Seven filthy GIFs from the CFL combine

The best part of the CFL Combine is undoubtedly the one-on-one sessions that pit players against each other in something that resembles actual football.

Sunday’s session in Winnipeg featured some notable moments and we’ve put together a quick look at some of the more interesting ones. These gifs aren’t filthy in the typical internet sense, but they show a smattering of the impressive moves on display.

Thanks to for the footage (you can watch their entire combine broadcast here.)

Here we have receiver Mark Chapman, who was by far the most polished route-runner at the combine, absolutely faking out defensive back Godfrey Onyeka. This drill gives the offensive player an advantage – unlimited space and unlimited time to work – but this was still a great route from Chapman. These two squared off three times in the one-on-ones –  it was a match up scouts wanted to see – and Onyeka had a good day, despite this clip.

McMaster receiver Daniel Petermann had himself a good weekend, posting the fastest 40-yard time on Saturday, then making some unbelievable grabs in the one-on-ones. This catch, which he made with defensive back Justin Howell draped all over him, got a reaction from the crowd.

Now offensive lineman Dakoda Shepley had a very solid one-on-one session but he wasn’t perfect. This rep against the University of Calgary’s Brett Wade qualifies as a complete whiff. The reaction from the B.C. Lion’s director of Canadian scouting Geroy Simon – the dreaded head shake – summed it up perfectly.

University of Regina running back Atlee Simon took some reps at receiver as well and managed to pull off one of the most impressive catches of the day. Adjusting to an under thrown ball – and let’s just say that quarterback Christian Strong was not particularly impressive on Sunday – Atlee climbed over the back of defensive back Dagogo Maxwell to make the grab. Bonus points for the little stare Atlee gives him after the catch.

This is kind of a weird one. This rep between receiver Archelaus Jack – who may have committed a combine fashion crime by hiking up his shorts to extreme levels – and Onyeka isn’t noteworthy until the very end when the defensive back gives Jack a shove. He crashes into the wall – and leaves a hole!

Western running back Alex Taylor showed off his quickness – and his sick moves – during the one-on-ones. This camera angle isn’t great but you get the gist: Taylor breaking the ankles of linebacker Khadim Mbaye.

Peterman wasn’t satisfied with one spectacular catch: he decided to make it two. This grab – also against Carleton’s Howell – was even better than the first grab. We think.

This catch by Laval’s Marco Dubois may have been the best of the combine. We ran it back several times to make sure it was legit and you can actually see his hand under the tip of the football keeping it off the ground. How do we know it’s good? Even Mike O’Shea liked it.


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  1. Nice! Or should I say, lit! Legit lit!

  2. Those first two DBs got torched pretty badly. Second one in particular – – can’t give up that kind of separation so easily. With a competent QB it’s a TD every time.

  3. Some very promising receivers out there. Chapman completely broke Onyeka on the first clip.

    • His backpedal was pretty weak – – more like a side shuffle than a backpedal. If that’s the best he can do he won’t make it as a pro level DB.

  4. Do they employ the CFL rules for DBs at the combine? If so, I feel sorry for those guys. It’s so hard to be a DB in the CFL right now – literally everything is stacked against you.

  5. Atlee Simon had separation from the DB on all of his routes

  6. wild willy // March 27, 2018 at 5:52 pm //

    you probably didn,t notice, but most of the great passes thrown in these vids were by regina ram qb noah picton, who has a great touch on the ball.

    • Is that who was underthrowing all those passes? That would explain the poor throws.

      First video, the throw was late AND behind the receiver – – had to slow down then still reach back for the pass.

      Second video, the ball was under thrown again. Receiver had the coverage beat cleanly by three steps – – that’s WIDE open in any pro league.

      But the QB hung the throw and that gave the slowfooted DB enough time to catch up and make a tackle while the receiver waited on the ball to finally arrive.

      Third video, the receiver had to slow up and wait for the ball AGAIN. It was so late getting there the DB not only caught up with the receiver but actually over ran the play.

      When the QB is that poor, there’s not a hope in hell of him playing at the pro level.

      • Area 51- There were TWO QBs tossing the ball to the receivers – Noah Picton and Christian Strong. I heard that Strong is strictly a pocket passer. I watched all the one-on-ones online, and it was noted on more than one occasion by the analysts how good Picton threw the ball.

  7. Not sure which of them was responsible for the three examples above, but that was terrible.

  8. Yikes! Some serious arena league talents there. If only the cancon weren’t so important to some….we could actually watch top flight pro football. How many more lineman must we suffer….at least the lack of talent is more hidden at the non-skill positions I guess?

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