Kevin Glenn surprised by Riders release

Quarterback Kevin Glenn says he was caught off guard when Saskatchewan gave him his walking papers. And by who did the deed.  

“The release did surprise me,” Glenn said Monday after signing with the Edmonton Eskimos. “I didn’t get a call from Chris Jones when I got released. I got a call from him saying that the Riders traded for Zach Collaros but when I got released, I spoke with [assistant general manager] John Murphy.

”That whole conversation and that whole tell-all is for another day. That’s for a later date.”

The Riders let Glenn go one day after trading for Collaros. He quickly signed on in Edmonton to complete the nine-for-nine CFL cycle

The 38-year-old started 17 games for the Riders last season, throwing for 4,038 yards, 25 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. He was a key veteran leader on a Saskatchewan team that went 10-8 and made the playoffs. Jones remained adamant Glenn was his starter all season long.

During the off-season, there were no discussions about Glenn possibly becoming the Riders quarterbacks coach.

“No, never talked about it. I’m not at that point in my career,” Glenn said. “I wanted to continue to keep playing. When I left Saskatchewan at the end of the year that’s what was discussed, me coming back to play, not coach.”

Justin Dunk

Justin Dunk

Justin Dunk was a five-year starter at quarterback for the University of Guelph. He covers the league for Sportsnet and 3DownNation.
Justin Dunk
Justin Dunk
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Justin Dunk was a five-year starter at quarterback for the University of Guelph. He covers the league for Sportsnet and 3DownNation.

62 Comments on Kevin Glenn surprised by Riders release

  1. BigRedMachine // January 15, 2018 at 9:02 pm //

    Jones probably should have made the call himself but I can’t believe that Glenn didn’t see the writing on the wall with Collaros and Bridge.

    • My feelings exactly. And beyond that I think the Riders did him a good deed by releasing him so quickly. It gave him lots of time to find another team, and he’s done just that. It’s still January and he’s now signed and knows where he’s going next year. The Riders could have left it until training camp just to be on the safe side, in case of injury, but they released him early when there were still teams looking for QBs.

      • I agree. KG was treated fairly here, he was trusted with the reins (in some games maybe a bit TOO long), and was always put into a position to win. It didn’t work out in the playoffs, but both the Riders and KG benefited from his time here. Chris Jones made it very clear at the end of season that the team still needed to shore up the QB spot, and not only did they do that, they gave KG lots of time to negotiate with others and find another team by releasing him early, and sending him off with a great reference. No wrongs committed here.

  2. …not to mention his bad decisions with the ball in the eastern final. Deja vu for him, whenever the most important game is on the line. However, he’s a good pro, a great person, and he could very well win a cup with Edmonton.

  3. How can he say his release caught him off guard? Seriously? How many times has this happened to him in the past? Nothing the CFL teams do to him should catch him off guard.

    • Blue rules // January 15, 2018 at 9:59 pm //

      @ Trips, Too funny, with as many times KG changed teams you would think he would crap his pants every time he hears a phone ring….

  4. Greenapples // January 15, 2018 at 10:13 pm //

    Boy, not getting the reaction you wanted Dustin. You were baiting the trolls to come down hard on the Riders and Chris Jones.

  5. Speaks volumes of this poorly run organization
    Kevin would have been welcomed back to historic McMahon

    • The only thing that is Poorly Run is your mouth Stampy

    • well, John Murphy isnt assistant GM, he is Assistant Vice President, Football Operations & Player Personnel. So the player personnel guy talked to him. That seems right. Oh, and Kevin Glenn said there was no way he would endanger himself that many times by playing in the trash dump known as macman stadium

    • Right stampy. The “historic” locker rooms probably haven’t been renovated since he left.

    • Jeremiah was a Bull Frog // January 15, 2018 at 11:10 pm //

      Give it a rest Stamps! Just when you think the atrolls have gone back under the Bridge. Out comes pure crap like this. In a 2 year span Glen won 26 games for the Stampeders in 2012 -2013. Then the Stampeders were so stupid they protected useless Drew Tate instead of the QB that won them 26 games over the previous 2 seasons Kevin Glen.
      So slide back down that slimy oat digested Red hole you just climbed out of.
      If the team in SK wanted to use Jeremy Iday to tell Glen he was released. That also would have been fine. The fact is they could have tried to trade Kevin. Instead they allowed Kevin to get the deal and team he wanted. and

    • Bo has too big of an ego to have a backup with any experience, who could potentially replace or unseat him. And his coach played the same position with a massive ego as well. When that’s the situation, you have no backup qb’s and fate of teams seasons ride on person. Such is the case in Calgary, without Bo they win nothing.

