Alouettes paying big bucks to bring in talent

Montreal took advantage of their cap space to bring in some high profile defensive players – at a high price.

Defensive end Jamaal Westerman put pen to paper on a contract that will pay him over $200,000 per season.

Westerman suffered a season-ending shoulder injury that ended his 2017 campaign prematurely. At the time he was tied for second in the CFL lead in sacks with seven. He has played in 47 CFL games making 32 sacks and forcing four fumbles. The 32-year-old spent six seasons in the NFL making 60 tackles, six sacks and one forced fumble before coming north where he was a CFL all-star in 2015, Westerman’s first year in the three-down league.

The Alouettes signed defensive backs Tommie Campbell and Mitchell White to one-year deals for over $130,000 in hard money with additional playtime and performance incentives.

Campbell has played in 35 games for the Stamps providing lockdown coverage at the boundary corner spot. He has 108 tackles and five interceptions over two seasons in Calgary. Originally drafted by Tennessee in 2011, seventh round, 251st overall, Campbell made 37 tackles, recovered one fumble and forced another and he has a 65-yard punt return touchdown to his credit. The 30-year-old’s combination of size – six-foot-three, 203 pounds – and speed (4.31-second 40-yard dash) coming out of California University of Pennsylvania are rare.

White spent two seasons with the Alouettes (2014 and 2015) playing in 28 games making 59 tackles and one interception. The Michigan State product signed with the Redblacks in 2016 and Argos in 2017, producing three picks each season and ending each year with Grey Cup championships in Ottawa and Toronto respectively. He was an East all-star in 2016 and brings reliable starting experience to the Alouettes defensive backfield.

Justin Dunk

Justin Dunk

Justin Dunk was a five-year starter at quarterback for the University of Guelph. He covers the league for Sportsnet and 3DownNation.
Justin Dunk
Justin Dunk
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Justin Dunk was a five-year starter at quarterback for the University of Guelph. He covers the league for Sportsnet and 3DownNation.

20 Comments on Alouettes paying big bucks to bring in talent

  1. Edward Leslie // February 14, 2018 at 2:39 pm //

    As much as I don’t like Kavis Reed, the players DO seem to be signing in Montreal, in spite of what that “anonymous” agent told Herb Zurkowsky.
    Jamaal Westerman, Tommie Campbell, Mitchell White, Joe Burnett and Jake Harty so far. He overpaid to keep Phillip Blake too, reportedly for $190,000. That’s a hell of a lot for a guard in the CFL!

    • BleedingGreen // February 14, 2018 at 4:56 pm //

      Good on you Alouettes, go get them. Excellent signings in Campbell and White you have got some hot corners there. Keep them coming, don’t listen to the trolls.

      • Numbers are wrong Justin, eventually someone will quote the real ones. If a source gave them to you when you have proof will you question their intentions?

    • Yes but again they are over paying for these players in order to get them. Most on one year deals. For a team that probably will finish last its a big expense for no return.

  2. $200k, Whoa……..

  3. Over paid..End off career

  4. If Reed is really paying that much then I suspect what Herb Z was saying is probably true. You never know if the “reported” salary is even close to the truth though. I’m not a K. Reed fan at all as he has been a failure wherever he has been in the past.

    • Excellent point: signing players above their value is a sign of a BAD GM and/or an undesirable team to end up on. Still, Westerman is a good Canadian signing, and we appear to be building a decent secondary.

      Which will all be next to useless unless we have a starting quarterback, and NO, I don’t mean the likes of Drew Willy or whatshisname from the NFL.

      Free (release) Willy, and Josh Free(release)man.
      Find a quarterback.

      • Hey….how about we do it like the rest of the league looking to find and develop a QB?! Bring them in for a QB competition. No? want to write everyone off before they get there ND12?

        • Really??

          And whose going to develop those quarterbacks in Montreal??

          They don’t even have a real GM….

          • BleedingGreen // February 14, 2018 at 4:53 pm //

            Do you think the GM will develop Shiltz or Jones and Sherman? QB competition is always the way to go. Some haters out there on the Als, wow.

      • Ottawa and Winnipeg overpaid for their DBS. Mtl actually ran the market up because they had $ to spend. Sask always does and then cuts them! It’s not just MTL…Ottawa paid Purifoy 145!!! Not accolades at all ever!

  5. Westerman is the best player in the league at receiving major penalties. One would almost think he receives bonuses for every one he gets. Good player but not worth the penalties or the high salary!

    • What’s missing from Dunk’s piece is the tweet from yesterday stating that Westerman was offered 200+ from WPG, Toronto was also bidding. Westerman accepted an offer below the last offer to play in Montreal.

      Reported by Jeff Hamilton yesterday via twitter
      “According to sources, Jamaal Westerman made it clear he wanted to test free agency. The Bombers were said to have spent weeks trying to retain him, offering three separate offers, with the last one coming in at nearly $200,000 — a raise of almost $40K from 2017. #wfp”

      Als paid market value for him.

  6. Overpaying for talent…a sure sign of incompetence..

  7. Reed has to do what he needs to do in order to bring the talent there. It is what it is. The guy he really needs though is QB Drew Tate

  8. All the naysayers saying Reed overpaid for certain players is somewhat baffling. Where have all the salary cap experts come from is beyond me. Be happy some solid talented players are signing with the Als and hopefully these signings will be part of a great 2018 season. The overpay part only happens when a player does not play up to the HC or GMs expectations. The signed players have YET to play a single down for the Als in 2018. All naysayers hang tight and lets all see how things play out with these players and the team. In the CFL anything is possible as we all know.

  9. Als have spent a LOT of money on remaking their defense but offense has been the bigger problem over the past several years and they still don’t have a bone fide QB unless Freeman can adapt REALLY quickly to the CFL game. But the larks have been down that road more than once in the past five years and it hasn’t worked for them yet!
    Overpaying for talent is going to come back to bite them eventually – as it has in Sask.

  10. Derrik Dennis to MTL ?? just saying Kavis is standing at an open vault. Reported that no action form other CFL teams due to Dennis contract via trade . For that matter Henoc either !!! Henoc is establishing a reputation asa gun slinger for hire bouncing around form team tom team for the best $$$ available at his term — not slagging the guy , we all would do much the same if working in a dangerous and limited career but fact is fact!!!

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