What every CFL team did in free agency, ranked

With the first few days of CFL free agency in the books, 3DownNation’s Drew Edwards and John Hodge have ranked the nine CFL teams on their work so far, taking into consideration what they reportedly paid for their acquisitions and the players they lost.

* denotes a re-signing.

Kienan LaFrance

1. Winnipeg Blue Bombers


NAT REC Nic Demski (SSK)
NAT RB Kienan LaFrance (SSK)
INT DB Chandler Fenner (BC)
NAT REC Mitchell Baines (HAM)
INT DL Craig Roh (BC)


NAT DL Jamaal Westerman (MTL)
INT DB T.J. Heath (TOR)
NAT REC Julian Feoli-Gudino (OTT)
NAT LB Sam Hurl (SSK)


NAT DT Jake Thomas

Notes: The Bombers used free agency to get younger, more talented, and add local flavour in Winnipeg natives Demski and LaFrance. Demski replaces an aging Westerman as a Canadian starter (albeit at a different position), while Fenner is essentially a younger and more physical version of Heath. Roh provides pass rush depth with Jackson Jeffcoat and Tristan Okpalaugo.

Julian Feoli-Gudino

2. Ottawa Redblacks


INT DE A.C. Leonard (SSK)
INT DB Loucheiz Purifoy (BC)
INT DB Rico Murray (TOR)
NAT REC Julian Feoli-Gudino (WIN)
NAT LS Tanner Doll*
NAT DL Cameron Walker (TOR)
NAT DB Andrew Lue (EDM)
INT LB Kyries Hebert (MTL)
NAT DT Daryl Waud (TOR)


NAT DT Zack Evans (SSK)
NAT DB Adam Berger (CGY)
INT REC Juron Criner (EDM)
NAT REC Jake Harty (SSK)


INT LB Sedarius Bryant
INT DB Jerrell Gavins
NAT DL Arnaud Gascon-Nadon
INT LB Taylor Reed

Notes: Evans leaves a gaping hole in the middle of Ottawa’s defensive line, though many are excited to see what A.C. Leonard will be able to achieve in Noel Thorpe’s system. Purifoy and Murray possess the versatility teams covet, while Lue, Walker, and Feoli-Gudino are nice depth additions.

Lirim Hajrullahu

3. Hamilton Tiger-Cats


NAT K Lirim Hajrullahu (TOR)
NAT LB Nick Shortill*
INT LB Larry Dean*
NAT DT Ted Laurent*


NAT LB Mitchell Barnett (BC)
INT DB Dominique Ellis (MTL)

NAT FB C.O. Prime

Notes: The Ticats didn’t add much, but they lost very little. Retaining Dean, Laurent, and Shortill was key, while Hajrullahu brings with him a Canadian passport and the ability to perform all three kicking jobs. Hamilton is clearly banking on their late-season success spilling into 2018.

4. Edmonton Eskimos


INT RB John White*
INT DE Alex Bazzie (BC)
NAT LB Adam Konar*
INT DB Johnny Adams*
INT DB Forrest Hightower*
INT REC Jamill Smith*
NAT LB Doug Parrish
INT DB Nick Taylor*
NAT REC Rory Kohlert
INT REC Juron Criner (EDM)
INT RB Travon Van*


INT OL Joel Figueroa (BC)
INT DL Euclid Cummings (BC)
INT DB Garry Peters (BC)
INT K/P Swayze Waters (TOR)
NAT REC Corey Watson (BC)
NAT DB Andrew Lue (OTT)


NAT OL Simeon Rottier
INT LB Alex Hoffman Ellis

Notes: Retaining Adam Konar was an excellent move for an Eskimo team that saw the Calgary product take on an increased role last season. Bazzie will take over Odell Willis’ old rush end spot, though Figueroa and Cummings will be missed in the trenches.

TJ Heath

5. Toronto Argonauts


INT DB T.J. Heath (WIN)
INT K/P Swayze Waters (EDM)
INT DB Ronnie Yell (B.C.)
INT DB Johnny Sears*
NAT DB Jermaine Gabriel*
NAT RB Greg Morris


NAT K/P Lirim Hajrullahu (HAM)
INT DB Mitchell White (MTL)
INT DB Rico Murray (OTT)
NAT DL Cameron Walker (OTT)
INT QB Cody Fajardo (BC)
NAT DT Daryl Waud (OTT)


INT LB Bear Woods
INT DB Akwasi Owusu-Ansah
INT REC Jeff Fuller
INT RN Brandon Whittaker

Notes: Retaining Jermaine Gabriel was key, while Heath is an elite CFL cover man. The Argos have a hole at middle linebacker, but there’s still the possibility of re-adding Bear Woods. Waters will need to regain his 2014 form or the Argos will regret letting Hajrullahu get away.

