Five potential landing spots for Henoc Muamba

Henoc Muamba was cut by the Saskatchewan Roughriders on Wednesday afternoon. Due to an off-season bonus on February 15, Muamba’s release was strictly a financial decision. Coming off a strong season — and not yet 29 — the middle linebacker will be in demand.

Here are five potential landing spots for the former first overall pick.

Toronto Argonauts

The middle linebacker position is currently vacant in Toronto with Bear Woods testing free agency. Muamba would be a nice fit for a team that could use some extra ratio flexibility on the defensive side of the football. The fact that Muamba was raised in Mississauga could help make the Argos an attractive option.

Ottawa Redblacks

Like Toronto, Ottawa’s incumbent starting middle linebacker — in this case, Taylor Reed — is currently testing free agency. The Redblacks were in on Muamba when he returned from his first NFL stint in Indianapolis and he’d be a great ratio fit for a team that just lost starting defensive tackle Zack Evans to Saskatchewan.

B.C. Lions

Solomon Elimimian isn’t going anywhere, but the Lions could consider deploying Muamba at weak-side linebacker. Micah Awe departed for the NFL in January and the Leos are currently without an obvious successor. B.C. also added Henoc’s brother, Cauchy, in free agency; the brothers played together in Winnipeg in 2013 and a reunion on the west coast could be desirable.

Calgary Stampeders

This is a long shot, but the Stamps are in need of national depth behind phenom Alex Singleton. Muamba would need to be willing to take a serious pay-cut (as well as a reduced role) to consider signing in Calgary, but no team provides Muamba with a better shot to win his first Grey Cup.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers

The Bombers drafted Muamba back in 2011 and went to great lengths to try to re-sign him prior to his departure for the NFL in February of 2014. The Bombers can’t have much remaining cap space and the club appears to be moving away from starting a national at middle linebacker. Still, if Muamba’s interested in a return to Winnipeg, I have little doubt the Bombers will listen.

John Hodge

John Hodge

John Hodge is a lifelong follower of the CFL who has been writing about the league since 2014. He is a two-time finalist of the Jon Gott lookalike contest.
John Hodge
John Hodge
About John Hodge (378 Articles)
John Hodge is a lifelong follower of the CFL who has been writing about the league since 2014. He is a two-time finalist of the Jon Gott lookalike contest.

37 Comments on Five potential landing spots for Henoc Muamba

  1. Riders2013 // February 14, 2018 at 9:08 pm //

    He’ll land in TO or Ottawa. He’s not gonna take a pay cut to play in cow town and the Riders have a better shot at the cup. The bombers have blown their wad so no cap space and the lions just signed Foster. Sorry to s e him go but 220k was waaay to much. Good luck Henoc wherever you land

    • The Riders already paid him $35,000. They decided that $185,000 was too much.

    • The Riders have more questions than the Stamps, especially QB & the OL. Nobody knows if Collaros isn’t this year’s Drew Willy who never regained his confidence after his last big injury. Whether you like to believe it or not an 0-12 record coming in is problematic. Sure, Masoli may have had a better OL later but that doesn’t mean Zach automatically would have been better. And overall the Rider OL gave up more sacks. Replacing Dennis with Bonds is a wash. If Campbell doesn’t sign ($$$ issues holding that up) I don’t like the look of that. Calgary got younger & still looks good to me.

  2. I can’t see Muamba being fast enough to play weak side linebacker. He is purely a MLB. I’d take BC out.
    If he was willing to play for such a reduced contract that Calgary would be interested, wouldn’t he have simply taken the pay cut in Regina and stayed there?
    I’d say Toronto, Ottawa, and Winnipeg are the three teams who aren’t set at MLB. Winnipeg could make some other changes to free up some money if they had to.

    • Esks took a look @ Muamba beforehe signed with Riders but neither Sherritt or Muamba wanted to play outside. I agree anout the speed [email protected] WIL. Some are MIKE & that’s it. Ex Rider Greg Jones was the same. Had to play in the middle.

    • Jeffrey Pedler // February 15, 2018 at 1:39 am //

      He played some weakside when he was in Winnipeg

  3. Only Montreal has the cap space left to sign him currently. He’s only worth $170 grand per season I would say

  4. Why do people think Wpg has no space? They had 200k+ on the table to Westerman last night. With him signing in Mtl, that money goes to Henoc pretty easily….

    • Walters has a news conference scheduled for 10 am. And I agree. They wanted to pay Westerman 200 grand.

  5. Muamba release strictly a financial decision? The Collaros signing is causing havoc with the rest of the roster. I guess Jones figures Sam Hurl will be an adequate replacement. It’s gonna be fun watching the Riders implode with Zach and Duron’s huge contracts and their play or lack thereof on the field this season.

  6. Add Hamilton … they may decide to move Dean outside…..

    • Which slot are you thinking? Lawrence is locked in at WILL, and I don’t think Dean is suited to SAM.

      • Just curious….Why do you think Dean is not suited for SAM?

        • He’s got the agility and coverage skills optimal for a MLB. SAM/strong-side LB requires a greater quantity of those, which usually means trading mass for speed. It calls for “natural” DB traits with some linebacker power.

          Dean is best inside.

    • Hamilton just re-signed Dean, Laurent and Tasker. They brought back the same guys but for more money and cap space, that is not an improvement. They paid more for the same guys??
      Same with the kicker, paid more for a kicker in an area where they didn’t need to improve.
      The Ticats are hoping that their same lineup will get them through this season and hope that the other teams have not improved, no upgrades.
      The only team besides the Ticats that have not upgraded are the Argos.

