Top prospect sent home from CFL combine, could see draft stock drop

Peter Godber, the fourth-ranked prospect by the league’s scouting bureau, was asked to leave the combine on Saturday after declining to participate in testing events at the last minute due to a supposed illness.

Johnathon Hardaway, Godber’s agent, has a history of directing clients to decline participation in combine testing on short notice. Arnaud Gascon-Nadon (Laval, 2012) and Josiah St. John (Oklahoma, 2016) both attended the combine in recent years, but elected not to participate in the combine due to close proximity with their pro days.

Godber claimed to be feeling sick this morning, but there’s reason for skepticism. Godber’s pro day is in just four days, meaning he’ll soon be able to provide teams with key testing numbers (40-yard dash, bench press, etc.) while also making himself available for interviews with the media. But pro days don’t allow for the all-important opportunity for players to conduct face-to-face interviews with CFL teams.

The league doesn’t allow CFL players to attend the combine unless they agree to participate in all testing and drills. In theory, however, a player could attend the combine and interview with teams before forgoing testing the following day under a special circumstance — like, say, becoming sick.

This practice, while (arguably) effective, has inevitably rubbed people the wrong way. The CFL invested money in flying Godber to and from Winnipeg which has now been (essentially) wasted and his combine roster spot could have gone to a different player who genuinely intended to fully participate in the event.

One source indicated that Godber’s stock in the draft will fall as a result of his failure to perform in the testing and drills. There are already teams who are weary of selection players represented by Hardaway; a stunt like Saturday’s will do nothing to change that.

John Hodge

John Hodge

John Hodge is a lifelong follower of the CFL who has been writing about the league since 2014. He is a two-time finalist of the Jon Gott lookalike contest.
John Hodge
John Hodge
About John Hodge (384 Articles)
John Hodge is a lifelong follower of the CFL who has been writing about the league since 2014. He is a two-time finalist of the Jon Gott lookalike contest.

69 Comments on Top prospect sent home from CFL combine, could see draft stock drop

  1. These players should learn the hard way. KNOWONE should select him and then get his agent to explain to the young fella, why KNOWONE wants him.

  2. CFL family // March 24, 2018 at 4:38 pm //

    I know it will never happen, but I’d love to see individuals who do this be disqualified from ever playing in the CFL.If you want to pursue the NFL go ahead, but don’t disrespect the CFL in the process

    • Family Guy. It is not a matter of disrespect. One league pays rookies $56k and the other $450k. The player has only one good shot at the NFL. Would you punish him for taking his shot? Do you think that the CFL would be a better league if it disqualified any player good enough to get a serious look by the NFL? Don’t think so.

      • Confused // March 24, 2018 at 7:01 pm //

        Then why come in the first place ??? Douchebag move. No one has a problem with the same old story about the league minimums in CFL vs NFL. What people have a problem with is the disrespectful unnecessary way he did it….don’t take up a spot if you don’t plan on participating!

        • B.C. Dave // March 24, 2018 at 7:19 pm //

          Confused took the words right out of my mouth. Why come then? Take your NFL shot but don’t waste out time and money. Maybe that’s why we pay less, cuz of the money we waste on douche bags who want $$ but have no respect while wasting our $$.
          This guy can rot in hell as far as I’m concerned or on an NFL PR (same thing lol).

        • Confused – I totally agree. He and his agent play silly bugger and take away a spot for a player who truly wanted to be there. Chickenshit move

        • Who cares if he wants to try out on the NFL . Good for him, but dont take the spot of someone who woukd love to be able to show the CFL scouts what he can do . I also love when these guys come back from NFL camps with there tail between their legs.

      • CFL family // March 24, 2018 at 8:08 pm //

        Then take you shot at the NFL and don’t waste everyone’s time/money at the CFL combine. If you don’t make the NFL, comeback when you are ready to commit.

      • 3rd and 1 // March 25, 2018 at 8:47 am //

        I see Amicus … I mean it’s only the CFL. So his acceptance to take a spot, follow the rules and have the CFL pay his whole way for the weekend dosent mean anything. Because according to you he has his own personal right to disrespect his invite by not participating in the drills he already had agreed to participate in. Because in 4 days he gets to participate to do drills for a league that pays so much more. Right?
        Then why the fluct accept the invitation under secret protest. Don’t accept the invite and let someone else participate. Save yourself for the NFL. Put all your cookies in that basket.
        Nope instead he decides to be a greedy little prick and take the spot knowing he was not going to follow the rules.
        If he dosent get a spot in the NFL. I hope the CFL returns the favour in an exact same manner and decides not to allow him to participate.

