Riders cut Derek Dennis, league’s highest paid American lineman in 2017

Saskatchewan Roughriders offensive lineman Derek Dennis has been released.

He was the highest paid American offensive lineman in 2017 while playing left tackle and guard last season.

Dennis signed a lucrative three-year deal after winning the CFL’s Most Outstanding Lineman award in 2016. During his first year with the green and white the 29-year-old started out as the team’s left tackle, but after Bruce Campbell came out of retirement Dennis was shifted to left guard. He started nine games there and missed three due to injury.

The six-foot-three, 341-pounder made over $180,000 in 2017 which was due to rise to the high $180,000 range in the final two years of his original three-year agreement. That versatility was one of the reasons the Riders paid him handsomely.


23 Comments on Riders cut Derek Dennis, league’s highest paid American lineman in 2017

  1. Stumps choke // February 13, 2018 at 1:37 pm //

    Not worth the money. May resign at a lower rate. Doubtful. Someone will sign him.

  2. Ah well. One year and now cut. Fine by me.

  3. No surprise. I had hoped that we could trade him though. He and Clark were the two odds on favourites to be the two main cap casualties to pay for Collaros’ contract, and our other re-signings. I’m assuming that the fact that we re-signed Clark only today means that he took a healthy pay cut as well. Cutting LaFrance freed up a nice chunk as well. We might even have space to sign a pretty good player!

  4. Liked Dennis and wish him well. He’ll be with someone. He is fun and refreshing individual. Unfortunately way too much money for an import guard. Hopefully they use that money to resign Campbell and give Bladek or possibly St. John a shot at the position and help the ratio.

  5. Blackhawk89 // February 13, 2018 at 1:54 pm //

    Pretty big bust signing by Jones, huff knew what he was doing letting him walk

    • Actually he helped us a lot last year, but Campbell beat him out at LT, and we’re hoping to go with two Canadian OGs this year, so going forward we went in another direction.

  6. likeitlikethat // February 13, 2018 at 2:04 pm //

    Dennis probably wishes he would of took what Huff offered him last year he would of been better off in Calgary but when you can get a guy like Jones offers crazy money you take it.

  7. Pennyrocker // February 13, 2018 at 2:06 pm //

    Never know what Chris Jones does right he reels them and plays catch and release. He should be in a carnival running the merry go round.

    • He is in a circus called the SLIDERS.

      • The Lions are a joke. Straight up you have nothing to say here BC “fan”

      • greenrider89 // February 13, 2018 at 7:16 pm //

        Yeah, you’re one to talk. Last place finish last year. And you’re spouting off. Can we expect another last place finish from the B.C. Sliders? What a joke.

      • Only OVESHADOWED by the one playing in the big top known as BC PLace—- by the way , how is YOUR Cap going , Walley and ED are playing HUGE $$$ to try and stay relevant in the west !!!! good luck when the GEEZER squad of Odel and Bowman flame out !!!! as your BUSTS!!!!—- throw in Cummings as well.

  8. Now sign Campbell!!!

  9. Hey Blackhawk 89, how’s your hockey team doing? Maybe focus on that kid.

  10. There goes the cap issue!

  11. Hopefully they take that cash and sign Campbell.

  12. Lol. One year and we cut him, big f*cking deal people.

  13. …but, but , he dyed his hair green

  14. Nicely freed up that money and now they can sign Zach Evans to come back home

  15. It is good to see everyone is honoring their contracts as our Comicishinor Randy told everyone to do recently. I hope Johnny Moneyball means his contract is fully guaranteed as in they have to pay him if they cut him. This could spur other players agents to stand up for their clients the way Eric Burkhardt isstanding up for his. CFL will have to learn that treating their entry level employees with respect and honour is good for business. Just look at how well the fully guaranteed contract NBA is doing.

  16. Just guessing but I see Dennis going to BC. Hervey and Co. looking to revamp that OL any way possible.

  17. Needed to go. Signed big contract and showed up to camp in terrible shape. Looked like he was going to die from exhaustion on the sidelines during first exhibition game.

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