Redblacks sign former Lions kicker/punter Richie Leone

The Redblacks have signed kicker and punter Richie Leone to a one-year deal.

Leone, a two-time CFL all-star punter, led the three-down league in punting average in 2015 and 2016 (49.5 and 49.3). He saw time as a field goal kicker with B.C. too, hitting 65-of-90 three-pointers (72.2 per cent).

After the 2016 CFL season Leone inked a deal with the Arizona Cardinals, but he was waived among the final roster moves before the regular season on September 2 and he was a free agent until finding a job in Ottawa. The 26-year-old went unselected in the 2014 NFL draft out of the University of Houston, but he went to training camp with the Baltimore Ravens.

The Redblacks needed a kicker after Brett Maher signed with the Dallas Cowboys last week and Leone fills that void well.


17 Comments on Redblacks sign former Lions kicker/punter Richie Leone

  1. Can do all three. Very Good,

  2. Great move!!

  3. Sadfact // April 9, 2018 at 6:22 pm //

    Great punter
    Bad FG
    First year under 80
    Second year under 70 did not even make FG for the last couple of game ….lol…. Many Canadian better

    • “Many” Canadian better? where? who?
      No decent Canadians available, check out the draft, no Canadian kickers on it.

  4. MJ Bandit // April 9, 2018 at 6:28 pm //

    Yep – outstanding punting leg, but not a very good FG kicker – and that can cost you games; smart CFL teams will go with a seperate punter & place kicker. RedBlacks need to find a quality FG kicker – and that’s what TC competition is about; maybe one of those young Canadian kickers pans out.

    • They also signed Sergio Castillo, he was good in Hamilton last year but released with a non kicking leg injury.
      Canadian kickers? none available except Chris Milo but he is getting old. No kickers listed at all in the draft, which tells you that no Canadian kickers are goo enough.

      • Years ago all kickers/punters were Canadian. It was explained to me by a CIS coach why there are no decent Canadian kickers, in the past soccer players would switch to football to have a career.
        Now soccer players can have a career in soccer and no need to switch to football. Canadian high school soccer players are getting NCAA scholarships to play soccer, they aren’t going to the CIS to be football kickers.
        Less competition for kickers and far fewer kickers to choose from.
        A Canadian kicker in the CFL is now a rarity, it’s like a QB. The quality kickers/punters are now coming from the NCAA. Another reason why the Canadian ratio has to be reduced.

  5. Great signing……THIS…..GUY…..CAN……PUNT….will likely lead the league and that aspect of the game is very important. Also has a strong kickoff leg, so RBs only need to unearth a Canadian kicker……one down, one to go.

    • No Canadian kickers available, none are coming out of the CIS none in the draft.
      Ottawa just signed Sergio Catillo too, so they could keep both.

  6. White Horse // April 9, 2018 at 8:28 pm //

    Not so Handler…Stamps Rob Maver has been the all Star CFL punter every season in recent memory. He is the best positional punter in the CFL bar none.

  7. greenenvy? // April 9, 2018 at 10:38 pm //

    Also 52 of 68 in converts – really bad. Inaccurrate in FG’s but good punting leg. Definitey need kicker. Richie will lose you games if he does double duty.

  8. Hope Leone went to a kicking camp somewhere in the off season to improve on his FG accuracy. Many times the leg is there to get the job done but the MENTAL part of the kicking game may be the toughest part to concur.

  9. Edward Leslie // April 10, 2018 at 7:26 am //

    Joe: Actually this shows that the number of AMERICANS in the ratio is too high, not the Canadians. They even are getting Americans as placekickers and punters.
    As for not having any good Canadian kickers because none are listed among the top prospects, maybe its because the teams are doing a bad job of scouting.
    Rene Paredes is probably the most consistently good kicker of the past decade in the CFL. He set records for the longest field goal streak in CFL history. Well, he wasn’t even drafted out of
    Concordia at all.
    Lirim Hajrullahu “only” set the all-time points record in C.I.S. history. Yet he wasn’t drafted either.
    The Toronto Argonauts managed to win the Grey Cup with him as their kicker.
    Maybe CFL teams are simply missing the boat, ignoring these kickers and quarterbacks in Canadian university? They are obsessed by offensive linemen. They are also too consumed by having combines to watch players do broadjumps and lift weights.

  10. MJ Bandit // April 10, 2018 at 9:17 am //

    You’re bothering to try and inform or argue with the likes of spam-boy and Joe here? – who constantly show zero actual knowledge of the CFL while they chant their anti-Canadian mantra to reduce the ratio? Why bother?

    Non-ignoramuses might know that the Stamps have been a top CFL team for some time now featuring a dual Canadian kicker combo in Maver & Paredes. There’s been good Canadian kickers & punters in the CFL for a long time; just like there has been some very good American ones as well.

    And this year’s CFL draft does feature a couple of very good kicking prospects IMO – Sean Stenger from the CanWest Conference; and Gabriel Ferraro (Guelph).

  11. greenenvy? // April 10, 2018 at 4:14 pm //

    With Castillo now signed that makes things more interesting in Ottawa.

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