Coach hypocrisy frustrates Argos RB James Wilder Jr.

James Wilder Jr. has been denied the opportunity to pursue NFL options by the Argos.

The 25-year-old is happy for Marcus Brady getting a coaching position with the Indianapolis Colts, he just wants the same opportunity. But after another Toronto coach – defensive coordinator Corey Chamblin is not planning on returning to the Argos in 2018 – has been allowed to change the course of his career despite being under contract with the team, Wilder Jr. is in a mood.

Wilder Jr. stated in late January that he would not return to the Argos in 2018 after the club refused to let him pursue NFL interest.

The six-foot-three, 232-pound Wilder Jr. ran for 872 yards (7.2-yard average) and five TDs in 17 games while adding 51 catches for 533 yards. He started six regular season games for Toronto in which the Argos went 5-1 and the double blue went 2-0 in the playoffs, including the Grey Cup victory while being named the CFL’s Most Outstanding Rookie in 2017.


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  1. Wilder – your Twitter says it all , I agree


    You should thank God for the CFL

    • Or Argo fans should thank god they had Wilder.
      He was the main reason why the Argos won the Grey Cup.
      Hypocracy ? yes, it’s okay for coaches to jump ship in the middle of a contract but players can’t?

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      • He wasn’t much of a factor in the play offs, both the Riders and Stamps shut him down pretty effectively. I would say the main reason the Argos won the Grey Cup was Jorden fumbling the ball.

  2. Maybe your god is a cfl fan up in Canada he helped you win a grey cup doesn’t seem to being much in the us .

    • Your post doesn’t make a lot of sense.
      “doesn’t seem to bring much in the us.” what does that mean in English?
      Obviously Wilder is a man of faith and believes in God.
      He is a family man that has put his family before football. He can’t afford to live in Toronto on $28k a year and support his family in Tampa.
      He will sit out the year and run his family clothing business and give motivational speeches in churches.
      Good for him.

      • Wilder made $72k last year in 6 months, before any endorsements or personal work outside of football. He can absolutely afford to live in Toronto and support his family.

        • CFL minimum last season was about $56k – not enough to support 2 households and much less when converted into US $$$.

          • Yep $56k, and another $16k for winning the GC. So $72k CDN, which is $12k per month pre-tax. He prob had a roommate, so paid about $1500 a month in rent. Possibly a housing bonus and some meals are supplied by the team. So leaves $10,500/month pretax for other expenses and savings, for 6 months of work. That is more than enough to support a household (not 2 – he has 1 family in the States). He also has a side clothing business and possibly made some extra cash from endorsements/appearances.

            Above all this he has 6 months where he can do whatever he wants to make money. He’s not remotely struggling to get by, lots of people in Canada make nowhere near $72k+ a year and are doing just fine, and he did it in half the time.

      • Cal Gary Shampeders // February 23, 2018 at 5:06 pm //

        There is nothing good about believing in and devoting your life to a mythical deity. It shows incredible ignorance and causes him to believe in other things that are offensive to anyone with an IQ over 100.

        And let’s be clear, he’s had MULTIPLE chances to play in the NFL and hasn’t impressed anyone. Then he willingly signs a two year CFL deal and wants out after a year to chase his NFL dream again?

        And he expects us to feel sorry for him? Just because he’s ignorant doesn’t mean the rest of us are.

        No one on Earth is willing to pay Wilder more than what the Argos are. If he wants to throw his football career away and try to feed his family on construction wages and speeches to the ignorant flock, good for him (and not so good for his family). Ignorance is as ignorance does, and no one forced him to sign that contract (which, unlike assistant coaches contracts, are governed by the collective bargaining agreement that Wilder’s union made with the CFL owners).

        I feel sorry for you, Joe. The education system failed you.

      • A man of faith would honor a commitment

  3. While I appreciate Wilder’s frustration and the optics of a coach being allowed to take an NFL job when he can’t aren’t good, I don’t think it’s really a fair comparison. How long have coaches like Marcus Brady and Corey Chamblin been grinding it out in the CFL? Whereas Wilder played one season. Other players like Cam Wake, Jerrell Freeman, Brandon Zylestra, etc. have completed their initial 2-year contracts before signing in the NFL, so what makes Wilder so special and different than these other players? I get that the CFL minimum salary doesn’t compensate for the injury risk, but there’s still something to be said for paying your dues. Remind me where Wilder was playing football before the Argos gave him an opportunity to showcase his skills?

