‘Strong indications’ Riders Nic Demski headed to the Bombers in free agency: report

According to Winnipeg-based broadcaster Darrin Bauming, the Blue Bombers are likely to sign Saskatchewan Roughriders receiver Nic Demski when he becomes a free agent next Tuesday.

The 24-year-old Demski has 26 starts in three seasons with the Riders, who drafted him with the sixth overall pick in 2015.

Demski looked poised for a breakout year in 2017 before injuries forced him to miss the last nine games and he was limited to 19 catches for 222 yards. Still, he is considered one of the top Canadian talents on the free agent market.


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  1. Isn’t this the very definition of tampering?

    • Or that he is from Winnipeg and he prefers home. Can’t talk to player but they can let agent know they would like to talk during FA.

    • BbinRegina // February 11, 2018 at 5:25 pm //

      Kind of reminds me of Labatte going home years ago…. Was that tampering or a player who wants to play for the team he grew up cheering for and the team that his friends and his family cheer for….

    • I know what your saying Scott, it does sound like 100% tampering.
      As a Rider fan I would normally be upset. However I truly understand in this Situation. I have seen something kind of cool this off season coming out of Winnipeg. Dynamic Canadian Running Back Born and Raised in Winnipeg “Andrew Harris” has reached out in generalized statements on Social Media that he would like to see Winnipeg born players return to the Bombers. He did it recently with SK released Canadian Running Back Kienan Lefrance. Harris statement said something to the effect of “ This business ain’t no joke… One door closes, another opens! “ Explaining to LaFrance that there is a great possibility of Kiensn signing in Winnipeg. Makes perfect sense to rotate those 2 players. What’s cool about all of this is that is it’s not tampering.
      When I think back to the years when SK had about 5 starting Regina players. The team had way more Drive. Local home grown players can much better instil to the American Players what it means to be. Winnipeg fan or in our case SK fan. When SK had a healthy REGINA born Foord at RB. He would rip off runs that there was no way he should have.
      As much as I don’t want the Bombers to get better at the Riders exspense. Nic Demsey is a very good multi purpose Canadian Player. Receiver, punt returner and special teams. I wish we could keep Nic for depth. But the spending this year has them at Cap right now. So any and all signings above what they were paid going forward. Means someone else has to take less or the outright release of others.
      All of this is very smart on the Bombers behalf and makes perfect sense.
      This reminds me of Weyburn, SK born all star Olineman Brendan Labatt. When his fist FA hit he spoke of how he enjoyed the Bombers and the Bomber fans. Except he just wanted to go home. Soooo…. If Nic does go; I truly hope it’s to his home town.
      Man I love the game of CFL football and all of its Canadian intricacies!

    • Where does it say in the tweet that there was tampering?

      The guy tweeted “Hearing strong indications that Nic Demski will sign with the #Bombers this week”
      No statement that they talked to him or his agent.

      As usual it comes down to which team offers the most in the FA. Sounds like the Bombers are going to go all out to get him but if he is offered more to stay in Sask then it’s his decision to stay or go to the Bombers

    • Tampering would involve someone from the TEAM making the statement. Some unaffiliated broadcaster can’t tamper otherwise your fan boy Roddy P would be in the poor house.

    • Demski can sign with any team after the 13th. He does not need any body’s permission and hey he is from Winnipeg why wouldn’t u want to play with ur hometown team. This guy is a stud at 215 lbs and with Harris should give the Bombers a super back field.

  2. Who cares, had all winter to resign with the Riders if he wanted to it would’ve already happened

    • No, they may have not offered him a contract.
      Teams let their players go to FA to see who is interested. They don’t have to force their players to sign a contract or even offer them a contract.

  3. I think we all know tampering must exist – some of the free agent signing are announced minutes after the time free agency starts – there was absolutely no time to negotiate a contract- it could not be anything other than tampering.

    • No we “all” don’t know tampering exists.
      The players agents are on the phone and ready the minute the FA begins. Kind of like the draft, they know who they want and they jump in straight away.

  4. While the team isn’t allowed to the player or his agent, players can still speak with players from othet teams. This is probably the indications mentioned above.

  5. Finally a good signing for the Bombers, he’ll help on special teams as well.

    • Just hasn’t signed on the dotted line as of yet Jay. FA doesn’t open for a couple days. So the big discussion here is the team tampering or has Andrew Harris become the Bombers Social Media enticer. Not legal at this point. But no doubt it will be looked at going forward

    • As a Rider fan, I would love to see Nic returning punts for the Bombers. All juke & jazz and not so much north-south. He’s got a lot of potential as a receiver, but the special teams head-to-head with Christion Jones returning for the Riders would make for a highly favourable matchup come Labour Day…

      • As a Rider fan Nic really started to show a few things as a receiver early in the 2017 season, but suffered injuries. I think he’s a good pick up for the Bombers and completely understandable that a guy would want to go home.

