Riders Duron Carter facing not one but two drug charges: report

Saskatchewan Roughriders receiver Duron Carter is facing two separate drug charges in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, according to a report in the Regina Leader-Post.

According to the story, Carter was arrested in Winnipeg on Nov. 25 for possession of a controlled substance. That’s in addition to the marijuana possession charge he was slapped with after being arrested at the Saskatoon Airport on Thursday. From the story:

Saskatoon police were called by Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) officials just before midnight Thursday. CBSA agents stopped a traveler and searched his bags and located marijuana. Police attended and arrested and charged Carter.

“We can confirm there was an incident last night where Duron Carter was charged with marijuana possession at the Saskatoon Airport. He was released from the airport and given an upcoming court date,” said Roughriders spokesperson Ryan Pollock in a statement issued to local media.

Carter now has court dates in Winnipeg Provincial Court on Feb. 15 and Saskatoon Provincial Court on March 27.

After an excellent 2017 campaign with the Riders, Carter signed a one-year contract extension at the end of January.


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  1. he may have just kissed another shot at the nfl goodbye

    • Millennials: The law doesn’t affect me because this is no big deal because it’s going to be legal everywhere soon. Bizarre yet common logic. I love DC but man what a stupid move. The law currently states that a mandatory MINIMUM sentence of ONE YEAR must be imposed IF:

      1. Marijuana is imported across international border into Canada. CHECK.
      2. The person is/was abusing a position of trust or authority (Carters contract states he will abide with current local laws, AND he was entrusted with not breaking laws while settling his prior conviction, AND he was enroute to speak at a sportsmen’s dinner as a representative of the community owned Riders). CHECK.
      3. The person has prior conviction for possession of same banned substance. CHECK.

      DC may have tied everyone’s hands from helping him avoid a felony conviction. He has risked possible deportation, and being banned from pro sports for life. Even if the hearing judge is weed loving Rider fan, the judge may be bound to the mandatory minimum sentence because DC has ticked off all the boxes needed to score a felony conviction. He won’t serve time, but the felony conviction is still a conviction on his record. No matter how minimal he sees it as. All because he can’t wait for our laws to catch up. Crazy. But this is very common amongst young people – they’re special, it won’t apply to them. Very sad day if this goes sideways on DC.

      • True green // February 2, 2018 at 7:30 pm //

        Very good comment, and glad to see someone call
        It like it is: Stupid move on Carter’s part, typical entitled attitude for a person his age, but hugely unfortunate for him as this kind of thing doesn’t need to happen. It will be legal, but it isn’t yet, he just should have been more careful.

        I haven’t read this whole thread but I imagine there will be multiple “thug” and “I told you so” comments form his haters.

      • CFLFan2819 // February 2, 2018 at 9:57 pm //

        Typical boomer/gen X attitude towards millenials. Lump us all in as these entitled, whiney, snowflakes. Meanwhile some of us actually work hard and understand the value of it. Also everytime you complain about millenials just remember who raised them…as an analogy you can’t create a monster and then whine when it stomps on a few houses

      • We don’t have felonies in Canada! Hurts your credibility!

      • You are an idiot Adrian: CHECK

        1. How do you know he was crossing an international border? If you are caught crossing a border with ganja, you are usually turned away. You may be charged with simple possession. UNCHECK

        2. He’s not in a position of trust by being an athlete and a speaker at a sports dinner. A position of trust would be being a teacher and handing out mushrooms to your grade 9 science class. UNCHECK

        3. He does not have a prior conviction for possession, he has another charge, but I guess in your world he is guilty before even going to court. UNCHECK

        4. There are no classifications of a “felony” in Canada. Too much law and order for you bud. UNCHECK

        Adrian, you are the one who is “special”! Maybe your Mom believes this crap and gives you a pat on the head for having the courage to put your brilliant legal mind to work for all to see…..but you are an idiot!

        Please UNCHECK this clown from posting his nonsense!!!!

    • And XFL

    • In most US states marijuana is LEGAL. Another freedom that we don’t have.