    Now if the the CFLPA can negotiate an NFL window into every standard rookie contract in the new CBA, than that’s a different story as it will be the same for every rookie player

    • Very well said!

    • Very Very well said!

      This post should be pinned!

    • But Richard, other players have been given release by their teams after their first year. The BC Lions just did it for two of their players.
      I would agree if Wilder was just another player but he was rookie of the year and the main reason why the Argos went to the Grey Cup.
      All they had to do was give him a decent raise and he would have stayed and if the NFL didn’t work out next year he could return. Now the Argos are playing hardball and there is no doubt that if he doesn’t make it in the NFL he will never come back to the ARgos.

      • Yes Joe, but the Commish has clamped down on that practice and fined the Lions for doing it, and rightly so. Have to have consistent rules for all teams, otherwise it creates situations like this

        • All players have the right to walk out and quit too. He can’t afford to live in Toronto and support a family in Tampa.
          He has made the decision to live at home and be involved with his family business and motivational speaking engagements.

          In one year he showed that he was the most outstanding new player in the CFL and they Argos can’t give him one penny more???
          that is ridiculous, there is no rule that says you can’t re-negotiate or give the guy a bonus.

          • Wilder made $72k last year in 6 months, before any endorsements or personal work outside of football. He can absolutely afford to live in Toronto and support his family.

            Also, the Argos were quoted as saying they would give him more money but it would come with more term and he declined.

  4. Wilder has my sympathy mostly because other players (BC was fined) or at least one other player returned to US early. But a contract is a contract. The CBA needs to be more fair to both the teams and players. Perhaps opportunity to negotiate a decent wage increase in the 2nd year. Wilder is now stuck to play at his best to advance his options in the NFL or make a fuss and get a bad reputation.

    • The unfairness is that he can not sign with another team and not allowed to sign in the NFL.
      That is just plain Wrong! most of us sign a contract when we start our job and if we don’t like it after 6 months or one year we can quit and move to another job.
      In this case he is not allowed to play anywhere if he quits!!
      He is the main reason why the Argos went to the Grey Cup, he’s rookie of the year and they want to play hardball with him and stare him down and not give him one penny more.
      I am sure he will sit out the year, make more money back home and then try the NFL next year. If he doesn’t make it in the NFL, you can guarantee that he will sign with another CFL team and not the Argos.

      • Very well said Joe!

        Your post should be pinned! not Richard’s rant

        • good one hahah, I think most of us agree with Wilder. The argos screwed up, should give him a big raise.

          • Say what?

            Did you even read the comments? Most people on here do not agree with Wilder.

          • Lets give out all kinds of bonuses. The trustees handling the bankruptcy of each team will appreciate the work!
            How unappreciative! I agree the team could have given more incentives, but to bulk on what you already agreed to, and to put down the hand that feeds by virtue of saying the NFL is all you want…why come here in the first place And since you did, why do you not show any appreciation, because Argos S- – – -! Just another example. They S—- like a champion!!

      • It is part of the football world … similar to the restrictions on engineers, software developers etc.

        If Wilder does not like that coaches (aka immediate bosses) are under different rules – what is he going to do if after football, the same situation arises?

        Last I checked – the supervisors and executives have all sorts of perks the regular employee does not have.

      • If you sign a contract with a company and quit after 6 months you will 99% of the time be subject to a non-compete clause for 1 year, which means you cannot seek employment with a direct competitor without permission. NFL, in this case, is a direct competitor. He has a standard Canadian non-compete clause in his contract that he agreed to when he signed it. No different from any other company or form of employment.

        • While there are those who are under similar clauses from their contract, “no different from any other company” is an exaggeration.

          I am confident that the Tim Horton’s or McD’s worker has no restrictions along these lines.

          • Correct. People doing minimum wage jobs in the service industry where people are (no offense) a dime a dozen are probably not subject to non-competes.

            In no capacity are professional athletes comparable in value to people who pour coffee.

      • Boggles the mind that teams do stuff like this yet are able to punt players out the door to save bonuses that are due. It’s that if it suits us mentality

        • Bonuses that are due are for the upcoming season, before they’ve played a down. They’re not for past work and screwing the player over, it’s an advance on the upcoming season. If they pay the “roster bonus” and then cut the player then the team is out that bonus and gets no value from that player for the season. It actually protects the player, because if they get cut this early they can seek other employment and hopefully a full season’s worth of wages. If they get cut after season starts then they’re not getting their full wage and it’s very possible for a lot of them they don’t get picked up by another team and have to wait until next year before they get paid again…

  5. OK in 2017 Wildler signed on and knew what his entry level contract was and is, and for how long. James Wildler was an NFL cast off to begin with, with stints with other NFL clubs, and was recently cut by the Bills.