  6. What about Harris! We already have the best back in the league

  7. I guess he never wants to Win a Cup lol Riders don’t need him

  8. Nic / catch the ball and stay healthy and you’ll be great in the Peg !

    • As a Rider fan I agree with you Bomerland. As Nic is a prairie boy I hate to see him go!! But if he does. It best be his hometown the Peg. I wish Nic nothing but the best and I hope he rips it up where ever he goes. Except against the Riders.

  9. Lyall. Demski is a Canadian reciever. Something we need.
    From Winnipeg. Young. And he also is a good return man.
    Hope we sign him come Tuesday.
    Are offence will be so complete.

    • You got it right Randy. Nic will put the icing on what looks to be an improved Winnipeg Offence from what was a very good Bombers Offence in 2017.
      I wish we could keep him in SK. In fact as much as I have enjoyed Bagg as Canadian wide out. At this point now Id rather keep Nic and let Rob go. It’s not that Rob dosent have game. It’s that Nic has so much more and longer to give back to his team.
      Rip it up Nic. Just not against the Green team.

      • Paul Bomber // February 12, 2018 at 8:12 pm //

        Perhaps. Only problem is that our needs are on the other side of the ball. Hearing ALL about Wpg O (Adarias, now Nic). Would feel a whole lot better if I was hearing something about Bear Woods or a rush end that understands the “Roughing the Passer” rule.

  10. Tyler Wood // February 11, 2018 at 5:37 pm //


  11. 4 in 108 years.

    • That is really pathetic lol

    • Even funnier is that Ricky Ray has 4 cups in 15 years and the sliders have 4 in over 100+ years,as Demski knows if he ever wants to win a cup he MUST get out of sliderville or he will rot in 4th or 5th place the rest of his career very smart man

  12. Love how 1990 is the only come back ever. 4 in over a 100 years. Since math isn’t strong in your province that’s an average of 25 years between cups

    • Ok; I will help out with an excellent response to the lame 4 in a hundred. First how the hell a SK Rugby team counts towards GCs is beyond me. It dosent make sense. There was several leagues over the years. The CFL wasn’t formed until the late 1950’s.
      However this reply is for you Kris. To better understand. Nothing cheeky or in your face or anything disrespectful.
      If your older than 28 years. You’ve witnessed 3 Rider Grey Cups. Bombers last Grey Cup in 1990 was thanks to a Rider QB Burris that the year before won a GC for SK with teammate Kent Austin also at QB.
      There isn’t a Rider fan alive that dosent admit that before the Cap it was miracles that we made it to the sheet Cup only to lose so many times against an Eastern Team that was paying their QB more than all of the Rider players put together. We did not stand a chance when the “Province” of SK’s population was smaller than most of the “City’s” we played against. Even when the Riders won the GC in 1989. They went into Edmonton for the West final against the 16-2 EE. Again the Eskimos taxi squad (2nd string back ups) on the unlimited practise roster were better paid than the Riders starters. Yet the combination of a very young Austin and Burris pulled it out and then went on to win the GC against Hamilton in Toronto. Probably one of, if not the most exciting Grey Cup game played. Final score 43-40 against a very talented TigerCats team.
      Then the salary Cap comes in 2007 and the Riders have won 3 Grey Cups since. Even being blamed for going over. In 2013 the Riders were over by $17K. So less than one half of one percent. So really absolutely nothing. So 3 GCs since 2007. Where as the Bombers are still searching for their 1st.

      • Burris would have only been 14 years old in 1989.

        • Sorry I meant Burgess. Not sure why Burris came out it was Burgess.
          I could pretend that auto spell correct messed up but it was me. Burris – Burgess. Similar in sound but completely different style QB

          • @ 3rd, That’s funny, pretty honest to admit that. you seem to be one of the good Rider’s fans vis-a-via your posts, much like the ones I’ve sat with many times in Regina and had a lot of fun, to bad there aren’t more like you on here. Salute

      • The Riders won the GC in 2007 and 2013. TWO GC championships since 2007, not three.

