Bombers made a number of offers to Canadian DL Jamaal Westerman: report

Winnipeg made multiple attempts to retain Canadian defensive lineman Jamaal Westerman, according to Winnipeg Free Press reporter Jeff Hamilton.

Westerman suffered a season-ending shoulder injury that ended his 2017 campaign prematurely. At the time he was tied for second in the CFL lead in sacks with seven. He has played in 47 CFL games making 32 sacks and forcing four fumbles. The 32-year-old spent six seasons in the NFL making 60 tackles, six sacks and one forced fumble before coming north where he was a CFL all-star in 2015, Westerman’s first year in the three-down league.


9 Comments on Bombers made a number of offers to Canadian DL Jamaal Westerman: report

  1. That offer equates to about $10k for every stupid penalty he takes every year………glad he turned it down! Played very well in the last half of his first season with the Bombers but has done little of consequence since.

  2. George Porge // February 13, 2018 at 8:34 pm //

    Come to the Red and White, Jamaal. Your services (and your passport) are much needed, and you will be rewarded greatly!

  3. BlueBomberChris // February 13, 2018 at 8:40 pm //

    He can be catch 22 sometimes; he is a great pass rusher and can get to the QB and bring him down like the best of them. Unfortunately he also can take a dumb personal foul at very inopportune times. I know he tends not to get the benefit of the doubt of the QB’s on the ground and he’s around.

    High risk, high reward kinda thing. I would love him to come back but won’t lose sleep over it if he doesn’t.

  4. He’s a greedy pr***k. Bet he doesn’t get anymore than that from anyone else….

  5. Getting old and expensive and the dirtiest player in the league with a smile on his face but I’d take a good MLB over him right now. He will of course play his best against the Blue.

  6. Come to Also & join your brother.

  7. For every lock there fits a key, sometimes to cut a key costs too much, it may be better to buy a new lock. Of course if the old key still fits, then use it and look after it. It’s in everybodys best interest

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