This Maurice Leggett dunk shows Achilles injury has healed quickly

Maurice Leggett is apparently a quick healer.

Just a few months removed from a torn Achilles tendon, the Bombers standout defender clearly demonstrated a bounce in his step with this impressive dunk.

Leggett suffered a torn Achilles on Oct. 14 – that’s less than five months ago – and he’s already dunking. The average recovery time is between 11 and 12 months but if this video is any indication, he could be back much earlier.

That’s also pretty good hops for a guy listed at 5-foot-11.

The 31-year-old was in the midst of another excellent season, recording 50 tackles, three sacks, three forced fumbles, three interceptions, one of which he took back for a touchdown, and a 97-yard punt return touchdown in 13 games.

A pending free agent in February, it looks like Leggett will be back on the field sooner than originally thought – no matter where he lands.


2 Comments on This Maurice Leggett dunk shows Achilles injury has healed quickly

  1. I hope BBs resign Mr.Leggett, it’s good to read and see he is doing well no matter where he lands. Class act.

  2. #5 Dieter Brock CFL Allstar 80\81 // January 31, 2018 at 7:41 pm //

    Smart for Maurice to show the FA market that he’s doing the best you possibly could given his recent surgery.
    No doubt Leggit has talent. It’s where or not he gets back to where he was before the injury. Some payers never seem to get it back again. Back up to my position on the Bombers. DD comes to mind.

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