By releasing Kyries Hebert, Alouettes make yet another terrible mistake

He’s no spring chicken, and he’ll be the first to admit it. But he may also work harder than anyone else at staying in shape. The multi-faceted Kyries Hebert, the East Division’s top defensive player in 2017, asked for and was granted his release by the club on Friday, promptly signing with Ottawa. This came after new defensive coordinator Khalil Carter warned Hebert that his new scheme would mean less playing time for the star affectionately known as The Angry Bird.


How do you not fit in a player with the stature and versatility as Hebert into your lineup? More accurately, the Alouettes had to pay more than market value to their crop of new free agent signings, leaving less money left over for a veteran not making anywhere near the league minimum. For the record, when I expressed this theory on Twitter Hebert himself liked the tweet.

This is a hurtful loss in so many ways. First, Hebert had made Montreal his year-round home. He had roots in the city. Hebert was a regular on local media, co-hosting a weekly football show on TSN 690 and guesting on a local relationship program on CJAD. He was also a longtime staple in the community at charitable and other noteworthy events. Hebert even began running girl empowerment events and clinics locally, bringing in major celebs like Terrell Owens for the occasion.

Montreal loves flare and personality. Hebert had it in abundance. He fit the city so well, embracing the bilingual culture and doing all he could to help any cause when asked. On Thursday, the Alouettes made a public appearance and Hebert was mistakingly left on the ‘due to appear’ sheet, prompting a lot of questions and creating a major void in the event.

Last offseason, the Alouettes released another stellar defensive player in Bear Woods. He went on to win the Grey Cup in Toronto. Though Montrealers are sad to see Hebert go, they no doubt hope that he can follow the same path in 2018 elsewhere in the league. Because if there’s one thing that Als know it’s that there won’t be any parade happening this November down Saint-Catherine street.

Matthew Ross

Matthew Ross

Matthew Ross is a radio host on TSN 690 Montreal and has contributed to the Montreal Gazette, and He's a native Montrealer and misses watching Anthony Calvillo just like everyone else.
Matthew Ross
Matthew Ross
About Matthew Ross (27 Articles)
Matthew Ross is a radio host on TSN 690 Montreal and has contributed to the Montreal Gazette, and He's a native Montrealer and misses watching Anthony Calvillo just like everyone else.

33 Comments on By releasing Kyries Hebert, Alouettes make yet another terrible mistake

  1. Cal Gary Shampeders // February 24, 2018 at 10:15 am //

    Herbert is an old headcase. He does not fit the Als timeline. He will be long-retired the next time they play a playoff game. They did him a favor. Kavis Reed makes horrible decisions. In the grand scheme of things, this isn’t one of them.

    • But it’s great for Ottawa, they sign Hebert to a one year contract and gives them time to find a permanent replacement. The guy was an all-star and leading tackler, just what Ottawa needs.
      Good move Ottawa!

    • Your article is baloney. I once loved this player for his passion for Montreal. He gets dirtier and dirtier every year lining guys up you hold your breath and hope it’s a fair tackle, not good odds.

      Herb didn’t ask the right question of Coach Carter, if he was the best player in camp in his position could he not earn a starters role? Don’t forget Coach Stubler loves his vets, right Mike O’Shea and Orlondo Steinauer.

      Watch Thorpe cut him during the season, then you will see headcase 2.0. Ottawa, enjoy!

    • Victoriatfelix // February 24, 2018 at 12:47 pm //

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  2. GM Kavis Reed proves once again that he should not be a CFL GM.

    • I felt the same way when he was ST coordinator. Who gets promoted from THAT job to GM, anyway? And why?
      Why not a legitimate GM who can re-stock this team with young stars of the future? Not expensive, over-priced, fading has-beans (PU) and never-wasses (DITTO)from other teams?

  3. The realist // February 24, 2018 at 10:23 am //

    Kavis didn’t acquire the nicknames (13th man) or (consequences) by accident. How he keeps landing on his feet is beyond me.