    He tries the CFL, and was playing on special teams. Trestman tried him at tailback after Whittaker got injured. Yes he did excel and ripped off a few long runs, and boosted up his rushing average. No doubt he helped Argos along their way in the playoffs and an Grey Cup.

    He signed on for the 2 years, had a good year, but if every player had a good year, one can’t expect to re-negotiate their contract, or every and any player would demand the same.

    Far as Argo’s not letting Wildler test the NFL waters? I believe it’s against the CBA rules? Could be wrong, but B.C. got fined for letting Adam Bighill pursue the NFL. But other CFL teams players have tried the NFL without having a contract.

    James Wildler is only hurting himself, and maybe, just maybe he isn’t as good as he think he is? Maybe his second season would have proved he’s not a fluke, and in 2019 after paying his dues in the league, be in a better bargaining position to negotiate a bigger and better contract he wants.

    • Except when he signed the Argos made a verbal commitment to allow him to seek NFL opportunities this off season. That commitment wasn’t made by Jim Popp, but it’s settled ground that it was made. The Argos are not honouring their word and Wilder has every right to be pissed.

      The argument that he signed a contract carries no water when the Argos are free to terminate it on a whim and refuse to honour their own words that secured its execution.

      F*** the Argos and all the CFL teams who lack integrity and honour. Good on the BC Lions for taking the fine and doing the right thing by honouring their commitment to Micah Awe.

      • I think you are getting confused with Victor Butler, who had a verbal agreement with the previous GM Jim Barker to explore NFL opportunities after one season. Jim Popp was under no obligation to honour Barker’s promise, which was off-side the standard 1st CFL contract anyways.

        The non-guaranteed nature of players contracts is nothing new either

      • Agreed, Wilder might have come in to the CFL and signed for the minimum as a backup but he was thrust into the starters job, won rookie of the year and he doesn’t get rewarded for that?
        You are right the Argos and other teams lack integrity!!

        • What a bunch of crap Jon. He accepted the contract without bonuses. He didn’t have to sign the contract.
          What happened to honouring your commitment?

      • It is a complete lie/utter falsehood that it’s settled ground that it was made. Jim Barker, the GM who “allegedly” gave him the verbal agreement, vehemently denied doing so. So no, it’s Wilder’s word vs the team. Not remotely settled ground.

        It directly states in the contract the Argos can terminate the contract for any reason with no payments due. So when both parties sign and agree to this, as exactly what happened here, then if they release a player without payment they are doing exactly as the contract states they are able to. Not sure why people think teams are “being dishonourable” or “breaching the contract” when they release the player. Its in the contract they can do that and the players still sign it.

        • It’s “settled ground” if you don’t like the Argos but don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story.
          Barker and Popp have denied any side deals exist and I believe them.

      • Apologies, yes I believe it was Butler who claimed Barker gave him that word. Still, point still stands that it isn’t true. 🙂

  6. If his dream was the NFL why come up here and grace us with his presence?
    Live up to your contract. Coaches and players are like comparing apples and oranges.
    You can come up here and bomb at training camp and get cut, try that avenue.

  7. Gobluebruin // February 23, 2018 at 10:22 am //

    I know football careers are fleeting and timing is everything, but as good as JWJ is he is making a huge assumption that an NFL team would want or need him. He is better off fulfilling his contract and attempting to make the move next year when the contract ends. As. A point of reference Adam Bighill former BC Lion played 3 games for the NFL New Orleans Saints in 2017………he made 3 tackles about 99 less than he did in the CFL. He might be back with BC soon?

    • Wilder has had several opportunities in the NFL and couldn’t stick.
      Argonauts rescued him from the scrap heap and gave him a chance, a fact that Wilder conveniently seems to forget.

  8. Minimum salary maybe but let’s not forget playoff money. A player gets extra for finishing 1st, playing in the final & in the Grey Cup. The Grey Cup winner gets more than the loser. Add it all up & Wilder received an extra $$$$ north of $25,000. So the situation isn’t quite as dire as it sounds. Let’s not forget he signed for the minimum with no guarantees of any extra money so he actually got compensated a fairly large % more of his base salary.

