Former Alouettes assistant GM Raiche: Popp & the Argos did it the right way

I had a chance to speak with former Montreal Alouettes General Manager Catherine Raiche for my TSN 690 Radio show this weekend (interview audio). The funny thing is my producer Dave Trentadue actually booked her prior to the announcement this week that she had joined the front office of the Toronto Argonauts. So when the news broke we circled back and double-checked with her that she was still open to coming on the program. We touched on a variety of issues in the radio conversation, including her departure from the Alouettes, recent comments about her by former Als employee Joey Abrams and her new role with Toronto.

On her Argos hiring, Raiche asserted right off the bat that everything was done according to the CFL rules, which I found a little odd. We didn’t ask her if any rules were followed, or if Toronto followed hiring procedures. So that made me feel like perhaps she had an eye on following Popp to the Argonauts well before her resignation.

Next, Raiche responded to Abrams’ opinion that Catherine might have been promoted too fast in Montreal if she reportedly wanted to be in on the head coach hiring process. She said she had nothing to do with that aspect of operations and that it was simply an untrue report.

The league’s first female Assistant GM reflected on her time with Montreal, revealing that poor results on the field taught her how to work through adversity, that it was her biggest takeaway from the Alouettes.

When prompted to comment on working with Kavis Reed, Raiche called Reed a very hard worker in a tough situation.

A lawyer by trade, Raiche did express a desire to one day become a CFL GM, but that it was a goal for down the road. She explained her Director of Football Administration role with the Argonauts as being involved in day-to-day operations, player contracts, salary cap management and football logistics. Raiche will be working closely with both GM Jim Popp and Assistant General Manager Spencer Zimmerman, even taking on some scouting assignments, acknowledging that she needs to grow her talent evaluation skills.

One exciting element about joining the Argonauts for Raiche is the involvement of MLSE, as she believes that it will only benefit her and the team to be around seasoned sports management executives, and to have additional resources at their disposal.

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Matthew Ross

Matthew Ross

Matthew Ross is a radio host on TSN 690 Montreal and has contributed to the Montreal Gazette, and He's a native Montrealer and misses watching Anthony Calvillo just like everyone else.
Matthew Ross
Matthew Ross
About Matthew Ross (27 Articles)
Matthew Ross is a radio host on TSN 690 Montreal and has contributed to the Montreal Gazette, and He's a native Montrealer and misses watching Anthony Calvillo just like everyone else.

23 Comments on Former Alouettes assistant GM Raiche: Popp & the Argos did it the right way

  1. Smart lady. I wish her well.

    • HereComesBrutus // January 20, 2018 at 6:18 pm //

      I believe Abrahms, she was over promoted and over her head. Interesting that Popp has rushed in to save the day. Word is that it was Riche that turned on Popp in the first place in Montreal. Caveat Emptor

    • bleedGreen // January 20, 2018 at 6:50 pm //

      At tax law maybe

    • BTW, Matt you have a typo. First paragraph you call her former General Manager. Also, why did Chantel leave Marcel in Ottawa (lot’s of movement going on in Ottawa too yet no scrutiny like Montreal). Chantel has more CFL experience than Raiche and is more capable with a stronger attention to detail from what I understand from people who have worked and had interaction with them both.

      On the website only a guy name Ian Sanderson has the job she quoted she has now. If he is still there and they hired Chantel and Catherine as reported, Catherine would be the least experienced of the three by far.

      • Dean Shannon // January 21, 2018 at 10:39 am //

        Perhaps you should do a grammar check on your response JP….”only a guy name Ian Sanderson”…en anglais, c’est “named” pas “name”. You know what they say about people in glass houses.

        • Lol… I find this very interesting don’t you? (post from the phone I have no idea where the grammar check is, please accept my apology if I have offended you Shannon) anything to add to the current employment and title of this person named Ian Sanderson?

