 million annual attendance
        Yankees 3.15 million annual attendance

    • No a football stadium is primarily used for CFL games 9 or 10 times a year. Forget concerts, especially in a place like Halifax. The entertainers that are booked in Halifax would play at the 10k seat Metro Centre, not in a large football stadium. Besides, stadiums can only be used in the summer.
      Soccer will be played at the new soccer stadium being built on the Common. Large gatherings can also be held at the new Convention Centre.

      A CFL sized stadium is not needed in Halifax, it would be a waste of money.

      Yes the CBC wastes public money but that’s a separate issue, just because you waste money there doesn’t mean you waste more money.
      If it’s such a great idea to build a stadium then maybe these investors should spend their own money.

  15. some of the money may not go directly towards the stadium build per se but it could go to roads connecting to it, water and sewage for it, new hydro infrastructure etc so we’ll see

    • But money could be better spent widening roads, building bridges and water and sewage.
      A 24k stadium in Halifax would be a huge White Elephant.

  16. Address the issues we have no choice to….

    An Art gallery? This is a town that has two empty convention centers and the most expensive library ever built in Canada.

    • Wood horse // April 10, 2018 at 9:28 pm //

      In a place like Halifax where cruise ship tourism is big, an Art gallery will bring in more people on a day to day basis than will a modest stadium.

      • And the new Convention Centre is bringing in more tourists than they ever dreamed about.
        Have you seen the schedule for the convention centre? it’s booked by groups form all over North America for major conventions.
        An Art Gallery may bring in people that are here on conventions or cruise ships but it could be privately funded too

        • The cruise ship passengers visiting an art gallery is really funny. I cruise EVERY YEAR and visiting an art gallery is not a priority for passengers….unless, of course, the port of call is such a backwater location that the ONLY attraction they have is an art gallery.

  17. If there is a WILL there is a WAY. Hopefully it will not take 7 or so years like it did in Ottawa to get it right and get it done in Halifax. Ottawa simply is the JEWEL of the league with a great refurbished stadium that sells out virtually every game and revitalized a part of the city going down hill fast with vibrant new living areas, retail, restaurants etc. that increased the tax base, created 100s of jobs, invigorated the city. Hope Halifax and the province gets it together for the benefit of it citizens.

    • Actually, it does take about eight years for the average stadium in Canada to be built (from conception to final completion) Mosaic in Regina was slightly quicker (seven and a bit)

    • But Jim, it’s not going to be built at all.
      Where did you see that they are thinking of funding a stadium?
      Halifax does NOT have an area similar to what happened in Ottawa and Lansdowne was funded by a private/public partnership with the city guaranteed to get their money back and be able to collect property taxes from the stadium area. No provincial or federal taxpayers money

      If there was an area like that in Halifax then these investors would have put a proposal to the city. But there isn’t and they won’t.

      Reality is that the CFL will be around with the 8 teams for many years to come.

      • SO Jeff, which of the 9 are folding???

      • Are you one of those useless TFC trolls because your posts are that simple and uninformed, 8 teams, seriously? Buy a clue before you post.

  18. Scottsask // April 11, 2018 at 9:54 am //

    Here, here.

  19. Jeff:you can’t be serious!!!! The metro centre for concerts??? Really? With a seating capacity of about 11k, what kind of acts could you draw? A high school band? Most CFL facilities barely hold enough to accommodate major acts. Look up attendance figures for top flight entertainers…promoters can’t even begin to bring these acts into some backwater facility. I am sure you have heard of the Saddledome in Calgary…maybe even the Sasktel centre in Saskatoon. These facilities are not very old, but both cities are considering new facilities because the ceilings are too low to even accommodate the equipment that some entertainers bring. The Halifax Scotia centre (which I think is the current name) couldn’t even accommodate the multiple semi-trailer loads of equipment. That you would even consider that place as a legitimate concert centre is beyond belief…unless, of course, you live in a town of 3000 people, and are enamored with anything that is bigger than your local curling rink!
    Sheesh, even tractor pull events draw more than 11k fans. Even Bryan Adams, past his best before date, drew 21000 in the smallest CFL city. Other acts there, in a city of about 250k have drawn as much as 90K…wake up, and smell the coffee.

  20. Somebody asked about the financing of Mosaic stadium in Regina. This is a state-of-the-art facility. The feds paid squat. The team chipped in, but, local taxpayers, sort of, paid for it. The province and city footed the bill, but there is a per ticket surcharge for all for-profit events, and that is repaying the local tax payers. Local school teams use the venue, ditto for major concerts…the local economy continues to reap huge benefits. And Halifax has twice the population of Regina, and serves a much larger area population base.