      • BigRedMachine // January 17, 2018 at 12:25 am //

        What a bunch of crap. The last few seasons we had Kevin Glenn and then Drew Tate as backups. It was only last year it was decided to let Tate go and promote Buckley. I wouldn’t call it a resounding success with Buckley but we will see what happens for next year. I wouldn’t be surprised to see changes.

    • Ya, just like he wasn’t welcome back in Cow town. Stumpy.

  6. When the Riders traded for Collaros and Jones was asked about Kevin Glenn, Jones reply was that everyone could rest assured that if Glenn was released, it would be done in the right way. Does Chris Jones even know what the right way is? Could he not be a big man and talk to Glenn himself? Congratulations, Chris Jones, you are exactly what I thought you were. There goes another player who will not want to play for Chris Jones again.

    • When did he say that… the quote.

      • Take this // January 16, 2018 at 7:46 am //

        Jones said that on an interview with the press after the trade for Collaros.

        • Take this // January 16, 2018 at 7:57 am //

          Why do you have to actually see the quote? You find it hard to believe that Jones would have promised to do anything the right way?

          • Blue rules // January 16, 2018 at 8:34 am //

            Take this,I call BS on your comment. Some people hear what they want to hear! Not what was factually said!…..

    • Jeremiah was a Bull Frog // January 15, 2018 at 11:17 pm //

      Same could be said that you are exactly what we all thought you were. I can’t belueve how naive some really are. What the hell is the difference who tells Kevin. On any team it dosent matter if the GM or the Assistant GM or the assistant of the assistant GM tells the player he’s released. The fact is they allowed Kevin to shop around in his own terms. They did not try to trade Kevin which was 100% within their right. Dunk wanted to bate the weak minded with this article. He was successful. Time for those to grow up and stop being a little puke.

  7. Yes. Both smell of mothballs

  8. Considering his mediocrity over the second half of the season and his horrendous East Final performance, he really shouldn’t be surprised.

    The only thing that surprised me was that they weren’t able to trade him for some draft picks – I imagine he could’ve been shopped around to WPG, BC, EDM, or eventually even Toronto or Hamilton depending on how things shake out there.

    • Blue rules // January 15, 2018 at 11:35 pm //

      Craig, unless one single team really NEEDS a player, there is no value is shopping him around, everyone knows he is free from a trade situation. Just sit pretty and wait.

      • At the time of his release Kevin Glenn was the only proven backup available, with 3, possibly 5 teams looking for experienced depth at QB. Nobody “needed” him, but I’m sure some would have *wanted* his exclusive rights given the lack of veteran backup options out there right now.

        • Blue rules // January 16, 2018 at 8:42 am //

          Not correct at all!!!. EVERY team knows who will become available, and who is very no longer needed!! You would be naive if you thought different.

          • “Sit pretty and wait” only works if you’re the highest bidder when KG is released. Of the 3-5 teams looking for a proven backup, only one of them could get KG after he was released, and it was likely somewhat of a bidding war (perhaps tilted by KG’s aspirations of completing the CFL bingo card and playing in Edmonton). If you trade for him, you acquire his existing contract through 2018, period – no competition with the other teams.

            I stand by my statement that it would’ve made sense for Jones to at least try to get something in return for him (even a late draft pick). Perhaps he shopped him around and nobody wanted to trade anything, or perhaps he decided it wasn’t worth trying. Or maybe KG was due a roster bonus and Jones wanted to free up cap space.

          • Blue rules // January 16, 2018 at 1:54 pm //

            @ Craig, have it your, perhaps Jones should have traded KG, now your saying Jones is an Idiot, I would agree to that!

          • @Blue – Nope. That’s not even close to what I’m saying.

          • Doesn’t mean they couldn’t have stuck him on the pr where his salary wouldn’t count in the cap and waited for the most desperate team with the best offer to come knocking.

  9. Provemewrong // January 15, 2018 at 10:57 pm //

    Jones, class pile of poop. Like gangrene nation.