  9. Cry me a river. Just quit football and get a real job full time if taking care of your family is so important. Last I checked he isn’t a slave. This is stupid, instead of focusing on this fool, focus on players who want to play in the CFL.

    • Kyle, I don’t think using the word slave is a good idea. As a FIFA football fan also the best solution for both Helmet Football leagues are the FIFA rules. Search on Wikipedia for FIFA Transfers and Loans

      • I think slave is perfectly fine word to use. He is not owned by the Argos. His contractual rights to play football int he CFL or NFL is owned by the Argos. As I said, if he doesn’t want to play football for the Argos leave the sport. He spent three years bouncing around the NFL before the Argos gave him a shot and Whitaker got hurt. Players like this can shove it and leave the league for good.

  10. Hey:
    Forget all the other stuff about coaches putting in their time etc, the simple explanation is that coaches sign a contract that is not within the realm of the CBA and in that one-to-one relationship between the coach and the club, they can agree to reach any terms and administration of the contract they so wish.

    • Correct. A good analogy is the coaches are out-of-scope (non-union), while the players are in-scope (part of a union). The employment contracts, benefits and obligations for in-scope and out-of-scope are very different. This is common across many Canadian workplaces.

  11. Edward Leslie // February 23, 2018 at 10:59 am //

    It doesn’t sound like theres a lot of love and support for JWJ. He’s really just coming off as a big baby.
    He had a partial season and figures he shoukd have the exact same rights as a long time coach like Brady.
    There are literally thousands of graduating football players from US colleges every year. The vast majority never even get a shot at the NFL. Wilder will be the answer to a “what ever happened to” trivia question in a few years, when he could’ve had a long career in the CFL.

  12. I might add that most players that come here from the USA in their hearts want & believe they can play in the NFL. Fact is they are here because, well, the NFL hasn’t picked them. So all the risk lies with the teams who have spent $$$ scouting them, inviting them to camps etc. If they make it to a team a 2 year committment is not unreasonable. Most who come here get a chance to have at least a decent CFL career, & those who have a good year or 2 get a shot at the NFL. Fact is few make it past PR’s. Most like Wake, Walker, Zylstra etc are grateful for the chance the CFL gave them & never complained about paying tne money to attend a tryout or the 2 years.

  13. Be gone James – and don’t come back !

  14. GEEESH…. can the argos give this baby a release…

    The whining and crying is getting too much to bear….

    You may need to change his diaper before he leaves…

  15. Wilder previously said he would never speak of his situation again. How can we miss you if you never go away? I see you tweeted on February 22 at 12:19pm, you must have been on lunch break from your imaginary construction job.

    Wilder has been entitled his entire life and was coddled at Florida State. No one forced him to sign a 2 years contract with Toronto. Wilder needs to honor his contract or shut up and go away.

  16. Tired of listening to him. Go back to your construction job and in a few yrs when the ”what if’s” start .you may then realize what a mistake you made.

  17. Fan in the stands // February 23, 2018 at 12:09 pm //

    Why is this guy even news anymore. Go sell cars, or insurance, in Tampa, or Atlanta, or where ever you live Mr. Wilder. Go make a living to support your family. The fact remains you SIGNED A CONTRACT, to play with Argos. A standard two year, CFL Player, contract. I believe CFL coaches are exempt from the same rules. CFL teams have incurred a financial penalty for letting players go early.

    Hey, if you wait a year or two, you can try out for the XFL 2.0. Not sure you will get it any easier under Vince McMahon.

  18. Oh wilder just zip it you were probably sitting on the couch planning your next part time job when the argos called . Be thankful instead of being an ass!

  19. Richard Cunningham // February 23, 2018 at 1:08 pm //

    Honestly he should just retire from the CFL. Let Wilder chase his DREAM! bad management move by the Argos

    • Let Wilder chase his dream NFL job in 2019… nothing bad at all by the Argos… this idiot is burning bridges with any team in the CFL with his attitude. The CFL does not need characters like this. Good riddance Jr. Enjoy your construction job… it may end up being your permanent ‘dream’ job.

  20. And this awkward situation continues. Come on owners! Get your crap together and put in a new option year clause!

  21. Jeff Stump // February 23, 2018 at 2:04 pm //

    The guy didn’t even rush for 1000 yards last year and he makes it sound like he’s going to be a pro-bowler in the NFL. I hope after sitting out for 2018, and not even making an NFL practice squad in 2019…that no team in the CFL even looks at the guy. Go work at McDonald’s and see how you provide for your 4 kids. Maybe read & understand the contract you sign next time, which really hope there is no next time in the CFL for such an ungrateful guy.