Emanuel Davis

6. Calgary Stampeders


INT DB Emanuel Davis (HAM)
NAT DB Adam Berger (OTT)
NAT DL Ese Mrabure (SSK)
INT LB Deron Mayo*
INT RB/KR Roy Finch*
INT OL Derek Dennis (CGY)


INT DB Joe Burnett (MTL)
INT DB Tommie Campbell (MTL)
NAT RB Jerome Messam (SSK)



Notes: Calgary never spends lavishly in free agency and this year was no exception. Retaining the dynamic Roy Finch was huge, while Mrabure, Berger, and Davis are key depth signings. All of the Stamps’ departures are over the age of thirty which, for a team looking to get younger, isn’t a bad thing.

Travis Bond

7. Saskatchewan Roughriders


NAT OL Zack Evans (OTT)
NAT RB Jerome Messam (CAL)
INT OL Travis Bond (WIN)
NAT OL Dan Clark*
NAT FB/TE Spencer Moore*
NAT REC Jake Harty (OTT)


NAT LB Henoc Muamba (TBA)
NAT REC Nic Demski (WPG)
NAT RB Kienan LaFrance (WPG)
INT DE A.C. Leonard (OTT)
NAT DL Ese Mrabure (CGY
INT DN Otha Foster (BC)
INT OL Derek Dennis (CGY)
NAT RB Greg Morris


INT OL Bruce Campbell
NAT DT Eddie Steele

Notes: Adding hometown product Zack Evans was one of the best signings league-wide, but the Riders lost too much young national talent to consider this year’s free agent period a win. Messam will soon turn 33, while Bond has yet to prove he can excel at the tackle spot.

Joel Figueroa

8. B.C. Lions


INT DB Otha Foster (SSK)
NAT REC Corey Watson (EDM)
INT DL Euclid Cummings (EDM)
INT DB Garry Peters (EDM)
INT OL Joel Figueroa (EDM)
INT OL Jeremy Lewis (MTL)
NAT OL Chris Greaves (MTL)
NAT DB Dominique Termansen (MTL)
NAT LB Mitch Barnett (HAM)
INT DB A.J. Jefferson (OTT)
INT QB Cody Fajardo (TOR)


INT DB Chandler Fenner (WPG)
INT DL Alex Bazzie (EDM)
INT DB Louchiez Purifoy (OTT)
INT DB Ronnie Yell (B.C.)
INT DL Craig Roh (WPG)


NAT OL Kirby Fabien
INT REC Nick Moore

Notes: Ed Hervey wanted to improve at the line of scrimmage and the additions of Cummings and Figueroa will certainly help. Foster will help secure the strong-side linebacker position, but the losses of Fenner and Purifoy will hurt the Lions on the back end.

Jamaal Westerman

9. Montreal Alouettes


NAT DL Jamaal Westerman (WPG)
INT DB Tommie Campbell (CAL)
INT DB Joe Burnett (CAL)
INT DB Mitchell White (TOR)
INT QB Drew Willy*
INT DB Dominique Ellis (HAM)
INT K Boris Bede*
INT OT Xavier Fulton*
NAT DB Tevaughn Campbell*
NAT OL Matt Vonk*
NAT REC S.J. Haidara*


NAT DB Dominique Termansen (BC)
NAT OL Chris Greaves (BC)
INT LB Kyries Hebert (OTT)

INT DB Brandon Stewart

Notes: For a team that desperately needs to get younger, Montreal didn’t hesitate to add or retain a swath of players on the wrong side on thirty in Burnett (31), Campbell (30), Willy (31), Fulton (31), and Westerman (33).

Drew Edwards

Drew Edwards

Drew Edwards is into his eighth season covering the CFL and the Ticats for the Hamilton Spectator. He is the founder and editor of 3DownNation.
Drew Edwards
Drew Edwards
About Drew Edwards (1571 Articles)
Drew Edwards is into his eighth season covering the CFL and the Ticats for the Hamilton Spectator. He is the founder and editor of 3DownNation.

