Official: Carson Walch departs Eskimos for Eagles staff

The Eskimos have made it official: offensive coordinator and receivers coach Carson Walch has accepted an assistant wide receivers coach position with the Super Bowl champion Eagles.

“We’d like to thank Carson for his contributions to the Eskimos for the past two seasons and we wish him all the best in his new role with the Philadelphia Eagles,” general manager Brock Sunderland said in a statement.

Walch got his start in coaching at Winona State, his alma mater, in 2000 and came to the CFL in 2010 under then head coach Marc Trestman. Walch joined Trestman as an assistant with the Chicago Bears in 2013 and 2014 and returned to the CFL in 2016 as an assistant to head coach Jason Maas. He took over the play-calling duties last season.

Mike Groh, who was the receivers coach in Chicago under Trestman, currently fills that role for the Eagles.


9 Comments on Official: Carson Walch departs Eskimos for Eagles staff

  1. CHOKEPEDERS // March 5, 2018 at 5:18 pm //

    Wonder if dumbo screamed at him before he left?

    • Most likely “Dumbo” helped him get the job by promoting Walch to the OC with no experience. Too bad some people are brainless with their comments.

    • Christiangbroderick // March 6, 2018 at 2:33 am //

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  2. Mike Gibson as the next OC makes sense due to his experience. However, if he wants to stay in the background still have a heavy voice/influence on the offence via the run game then local young coaches Tim Prinsen or Jordan Maksymic should be given an opportunity. Either should take on the signal caller position then if ready an OC shot just like Carson Walch received.

    People need to keep in mind Walch had no experience as an OC before getting a shot with the Esks and thus Maksymic and Prinsen make sense under Maas tutelage. Off course hiring Ricky Ray next year as the Esks QB coach would also be helpful to the evolution of the coaching staff. Maas’ relationship with Ray makes this actually a no brainer.

  3. CHOKEPEDERS // March 6, 2018 at 2:34 am //

    Brainless phsyco Dumbo needs to go to 4th qtr play calling 101 school lmfao. How does a coach keep a job after that?

    • greenenvy? // March 6, 2018 at 11:08 am //

      The Eskimos were by far the best offence in the league & Maas offences have had the highest net offence 3 years running. Unfortunately Rider fans can’t stand the fact luring Jones away didn’t damsge the Eskimos but, instead, the Eskimos have had more wins including playoffs the past 2 years than anyone but Calgary while Jones is still tinkering with his club, now emulating Taman bringing in Stamp castoffs to add to their growing list of “well past their best before date” vets like Jovon Johnson, Dyakowski, Owens, Bagg etc.. Muamba out, Hurl in – ouch. You’re right – how DOES a coach keep a job after that? At least drop a few $$ off tnat 750K he’s pulling in for a 4th place finish. About the 4th qtr. Check out the stats for the final game at Mosaic last year when Maas booted Jones rear end to the crossover – 14-0, 2 Rider drives, 2 incompletions, 2 sacks allowed, 1 run 5 yds, 1 t/o on downs. Had the ball less than 3 minutes. Esks play calling 101? They had the ball so long the Riders barely hit the field.

  4. Edward Leslie // March 6, 2018 at 7:41 pm //

    CHOKEPEDERS: I find it amusing that you call Jason Maas “brainless” and then misspell “Psycho”. I kind of doubt that you are a Rhodes Scholar yourself.

  5. CHOKEPEDERS // March 7, 2018 at 9:45 pm //

    Dumbo ears costed the Eskiblows a chance to be in the Grey Cup. Ask anyone that has a clue about football! A fact is a fact. Glad we have Jones and not Dumbo

    • CHOKEPEDERS: Here are the facts you crave … Regular season Jason Maas 22-14 over the last two seasons, Chris Jones 15-21. Playoffs Mass .500 at 2-2, Chris Jones .500 at 1-1. The fact is Chris Jones has not been better than Maas in the last two seasons since moving to Riderville, even though he has more control as the G.M. over the quality of players he gets to coach.

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