    • Jeramiah was a Bull Frog // January 16, 2018 at 7:59 am //

      As a person who tries to enjoy all of what the CFL has to offer. Watching teams rise from the bottom to the top. Watching the top eventually sink to the bottom. I will stick up for any and all teams when the little red eyed messed up hair funky looking dudes come in here spewing poison and throwing daggers.
      I really enjoy the 3 Down site as they bate the little goofballs over and over again. Simple minds are often found bathing in the same dirty water.
      Kevin Glen was treated extremely well during his time in SK. Unfortunately Kevin pulled his signature boner game in the Eastern Final. Even after throwing 3 INTs no one on the SK team threw Kevin under the bus. I’m sure a few probably felt like it. But no one did anything.
      Then the team in SK find them self a 29 year old QB. Sign him and then gave Glen his out right release to pursue “all” teams interested and get the best deal he can. Plus Kevin had a good working relationship with John Murphy. It was John who presented the original offer to Glen to once again become a Rider. So why not John be the guy who releases him. It’s a telephone call not a face to face.
      So all the little dweebs that we’re caught here with hook line and sinker. Be proud that your personality is targeted due to being easily provoked. It’s pretty easy to proveyouwrong when such intelligent wording is used like poop. Somebody break out the bacterial ointment! As we don’t want any of the fans that cheer for the Riders to get infected with that burn.

    • Definitely can not prove you wrong on that!!!Hahaha

    • Lol. Name calling always elevates your position in your mind, doesn’t it?

  10. fannotacoach // January 15, 2018 at 11:18 pm //

    The fact is they let him go which gave Kevin all the options to pursue the path he wanted to follow. If they had traded him he would have not had the opportunity he has now taken advantage of. And to reiterate an earlier comment, how could he not have expected the obvious?

    • fannotacoach // January 15, 2018 at 11:21 pm //

      Totally amazing! I posted the above under my previous moniker and was moderated out. I also posted two innocuous comments one in praise of Edm and Glenn’s signing as well as one debating DD future. Nothing derogatory or inflammatory and was moderated out but I see old #@rse! p$$p is still going strong.

  11. The way in which the Sliders handles Kevin’s release is VERY UNPROFESSIONAL; and shows just how unprofessional and sleezy Chris Jones is. More of the “same old, same old” from Chris Jones. Only Slider fans and the Slider organization tolerate Jones’s antics.

    • Jeramiah was a Bull Frog // January 16, 2018 at 8:17 am //

      I believe the only thing sleezy In here is the infected abscess oozes every time you write something about the Riders. Dude you seriously need help. Your OCD to lambaste anything to do with the team in SK is only matched by another sufferer in Alberta. Quite frankly you both write the same and may in fact be one in the same person.
      It’s obvious you do not read the comments. Otherwise you would not have commented. Everything about what happened with Kevins release has been discussed and shown it to be nothing but professional and cordial. Where as the article was a bait for the simple minded who have a tendency to lash out. Man this has to be one of Dunks best to prove once and for all that the simplest of articles designed to evoke an emotion. Can in deed work on the simplest of minds

      • Blue rules // January 16, 2018 at 9:06 am //

        @Frog, you are an IDIOT on several levels, everything you said is False!!!.you need to remove your green colored glasses and read the WORDS not what you want to see. Glenn himself said he was “caught off guard” and ” when he left Saskatchewan at the end of the year that’s what was discussed, me coming back to play, not coach” that is a direct QUOTE!!!!!. Frog sir are a complete and utter Moron!!. Go away!

    • Stumps choke // January 16, 2018 at 10:14 am //

      Still bitter from missing the playoff. Get used to it. It’s happening again this year.

    • Geeee it is JUST GREAT to see you re-emerge from your cave your troll hate spewing douche!!! You have finally found this web sight after years of posting your same garbage on the TSN CFL web comment page for years , SAD you HAVE FAILED to mature, and sad you continue to thrive on hate of a sport franchise.

  12. Scottsask // January 16, 2018 at 1:16 am //

    In Jones we trust.

  13. Take this // January 16, 2018 at 7:40 am //

    Apparently it mattered to Kevin Glenn who told him that he was released. He has now been with every franchise, some more than once. That also means that he has been traded or released from every franchise, some more than once. It also means that Kevin Glenn knows how a classy, respectful organization handles these releases. I have never before heard him complain, it is uncharacteristic of him. Yet he is obviously not happy with how this release was handled. Even though Jones said it would be handled in the right way. Obviously it wasn’t.