      • If you’re going to try and make a point/try and make someone look like an ididot 3rd &1 make sure you don’t look like an ididot with absolute incorrect statements…2007 +2013 = 2. Still haven’t learned how to count I see hahaha

        • Idiot*

        • Hahahahaha that never gets old big old choke job

        • See that’s it CFLfan that’s your end goal. To try and make someone look stupid. Grow up Dude! Really! I came in here and made a fair and open statement. I even started it by saying the post was not going to be cheeky or in your face. I wasn’t trying to make anyone look like an idiot or an ass. I was stating fact.
          I stated that if you were 28 year or older you could have witnessed 3 of the Riders Grey Cups. I even went in to say how the Riders beat the odds that year in 1989. Wake up!
          If it was all about 2007. Why the hell did I even mention 1989. I brought up the Grey Cup of 1989 and spoke of how the Riders beat a mighty 16-2 EE team. Then you come in here and act like a complete ass! Why do idiots always think it’s about making someone look bad. Truth be known, your so called joke makes no sense. Just like the 4 cups in a hundred years makes no sense. There is no commonality between the amount of players on the field and the fans in the stands. You try so hard to make yourself sound funny when really it just sounds like your in special Ed.

          • Face it 3rd and 1, some haven’t seen a sniff of Grey Cup victory since 1990. It still hurts, just like the Wpg Jets.

          • No you did a fine enough job of making yourself look like an idiot…I didn’t have to do anything. The fact you think that proves my point even more. Typical Rider fan with their lame comebacks. Nowondrr you’re the perennial also ran in the west…

          • Typical Bumber fan who can’t accept defeat but never knows what it’s like to win.

      • Hey 3rd and 1. Considering the 105th Grey Cup was just played, I’m guessing your math is a lot off.33

      • Ok 4 cups in 55+ years does it make you feel any better with your lowly ,bottom feeder sliders now ?

    • Really, Kris??? I could care less about 100 years or even 1,000 years. At least I witnessed three Grey Cup victories by my team. And I was at one of the greatest Grey Cups ever played in 1989. Last time Winnipeg won a Grey Cup was 1990. If you’re a Bomber fan, how many Grey Cup wins did you witness? So, get off the 100 years. That’s older school than me.

      • SliderBasher // February 12, 2018 at 8:25 am //

        Only a Rider fan would think that 3 is better than however many the Bombers have won…then again we know math ain’t their strong point

        • Jeff Garcia's Agent // February 12, 2018 at 10:49 am //

          How many wins have you experienced? Unless you’re in your late 30’s or older, the answer is 0. So brag about all the titles you didn’t experience all you want. It doesn’t change the fact the Bombers have the longest active drought and that the vast majority of current Bombers fans have no idea what it feels like to cheer for a winner.

        • Your talk is rather cheap. Maybe you can answer me how many years has it been since a Bomber Grey Cup victory.

          P.S. Bet you can’t count that high.

    • Jeff Garcia's Agent // February 12, 2018 at 10:43 am //

      Your math clearly isn’t strong, as it’s 4 in 108 years, which is not an average of 25, rather it’s 27 years. Coincidentally, the exact same length since Winnipeg’s last title.

  13. It isn’t tampering because Bauming isn’t employed by the Bombers.
    Hope this happens. Impact player and a National.

  14. No this is not tampering. He is going to his home. Was hoping he would stay but can see it from his point of view.

  15. Trevor Walker // February 11, 2018 at 6:22 pm //

    The bombers should have gone after Demski in the 2015 draft in the first place. I am glad he would be signing with the bombers where he was born and played university football with the Manitoba bisons before the rough riders picked him up in the draft

  16. Bleeding Green // February 11, 2018 at 6:25 pm //

    Honestly, no disrespect to W’peg or the Bombs cuz i know that it’ll likely be taken that way in these threads, but Demski is just not that good. Maybe he breaks out in W’peg, but he’s been a disappointment for the Riders.

  17. Craig Gustafson // February 11, 2018 at 6:40 pm //

    Demski is a talented player who seemed on the verge of a break out season last year. If he signs with the Bombers, hw will help them if he can stay healthy. The Riders will need someone to step up, Bagg can not play forever.

  18. Just saying // February 11, 2018 at 6:46 pm //

    Tampering Tampering Tampering, there better be fines coming ASAP! And not just a couple thousand!

  19. They used to have regional protected player selections so teams didnt have to decide between drafting a local player or drafting a player they needed. If they still had that, players like Harris Labatte and Demski wouldn’t have had to play elsewhere early in their careers.

    • Actually, I believe Harris was taken as a BC territorial exemption because he played minor ball on Vancouver Island.

  20. Nic can’t catch a cold let alone a cfl football. Enjoy mediocrity Winnipeg! But hey, home town boy right? Hahaha

  21. Ron Bomber // February 11, 2018 at 7:18 pm //

    If I was Nic CFL Superstar resigning with the Riders, I would have them provide a private jet so I could be home in Winnipeg every night in my own bed. My flight having me home in 30, 40 minutes. Make it happen Craig Reynolds.