        • For those that followed the CFL combine the turf at the facility was extremely slow. Godber may have had all intentions of showing up to participate and then when it was evident that posting poor results was a huge possibility….played “sick”. His Pro Day would rightfully be his priority and a small injury could affect his performance there…..and if unable to participate there, NFL scouts could use his CFL combine numbers. Thinking about the decision this way….likely a smart choice by him….you don’t want to blow your opportunity at a good career by performing poor at your “back up plan”. And let’s be honest picked in the first round or the fourth round by the CFL means absolutely nothing…he has a CFL career if the NFL doesn’t work out. He risked absolutely nothing.

          • This Guy thinks he’s talented enough for the CFL
            Hahaha good luck ruined your chance for sure NFL
            Isn’t even going to give him a shot
            But he might as well Dream
            And his Agent isn’t to Bright

      • If you would bold face lie at your job interview do you think you would be offered employment?

    • B.C. Dave // March 24, 2018 at 7:15 pm //

      You are taking it one step further than I was about to post. I was thinking of the league suddenly making him ineligible for the draft this year and make him wait a year. Also make him ineligible to sign as a free agent with any other CFL team this year. If he chooses to participate in combines next year, he pays his own way this time.

      I think it is a bit harsh to ban him from the league forever. Maybe others will disagree with me.

    • He will go to the NFL combine and will go through the same process of sprinting, agility, bench press etc
      CFL teams will still get his results and his worth will be the same.
      If he’s invited to the NFL combine then why go to this CFL combine? I don’t blame the guy for saving himself, good for him

      • patlynch // March 25, 2018 at 8:45 am //

        The NFL Combine has already been held and Godber was not invited. Knevel , Rutherford, and Hunter chose to do their pro day in the states over the CFL Combine probably because of a timing issue. That happens a lot with NCAA guys. They get to work in familiar surroundings with their college team mates . Knevel’s pro day was Mar. 14, Hunter – March 19 , Rutherford – March 21 , and Godber – Mar. 29 . When you look at the timing , Godber had a good reason not to be at the CFL Combine but no excuse to just show up for the interviews . He was given some bad advice by his agent .

  3. I agree with Pumper’s message, but his “KNOWONE” term was a little jarring because of its capital letters on a misspelled word. I think he meant “no one”.

  4. Colour me green // March 24, 2018 at 5:06 pm //

    Football is a short lived career. Can’t blame him wanting to show well in NFL. Why are the pro-day and combine only 4 days apart. Make them 4 weeks apart.

    • Confused // March 24, 2018 at 7:02 pm //

      Then why bother coming in the first place??? It’s not like he just found out they were 4 days apart. Douchebag move.

      • How do you know he wasn’t feeling sick?
        Out of all these guys someone is going to feel sick and won’t be up to their best so why no save yourself

      • Why would the CFL change their plans for the NFL ? That’s the players decision. The CFL isn’t going to worry about players who want to give the NFL a shot .Good luck to them but the CFL has a schedule to keep.

    • All colleges in the US set their pro days to best suit themselves and aren’t going to be concerned if the CFL has their combine scheduled near the same time. The CFL would be hard pressed to find a reasonable time to hold the combine that wouldn’t conflict with at least some US college pro days. There are at least a couple of players who chose not to come to the CFL combine because they want to do their college pro days instead and they are being (or have been) held within a week or less of the CFL event. There’s nothing stopping CFL scouts from going to those pro days although they won’t get the same opportunity to interview or see the players in one-on-one drills. Those can be very important determining factors for players in being drafted and in what round.

  5. Why attack the agent? He is giving advice in the best interest of his client. The kid should have declined to attend… and not given a false excuse. But why put all the blame on the player or the agent? The CFL should work out the schedule issue with the NFL.

    • Because it’s the douch-nozzle agent that scheduled the Pro day 4 days after the Combine. IIRC, a Pro day is for ONE athlete to show himself off to a number of scouts, and not have to participate in one-on-ones. This also insulates the athlete from being embarrassed if he doesn’t perform well with all the other athletes.

    • Also giving advice in the best interest of his income potential should his player make the NFL.

  6. Amicus said; “Why attack the agent?”
    Answer; Because they’re scumbags.
    Those dedicated young athletes put in all the work, do all the training, take all of the physical risk and the agent wants a percentage to shuffle some paper or make a phone call.