49 Comments on What every CFL team did in free agency, ranked

  1. Winnipeg? #1?
    They added 4 back up players and lost 3 starters.
    The Winnipeg boys haven’t proved to be anything in this league.

    • Such a stupid comment. Give yourself a pat on the back… with a chair.

    • Fenner is an upgrade on Heath. Roh is a nice addition to rotate with Jeffcoact & Okpalaugo. Demski is an alright starter slotting in behind Adams, Bowman & Dressler

      • Where’s the thumbs up button. Not to mention that Hurl isn’t even a loss as the Bombers are stacked on special teams (i’m not even going to start with the MLB position). Now I’m starting to think that they let him hit FA with the implication that he would only try to sign with the Riders in order to take them down from the inside. Phase 1 complete.

      • They don’t play same position. Heath/Fenner. Over paid Fenner. Which in the CFL you usually have to do to get guys to leave. Roh was a solid get. Anytime you can get starters at a value price its good. Because of the $ the Fenner signing won’t look great. System guy not a cover guy. Interesting situation Bombers have with Mo Legget and Fenner. Who plays SAM/Nickel???

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  2. Paul Bomber // February 16, 2018 at 10:52 am //

    Ssk picked up Hurl? Cool…..

    • Unless you’re a Riders fan.

      • Good one! and you are right! Can’t figure what is going on with our OLine / Riders. No left tackle? Spent free agent money on an American guard? which can be found easily. Doesn’t say much about our drafting of Bladek and St John. We spent a ton of money on Collaros and he’ll be getting killed. Not seeing any plan at least yet (hopefully). Wait and see I guess.

        • Last place for the SLIDERS…just like the Chamblin years…”one and done”, except the Sliders did not win a Grey Cup under Jones, but last year’s finish will be the best that they can do with this cast of misfits (and criminals).

  3. Glad to see John White is still with the Eskies. Hopefully he’s fully recovered from the ACL injury to take some of the offensive load off of Reilly’s shoulders & remove some of the sting of losing Zylstra.

  4. I’m not agreeing with this analysis much, but in fairness it’s very difficult to weight all the different parts. At least a couple of the Riders moves were the partial product of the acquisition of Hughes. When a new player comes in someone has to leave. Hughes came in prior to this FA period but the players leaving left during, so only looking at the FA period doesn’t give you a complete picture.

    I also disagree with the comment about young Canadians leaving. I think in each of these cases it was the only thing to do. In a few years we may rue the day that Demski got away, because I think he’s got a whole lot of upside that we haven’t seen yet, but right now he was not going to beat out Rob Bagg, who is here for leadership reasons as well as being a clutch receiver. We arguably could have trade Demski last year and got something for him, but Jones loves his depth, and that depth has bailed us out more than once.

    As for the others, LaFrance is not a starting calibre player and Messam obviously is, so that’s a no-brainer. Backup Canadian RBs are not that hard to find. Mrabure I think is a great player as well, but for us he was kind of a tweener and Evans is a perfect fit, so that trade-off is also a no-brainer as well, imo. That brings us to Muamba, who is a good player but who had a huge contract. That situation has been talked to death already, so I’ll leave it alone. Apart from the favorable trade-offs I guess the bottom line is that Jones can find talent, including Canadian talent, through the draft, or trades, or free agency, so it’s not as big a deal to lose some young guys.

    • greenenvy? // February 16, 2018 at 7:03 pm //

      Rob Bagg had the worst stats year since 2012, only caught 57% of his targets, 2nd lowest yds/catch of his career. He had the not so nice distinction of making the list of 3 receivers who didn’t break one tackle after catching the ball. He’s 33 & isn’t the clutch receiver he once was. He’s on the team because the next National behind him caught 5 passes – the Rider depth as it were. The Riders made a great signing in Evans, much needed, & added some pieces like Hughes & Messam who, realistically, may or may not have one more year of production in them. I thought the Riders did great early & then went off the rails particularly with the Muamba situation. Foster, the 2016 nominee for MOP on the D, Knox & Muamba are all gone now & these are experienced players, all between 25-29. They’re so easily replaceable. The remarks about losing young National talent like Mrabure & Demski is accurate IMO. All these expensive signings have necessitated getting rid of experience in some key areas like MLB. The Riders are likely going to have to find younger guys at the vacant CB position, throughout the LB corps, & maybe at LT. I’m curious to see how Jones is going to handle this but he was going well until yesterday.