  21. The east coast is part of the “can’t do” part of the world, so you have to use different approaches. Who built the Confederation Bridge from PEI to New Brunswick? A Calgary company. There are historical reasons why these people think the sky is always falling, and everything they try will fail, but the bottom line here is that you need a different approach to getting things done. They aren’t prepared to pay on the front end, but if someone else is prepared to shoulder the up front risk they will pay on the back end for the use and benefits derived from the project. So a stadium development in Halifax could include condo and or rental towers and some commercial space to help the owners recoup some of their expenses, and long term tax breaks, and perhaps a formula could be worked out whereby a percentage of the economic boost Halifax would get from having a team there would be rebated to the developers for x years. So in other words, Halifax would be paying back after they reap the benefits of having a team there. This is essentially how they got the Confederation Bridge done.

  22. RFD, when the Mosaic Regina facility was hotly debated, I opined repeatedly (I don’t live in, or near, Regina) in retort to myopic naysayers: build a huge domed complex, replete with box seats, condos, a hotel with convention rooms, retail space, restaurants, theatres, include smaller sports facilities like tennis, gyms, include the casino that is in a woeful facility. In short, make it a tax-flow positive, year-round, go-to facility. Of course, it would have cost multiples of the $285 million construction cost, and the city fathers, who typically lack vision, made very little effort to attract a developer who would foot the bill and reap future revenues. Private enterprise always attracts visionaries , whereas elected officials are more concerned with getting re-elected than benefiting their constituents. Halifax has an opportunity that Regina missed, not withstanding the outstanding edifice that they built. (on time, and on budget, too!)

  23. This pipe dream has been going on for over 30 years. And it will be another 30 unless the Irvings, McCains and the Sobeys come to the party. The Ottawa model would be the only way Halifax could succeed. I’m surprised this trio of billionaires hand not taken notice.

    • They have stated many times Ottawa is their model, John Ruddy has been advising them.

    • halifaxjoe // April 14, 2018 at 7:18 am //

      Irving doesn’t invest in any sports team.
      McCains is a New Brunswick company NOT Nova Scotia.
      Sobeys is losing money.

  24. It never fails to amaze me when guys profess to be experts on any given topic; then they open their mouths, and the pretense vanishes. ie. Jeff…who said that the 8 CFL teams would continue as such for a very long time.
    Well, Jeff, unless you have been trapped in the space station for the past few years, or completely ignorant of anything that is CFL, you would know that they have 9 teams!

    • Have you forgotten that we had 8 teams not too long ago, pre-Redblacks.
      Have you paid attention to what is happening in Toronto? how much lower can their attendance go? MLSE won’t put up with losses for much longer.
      We are on our way back to an 8 team league and if we don’t fix the attendance problems in Vancouver and Montreal we could have fewer than 8 teams.

      • Apparently you forget there are nine teams, you must be too absorbed with the start of TFC. MLSE won’t put up with losses? They just bought them, they put up with some nice TFC losses when they got Bradley and Defoe. Anyway, nice try rationalizing your screwup, stick with posting about TFC if you’re not going to get the facts straight about real football.

      • Don’t try to disguise your ignorance with ancient history, and foolish premises.

  25. I love how Calgary always has to host the Olympics to get anything built .. just another scam to get federal dollars. Doesn’t really seem fair does it? Trains stadiums ski hills. At least in cities like Edmonton and more so Regina we have a “can do” attitude and we get stuff done. Mosaic is gorgeous and personally I’m proud of it. We didn’t sit around and him and haw and watch the price tag balloon. We got it done. And btw Halifax would not need to even spend what we did. I’m sure labor is cheaper there. Build a simple facility like Ham or Ottawa to get the ball rolling. Just build it and it will get used!

    • Yes you are correct, and a 30k football stadium is not needed for the Winter Olympics, that would be a huge waste of taxpayers funds.
      Look at all of the Winter Olympic cities, most were smaller places in the mountains and for the opening and closing ceremonies they used temp stands.
      Calgary can use their existing facilities for the Winter Games and hold their ceremonies at the horse track and add some temp stands.

      But a 24k stadium in Halifax using infrastructure money??? seriously? Nova Scotia needs a twinning of the highway to the NFL ferry, bridges, a sewage treatment plant to stop sewage from going into Halifax harbour. $200 million for a useluess CFL stadium that would only be used 10 times a year?? Never!!

      • The last two sentences show how much of a useless, uninformed troll you really are. Would it hurt you to do some research instead of stealing other moron’s incorrect posts.

        Seriously how stupid does one have to be to continuously post about a Canadian stadium being used 9 times a year. That’s why I call you a troll, because there is no possible way anyone who can type actual words could be that stupid.

  26. Well BOO, fair and government are mutually exclusive. Government spends $$ where they can get votes. And the sole political old warhorse (fed)in Regina won’t even get re-elected because he has been kissing up to his handler, while ignoring the will of his constituents, so Regina won’t get federal money for anything. Nevertheless, read my post (above) on the possibilities available to private enterprise in Halifax.