  22. Footballnut // February 11, 2018 at 8:25 pm //

    Winnipeg cndn talent keeps getting better

  23. I guess we need to call them the Winnipeg wannabe Riders

  24. Edward Leslie // February 11, 2018 at 8:46 pm //

    Adarius Bowman, Weston Dressler, Darvin Adams and now (maybe) Nic Demski. The Bombers will go from having the thinnest receiving core (especially when Dressler was hurt) to having possibly the deepest and most talented one (provided Dressler stays healthy).

    • Jeremiah was a bull frog // February 11, 2018 at 9:30 pm //

      A very good group of receiver but I would suggest that SK has the most talented group of receivers. With receivers like Roosevelt, Carter and Bakari Grant and Caleb Holly. Plus for depth the Riders have Chad Owens and Marcus Thigpen can line up at slitback as well. His YAC is scary with his speed. The reason the Riders haven’t tried to resign Nic Demsky is they now have University of Regina Stud Mitchell Picton. Plus SK brass felt Devon Bailey is every bit as good of a Canadian talent. So they just resigned him 4 days ago for much less than what Nic is looking for right now.
      The Bombers are much improved and so is SK. I can hardly wait to line up against Western Division foes this year. Last year it was always questionable if the Riders were there yet. I have no doubt that the Riders are now there.

      • Jeremiah, good to see you took my advice and started to spell your name correctly. Who said you can’t teach a Rider fan how to spell!!!!. Maybe you have a chance, come on over to the Bombers, you know you want to.

  25. riders don,t need him, need room for another home grown regina boy in michael picton who was a western star in u sport football lasy year.watch out for him.

    • I keep hearing abouthome grown Regina boys”. This is the Saskatchewan Roughriders. It’s not just about Regina players. I don’t know what the stats are like but judging but the highway traffic I’m guessing over half of the crowd at home games travel from outside of Regina. This team wouldn’t be able to support itself if it was the Regina Roughriders.

  26. You got Bomberblues // February 11, 2018 at 10:04 pm //

    I’m sure glad I’ve been able to see my team win a few Grey Cups over the years some here haven’t yet to see their team win it lol, and I don’t see it ending anytime soon, but you can dream I guess

  27. Are some of the fans that bad off that they need to go back to foot ball school.

  28. More free agent losses to come for Saskatchewan because of Collaros contract..

  29. Edward Leslie // February 12, 2018 at 12:08 am //

    Jeremiah, you’re right. Even the most anti- Roughriders people have to admit that their receiving depth is second to none. You didn’t even mention Rob Bagg. It just shows how deep the talent pool is.

  30. greenrider89….maybe we can arrange an exhibition game between the Jets and Saskatchewan’s NHL franchise?

    • greenrider89 // February 12, 2018 at 12:15 pm //

      You must be a very naive person, Joe, to expect an exhibition game between the cup-less Jets and Saskatchewan’s NHL team. I just have to ask you where you ever received the information that Saskatchewan had an NHL team? If you wish to talk about any other subject like the cup-less Jets or draught-stricken Blue Bumbers, be my guest. We can also talk about one of the greatest Grey Cup games ever played, that being in 1989. Or the 2007 or 2013 Grey Cups. The 2013 game was quite special, too, since it was played at Old Mosaic in front of nearly 45,000 green and white fans. I happened to be at both the 1989 and 2013 Grey Cup games and can provide you lots of information. Take care and keep me posted.

  31. Well – Joe , at least they have the same amount of Stanley Cups , lol

  32. The Jets are a joke and many players have come forward to say they hate playing in Winnipeg.

    • Dan Bombers // February 12, 2018 at 9:41 am //

      Says the guy who’s around the team but lives in humboldt

    • Bleeding Green // February 12, 2018 at 10:04 am //

      Lee the Jets are 3rd in the Western Conference. with on of the best home records in the leagues. I bet if you ask guys if they’d rather play for a losing team in Florida, or a playoff team in W’peg, they’d choose the Jets.

  33. Would have been nice to keep demski and trade bagg. It’d be nice to see Messam back awesome blocker and runner , maybe has a year or two left in the tank

  34. To all you Rider fans.
    Bombers win more Grey Cups then the green Riders.
    So put that in your pipe and smoke it. Or sorry. Carter is doing it already. Plus we don’t cheat by going over the salary cap and have a whole other team on a separate hidden practice roster.
    Plus what else is there to cheer for in Saskatchewan. Lol

    • greenrider89 // February 12, 2018 at 5:43 pm //

      Randy, I guess that’s why you haven’t won a Grey Cup in nearly 30 years. Oh well, who’s counting, eh?

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