  2. Pot will be legal shortly..Big deal

    • BBFanInGreenville // February 2, 2018 at 5:04 pm //

      The issue is not that it will be legal soon but that he was bringing it into the country illegally. Which still is smuggling and even after it becomes legal will still be illegal as it was not declared.

    • It will still be illegal to import or export it.

    • brian johnson // February 2, 2018 at 11:18 pm //

      Not at border crossings or on airport security any time soon!!!! No gas, no sissors, no drugs . IT”S There choice!! Follow Transportation act or WALK Home> Cheers

  3. Depends what the other controlled substance is…if it’s anything other than pot, he could be in some hot water.

  4. Reports now are that the Winnipeg one is another simple marijuana possession charge. This is clearly carelessness on his part, but both of these will get tossed, and this will be legal in 6 months too.

    • brian johnson // February 2, 2018 at 11:21 pm //

      you don’t now that!! simple charge!!
      How much!! Pound or two !!!
      Still transportation will be illegal for times to come!!

  5. This isn’t simple pot possession, it’s importing a banned substance into the country. That’s a little more serious I would think.

    • He was flying domestically, importing would mean he was coming in from another country…

      • Oh O.K. I thought he was coming in from the U.S.

      • “The Canada Border Services Agency called police after allegedly finding marijuana in Carter’s bags.”

        If he were flying domestically, would these folks have been involved at all?

        • The charges are for possession, not for importing or exporting or anything like that.

          • Nevertheless, he had to have been crossing border. If you’ve got a gram on you, you’re not going to get accused of importing. What are you going to do, sell it in quarter grams?

            But if he was ratted out by border patrol, obviously it wasn’t a domestic flight. That was the point I was correcting.

  6. It might be legal in a few months, but you are/still will not be able to transport it across the border.

  7. Nice. Slowly but surely CFL players are following their NFL comrades into the land of rap sheets and court appearances. This nonsense was unheard of 2 decades ago…hell, even one decade ago. Not too many role models in sports today in general that kid’s can look up to. Sad.

  8. Bleeding Green // February 2, 2018 at 4:29 pm //

    Cut this fool. I’m sick of his drama. There alot I can forgive for a man in green but this kid just proves himself to be a dum**ss aver and aver again. His tweets are annoying, and so are his headlines. A person with their head screwed on shouldn’t attempt to take MJ across the border let alone a public figure. Especially with a charge apparently already pending?? So embarrassing. Put him in a different uni. We have other receivers. Get off your Pop’s coat tails DC, I hope the Riders cut you, and life hits you in the face.

    • A rider fan I agree with!! You are right this guy is a loser and nothing but locker room trouble. I hope the riders keep him

  9. It’s pot not really a big deal untill you try and take it across borders lol …what an idiot hahahahaha


    Duron Carter is a super receiver with the catch of the season.Marjuana will be legal in all of Canada in a matter of months.His possession of marijuana has no influence on how he has become a star in the CFL, in the last year.

  11. But until July when it becomes legal then will be all good but till then . It’s still a crime.. no excuses

  12. This story reminds me of ex-Raptor Damon Stoudamire who got caught with marijuana while trying to board a plane. He had it wrapped in tinfoil in his pocket and had no idea that it would set off a metal detector.

  13. Dephend Atournee in TimBuckToo // February 2, 2018 at 5:29 pm //

    get the court dates adjourned until shortly after the fact its legal in your country Canada. Charges expunged, no big deal. Keep playing. Inocent until proven guilty. End of subject.

  14. Lmao. The NFL is starting to become a league for druggies and abusers. We need stricter policies.
    We don’t need trash in our league period.
    Guys like Carter and Manzeil can go back to the USA.
    I would say the same is a Blue bomber got caught too.
    Neither are classy athletes.
    Riders should trade for Johnny Football. He’ll fit right in.

    • If the Riders trade for Manziel, could we please have our young QB’s back? And considering what a tool Carter so obviously IS, could Cato please be given a second chance? I KNOW a lot of people hated his inarticulate, Liberty City “working class hero” shtick, but he really WAS a very good QB.
      And the Alouettes have none at the moment.