  27. Tiger man // April 12, 2018 at 2:52 pm //

    The government has a mandate to be fiscally responsible to ALL taxpayers and not just those who purchase CFL tickets…

  28. Sure…that’s why a terrorist got $10.5 million for something that the US government did to him! Sounds fiscally responsible to me!!!!! That unsuspecting doctor that got blown up, should have drawn an immediate return fire.
    How many valuable programs could that money have supported?

    • You are right, but that has nothing to do with infrastructure money in Nova Scotia.
      Just because we wasted money on the terrorist doesn’t justify spending millions on a CFL stadium in Halifax

    • Tiger man // April 17, 2018 at 1:35 pm //

      And the story goes that if the government had not settled the costs to take this matter to court would have been considerably more than the settlement….that reads to me like fiscal responsibility…

  29. No fed monies -No Stadium..

  30. Is there enough support there or not? This is gonna look bad if it doesn’t come off given the raising of expectations and such.

    If not Halifax….will there never be 10 (Yes Jeff..9+1=10)? Or where to next….screw coast to coast…..go where there is support….

    • maritimejoe // April 14, 2018 at 6:38 am //

      There is just not enough support for a CFL team in Halifax. There is no ground swell down here for the CFL.
      At least the soccer team has support, the have been lobbying for a soccer stadium. A lot of people in the region support the soccer stadium and the chance to get a team in the new Canadian league.

      Can you imagine the government funding a 24k stadium when there are so much higher priorities and then finding out they could only sell a couple of thousand season tickets.
      I just read that the Argos have only sold around 4,000 season tickets, yet there are 8 million or so people that live within 100km of BMO. Toronto has had a long tradition of CFL football but now the support is gone.
      A Halifax CFL team will NEVER happen and we don’t want one – go away!
      Fix the failing attendance in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, why add another franchise that would have failing attendance.

      • Can’t all ten of you kickball fans meet at the park? That way you’ll be close to the location of the post game LARPing? Don’t forget to hit the art gallery on your way out.
        Fair point in fixing attendance.

        • The soccer trolls love this site. I always get a kick the length they will go to to convince us they are CFL fans. It’s so obvious they give themselves away and they can’t realize how.

          If soccer had any popularity at all beyond how many they get to the stadium they wouldn’t have a need to troll as much as they do, and yet they still do, it’s beyond pathetic.

      • Maritmejoe or is it tfcjeff or sjim

    • Yes, they’ve done studies that show there would be plenty of support. And beyond that there are 4 university teams within a 2 hour drive, so there is lots of amateur football in the area as well.

  31. The federal and provincial governments funded nearly 100% of the costs to build BMO in Toronto and THF for the Ticats. Governments sunk $1 billion into BC Place, funded the Esks Commonwealth Stadium, funded the upgrades to McGill for the Als and largely funded Sask and Wpg’s new football stadiums. Governments sunk billions into Big O and Skydome and $200 million into Redblacks TD Place stadium…and so on.

    So why wouldn’t governement fund a Halifax stadium (it would be the only major stadium in the entire Atlantic region) to be used for international and community events, concerts, pro and college football, soccer, rugby, field hockey, etc? Are our four Atlantic provinces so different that governments should ignore them?

    • WRONG – BMO was almost entirely funded by MLSE and the city contributed only arounnd 10%
      Do some research. The last major expansion by MLSE was funded by them. The city contributed $10 Million.
      No federal or provincial funds.
      The city still owns BMO and they run and maintain it.
      In Ottawa it was OSEG and the city that built TD Place, NO provincial or federal funds.
      That’s the example they should use NO Federal or Provincial taxpayers.

      • Apparently you haven’t been trolling for TFC very long.

        In a partnership between MLSE and the CSA. With a total cost of $62.9 million (all figures are in Canadian dollars) to build the stadium ($72.8 million including the land), financial contributions came from multiple sources. The Canadian Federal Government contributed $27 million, the Government of Ontario added an additional $8 million, and the City of Toronto paid $9.8 million and contributed the land for the project (valued at $10 million), while retaining ownership of the stadium. MLSE contributed $8 million towards construction costs.

    • Hamilton got funding from the prov/fed, because of the Pan Am games and the requirement for a 15k stadium.
      The remaining funding for a CFL stadium came from the city and the Ticats.
      No government funding for TD Place!! it was OSEG’s money.

      You are right the Governments did sink billions into the Big O and Skydome and BC Place – that is a reason why they should NOT fund a stadium in Halifax, all huge mistakes.

  32. CFL needs to do something to raise the prestige factor of owning a top flight pro football franchise. There are only so many of them in the world? There are many factors at work, some of which can’t be changed….geography/population…..but certainly the level of officiating and play could be improved. Media and stadiums should be evolving with the audience?

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