    • You say Jones can find talent??? What talent has he found? Seems to me like the entire Sask Club is a product of poaching. He hasn’t brought anyone to sask he has bought them! If Demski were healthy Bagg would not be in Sask! Mr. Clutch last year was Grant. Sask short history with this leadership has shown Buy High sell fast! Make a lot of noise in FA and then send them away before contract is up! Carter won’t avoid suspension from league there is no way to say the OL is better and you are bringing in a new QB with a Fragile psychy and body! Lafrance is in line with other bad FA signing over the last 3 offseasons. The Best job Jones has done finding and developing talent is AC Leonard and converting him to DE. Other than that…Jones hasn’t really found anyone! Edmonton continued to give NEW talent opportunity to shine after Jones left proving what is already known…Jones got WAY too much credit for finding talent. Good Coordinator and defensive mind. But avg at best at Talent eval and Finding talent!

  5. I don’t know. AS an Als fan, I’d have to give Kavis Reed a Z- overall since he took over as GM. And his obnoxious claim that he “needs to educate the fans” abut the need to sign and develop young quarterbacks of the future was so much bull, when a few days later he went out and signed 30yr old Josh Freeman.
    And yes, it’s hardly a youth movement when you’re signing 30+yr old defensive players…
    Still, it would have been nice to read an evaluation of the talent the Alouettes signed, and whether they’ve improved overall, instead of a flippant and completely uninformative comment about “age”.

    3Down Nation continues to be DEAD LAST in Alouettes coverage. In this at least, 3DownNation is under serving 1/9th of the league, and who could blame us if Alouettes fans are starting to get a little PISSED about it.

    Maybe change the name to 8/9 of the 3DownNation. You suck!!!4

    • BleedGreen // February 16, 2018 at 3:01 pm //

      I give Reed and Sherman the season. Think they had a strong FA. This list is biased big time, are you getting kicked back to give Montreal the shaft.
      Hamilton didn’t sign Laurent, Shortall and Dean in FA, they extended them before giving them Lirim.
      Riders FA still a big question mark, lost some great players. Picked up players not as good but less money.
      Ed Hervey did a great job in FA way better than the 7 in front of him. His DL is solid, made some strong National signings.
      Problem with Ed and Kavis Drew?

  6. Can anyone tell us what happened in Duron Carter’s court case in Winnipeg yesterday?

  7. I liked this analysis better than the last one because it took into consideration departures and signings. I don’t think team’s re-signing of their own players should enter into the report though, because most teams had 20+ free agents at the end of the season and re-signed many of them which aren’t included here. They should all be included or none of them included.
    I’d only look at new additions/deletions to the team. Anyone who was on the team last year does not enter into the evaluation.

    • Sorry don’t agree that retaining key player shouldn’t enter into the evaluation as some of those players are often highly coveted by other teams and losing them – especially to a divisional competitor – could hurt a team. E.g. Laurent and Dean would have been highly coveted players but Hamilton overall remains stronger because they were able to keep them “in the fold”.

      • Then the analysis should all potential free agents who re-sign with their own team, not just select guys who signed close to the free agent deadline like Dean and Laurent.
        The Stampeders, for example, resigned Parker and Daniels the day before free agency begins, and they are excluded, but the Hamilton guys who re-sign a few hours later, yet still before the deadline are included.

      • This season,once again, the Cats work feverishly to obtain one player, a kicker from Toronto, to ensure that the Cats get to the Cup.This keen eye for talent and their astute analysis of free agents is sure to bring the fans the coveted Cup.Pay Laurent less money and make the overall team stronger will be the teams rallying cry.

  8. I really don’t see why Ottawa is second. I’m not sure they got any better. I also think Montreal should be significantly higher. Yes, the offense is still awful but at least the defense made sizeable improvements.

    • Too busy carrying on their shananagans. The real story should be that dispite the effort of 3DownNation to put a bs story up on the landing page of your site and tweet it into oblivion, Reed still signed his number one target in free agency. As reported by Herb Zurkowsky during an interview with Westerman himself, ALL offers were comparable financially. You clowns still try to poison the media against the Als and report false numbers to support your narrative. Shame on you.

  9. Blue rules // February 16, 2018 at 1:23 pm //

    Childress, I agree with your point to not include the names of players who re-sign with their own team, however I disagree with your assertion that the potential FA who signed prior to the start of free agency would be the same thing, IMO they never actually made to free agency.

