Video: Every snap Johnny Manziel took in Spring League

Johnny Manziel played his first football game in 832 days on Saturday and while the numbers are pedestrian – 8 of 16 passes for 79 yards and a touchdown in windy, unseasonably cold conditions over roughly two quarters – he did show some potential as a dual-threat quarterback.

Of course, he was also sacked four times and fumbled once, failing to lead his team in the final two minutes to a touchdown that would have won the game. Still, it’s not hard to see how his athletic ability would translate to the wider CFL field.

Manziel’s South squad will play their second game at 6:30 p.m. EST on Thursday. The game is supposed to be streamed on the new Bleacher Report Live but that service is not available in Canada (unless you have a VPN of course.) The stream was out for much Manziel’s first game so hopefully BR Live – and Manziel – will show some improvement on Thursday.


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  1. PickSixShouldBeGlue // April 9, 2018 at 9:34 pm //

    Look out Tom Brady!

  2. richinbanff (Rich Wilson) // April 9, 2018 at 9:45 pm //

    Thank you. I tried to stream this.

    I see a guy who struggles to see the field the way a QB should. The first series was full of poor line play, but Manzeil needs to see that coming. On the sequence leading to the TD, he runs when he should set his feet, showing he does not anticipate the receiver becoming open. To his credit, both the throw to the 2 and the TD were on the money. He does show some rhythm passing ability in the third, but in the bit at the end, he is way too panicky, and he has poor form, especially missing the easy drag route. I think he may be capable, but he looks like a project.

    • What did you expect from a guy that hasn’t played in two years and no training camp, no pre-season.
      Give him a few more games

    • “I see a guy who struggles to see the field the way a QB should” this means what exactly?

      he had protection issues throughout his time on the field and some of his decision making was amazing especially the TD pass and three others that showcased his vision.

      he will be a star CFL QB maturity issues not with standing

  3. How far have you fallen Manziel , this is football or a photo op ?

  4. are we watching the Cleveland

  5. Most high school QBs look better than he did. No touch on the ball. Should have had several interceptions on those ducks he was heaving downfield. Doesn’t read defenses or make quick decisions. Gets pressured and fumbles the ball. Awful football and an awful QB. Why has the media fallen in love with this guy. 3 Down Nation has sold their soul to him.

    I don’t get it.

    • Please, there was not a whole lot of protection and he took sacks that most qbs would have taken. He threw one really bad ball on a roll out down the field where he was forcing the ball and that one should have been picked. He took one sack where he had some time and that was on him. He overthrew one short pass he should have made. Overall he looked like a guy who hasn’t played football in while. He made some really good plays and has some poor ones. It wasn’t all bad. The TD throw was great. The play td he progressed through his reads, got out of the pocket and made the throw. He made a couple good throws over the middle. The run he made on 4th and 10 was what you expect out of a mobile qb.

    • At times he looked like a CIS QB – no clue but then you have to remember that he’s been out of football a long tie and this is like a pre-season game with no practice time.
      He has so much potential.

    • of course you dont get would you from your couch if you even own one

  6. Yawn…so how about those Leafs? Think they’ll get past Boston in the first round and exorcise the demons of 2013? Well at least that choker Reimer won’t be in net…

  7. CowtownDave // April 10, 2018 at 3:28 am //

    Look forward to tomorrow’s Manziel report.

  8. Paul Garner // April 10, 2018 at 7:14 am //

    I think he looked great. He was under a lot of pressure as I don’t thing the blocking was all that good but the pressure brought out his abilities and athleticism. He has quick release and great reads under pressure. I thought his accuracy was good. Set aside all the BS and the guy can play. If his head was on right he would be the starting QB for the Cleveland Browns but all the self inflicted damage gets him out of the league. The purpose of coming to Canada is to show his skill set but more importantly that he has grown as an adult and professional – which he wasn’t in the first ‘go-round’. I’d love to see him in Canada.

  9. You are right Paul. The other teams defence were blowing by his offensive live. In the backfield in 2 seconds and not one guy but several. He couldn’t even set. Even for Thursday’s game they will only have 3 days of practice. So more improvisation possibly more go to guys

  10. From Gil Brandt 29 years of player development with the Dallas Cowboys in his cloumn a few days ago

    Manziel has been out of the NFL for two years and out of school for four. Problems with substance abuse and maturity — as well as an allegation of domestic violence that eventually was conditionally dismissed — caused things to go sideways in Cleveland, which was not in the best shape, organizationally speaking, when he entered the league. The former Heisman Trophy winner still has excellent ability, based on what he showed working out at Texas A&M’s pro day — he’s the kind of guy who can make plays with his feet and his arm. Additionally, he has great on-field leadership potential. I don’t think he’s lost any of his throwing ability or playmaking savvy. If he can stay out of trouble and sign on somewhere — and I think someone will take a chance and bring him in — he can still be a factor.

  11. Teleology // April 10, 2018 at 9:22 am //

    So was it 8 of 16 for 79 yards or 9 of 15 for 83 yards? And was it 4 or 3 sacks? The numbers on 3rd Down Nation keep changing.

  12. The only thing stopping him from having a star CFL career is his want to factor about playing in Canada.

    He already has superior skills to Masoli and once he learns the game he will put Masoli back on the bench.

    This will be hard for some of you to understand but the wheels are already in motion as none of the CFL brass/Coaching staff has said a negative word during the process…they know who he is and how is skill set translates to CFL success.

    its gonna happen

  13. I don’t get what people see in this guy. I tell you what I see. I see a whole lot of running backwards and taking huge losses on sacks, a lot of throwing into double coverage, a lot of fumbling, and a lot of ducks. The guy made 2 good passes the entire game, wow sign him up!!!!

    • The first half seemed a lot better. When he wasn’t being pressured, he made some decent passes, read the blitz and was pretty efficient.
      Looks like he tried to force the ball and made some frankly bad throws, in the second half. Rust?
      I saw enough to wish the Alouettes could cut a deal with the Cats, and actually nab us a starting quarterback. But then Reed will probably trade him mid-season for some magic beans.

      • Nostredummass. You have a doctor Jeckle and Hyde personality. So here I agree with you re Manziel and yes he would be good for Montreal.

  14. Paul Bomber // April 10, 2018 at 10:26 am //

    Pre-season scouting of teams with players actually under contract to CFL teams? Man… that sounds like a lot of work. Let’s stick to speculating about this turd instead.

  15. Was that Jacob Ruby on the Oline? Looks like they borrowed the entire squad from the Alouettes. Woukd have been nice to see what Manziel could do with some protection.

  16. He looked like Cato did for 2 seasons: the defensive linemen were in his face before he could set and make a first read, then everyone would blame him for leaving the pocket too soon.
    Jacob Ruby was particularly culpable. His “performance” should have been investigated by the league, especially for that “this way to the quarterback” sign he had on his uniform.

  17. Strip away the lack of team success in front of him and the quality of the opposition and think CFL defensive players who know CFL offences and how to beat a decent O-line and you’ve got a dreamer at QB who has shown to date no understanding that you don’t just show up and plan to win the starter’s job.

    If he had half a brain he’d be working with Jeff Garcia and learning what it takes to be successful in the CFL and NFL.

  18. Caught a saints fan tweet Sunday Ap 8 saying the saints were flying John Manziel down to Nolo for a private workout. His twitter account has been dark since Sat. Mon Ap 9 and Tues Ap 10 the spring league has been tweeting regularly but none with John including QBs throwing. My best guess is Burkhardt has lined up multi city nfl private workouts but under a media blackouts. Would not be surprised if he is traveling as Billy Vegas.

  19. He looked very very rusty.

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