  7. Montreal or Winnipeg is my guess. I doubt he signs in Toronto where Popp already cut him after one season instead of paying his bonus.

  8. Henoc will do just fine. This is similar in a way to Dressler. His agent refused to renegotiate thinking that his player invaluable. Only to have to sign somewhere else for similar money that he was offered. It’s a gamble Agents and players take. As good as Henoc is and he is good. I’m sorry he’s not worth $225K. His Agent know that and he knows that. So why not renegotiate. Henoc is going to be playing somewhere else for the money he was offered in SK. Jones is not a rip off as some of (not all) uneducated Bombers fans are gossiping about. He was offered to stay.
    Because SK already paid him $35K bonus in January. He may come out ahead if he gets the next team dosent try and use the money he’s already received for 2018.
    Montreal or Ottawa is probably where he goes. Kavis will offer the most.

    • Exactly how is Jones better than everyone else? He doesn’t honor his committments either. He”s been caught cheating more than anyone & turns over more of his roster than anyone. Let’s not pretend he’s some kind of saint. Offered to stay, sure, if he gives up some dough. Rip off!!’

      • Jones is the coach not the GM or money guy.
        Jones doesn’t negotiate with players agents HE’S A COACH – he has nothing to do with “the dough”

        • Chris Jones most assuredly is the GM. By title and reputation of him being a control freak. The main reason he went to Sask is they were willing to give him the keys to the kingdom and allow him to be HC/GM/DC

  9. Folks….look at who Winnipeg and Montreal have signed in the last 24hrs….not to mention over the last few weeks and even months. If those teams still have that kind of cap space, then other key signees will have to go. I’d bet Toronto as the prime destination with Ottawa a distant second. The Only two remaining teams desperate for an mlb and would get a national to boot.

  10. Michael Taylor // February 14, 2018 at 10:26 pm //

    Toronto is interesting. Jim popp released him right before a bonus was due when he was in Montreal. Unless they’ve gotten over that, I don’t believe he will sign in Toronto.
    Toronto does offer him a team close to home. That may help them.

  11. Ps…..forgot to include the Alouettes. I’m sure Reed will be offering $600,000 if not more.

  12. BlueBomberChris // February 14, 2018 at 10:47 pm //

    For all these people who are questioning each others cap situation, firstly I’m sure the people in charge are aware what the cap is and the penalties for exceeding it so we can stop calling each others teams out of it. Secondly it is only February, and as far as I know (I could be wrong) you just have to be cap compliant when your rosters are set after TC, I believe you have until then to get within the range (TC casualties, and salary cap casualties)

  13. Trouble is having a national MLB to back him up. I don’t know who Sask had lined up behind Muamba, but unless a team has enough flexibility to adjust their ratio mid-game in case of injury, signing him as a starter carries risk.

    Plesius is also a FA, who played some in the middle in Hamilton (not great, but serviceable). Whoever signs Muamba could pick up Fredo unless they have a Canadian backup already.

  14. After reading everyone’s comments and giving this more thought, the only real options are Winnipeg (someone, likely Dressler would have to go to make room), Montreal where money is no object and Reed is clearly overspending and at this point Reed has no regard for the cap and will deal with it come May or Toronto. While desperate for a MLB (and national ratio changer in Henoc) REDBLACKS Desjardins has made it clear they are done and will not be spending any more money on any remaining free agents including Taylor Reed or Bear Woods or Greg Jones. My bet……Walters has always been aggressive in FA and isn’t afraid to pull the trigger and shuffle the deck.

    • Hey Big! How do you know Reed is overspending? Reed came into free agency with a million dollars to spend.
      Durant 475k
      Giguere 140k
      Plesius 125k
      Hebert 125k
      Mincy 70k
      Knapton 175k
      Simmons 140k
      Total $1 300 000.00
      – Williams 175k
      – Freeman 175k
      $1 000 000.00
      +Increase CAP $50 000.00
      $1 050 000.00
      If that is not enough there are still a lot of marginal players on the roster who could end up being moved.

    • Let me guess, your a Bomber fan.

  15. A heck of a lot salary and cap experts from what I just read. Let Muamba get his money and playing match wherever he can get it. Could be anywhere but don’t count out Montreal. They simply need more GOOD PLAYERS and as a ration buster Muamba fits the bill.

  16. Green is the Color // February 15, 2018 at 11:21 am //

    Don’t count out the Riders. He may resign.

  17. He doesn’t have to resign he has been let go.
    But he could re-sign

  18. Toronto makes sense. It’s really too bad this guy has moved around so much. He is a top notch MLB but his nomadic nature will affect his legacy as a player. You think of top Canadian LBs and the first name that comes to mind is Mike O’Shea and you think of him as an Argo.

  19. How can Hodge put Ottawa on that list when Noel Thorpe pushed Muamba out of Montreal?

    Think! Before writing anything that comes to your mind.

    • BlueBomberChris // February 15, 2018 at 10:26 pm //

      Actually I believe Montreal he was a salary cap casualty as well. I doubt even as controlling as Thorpe allegedly is I don’t think he would intentionally drive out a ratio breaking MLB

  20. Like the prevoius guy said.
    Winnipeg has cap left.
    If they 200 k last night to offer Westerman last night.
    What did do. Vanish. Lol.
    And he’ll be cheaper then Woods or Reed. So either way. The bombers should land one of the 3.
    Final piece of the puzzle.
    And the Bombers have the least Free agents left.
    Thomas. Denmark. Knox. Normand

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