  10. As an Eskimos fan who witnessed Ed Hervey build a Grey Cup winner in a few years as GM, I think his moves as Lions GM are being underrated. I’ve been more impressed with him in FA than I have with Sunderland. Cummings was the best defensive lineman on the Eskimos last year, and he’s young. Cory Watson is a great Canadian depth signing.

  11. Thus, here is my ranking of how teams fared in free angency so far:
    1. B.C.
    2. Montreal – good free angency showing but until the find a proven quarterback they’re still easily the worst team in the league. This article failed to mention the signing of Canadian receiver Jake Harty, a good depth signing.
    3. Winnipeg- Fenner in for Heath. Demski’s an upgrade on Feoli-Gudino.
    4. Hamilton – Dean and Laurent aren’t factoring into my analysis as they were already in Hamilton last year. Only major addition: Hajrullahu. Only major substractions: Barnett and Ellis. Not bad.
    5. Calgary – as I write this it’s been reported that the Stamps have signed Derek Dennis. Consider that a big win, although losing Messam will hurt.
    6. Ottawa – The secondary gets better. The defensive line gets less Canadian. The linebackers get older. Feoli-Gudino is an upgrade on Jake Harty.
    7. Toronto – Waters in for Hajrullahu. Heath and Yell in for Murray and White. The Argos about break even.
    8. Saskatchewan – too much loss to make up for the additions of Evans and Messam.
    9. Edmonton – Without taking into account re-signings, the Eskimos have been very quiet. Bazzie is a downgrade on Cummings and Kohlhert is a downgrade on Watson.

    • Great post. Agree with your analysis and your Rankings are better then Drew’s. Interested on getting your thoughts on why you think the Lions are number one as they lost Yell, Roh, Fenner, Bazzie, Purifoy who were all big contributors last season who were likely earning big dollars. However last season’s last place finish meant changes were needed and in order to make the needed changes some big contributors with large contracts had to be let go in order to upgrade the O-Line and D-line. Do you think the changes on the O-line will improve the offence and will the changes on the D-line mean a better pass rush which may improve the secondary overall.

      • greenenvy? // February 16, 2018 at 8:25 pm //

        Hervey concentrated on the lines as he said he would & I like what he’s done. But they really have a problem in the defensive backfield IMO. The guys he brought in are primarily depth players who, when healthy, were 2nd stringers in Edmonton. Peters started a while @ CB & HB but when they got Thompson, Hightower & later Grymes, all HB’s, that was it. Adams & Colquhon are the starting CB’s. Jefferson had a great year in TO & is still young but was brought in last year with all the injuries & never made it past the PR. Cauchy Muamba is a so-so Safety who played well for a year under Jones but just isn’t all that good & Dubuisson was perhaps a 3rd string safety at best in Edmonton. A big body, which is why Jones brought him to Riders last year but hasn’t been able to find a regular spot. So though Hervey has brought in some good players to BC, when they lost Fenner, Purifoy & Yell, these replacements are really ex-Esks who can’t make the roster. I would expect the Lions will bring in a lot of DB’s to camp or try to trade for a couple before them & would be very surprised if more than 1 or 2 are starters this year.

      • I rank the Lions #1 because:
        #1) They have added a lot of Canadian depth, and Canadian depth cannot be underestimated (see: Calgary)
        #2) I agree with Hervey that the battle is won in the trenches. In my view, an all-star defensive lineman will always be more valuable than an all-star defensive back.
        As usual though, it’ll come down to quarterback play. If Lulay can stay uninjured, or Jennings plays like he did two years ago, the Lions are instant Grey Cup contenders again.

    • greenenvy? // February 16, 2018 at 8:09 pm //

      Hohey, let me make you feel a little better. Bazzie has about the same sacks/game in his career as Willis, & he is replacing Willis. Cummings was very expensive. Last year he had 8 sacks, great for a DT, but they traded Willis for Ceresna who, with Evans, had the 2nd most pressures in the league next to Cummings/Sewell. The Esks still have Bowers who had 7 sacks in rotation with Cummings & Sewell, & now Ceresna who is a big younger guy than Cummings & much cheaper. So Esks got a 6 yr younger Bazzie than Willis as a replacement & Ceresna takes Cummings place. They had to get money somewhere & felt they could let Cummings go. Kohlert I don’t like & is a downgrade on Watson but about the same size & 4 years younger & Sunderland also got Criner who Justin Dunk really likes. He’s big & 6 years younger than Watson. I like Watson but he is primarily a big body for blocking & now they have those other 2 younger big bodies. Also last year’s 1st round pick, Behar, needs to be worked into the lineup after learning the system last year. Sunderland looks like he concentrated on getting most of his big names back. When healthy at the end of the year, they were a hard team to stop. They got Gable along with White & Van & if they get Grymes back for a year, he’s done a good job. The big need for the Eskimos is a LT to replace Figueroa. Otherwise they’re in good shape. Kelly can play both tackle spots so they may be looking that way. I think the Esks, Calgary & Winnipeg look like the top 3 in the West but free agency isn’t over yet.