    • FRF. Yeah. Gordie Howe didn’t have an agent. He earned $27,500 a season when a carpenter earned about $7,500 a year. Gordie was the beat player in the League and was not even in the top ten in terms of salary. How big do you think the agents take is when your client signs a CFL rookie deal for $56k? These young athletes get exploited for sure but you are pointing at the wrong villain.

  7. If a player can’t Do a pro Day 4 days after competing in one
    What kind of athlete are they?
    They play games nice a week and practice/train in between that
    Bad move by his Agent and yes a wasted spot for another potential pick

  8. I am sure the kid knew ahead of time he WAS NOT going to do the drills. Gets down to honesty and integrity. If he was not going to do what ALL the other attendees were going to do for WHATEVER REASON he simply should of declined the invitation. He and his agent obviously both have some serious CHARACTER FLAWS.

    • Jim and the Gang. Yeah it comes down to character. Right. It is not like the team would sign him to a three year deal for $450k and then cut him without compensation if he blows his knee out in camp. Right. This whole game is rigged against these kids. Every time a player or his agent tries to turn the tables you guys complain that they are scumbags and disrespectful. Nonsense.

  9. Can’t fault a kid for wanting to pursue opportunities south, but a selfish move by him and his agent because his combine spot could have been filled by a deserving athlete who has CFL ambitions. Very unfortunate.

  10. Bombs Away // March 25, 2018 at 1:18 am //

    Next year, if your agent is Hardaway is your agent, you will have to pass a medical to insure you are not sick. I would not bother me if this boy were to lose one year’s salary. Then guys would think twice about getting the scum bag agent.

  11. You people are so funny the best CANADA in players don’t even want to play in your little now you want to band mediocre canada players from being drafted you guys are kidding right oh well in 2020 There will be no CFL

  12. You don’t get it the kid wants to play in the best league not the cfl or commonly called Childerns football league

  13. B.C. Dave // March 25, 2018 at 4:09 am //

    Darcy, you need to do your home work son. Come back when in 10 years when you are 18.
    Make sure to to tell mommy that you need to put in a little extra work on the spelling OK.

  14. B.C. Dave // March 25, 2018 at 4:10 am //

    Darcy, you need to do your home work son. Come back in 10 years when you are 18.
    Make sure to to tell mommy that you need to put in a little extra work on the spelling OK.

  15. Do not need my mommy to tell you where the Canadians in football are playing Marc Tardif Kanas city Jon Ryan and Justin Senior Seattle Seahawks just to name a few only garbage players play in the cfl
    NFL has to die so Vancouver and TO can get NFL teams and that will happen in 2020 when American ALLIANCE LEAGUE starts bye bye NFL lions already only draw 10000 per game this year will be worst cause nobody in BC is going to spend money to see beer league players

  16. Dave the NFL is Dead in BC no one going to support beer leaguers son even your best canada in university football grads sooner play in NFL and I will guarantee you Lions will fold in 2020 No one wants to watch that crap her in BC when you have the Seahawks can watch great Canadians Justin Senior mom Ryan and Luke wilson all canada in kids who rather play in NFL then Childerns Football League

  17. Hey Dave
    IF YOU THINK THE cfl will be alive in 10 years you are a loser just like the players that play in the Childerns Football League you are probably one of those Sask losers by the way guest what the all sack leader in the CFL is doing in Langley selling furniture at lazy boy Ha ha what great to have played for

  18. patlynch // March 25, 2018 at 8:56 am //

    Hey Darcy, go get your grade 10 equivalency and then come back and listen to the grownups talk about the CFL . You embarrass yourself.

    • B.C. Dave // March 25, 2018 at 12:45 pm //

      Grade 10?? The stuff he is screwing up on is stuff I learned in Grade 5 or 6. You are too kind Pat.
      I am guessing he thinks he is so smart he is going to become a brain surgeon at Baylor hahaha.
      If his Math is only HALF as bad as his grammar, I’ll bet it took him at least 5 cracks to guess the answer to Five – X – 2 to beat the spambot LOL.

  19. Chompers35 // March 25, 2018 at 10:06 am //

    It seems that these players want to come only for the interview process. There is an easy way to fix this. Have the testing events before the interviews. If you are too sick to do the testing then you are too sick to do the interview process.

  20. How did it work out for the other two guys who tried to pull this kind of prima donna puss move?

    Gascon Nadon has been mediocre at best and Joe St John has been a total bust.

    If you’re too afraid to run the 40 and bench you’re going to be timid and afraid in the field too.