  15. I hope he is able to still come back. I’m sure he feels terrible. Not like he did a terrible thing to any single person. Millions of good people make the exact same mistake. Haters will act like little perfect beings.

    • No one claims perfection, but you don’t need to be perfect to have enough sense to not get busted with pot in an airport.

  16. Big Hairy Deal! Won’t even get to court. And, no one other than opposing team fan’s care.


  18. wow. And the feds are talking now to give all those heads busted in the seventies for possession amnesty and have their records expunged. Much hyprocasy in Saskatoon.

  19. Carter signed with Sask because he was told there’s lots of wheat in the province but he thought they said weed.

  20. Dundas dude // February 2, 2018 at 7:39 pm //

    Government is selling the stuff. Trudeau promised to legalize the stuff. Is there any promise that this guy actually kept? As George Carlin said:”it’s a big club, and you ain’t in it”. What a joke.

  21. Even when it becomes legal within Canada, it still will not be legal to bring it in or take it out of the country. It will only be legal to buy it from approved vendors. Transporting any amount across will still be illegal. I am sure that if he had bought a joint or two on this side of the border, he wouldn’t have been caught and it wouldn’t have been a big deal even if he was. But because he was caught bringing it across the border, it could be totally different. That makes it a federal charge. Not sure if transporting is criminal or not but very well may be. Still telling me how brilliant Duron Carter is and good a role model he is? Stopped his chirping for a day or two anyway.

    • @Torch. It will also be legal to grow 4 plants, at a maximum height of 3 feet, apparently.
      Just don’t try to smuggle your plants in a suitcase through an airport.13

  22. I believe the real issue is how this reflects on CFL, the riders and Chris Jones who probably isn’t too pleased right now after sticking his neck out for Duran Cancer. But I’m not worried. The league will make a call to Jones and Jones will cut him. What else can they do? He will be banned from entering the country anyway. The law is the law

    • If it’s the law then how did Banks re-enter and play for the Ticats?
      An oridnary citizen would be banned but if you are a pro-athlete the team will have lawyers to handle it.

    • Paul Bomber // February 3, 2018 at 10:37 am //

      Legit question: Do you know that for sure? It was a domestic flight, so I assume the charge is simple possession. Will that actually be enough to get him kicked out?

  23. Upinsmoke // February 2, 2018 at 7:55 pm //

    So he’s an idiot. So his tweets are goofy and childish. So he smokes pot. Pro athletes are not supposed to be role models for kids, that’s just something we all invented because of our misguided celebrity worship. Catch footballs, win games. All the side antics are just fodder for us know-it-alls.

    • But pro-athletes are supposed to be role models.
      They always have been. The CFL has strict rules for players

  24. Paul Bomber // February 2, 2018 at 8:24 pm //

    Oh, Duron! Why would you be so stupid? I’m not interested in having him here in Wpg, but I’d miss him in the league. What can I say, the guy adds spice!

    • Sheltie03 // February 7, 2018 at 1:39 am //

      I agree. Duron is Duron. Take him or leave him. I like him and it’s not the first time Rider players had issues. What would you prefer? Assault?

  25. Carter to the Ticats. Manziel brings the beer, Carter brings the weed and that’s a pretty relaxed dressing room!

  26. Used 2 B Rider fan // February 3, 2018 at 1:12 am //

    To RFD and the rest of the non-thinkers;
    You were warned!

  27. Just like Banks in Hamilton, these guys are athletes and it is still “smoking” and it damages the body.

  28. Who cares about a little bit of sweet Leaf! Wait till next summer !

    • who cares? obviously the CBSA, who called the police.

      • Paul Bomber // February 3, 2018 at 10:45 am //

        They’re idiots. They constantly waste the RCMP’s time by calling them to the Wpg airport with pot AND official documents showing it’s prescription. Not the case here obviously, just saying that they are not exactly good judges of what is and isn’t a problem.

        • Don’t blame those idiots. They don’t make the laws. Their job is to enforce them. Blame the idiot that thought he could cross the border with marijuana. Not legal now and won’t be legal next July. But all the Jones and Carter lovers think it is just fine to be that stupid. I know a lot of people smoke pot. Whatever. Most are at least smart enough to know that you can’t bring it into Canada or out of Canada.