    • Rider Stronson // February 24, 2018 at 12:14 pm //

      Kavis doesn’t deserve all of this critism. He’s made some great moves to make the defence competitive and put some real thought into improving the ratio and Canadian content.
      In theory, this team had 3 tested coaches last year now they have passionate coaches in all 3 phases, this will make a huge difference. Sherman means business and is not here to be embarrassed. This means tough decisions being made in personnel.
      A little more respect from the peanut gallery.

      • Jane Jackel // February 24, 2018 at 1:13 pm //

        I agree with you, Rider. After last year’s dreadful performance I’m finally feeling optimistic again — not expecting miracles, but anticipating improvement. And that will be a good start, in my opinion.

      • He cant get any worse. He is in over his head I feel. Looks like he is crying all the time. But he inherited an old football team. I am an Argos fan and the difference is POPP. The owner mettles too much in MONTREAL and at least Argos new guys allow the GM to do his thing…But Argos now have a good GM. As much as Kavis seems like a nice guy I haven’t seen any good moves. He can’t figure out a QB and trades the good ones away. To be frank Cavillo was the only reason Montreal ever had a run at it. Nothing since and the same could be said of Ray and the Argos.until he gets someone there and he had a few QB.s when he took over…it’s Montreal in the basement for a while.

        • Habbernack // February 24, 2018 at 6:08 pm //

          Jim Popp didn’t give a crap about the Al’s since Trestman and AC took them to the Grey Cup year after year and he padded his pockets while living in the United States. He didn’t find any young exciting players, a replacement HC for Trestman or develop a new starting QB. Your Argos will see exactly what he is when Trestman leaves and he has to stand on his own two feet. A sham, over-rated and a wind bag. How the hell does Kavis Reed fix this mess in a season?

    • Every time I see the man I have to repress the urge to yell “Too many men, Saskatchewan, MF!”. It’s the secondary reason why I’ve turned down several sets of Alouettes’ tickets. I can see myself being “rabidly” escorted “off campus”. 3 to 15 guesses what the first reason was.

  4. BigRedMachine // February 24, 2018 at 10:35 am //

    The Als have to get younger. Nobody wants to claim that they are rebuilding but realistically that is what they are doing. Someone of Hebert’s vintage does not really fit…

  5. I can’t argue with anything in this article. Mr.Ross is bang on. Ottawa got a great player

  6. RalphInTheCreek // February 24, 2018 at 10:55 am //

    The Allwets still haven’t figured out Kavis is a F’n disaster at any kind of management job and can do your team a lot of harm.

  7. Good riddance to a dirty player who will continue to be a flag magnet given his style of play. He should have been suspended for life for the assault on Cornish that finished a great players career.

  8. Hopefully it will benefit BOTH teams. First a YOUNGER guy gets to play in Montreal and hopefully does great. Second the Redblacks get a veteran who can show the YOUNGER guys in Ottawa how to play big time. Hope both teams meet each other in the playoffs in 2018. Sure be a great story line with Hebert.

  9. Kavis mention they got a roster younger from a full year.-1 year on the roster average. Hes liar. Thats simple math look at the roster… Once season start and you see Who they have average will be over Last year. Now they have younger Guys but they wont keep them those are Just camp player.

    • You can’t judge the roster now, wait until July 1. This is an off season roster, I know at least 3 guys that want to retire. The fact is, you really don’t know what you are talking about.

  10. White Horse // February 24, 2018 at 11:58 am //

    I believe Kavis deserves the chance to rebuild the Allouettes his way. Maybe Hebert will have a better fit in Ottawa but decisions have to be made for age and cap restrictions as per Huff with C. Hughes and Marqauy. These are not popular decisions with the fan base but have to be made to give youth an opportunity to get their foot in the door.

