Jerry Glanville confirmed as Ticats DC, Lolley won’t return

Ticats head coach June Jones has confirmed that Jerry Glanville will be the team’s defensive coordinator in 2018.

Phillip Lolley, who served in that role after replacing Jeff Reinebold last season, will not return. He was hired as the linebackers coach before the 2017 season.

The Ticats were 0-6 and ranked last in the CFL in points allowed (39.0 per game), net offence allowed (460 yards) and yards per play (7.5) among others when Lolley took over the defence.

3DownNation first reported Glanville would have a role on the defensive side of the football.

Glanville has been on staff with Jones before at the University of Hawaii and during his time with the Falcons and Oilers. The 76-year-old Glanville attended Ticats training camp as a guest coach last year.

Drew Edwards

Drew Edwards

Drew Edwards is into his eighth season covering the CFL and the Ticats for the Hamilton Spectator. He is the founder and editor of 3DownNation.
Drew Edwards
Drew Edwards
About Drew Edwards (1570 Articles)
Drew Edwards is into his eighth season covering the CFL and the Ticats for the Hamilton Spectator. He is the founder and editor of 3DownNation.

46 Comments on Jerry Glanville confirmed as Ticats DC, Lolley won’t return

  1. So Lolly is gone?

    • Unfortunately yes, Joe. Like Reinebold last season Lolley was offered a position with the team but he declined to take it. I hoped that he’d return too. 🙁

  2. 76 year old Jerry Glanville??? What is with the trend of hiring retired ex-NFL coaches? The idea of bringing Marv Levy out of retirement suddenly doesn’t sound so goofy…

    • Cal Gary Shampeders // February 23, 2018 at 4:58 pm //

      In other news, CTV confirms all eight seasons of The Golden Girls will begin airing again in June. The Ti-cats are hilariously poorly run. If not for Kavis Reed, they’d be a laughingstock. The people of Hamilton deserve better.

      • Cal Gary. If I were a Stampeders fan, I would go slow on the use of the term “laughingstock” after the last two GC appearances.

      • Cal Gary not sure of your opinion, as a Tiger-Cats fan I quite like the direction our team is going. Your opinion is just that so thanks for thinking we deserve better but you have nothing intelligent to add. John Hufnagel is 66 so should Calgary get rid of him? The guy Glanville is replacing Phillip Lolley was 63 and Wally Buono in BC is 68. These men have considerable knowledge of the game much more so than any of us so I really think I will let Coach June Jones 65 decide who he wants on his staff. Oh an the Caretaker Bob 68 he is one of if not the best owner in the league so I think the fans in Hamilton are just fine so why don’t you worry about the Stumppeders. Ill put it here now that my Cats win the Grey Cup this season!

    • Age is just not important these days, if Larry Linville is fit and is a great coach, good for the team and the league.
      I doubt at his age that he’s an old school in your face, slap the young guys around type of coach.

    • Richard cunningham // February 25, 2018 at 11:19 am //

      June Jones took over a staff. He’s obviously very loyal to his older coaches he’s worked with in the past. If I was a tiger car fan is he happy with your coaching staff. Very well staffed.

  3. AAARRRRGGGHHH!!!!!! This is not a good move.

  4. And if the defence sucks then Glanville gets the boot and Orlando takes over.

  5. Ticats have a nice mix of young and older coaches. Great to see Steiner back.

  6. Well it will be nice to see Elvis in the stands. Maybe he can do a pre-game concert.

  7. Lolly pop, lolly pop, oh lolly, lolly pop, lolly pop….badoom boom boom.

  8. 89 year old Rod Rust is looking to get back in the coaching game as well. He has CFL experience… Ha, ha.

  9. One thing you can’t deny – the Ticats are going to have a VERY experienced coaching staff with both Glanville and June. Steinauer will be key in helping both of them to understand the differences and nuances of the CFL game. I do hope that this all works out well and the team’s defense continues to be as good – or better – than it was at the end of the season.

  10. Lolly probably wasn’t offered the defensive coordinator role so June ‘hire my old washed up friends’ Jones could have Glanville as DC. Sounds to me like Austin knew that wouldn’t work out well so reached out to Orlando…

    • Well that would certainly dispel the theory that Orlando left because of Austin. Lolley may not have wanted to handle the defence with Jerry Glanville looking over his shoulder even if he was not offered a lesser role.

  11. I kinda suspect Orlando S will be calling the defensive game-plan, even though they have bigger plans for him later.

  12. White Horse // February 23, 2018 at 5:42 pm //

    Why are the Cats so top heavy management wise? Tillman, Mitchell, Austin. Then two ex NFL coaches Jones and Glanville! Big time payroll for this club. I hope they can compete with the Argos in 2018. The Argos are the team to beat for 2018 in the entire CFL.

    • White Horse. Calgary has four senior execs in their front office. Are they top heavy too?