      • Greeenvy, great insights this post and to my post, thanks.

        • I should probably say that the West will be a crap shoot. Though I see the Stamps, Esks & Bombers a touch ahead now, all 5 teams are close IMO. I think Jennings is going to get back to form with an improved OL, Lions had the best running game last year, & are loaded at receiver. I really like their DL. Brooks & Cummings are killers in the middle, Willis was voted an All- Star by the CFLPA, his peers. My own feeling is the Lions biggest addition may be Jarious Jackson. Khari didn’t use the players to full advantage & they got frustrated, especially Rainey.

      • I’m not upset by Sunderland’s moves as GM, although I still think he really needs to shore up the Eskimos’ Canadian depth. But as Calgary’s proved, you don’t need to be a big player in free agency to be successful. I liked that the Eskimos have re-signed a lot of players. But given that my rankings didn’t take into consideration re-signings, the Eskimos rank last in free agency due to the loss of Cummings and the loss of a decent Canadian receiver in Watson. I do still expect the Eskimos to compete for a Grey Cup based on their current roster, however.

  12. Hohey- thanks for your analysis. You make some really valid points. I disagree with a few points. Did you see Bazzie before he departed for the NFL? He is a very quick, undersized edge rusher. The poor man’s Cam Wake or Odell from five years ago. He should make a ton of plays and is a huge upgrade over Odell and Hunt. Resigning all 3 RBs and A couple receivers and picking up Criner are smart moves. Retaining Konar was huge . I don’t like tha they let Watson go but he is aging and was prone to mistakes last season that included penalties and fumbles. I think they are more 4 or 5 in free agent rank thus far. Better than the Argos so far, in my opinion.

  13. Hohey, I like your ranking better too. While I would not say we should be ranked #1 necessarily, We should be closer to the top. I think we have greatly improved our O-line and definitely, if not greatly improved our D-line. I liked Bazzie and Roh but Knapton is a guy with a motor that does not stop. We lost age in replacing Bazzie with Willis but maybe gained in some locker room leadership. Cummings will be a big improvement in the interior of our line.

    I feel the same way as you about losing Yell, Fenner and Purifoy (Wally haters remember who found those guys) but…as a co-worker pointed out, if your get more pressure on the QB, it makes life easier for the secondary. However…We STILL have our free agent camps coming up and guess how we found Purifoy, Fenner and Yell. Exactly, at a free agent camp. Hervey got some key pieces and depth players as you rightly point out but remember he is not finished (as per free agent camps) and you also need those depth players. When you consider the HUGE number of injuries the asks had and the fact they still did very well, yes, part is because of Reilly but part due to Hervey “stocking the shelves” as my buddy at work calls it.

    • No question Hervey’s done a good job & the Lions should be optimistic. Last year came down to 5 minutes IMO. It’s a bit of an oversimplification but when BC let the Riders score 2 late TD’s at home in a blowout, that turned around the season for both teams. The next game the Lions didn’t take the Riders seriously, the Riders gained some confidence & beat them soundly. BC never recovered & Sask never looked back. My hunch is BC bounces back this year. Rider hopes rest a lot on 2015 vintage Zach returning. That was 3 long years ago. The dice may come up snake eyes. You just don’t know.

  14. The upside for Tommie is that he gets a brand new back pack…different colours too. Also the weather in Montreal is similar to Calgary…lots of snow.

  15. “Based on what they paid”, year right. Close to a hundred players on the list…. Please more Homer BS.

  16. Montreal got 3 “dominant” defensive starters and clearly won free agency. All Wpg got was Fenner and maybe Demski if he can stay healthy. The rest will all be backups.

  17. Green is the Color // February 19, 2018 at 3:42 pm //

    None of this matters now and it’s just click bate stories. We can come back in November and see just exactly how this played out. I doubt anywhere near what is written above.

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