  29. Interesting to see how the league responds give their zero tolerance stance on drugs. Also this shows the tier class between players in Saskatchewan. Reeves was released by the team for his drug involvement and Carter has 2 drug related offense and nothing. I thought these athletes were supposed to be role models for young kids but then again if you a pothead from Saskatchewan I guess they are.

    • Paul Bomber // February 3, 2018 at 10:32 am //

      You might just be surprised if you found out what legit role models out there smoke pot on the down-low. And I know (now, at least) that Carter smokes pot, but I don’t think a guy with his athletic ability is a pothead (unless you consider every pot smoker a pot head, in which case, I think we’ll have to agree to disagree).

  30. Nice! Maybe ill go to the courthouse in Winnipeg and get an autogragh and a photo!

  31. Dan Bombers // February 3, 2018 at 3:17 pm //

    Hit me up next time your in town Duron !!

  32. Jim, pro athletes have always been role models because WE think they should be. It’s time to discard this archaic notion. Every pro sports league is filled with folks that have broken the law. They are good at their sport, and that’s all they are. The only strict rule the CFL has for the players is: entertain us. Spouse-beaters, thieves, drug dealers, come one, come all. Role model???

  33. Mean Greene Ed // February 3, 2018 at 8:18 pm //

    Yawn … Some haters will go to any length to hate, someone slipped that into the luggage in question unbeknownst to the CFL Superstar on both occasions. Case closed! Yawn … No big deal!

    • That is just too funny. Do you really believe that someone planted joints on Carter not once but twice? Or are you saying that in jest? If you seriously believe that to be the case, then it is hilarious the lengths that green goggled Carter fans will stretch to make excuses for an idiot because he wears a green jersey. If you are only saying it in jest, then you have an amusing imagination.

    • BBFanInGreenville // February 5, 2018 at 10:10 am //

      There is reason why the border guards ask if you packed this luggage and if you know the contents of it prior to searching you. It is to establish that you are responsible for it’s contents. And it does not matter if you did not know that you had it with you as you are still importing it. Get your head out of your rectum and realize that this fool broke the laws of Canada more than once. It is ignorance at that point and should stand punishment for his crimes.

  34. Gerry Fincati // February 4, 2018 at 2:16 pm //

    Carter is an idiot for crossing the border with an illegal drug. He should be booted from the league!

  35. Jack N the Green Stalk // February 4, 2018 at 6:57 pm //

    This is no different of a charge than trying to sneak a Bottle of tecquila home from Mexico without paying duty. No big deal.
    Those who want to sacrifice the dude for something so insignificant and irrelevant. Should pick up a rock and cast the 1st stone. I mean really I’ve never read articles from so many people that have never done anything wrong. Good for you Canada. You have a lot of sinless people.

    • BBFanInGreenville // February 5, 2018 at 10:13 am //

      It is completely different, one is currently a substance that has restriction for importation and the other is currently a controlled substance that is not able to be imported into Canada without jumping through some serious medical testing loops. Even after it become legal it will not be able to be freely imported as of yet.

  36. With the availability of weed in Canada. You have to be an utter moron to take some on the plane with you.

  37. Typical prairie province prosecution decisions. If it’s a well known person try and make a name for yourself.

    Given how backed up the courts are how this will be legal, why would they proceed with this????

    Silly on his part BUT we don’t know if it’s residue in bags or what. We need to wait and see.

    Duron would be wise to get both deferred until next season is OVER.

  38. Pennyrocker // February 6, 2018 at 1:01 am //

    I had high hopes for Duron til I found out he is a dumb ass. Anyone who gets caught Twice within four months for Mary Jane. Obviously anyone who gets caught once knows to lay low and fly under the radar.
    The doors are always open for those with a problem.

  39. Weed is hardly a performance-enhancing drug for a professional athlete. With Canadian legalization less than half a year away, it seems that Carter’s “crime” is really stupidity – and arrogance. He’s a talent, but what a waste if this prevents him from playing.

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