      • The Ticats have 44 people in their “front office” – business operation – marketing/ticketing/relations etc Plus the 13 Coaches, then there are the trainers, scouts.
        Yes very top heavy. I think all CFL teams are top heavy, I think over the years coaches have made up additional coaching positions.
        A coach for every position plus a conditioning coach, probably a “spiritual coach”

        Of course football is a very top heavy sport – each team carries around 80 players but there are only 12 on the field at one time. No other sport comes near to that.
        It’s no wonder that is hugely expensive to run a football team and pay salaries.

      • White Horse // February 24, 2018 at 12:09 pm //

        Amicus…you better look at the website for the Stamps. There is three Executives in full time management. Committee execs are part time retired personnel. Alvin Libin (committee exec) is a senior retired Cardiologist for example.

        • White Horse. Lyle Bauer, Hufnagel, Murphy and Petrie. Four not three.

          • and really Calgary fans who cares how many guys the Cats have in there front office? Why is this important to you? Turn your worries to a team that can’t finish! Last time you won a Grey Cup you needed a poor penalty call to get it. Your team will now start it’s downward slide like all top teams do. Too bad you could only muster one cup with a *asterisks beside it!

  13. lets put Bud Grant into the mix they brought Steinauer back so the other 2 don’t miss a play bad eyesight and all..

  14. Glanville’s hiring is a joke. Couldn’t cut it in the NFL or College ball. Smells of throwing a bone to a bud! All is not lost with Stenaur as Assistant HC. Although could be a challenge for him pointing out issues with Glanville’s schemes to his bud Jones.

  15. Edward Leslie // February 23, 2018 at 6:49 pm //

    Holy smokes, that coaching staff is looking kind of old. The next hires: Red Grange, Knute Rockne and that “young whipper snapper” Russ Jackson. Yikes!

  16. Footballnut // February 23, 2018 at 6:51 pm //

    Wtf is going in in hammer ???

  17. Here come the Gritz Blitz!!!

  18. Steinauer’s role is the most interesting; – and the most uncertain! How easily will Jones and Glanville take suggestion? (read criticism) Learning the offensive side won’t hurt him in his quest to be an HC, but it’s kinda like being a coat-holder at one of Trumps parties.

    • how easy will Jones take suggestion? Dude your comment is laughable as Andy Fantuz help Jones on the sideline all last season. Jones commented on how he was open to players and other coaches. It was pretty well documented last season. Players loved Jones cause he let them voice there opinions.

  19. Whats wrong with all the negative opinions here. No games have been played, yet everyone here is stating how wrong your views are compared to what we are actually going to do.
    Thats my opinion on yours, anyways!!Not that you are not entitled to it, just know you are all wrong!! 2018: The Year of the Cats!
    oh, and welcome our new DC

  20. Drboom2000 // February 23, 2018 at 8:24 pm //

    Maybe some positivity would be helpful, people can criticize, complain, and hate all you want it is everyone’s right, but in the end none of us are as qualified as any of the people with the organization.

  21. At least this debacle in Hamilton will be good for a few laughs. Phil Lolley is an atrocious football coach. Auburn kept trying to push him for a positional coach but always had to end up demoting him back to a desk job in the admin offices because he was so brutal.

    So dumping Lolley was a good move, but surely they could have found someone more competent than Jerry Glanville. The guy hasn’t been relevant for more than a QUARTER CENTURY.

  22. @Drboom2000 – – you can wave your TiCat pom poms as much as you want, but the cold hard reality is that 76 year old Jerry Glanville is a laughable hire as DC.

    I said the same thing when Montreal made the foolish mistake of hiring the proven clown Dan Hawkins as their HC. Remember how that turned out?

  23. @George – – Glanville will not last the season as the TiCats DC. Steinauer will do what he does best, lurk in the background and “schmooze’ his way into the role as the new DC during the season.

  24. Edward Leslie // February 24, 2018 at 12:23 am //

    Remember when Montreal brought the late great Don Matthews in very briefly as a coach/ advisor?
    It was clearly a mistake of monumental proportions. He was sitting down on the sidelines, and even fell asleep! His age and poor health made it obvious that it was NOT a good idea.
    I hope Jerry Glanville won’t keep forgetting that theres 3 downs (not 4), or take a mid-game nap. He might even tell them to wear leather helmets or keep calling “the old sleeper play.”

    • I don’t think there is any comparison, Mathews was sick and it was kind of a tribute to sit him on the sidelines.
      I think Larry Linville is fit and no health problems, probably many years of coaching left in him.

  25. Wow!

    It’s called experience.
    I’m not a bleeding heart liberal, but most comments are blatant ageism.

    Would you rather have a surgeon with 40 years experience or one with 2 years operating on you? Like surgeons, coaches work as a team. Unless the coaches are expected to be active on social media, I’ll take the experienced any day.

  26. I would usually agree that experience is a good thing, but not in this case. Glanville is not what this team or the league needs while it struggles to attract a younger audience. It smacks of cronyism and, although I appreciate what June Jones accomplished in the second half of the season, this is doomed to be a failed experiment.

  27. I heard there’s another good up and comer available to…I think his name is Marv Levy!

  28. Lolley to the Argos in what?
    72 hours??

  29. Glanville is certainly a character. Talented coach. Let’s hope he doesn’t become a distraction.

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