Johnny Manziel says CFL a “great league,” gets chirped by Duron

Johnny Manziel says he thinks the CFL is a “great league” and has already engaged in a certain right of passage in Canadian football these days: getting chirped by Duron Carter.

On Tuesday morning the Saskatchewan Roughriders receiver responded to a Tweet Manziel posted over the weekend and seemed to take the controversial quarterback to task for his approach.

In a recent interview, Manziel revealed he’s been diagnosed as bipolar as well as dealing with substance abuse issues. His initial Tweet seemed more in tune with that narrative than the football one, something he seemed to address in his response to Carter.

He followed up with another Tweet.

Manziel hasn’t said much about the CFL on social media or in the recent round of interviews designed to help rehabilitate his reputation. Manziel said last week that he’d be taking his talents to The Spring League, an exhibition showcase of (unpaid) players looking for an opportunity in pro football.

Manziel is clearly hoping for another NFL shot but Carter wants to see Manziel in the CFL… in part so he can utilize the defensive back skills that saw him pick off Calgary’s Bo Levi Mitchell last season.

Welcome to the CFL, Johnny. And yes, Duron does this with everyone.


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  1. Hahaha love this !

  2. solara2000 // February 20, 2018 at 2:22 pm //

    To some DC may be an airhead but I prefer to think he is a) a hell of a football player, b) a showman and c) a promoter. Question: do you want him on your side of the ball or playing for the other guys?

    • Yes showman – looks like he was showing off 30 grams and then got caught again.
      Probably a better chance that DC will not be playing this year, he will likely be serving his one year sentence

      • Green is the Color // February 20, 2018 at 2:54 pm //

        It’s Canada, no one is going to jail for possession of 30g.

      • Serious ?? Justin Castro smokes it for crying out loud and is making it legal. Apparently our PM smokes a lot of it too judging by how he’s attempting to run our country (into the ground)

      • True green // February 20, 2018 at 5:52 pm //

        It’s not 1993. He’s not doing time and he won’t likely get a record. In a few more months, his “offence” will be no different than getting caught at the airport with a case of liquor. Not very news worthy (unless you’re a) a Rider or b) Duron Carter).

    • I think a lot of us like him playing for you guys just fine. Jones can babysit him daily.

      • Green is the Color // February 20, 2018 at 5:30 pm //

        True. But Jones is smart enough to know DC would own Bo Tweet given the chance. Oh, right he got a chance and owned him for a pick six IIRC.

  3. And for those who might enjoy a visual reminder of the now legendary interception:

    When does the season start again? 😉

  4. Duron runs his mouth but he backs his Shit up

  5. Perry Mason // February 20, 2018 at 2:39 pm //

    I’d say Manziel wished Carter well with his court cases. Manziel is trying to be nice and Carter is still yapping.

  6. Paul Bomber // February 20, 2018 at 2:58 pm //

    How much is the CFL paying Duron to keep things interesting?
    Does it count against Sask’s cap? (Or maybe not as he’d get that pay no matter what team he plays on … ???)

  7. Rider4life // February 20, 2018 at 2:59 pm //

    Hey to everybody that cuts him down on 30 grams of weed and says he’s going to jail. His court day was last week and he ain’t I’m jail. He will be playing with the Riders thus year.

    • He could still be suspended by the league for a banned substance. Guilty or not,stupid is still stupid.

      • Ridersin2018 // February 20, 2018 at 4:35 pm //

        Id like for you to show us where MJ is a banned substance

      • cannabis is not tested for in the cfl.. so im pretty sure its not on the CFL banned substances list.. you think ricky williams was up here playing for the argos and NOT blazing up?, you be crazy to think he wasnt lmao

      • True green // February 20, 2018 at 5:58 pm //

        I’d bet 50% if players use cannabis at times. Banned substance, I don’t think so. Certainly not a topic the league will want to look at. They’d need a whole team under he commissionaire to deal with all the failures.

  8. hey joe. Jimmy is rolling in his grave on your comments. Bye bye grandpa.

  9. DC making the offseason interesting. Good banter between him and Manziel.

  10. Bleeding Green // February 20, 2018 at 5:09 pm //

    Love it. Duron is not going to stop being Duron and I’ve realized that. As long as he is in green and white I’m going to embrace him. Kinda wished the 2nd possession thing hadn’t have happened tho… ([email protected]$$) We’ll see what happens I guess. Hope he learns from it and grows up for his own sake. He’s a great ball player.