  22. greenenvy? // February 23, 2018 at 2:16 pm //

    Does anyone really believe he’ll sit out? What’s the point? Next year he’s still bound to fulfill the balance of the contract I believe. Just do the time & take your chances down south in 2019. What other option does he have? Right now he believes that his stats will give him a shot. Doesn’t mean he’s any better than training camp fodder. Look at Richardson. He was a top 3 draft pick which counts for a lot more than what Wilder has on his resume.

  23. He was lucky the team stuck with him and believed in him while he struggled early on to be productive. The team carried him as a non-productive import for 12 weeks on the gameday roster before he provided some value. He signed a contract. After other teams have granted releases to guys to go to the NFL the league fined the team for this behavior. He should just be glad he in the CFL and has a job right now. He’s going to blow his career if he doesn’t show up for training camp with his head strait.

  24. most of you would be quite annoyed if your employer did not let you go to pursue your dream job that would pay you at least 5 times as much as you’re making now.especially if your window of employment was limited to maybe 3-5 more years. if for whatever reason he doesn’t make it welcome him back.
    moves like this could backfire. a promising player might think twice before signing if he knew this is how he might be treated…

    • True….but…..if you were a star employee who did well in a short amount of time and your employer consistently has problems keeping around star employees and it ends up stunting his business year after year because they keep leaving, he may not actually be so inclined to let you go….

      • then it is up to the employer to provide incentive for the employee to stay.
        there was a time when CFL and NFL salaries were not that far apart…40 years ago
        now someone on the practice roster makes over 90 thousand

        • Not really though, hence the signing of the contract. Mutual agreement for a set term at a set amount of money. Player can choose to leave if they want but non-compete in said contract will keep you from working at a competitor. AKA NFL.

  25. Sounds like this guy is all about the NFL….CFL is just small potatoes where you can sign a contract and then pretend it doesn’t exist…Wild would not be anywhere near getting a shot down south if it wasn’t for the Argo’s …It’s about time some of these players showed a little gratitude and at least honour the contract they signed..Too much to ask??,,,then don’t come here.

  26. James, God helped you further your career with the Argos and to win the Grey Cup. God would want you to be a man of honour. Honour the contract you signed in good faith!

  27. Making sense // February 23, 2018 at 5:07 pm //

    The CFL yaps of a salary cap, which is ridiculously low and yet each team supposedly on the brink of bankruptcy employs a flotilla of coaches at excessive salaries. The salary cap should be raised a million bucks. This money could be freed up by each team eliminating four coaches at $250,000 apiece.

    • What you’re describing is a major problem the league has between attracting/retaining talent, putting an entertaining product on the field, and ensuring teams are profitable/dont go bankrupt. The fix isn’t that simple.

      At the end of the day, teams need to attract and retain talent. Number one priority. That is done mainly with money, but there is limited supply due to revenues and a cap to keep things fair and ensure teams dont overspend and go bankrupt. Problem with taking money from coaching is that’s the other big piece of how teams attract talent. If teams arent paying to bring in the right people to develop player skills, further their careers, and ultimately win then that’s a huge issue for a lot of people. See Jones in Hamilton. He’s here for his ability to attract players (Manziel) because he’s a good coach and people want to play for him for a small CFL salary. He’s also here to bring in other coaches (Glanville, Briles, Steinaur). If you start cutting coaches budgets and give it to the players you’re just going to likely end up with arguably a talent pool of weaker players making more money, which makes no sense.

  28. Marcus Brady gave the CFL a lot of years in playing and coaching in the league. Most coaches have it WRITTEN in their contracts that they can be released of that contract if certain opportunities come their way. One more year hopefully a great one for Wilder will not hurt him in getting back to the NFL. It would only benefit him if he has a full 18 plus game year as a starting RB. The NFL will wait on him believe you me.

  29. Contracts should be honored. CFL is a lawless land, where insiders run the business like a cartel.

    I can understand his position.

    • Contracts are honoured, all the time. When you sign a contract saying you can be released at any point in time then you agree to those terms. Thats 100% the definition of honouring a contract, when both parties agree to terms and abide by them. If you have an issue with “can be released at any point in time without pay” then dont sign it.

  30. Life lesson: Belonging to a union has positives and negatives, not being in a union has positives and negatives

    Wilder is finding out what one of the negatives of being in a union are (bound by terms of collective bargaining agreements), and what one of the positives of not being in a union are (coaches not bound by a collectively bargained contract).