    WTF are these guys scared of? Worried about putting up a 4.9 40 time? Worried about only managing to do 15 reps?

  21. Get rid of the ridiculous dictating, handcuffing, guaranteed starting Canadian ratio! That obviously doesn’t work in today’s highly competitive professional sports leagues and is killing our 3 down game! If the CFL is never going to be perceived as a real professional sports league and fully respected and fully supported, the CFL finally needs to allow the best and most talented players available players to start and play at every position for entire CFL game, like every other professional sports leagues can, including MLS soccer! Bottom line!
    Sports fans in Canada are not stupid and they refuse to watch grossly overpaid guaranteed starting Canadian O-Linemen and other Canadian players in other starting positions that are guaranteed by the Canadian ratio, when they have no business being on a CFL field! So it’s ok for the top Canadian players to not even support or go to the CFL Combine or even be committed to the so called CFL Canadian Draft or even committed to even playing in the CFL. And can go freely to NFL camps and sign in the NFL, and even more now with the non-committing only one year contracts, without restrictions placed on them. But it’s not ok for the CFL to look out for their best interests without restrictions placed on them by the Canadian players and their controlling, basically Canadian player’s association made up of carefully selected grossly overpaid guaranteed starting Canadian O-Linemen and their controlling, dictating, handcuffing, guaranteed Canadian ratio. That’s blocking the CFL and the CFL teams from recruiting the best and most talented available players to start and play at every position for entire CFL game so CFL 3 down football can be played at its highest level with the best available players, like every other professional sports leagues can do, including MLS soccer! When the CFL has a Canadian starting ratio and a huge unrealistic and unobtainable Canadian roster ratio to fill for now nine CFL teams, when there aren’t near enough quality Canadian players out there to begin with, not even close, who actually want to play in the CFL and not the NFL! This is ludicrous and is why amongst other legitimate complaints about our 3 down game itself, why so many sports fans in Canada only watch the NFL and not the CFL or the Grey Cup in our own country!
    If the CFL doesn’t make serious necessary needed changes for the 2019 season, they will continue to struggle and lose more fans and lose more viewers, and lose more season ticket holders and lose more more revenue for the league and their owners. And the enormous embarrassing amount of empty seats around the CFL don’t lie! Where MLS soccer are killing the CFL in attendance in the same major CFL markets! Lock the Canadian players and their basically Canadian player’s association out who are only out for themselves! And get it done!

    • Jim Fitzpatrick // March 25, 2018 at 11:52 am //

      Ed…few Canadians care about MLS. CFL gets more fans and more TV viewership. I don’t know anyone who talks about MLS let alone watches it.
      The idea of the Canadian content in the CFL is to ensure football continues to be played in Canada. If you think the MLS is better then go to the games or watch them on TV.

      Average MLS attendance last year saw half of the league’s teams draw less than 20 thousand per game including in many of the largest cities in the USA. Five MLS stadiums(some in very large cities) don’t even have a capacity of 20,000. That sounds pretty bush-league to me.
      Oh yeah…..CFL average attendance was over 24.6 thousand MLS just over 22K.
      Alouettes outdrew Impact(Als poor season, Impact good season), Lions just a few hundred less per game than Whitecaps(Caps had winning season, Lions did not). Only TFC largely outdrew Argonauts. Change in ownership, winning GC and marketing could tighten that gap substantially.

  22. Darcy. You must have an agent, who advised you to stay out of school. Oh boy…

  23. Some player. He’s not fit enough to do both??? WTF!!!!

  24. I would think the easy answer is, if they refuse the testing, they should be responsible for the cost! Barring injury of course.

  25. Move the interviews to the day after the on-field evaluations. Would make sense from a context
    setting anyway.

  26. Another thing the league could do his take away Hardaway’s accreditation.

  27. There is not enough quality national players in the CFL as-is. Teams drafting only care in your ability and the likelihood of you signing. If he’s NFL caliber or is unwilling to a pre-agreed terms of a contract, his stock will drop.

    Clubs are too selfish to ban together and make an example of Godber for his decision of not participating in the workouts.