    • He complained about the Redblacks situation too – oh, I’m sorry, no, his twitter got hacked ! lolol

  14. RalphInTheCreek // January 16, 2018 at 8:08 am //

    The CFL owe Kevin Glenn a dept of thanks for bailing out every QB desperate team in the league, and we in Hammer should know. When Kevin’s playing days are over this guy has the making to be a great coach for some team. A beer toast to Kevin Glenn.

  15. Stumps choke // January 16, 2018 at 10:13 am //

    Justin why is this a story? Again 3D just looking for click bate making something out of nothing. If it wasn’t for the Riders you guys would have nothing to write about. 1 2 3 cue the haters AGAIN … Glenn has not yet or in his career been able to win the Big Game … same as last year in the EF.

    • Look slider fanboy, if you don’t like the stories presented here go away and never come back. Why do you suppose so many hate the slider’s? I’ll give you a hint: YOU AND THOSE LIKE YOU!!!!!!!!!! Your collective whining and moaning are sickening at best.

    • Blue rules // January 16, 2018 at 11:01 am //

      @ choke, it’s a story because. Riders Coaches & some fans treat players like toilet paper!!!. What does winning the Grey Cup have to do with treating players with respect???

      • Tell the truth // January 16, 2018 at 1:56 pm //

        I so agree with you. The Rider coaches are totally disrespectful when they decide a player has outlived his usefulness. The fans are just as bad. When a player is wearing green he is almost always a hero . But once that player wears another colour, he is put down, called names and just demonized. It doesn’t matter what he did for the Rider franchise over how many years, he is now the worst player the league has ever seen. Rider fans are the worst fans in the league because they are arrogant, cocky and spiteful. Yes, they go to games and fill the stadium. If a kid goes to school every day, has perfect attendance, that does not make him the best student.

        • Blue rules // January 16, 2018 at 2:16 pm //

          @ Tellthetruth, you do tell the truth. LOL.

          • Bluerules, give it up. So that’s why when DD came back he received a standing ovation. How many fan bases boo a returning player. Depending on the situation,they all do. And you want to sh!t on Riders fans. How about Bomber fans who assaulted a 12 year old boy wearing a green t-shirt, who was actually a Bomber fan.
            As for Glenn, he received a call from his long time friend, Murphy. We’re you involved in the conversation as to who would call Glenn? No. So shut it son!

        • Changed your name again horsie? Get lost troll.

  16. Tell the truth // January 16, 2018 at 4:29 pm //


    • To tell the truth- do not disrespect my province and the good people. you have no right. Everything say is not valid.
      You come here and hide. You type your feelings of hate, showing the true YOU. Weak minded and very insecure. Go see a shrink. I pray you’re not a parent.

      • Blue rules // January 16, 2018 at 9:30 pm //

        Mr Green , I am your farther….BTW did you know Saskatchewan’s chief crop is village idiots. What’s worse you aren’t good enough to be the #1 idiot, as nutty as you are your just average!!…oh ya Saskatchewan smells like s#it. Buddy

        • Speaking of places smelling like shit, I’ve worked around Brooks before. Took some real Alberta geniuses to fogure that one out: where sould we put these slaughter houses so we can enjoy the aroma from them most? I know! Upwind from town, right on the outskirts. Enough to make uou lose your appetite and want to puke every morning, gteat way to start a day.

  17. Colour me green // January 16, 2018 at 10:15 pm //

    Out side of Jones not telling him about the release (perhaps he wasn’t available to do it). I don’t see any real story here.
    As for coaches and player treatment I’ve seen Wally not treating older player well when released (Simons, etc), John H let’s them go all the time, etc. Not treated any different then Jones.

    Glad Kevin landed on another team in 24 hrs instead of working out a trade in training camp, though it hurts the team not getting another player.

  18. Just more crap from Chris Jones. Why would that be a surprise?

    • If this is crap that Jones is doing, then I welcome more crap.
      Boo hoo that KG didn’t get the call from Jones. Murphy or O’Day called him. Last time I checked the Riders pay Murphy and O’Day a salary to interact and manage player relationships too.

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