  11. Colour me green // February 20, 2018 at 8:30 pm //

    If Dueon says nothing, there is no article. So I’d say is good for the league. They follow his every word and action.

  12. Duron is a good guy because he takes Rider fans bowling.

  13. Carter & Manziel – – Two prima donnas with substance abuse issues that burned out of the NFL almost immediately and both get ZERO interest from the NFL now.

  14. It seems Manziel is getting sobriety advice from Duron,s Dad Chris a self professed alcoholic.

    • Bleeding Green // February 26, 2018 at 5:32 pm //

      There isn’t really anyone better to get sobriety advice from than an alcoholic who has found sobriety…?

  15. Painful off season.. can June come already?

  16. Guess Carter has not tried to cross the border or go through customs yet good luck with that he leaves the country. Won’t get back in Riders need him on defense cause they will be on the field alot with Collaros at QB

  17. I haven’t liked the guy, but I give Duron credit for talking up the league..

    Now..the drug charges!!!??

  18. TC GOLD you are a Idiot with that Collaros shot,Zac was really good in his starts with the Argos I think he was 7-1 or 6-2 than in than in 2014 took the Cats to the Grey cup and in 2015 had the Cats in first place and was considered a front runner for the MOP in late September before his injury then his OC Condell left the Cats where terrible 0-8 and despite the entire team being total crap it was all Zac’s fault with naïve fans like you.Collaros will bounce back and be a Great QB this season and I can bet you where also bad mouthing Calvillo on his way out of Hamilton how that work out for you!

    • As an Alouettes fan, I wish he had stayed in Hamilton.

      We may NOT have won the 3 GC’s in 8 attempts Calvillo managed…who knows…but then again, if Calvillo hadn’t played EVERY DOWN POSSIBLE during his career, up to the very end, maybe we would have developed a replacement, and we wouldn’t have the dumpster fire the Alouettes are right now. PLUS we wouldn’t have had to endure an AC/OC with a 5-22 record, since he retired and plagued this team with his coaching.

      How’s THAT for “bad mouthing” Calvillo?
      3-2-1 queue name-calling.

  19. I am glad we have duron in our league and I am a cat fan.

  20. Big play. Hard to say if Zach will bounce back. He appeared to play tentatively last season. Sometimes the body heals but the mind does not. Just ask the war vets who did not get shot up but are still messed up.

  21. Alex I can not believe you just compared the game of Football and a Player to War and a Veteran that is pathetic and disgusting WTF are you thinking.

    • The connection is post traumatic Stress syndrome (PTSD) which can be war, car crash, repeated beatings, or a major injury from football or even falling off the parallel bars in gymnastics. So the connection is in war you are afraid of everything now. In Zach’s case the knee injury might have made him afraid of a big hit. So he is hurrying up his throws, potentially panicking when no hit is near but just at the threat of it. Just as a war vet might freak at the sound of a muffler misfiring thinking it is the Viet Cong. That type of thing. PTSD happens on any traumatic event and a major knee injury caused by a big hit would qualify. As would a car crash or hitting your head coming off a ski jump in the winter Olympics. Your reaction is way over the top. Obviously you are not familiar with PTSD and its war and non war causes but essentially it can happen in a non military situation. I used the war example because the general population misconception is PTSD only happens in war but it can happen anywhere. Zach probably has PTSD related to football hits. That is my best guess having known many PTSD patients from both military and non military related events.

  22. Karlo Berkovich // February 22, 2018 at 12:18 am //

    The term is rite of passage not “right” of passage.

  23. Karlo Berkovich // February 22, 2018 at 12:24 am //

    I offered my editing acumen (retired journalist) to this overall really good site, didn’t even get courtesy of an acknowledgement or reply.

  24. If only there were a way these two “deploraballers” could cancel each other out, before the season.

  25. Pennyrocker // February 24, 2018 at 6:09 pm //

    I say enough of Man zillion either take your shot at CFL or get of the pot.

    • pennyrocket this is a big two year commitment so he wants to make sure he has no regrets about making that commitment. He wants to make sure his NFL dreams are not going to happen this year. Then he will be all in for two years. If you are insulted by that then you must be insulted by the Canadian born Football players who exhaust their NFL options before settling back in for along career in the CFL.

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