  11. Bill deHoog // February 24, 2018 at 12:11 pm //

    I think it was a good move for Ottawa. Hebert fits in with Thorpe, is cap friendly, is like a playing coach.
    Als will have their hands full this year, more notably on offence.
    The over spending on defence will backfire, may some cuts coming yet

    • Rider Stronson // February 24, 2018 at 12:25 pm //

      They didn’t overspend on their FA acquisitions. True contract numbers will be leaked eventually, although so widely misreported, many reporters will not be looking to clear up things for the record. The business of professional sports is ugly. You just can’t believe all the hype.

  12. Strangely it’s probably the best move for both teams. Mtl has to re-tool and get younger, while the RBs may be able to squeeze one more year out of the old guy (or at least until he is suspended againfor a dirty hit)

  13. Another ass kissing article. Be realistic. Wally Buono, Chris Jones, and John Hufnagel would have sent Hebert packing at least 5 years ago. Hebert is just lucky he is Noel Thorpe’s teachers pet.

    Montreal still has more senior citizens on their roster who believe that because they’re fan favorites, popularity is going to prevail over diminished skills.

    • “Trending downwards” is the expression Huf and Wally use. At 37, in what direction COULD the “angry bird” possibly be heading?

      As to his impressive engagement with the city and its fans, a cynic would suggest that making so many connections is often a way for an ageing player to gain value, over and above his on-field performance. Seen it before. Never works.

      Still, anything Reed does is automatically a bad idea, so maybe the Als made a bad move here. I’ve been thinking Hebert, Cox, Bowman and the rest of the “codgers” have faded at the end of each game, end of each season…and not just last season. But Reed made a decision. And he’s always wrong.

      Seems I’m of two minds on this one.

  14. Kyries is OLD. Reed is the worst. Alouettes are OLD. Free agents wouldn’t touch this city with a ten foot pole, unless we bribe them to come. The team has no quarterback. We MAY win 3. Maybe less. I’m going to bed. Hope for pleasant dreams and to forget the ever worsening nightmare that is my team.

  15. What a lot of folks don’t know is that they’ve been trying to release him for years. Hebert is a bad team player. His teammates couldn’t stand him and would talk shit about him any chance they got. His only motivation for doing charity work and media was for his backup career after football which he knew was fast approaching. He never does anything to be altruistic. His teammates would refer to his charity work as his C.V. He was supposed to be released last year and for the same reason: because he has a bad attitude and since Popp “left”, his only ally was Thorpe who was himself problematic and, along with Chapdelaine, actively refused to support the new administration, hence their firing.
    This article sounds ridiculous. Sounds like Mr. Ross has his own motivation for writing this puff piece. Next he’s going to try to convince us that Tanner Marsh was one of the Al’s best quarterbacks
    Although I don’t agree with the majority of Kavis’ choices, much like Obama, he inherited a ball club that was already running on fumes from Popp’s neglect. Hopefully once they get all the kinks sorted, we can have a winning team back!

  16. Kavis is brutal ive said it many times. He’s so talky and wordy I think he gets tied up to much in philosophy.. my opinion . But u can tell her learning I’ll give him this one. He cut a guy on the wrong side of 35 and penalty old school lead with head guy to boot. Every other successful gm does this guys . I wish the salary cap would double and these one year contracts are garbage for fans looking to cling to players but it’s economics of cfl right now . The beauty of hindsight shows he screwed up cutting near woods for Dd but he’s still trying. Better then Taman and Chsmblin. Yikes. Good luck Montreal the cfl needs u so much more then TO .. I bet minor hockey is more important there . Pathetic market . Why oh why they don’t have guys like flutie or thiesmsn who loved the league market it more. Even winning further as crickets but they’ll watch soccer. Yuck. My two (and a half) cents

  17. I have said it several times: this dude can still play. He might be old and by the standards of today’s football, he could be considered dirty. But he can play and help a defence in the CFL.

  18. Waiting For Gaudaur // February 26, 2018 at 5:09 am //

    They went 3-15 with him, they can go 3-15 without him.

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