  28. 3rd and 1 // March 25, 2018 at 4:24 pm //

    WOW… Some of you dudes can twist a story better than the incompetent President of the U.S.
    Darcy and the others. This is not about a Canadian. It’s about a football player accepting an invitation to a Combine under false pretences. If you accept you compete and you follow the program. The fact that he did not participate in the drills because he had another combine to go to in 4 days for a different league shows this person. This human being is not above board. If he pulls crap like this before he’s even signed shows he is no where near a team player.
    So Darcy let’s keep the story to what it is. Let’s not put this Canadian or ratio crap out in front. As they are non issues.
    If given an opportunity to give any advice to the young athlete Peter Godber, in front of his agent Johnathon Hardawayere. It would be this; Peter, Football dosent need you but you need football. So treat every Pro football opportunity like it’s the only one your going to get. As you realuze your opportunity’s up high start to slip and dwindle. Your going to find yourself face to face with those you stepped on or over on your climb to top rung of the latter.
    Trust me when I say that if your not humble during your attempts on the way up. Being humble on the way back down will not work. It’s looked at as being completely insincere.
    I learned a long time ago that I needed football a trillion times more than football needed me. Football dosent need anyone. As there are hundreds to thousands right behind you.
    The best Pro players always remember that.
    Tom Brady in the NFL or Charleston Hughs in the CFL. Have always lived by that motto

  29. Jim, you are avoiding all the main issues in my email. How can you have a so called 3 down professional football league that’s fully respected and fully supported when you have grossly overpaid guaranteed starting Canadian O-Linemen, that CFL teams are forced to start and play in the CFL. When they have no business being on a CFL field and obviously can’t protect star CFL QB’s, which causes major season ending injuries. CFL teams and GM’s need to be allowed to protect their investments in their starting star QB’s, by recruiting the best and most talented available O-Linemen to protect them. And how can the CFL sell 3 down football when CFL teams are forced to have half or more their roster Canadian players and forced to start 7 Canadian players, and are not even allowed to start their best receivers or best players in other starting positions if they are Americans. How does that sell CFL 3 down football? Well it doesn’t! And if all other professional sports leagues had a ridiculous dictating, handcuffing, Canadian ratio, including MLS soccer! They would be not nearly as well supported or successful, and would be folding! Because no sports fan in Canaian are going to CFL games to watch grossly overpaid guaranteed starting Canadian O-Linemen and other Canadian ratio players in other starting positions, that haven’t even earned their spots like the Americans have. And are obviously only there because of their Canadian passport and only because of their controlling, dictating, handcuffing, guaranteed Canadian starting ratio and their huge guaranteed Canadian roster ratio. It’s not fair to all sports fans in Canada or fair to CFL teams nor fair to our 3 down game, or fair to the American players. Which also causes a very unfair imbalance in salaries in the CFL, which is making it more and more difficult to attract American talented players to the CFL. And because all sports fans in Canada only want to watch the best and most talented available players to start and play in the CFL at every position for entire CFL game, so CFL 3 down football can be played at its highest level with the best available players. And the majority of sports fans in Canada share the same sentiments! And those are the real facts!

    • patlynch // March 27, 2018 at 7:37 am //

      Ed speaks for the majority of Canadian sports fans. Who knew? Your ego is writing cheques that your grammar and spelling can’t cash . Go troll somewhere else, Ed ! This is a Canadian Football site.

    • Tiger man // March 28, 2018 at 9:49 am //

      Then please explain, Ed, the number of Canadian O lineman who are playing AND STARTING in the NFL….

  30. The Kawhi Leonard of the CFL !!

    I’m sure if he puts up good numbers on his pro day all will be forgiven

    • It’s obvious you dont like CFL football so why do you even read posts about the CFL ? Id be willing to bet that if the NFL had the 3 downs and the CFL 4 people like you and many many others would be still be shitting all over the CFL like they do every day . It’s all about gambling and pools in the NFL and as long as they can bet on games they’ll watch . As far as Canadian O lineman go why isn’t there a sack on every pass play if the Canadian players are so bad ? Why do guys from Michigan or Texas ect have such a hard time getting to the QB up here? By the way I like ALL football NFL included .

  31. Leighton // March 25, 2018 at 7:56 pm //

    Keep cheering for the Seahawks there Darcy hahaha. Biggest bandwagon fans outside of the Bay Area. You’re a joke pal.

  32. Is Darcy name dropping the Seahawks PUNTER? Lol. Funny because Ryan is from Regina yet Darcy trashes Sask in his comments. What a fool Darcy is. My guess he’s either from Surrey or Chilliwack. Just sayin’

  33. Tiger man // March 28, 2018 at 9:47 am //

    There are those prospects who would love the opportunity to be at the combine…and this guy is just wasting that chance and money for someone else..because of his ego…

    Go home…better yet…stay there…

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