  2. What I’m getting from all of this, the above and including the sale to MLSE is just how top heavy are the Argo’s in administration. Checked their website. 20 people alone working in a combo of ticketing and marketing. IN Toronto??? Many with executive titles, and some duplicate titles. How can they afford to pay their players!

    I’m getting in on this. Will forward a resume for the position of “executive assistant to the assistant of the executive of executive administration. I think my chances are pretty good.

    • I agree!!
      If I’m MLSE I fire the Argo ticketing and marketing people and use TFC’s.
      While we are at it do football teams really need 12 or 13 coaches?? a sport with 12 players on the field and they have more than 12 coaches.
      It’s no wonder that most CFL teams just can’t make money and rely on rich owners to to bank roll them.

  3. What did she recruit ?? What players did she work out

    • That’s not her job. She is responsible for player contracts, salary cap management and football logistics.
      She doesn’t know football so she wouldn’t know who to recruit or workout, that’s the football guys job

    • HereComesBrutus // January 20, 2018 at 6:20 pm //

      Nada!She has Popp Warner Football knowledge.

  4. Assistant GM Raiche is under contract and gets contacted by another team. She resigns from the first in order to take essentially the same job with the second team?

    Almost no comments here.

    Riders doing the hiring would have resulted in over 50+ comments on this site and new changes from the CFL on how front office personnel are allowed to switch organizations.

    • True green // January 20, 2018 at 6:07 pm //

      And cheater comments by Chris Jones haters.

      Good move by Toronto and better place to be for Catherine.

    • You make a good point. Plus as the author indicated above she was immediately defensive in regard to her hiring by the Agro’s, although she was never challenged on the issue!!!!

    • blackgold56 // January 20, 2018 at 6:41 pm //

      Where is Sanderson who has done that job through several GC’s? You guys want to report on any crap happening in Montreal, scouts, AGMs, meetings, speculation on anything frankly unworthy of a story. She seems to have been over promoted, probably very worthy of an opportunity to learn and clearly highly ambitious already setting her sites on Popp’s job. but, where is Ian Sanderson?

      Something seems off here to me. MLSE standard operating procedure is to book all media through each team media director. We may be seeing some of the entitlement Mr. Abrahms talked about by booking her own media. Glad Popp knows the protocol to get her to Toronto, not sure Ms. Raiche does.

      None the less, it must be the off season when we are taking time to comment on stories like this. Good luck in your pursuit of Jim’s job Ms. Raiche, Spencer is a sharp and ambitious guy too. Looks like there will be lots of smart and ambitious millennials to replace him with a solid year or two of experience in the league.

  5. Edward Leslie // January 20, 2018 at 6:34 pm //

    Catherine Raiche has got a law degree, so she must be smart. She’s mostly dealing with business aspects for the team: contract salaries, logistics and salary cap management, but seems interested in doing more. Just because she might not have the background d of football knowledge of someone like Jim Popp or Wally Buono doesn’t mean she shouldn’t have the job. Remember they called Bobby Ackles, “The Water Boy” because he literally started as a water boy but moved up to General Manager of the B.C. Lions. He also held an executive position with the Dallas Cowboys, extremely rare for a Canadian to hold a powerful position in the NFL.
    I think that Catherine Raiche is probably a lot smarter than Kavis Reed.

    • Catherine Raiche may be a lot smarter than Jim Popp. Oh Jim, did you let the fox in the henhouse?

  6. I think we should take a chance here. Introduce Raiche to Manziel. Who knows maybe they will fall in love and both disappear into the sunset never to return again.

  7. Somewhat surprised by her landing with the Argos. Really thought she would go back to corporate law with a big firm. Needless to say she loves football so let her learn the business and the chips will fall where they may. A side note the TOP EXEC as of today with the Carolina Panthers is a sharp lady who actually was a cheer leader 19 years ago for 4 years. Anything is possible with hard work, dedication and being in the right place at the right time.

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