  31. Drboom2000 // February 23, 2018 at 9:28 pm //

    How can a team promote a player and sell tickets to get revenue when a player decides he is to good for the league after they invested money in him and signed a contract in good faith. No return on investment for the team. He was not as good as he and others think he was, good but not great. It takes a team to win, not an individual. Maybe he should get together with Jonny football and play catch.

  32. Here’s an idea for Butler and Wilder – – if they’d played better during their first go round in the NFL they wouldn’t have been dumped on the scrap heap and come crawling to the CFL begging for a job. NFL teams thought so little of Wilder’s ability that he’s had ZERO rushing attempts as he kicked around on practice rosters for three years.

    Wilder was lazy and entitled during his college career and that hasn’t changed. Overhyped based on who his daddy was, problems with the law and then ran an embarrassing 4.84/40 on combine day.

    • Agree with your comments regarding his previous NFL stint.
      Half season of good CFL football = legend in his own mind.

  33. Edward Leslie // February 24, 2018 at 12:44 am //

    Why do all these American players endlessly invoke God ALL THE TIME. I can respect that they have religious principles, but always giving credit for every game, win, play. Have they not heard of “Free will”? Are we all just puppets in a spiritual puppet show?
    Wilder making it sound like God is favouring him! Next time he’ll call Jim Popp beelzebub or satan for trying to quash his dream… no, his destiny from being fulfilled. JWJ just go away!

  34. Pennyrocker // February 24, 2018 at 11:25 am //

    Question if the Riders and Stamps learned how to stop Wilder what is his chances in the NFL. I look at Wilder as someone who has a big ego and thinks sitting out a year to go NFL is say I am too good to play in the CFL. IF I was coaching and saw this guy had a good rookie year so what he refuses to play screw him why give him a chance.

  35. For most of the comments, well said. Wilder and Butler should sit this year out and quit sniveling. As far as the God comments, why do people get upset, they are not trying to push it down your throats, unlike our useless PM.

  36. Edward Leslie // February 24, 2018 at 12:14 pm //

    Les, EVERYBODY took potshots at Tim Tebow when he played because he’d always go doen onone knee and pray. But this stuff has gotten worse. So many players seem to cone from the southern U.S. states, and they can’t even get through a one minute sideline interview without saying something like “All glory to God.” And they show players from both teams having post game prayers together.
    Its like some southern baptist revival meeting. Its silly, overdone, and tiresome. Stick to football!

  37. Edward. Agreed, let’s stick to football.

  38. Pennyrocker // February 24, 2018 at 2:33 pm //

    I believe in a God as I understand him. I don’t have to back my faith in all I do. Knowing and accepting is all I need. If you have to go around praising God for everything what that tells me is your not strong in your faith. Why is your pushing your faith on others.

    I know an Grey Cup MVP who was really good as a RB. He tried the NFL and came to the CFL and was sensational enough to go back again to the NFL and got hurt pre season. He has not been heard of since. Wilder has big dreams and let’s face it wheither or not is up to him. Missed opportunity is just that when you got a chance to play.

    • greenenvy? // February 24, 2018 at 4:17 pm //

      Penny don’t you believe in the Football Gods who fix things for “favoured” players? Maybe have a talk with Darian who had such help last year – well, for 1 game at least.

  39. James, the next time you sign a contract maybe you should read it first, and maybe if you don’t understand all the details get a lawyer to explain it to you. The fact that coaches can pursue other options is a moot point. The business world, that is, the real world is full of examples were rules or business arrangements are different for different groups of employees in the same organization. Do you think bank tellers are treated the same as upper management in a bank? Since when in the real world does fairness play a factor? Grow up, the more you write the more you sound like a baby. You didn’t even start the entire 2017 CFL season, now you are acting like you are on the verge of being an NFL All-Pro. Try stringing 2 seasons together at a high level, then you will have something to talk about.

  40. What is hypocracy are players who complain over something that is in essense a gentlemen’s agreement…but in the process want the team to throw away a committment that they willingly signed for and are required to honour…

    • The gentlemen’s agreement that you speak of is an unwritten one that allows coaches to seek employment elsewhere if the position is higher than the one they already have, eg co-ordinator over position coach, head coach over co-ordinator etc. The same does not apply to players. May have mentioned the non-compete clauses in a player contract. Do CFL teams compete with NFL teams?

  41. Coaches are not under a collective agreement.They also don’t receive retirement benefits.

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