GoFundMe established in wake of Humboldt bus tragedy

This is a football site but on a day like today, the game of choice couldn’t be less important.

Fourteen people are dead and another 14 are injured after a truck collided with a bus carrying a junior hockey team to a playoff game in northeastern Saskatchewan. The team, the Humboldt Broncos, plays in the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League and is made up of players ranging from 16 to 20-years-old – young men with their whole lives in front of them.

I’ve covered a team like this, a Junior B team in small a British Columbia town. I’ve ridden the busses, got to know the players and coaches on interminable rides to far-flung towns. Those kids aren’t shooting for pro stardom – it’s a rung below big-time junior hockey – but maybe a scholarship to a good U.S. school, a chance to play university hockey. Most of them are playing because they love the game, the locker room and the sense of community and place that comes with it.

This tweet…

The players on that bus were from Alberta and Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Over the next few days and weeks, stories of unspeakable horror will emerge: what the players endured, what the families are going through, what the survivors now face. It is just so goddamn awful.

But we can help, at least in some small way. There is already a GoFundMe page established for the families to help ease the financial burden as they cope with every parent’s nightmare come to life. It’s not much but it’s the least we can do.

This is a football site but today is a reminder that the game – hockey, football, whatever – is secondary. People and life are fragile and the wake of unspeakable tragedy, we can all do our part to support a community that needs it.


Drew Edwards

Drew Edwards

Drew Edwards is into his eighth season covering the CFL and the Ticats for the Hamilton Spectator. He is the founder and editor of 3DownNation.
Drew Edwards
Drew Edwards
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Drew Edwards is into his eighth season covering the CFL and the Ticats for the Hamilton Spectator. He is the founder and editor of 3DownNation.

26 Comments on GoFundMe established in wake of Humboldt bus tragedy

  1. What a devastating story. A small blurb was mentioned on the Blue Jays baseball telecast, but no mention of how many lives were lost. Thank you, Drew, for bringing this story out and to our attention.

    • Dan Bombers // April 7, 2018 at 10:02 am //

      This really hit home for my family as my mom is from Leroy SK . I know this community will pull together and get thru this much love in this hard time

      • Yes, Dan, it affects all of us in some way. Many years ago, I worked in radio and was very inclined with the SJHL, especially, in northeastern Saskatchewan. Absolutely devastating is all I can describe the feelings inside me. In all fairness, the SJHL should shut the season down. Hockey isn’t that important, especially, considering what happened last night. A sad day in the SJHL, and more importantly, for those directly affected. My heart goes to the Humboldt Broncos, SJHL, fans of the team (and league), and most importantly, families of loved ones.

  2. So sad and much love to all the families.

  3. There are no words to describe the feelings we all have in this incredible tragedy. As a longtime supporter of Junior Hockey and one who organizes trips and travels by bus all the time to away games to support our team, I am always aware in the back of my head, the possibility of situations that can unfold that could result in what happened on Friday night. It’s a risk we take to support and love a game and family. More than ever, the family needs to bond together to deal with this devastating tragedy and to find ways to assist and help heal a wound that will forever be in our minds. No amount of money will be able to repair this, no amount of tears is too small, just know that we all ache and face this numbing feeling as one. #HumboldtStrong #HockeyFamily

  4. There are no words

  5. The Saskatchewan RCMP didn’t confirm how many lost until this morning. When they just said there are fatalities, I was hoping the number was low. This is… there are no words.

    All the best to the victims families and the survivors. It will be a long road to recover from their injuries and their grieving, and they don’t deserve any future hardships.

    • Jeff May // April 7, 2018 at 10:17 am //

      One early report thought it was 1 to 7 killed. How horrible. How incredibly sad Prayers to all.

  6. greenenvy? // April 7, 2018 at 10:11 am //

    I’m speechless. The magnitude of what happened is beyond anything I expected when word of the crash first was reported. Beyond devastating for the families. A lot of lives forever changed. These were teammates, sons, boyfriends, coaches, husbands, fathers on the bus. My heart goes out to their loved ones.

  7. solara2000 // April 7, 2018 at 10:20 am //

    Words are insufficient. Unbelievable. Thoughts, prayers, condolences to the families.

  8. Wingback // April 7, 2018 at 10:30 am //

    Our thoughts and prayers are with the team, friends, family and the community. Great sadness in all our hearts.

  9. Billy Boy // April 7, 2018 at 10:36 am //

    I started riding team buses when I was 14 years old. It was a thing the big guys did. You worn a tie and team jacket. The bus trips was stepping stone. I am 63 years old next week. Every team I have been involved in used the bus as it is the safest transportation for teams and fans. It is a day which all of us will remember and have this memory every we or someone we love gets on a team bus. God bless

  10. Blue rules // April 7, 2018 at 10:39 am //

    I’m extremely saddened to hear of this tragic accident, just one day before, during a safety training seminar a discussion was held about another similar accident in Saskatchewan, 1980 a bus full (20) of railroad workers were tragically killed near Webb Saskatchewan who were on their way home after their work week. There is a plaque at the CPR station in Swift Current honoring the names of the people who were lost. Love and support to the families.

    • Very similar to a bus accident during the 1983-84 WHL season killing 4 members of the Swift Current Broncos. I had a second-cousin, Brent Ruff, who was one of the dead in that accident. This loss is magnified even more since so many lost their lives. Absolutely devastating.

  11. Scottsask // April 7, 2018 at 10:47 am //

    This is the last article I can read on this, just so horrific. Thoughts and prayers to the families.

  12. Jeff Dawson // April 7, 2018 at 12:06 pm //

    Best thing I’ve read in quite some time. Well done, Drew.

    Life’s all about figuring out our priorities. These prairie families are all that matters today. May God bless them all.

  13. Although we may not agree on much here, this is something that everyone can agree is an unimaginable tragedy. Thoughts and condolences to all involved – – deceased and survivors.

  14. Margaret Marshall // April 7, 2018 at 1:04 pm //

    what a terrible tragedy for the families and friends of these young people lost too soon.

  15. This hits home with so many people. Many sports teams from hockey, football, basketball, baseball all load their kids on similar buses for road games. I remember taking a similar bus on the exact same road for high school football many years ago. I can’t imagine what horrors the parents had last night waiting to hear word on the fate of their child and then finding out for better or for worse.

  16. B.C. Dave // April 7, 2018 at 3:56 pm //

    You are right row, this is a football site but at times like this, the game does not matter, people matter.
    Still too fresh in my mind is the tragedy surrounding the Swift Current Broncos and yet that was so long ago. A co-worker’s son right now plays for the Regina Pats and someone else I know, his sone played in one of the leagues in Saskatchewan this past year.

    Articles call them young men. I still see them as kids and that is so sad. They were only kids. So heart-broken for the parents and the families.

  17. Great article Drew. Very appropriate. Thanks!

  18. First heard about this tragedy on TSN’s latenight sports news. It was shocking at that point and many details weren’t even public yet, and seeing the news team trying to keep themselves composed was hard to watch as well. I’m still stunned… I have no connection to these kids and families and everyone affected by it, but it hurts.

    I don’t know what else to say except that I’m thinking about these people, along with all the others in Canada and beyond who are too, and they have my condolences, hopes and support.

  19. Colour me green // April 8, 2018 at 3:08 pm //

    I hope they complete the season as a show of respect for the players. I’m sure it is what the would want. Dedicate the championship to them.

  20. Unbelievable – topped 4 MILLION The people of Canada and the world have embraced the families and those affected by this tragedy in small town Sakatchewan. I will continue to pray for all of those affected.

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