Johnny Manziel sees comeback as marketing opportunity

Johnny Manziel seems to be focused on more than simply returning to pro football – it’s also about the brand.

Manziel posted a “Comeback SZN” hoodie on Instagram on Wednesday asking followers to weigh in on whether he should sell them. That’s likely a rhetorical question.

Those emoji hands appear to be doing the “Money Manziel” gesture. The sweatshirt has “COMEBACK” written on the top of the hoodie too.

Most players serious about a pro football comeback would be in the gym or on a field. Manziel did post on Instagram earlier in the week from Gloveworx in California, a boxing and high-intensity training gym.

What’s missing is the actual evidence of Manziel working on his combination punches, but we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt maybe he was working out.

How much work Manziel has to do to get back into football shape remains an open question. He was photographed last November while on vacation in Hawaii with what some uncharitable observers referred to as a Dad-bod… of course, the CFL season doesn’t start until June.

So maybe Manziel can focus on two areas – marketing and working out – at once, but it doesn’t seem like he’s focused on one of those aspects as much as he should be.


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  1. I can’t help refreshing the screen to see when Manziel signs with the Alouettes as a starter for 600 k

    I love 3 Down, even if Dunk keeps ignoring my personal messages to him

  2. There is a dearth of qualified QB’s here in the States. If Manziel were any good, he would be working. I LOVE the CFL and am one of America’s most ardent fan of the Canadian Football League. The CFL deserve better than Manziel! Let him stand in the unemployment line.

    • Maybe Manziel will sell tickets for a couple of years. During that time, the CFL can work on more serious stuff like a tema in the Maritimes and developing Canadian QBs

  3. I read all this crap about Manziel because i am a CFL fan and there is nothing else to do in the winter. but i can’t wait for January 31st because he will either sign or piss off!

    • Lennywasout // January 11, 2018 at 11:40 am //

      What you said!! Let’s hope it’s piss off!

    • January 31st doesn’t mean a thing to the Ticats… they made him an offer… if he doesn’t like it he can rot away waiting for a better one while they still retain his rights and find another QB more worthy.

      • Billinburlington // January 11, 2018 at 7:52 pm //

        Exactly. I’m all for the Cats sitting tight for the next year. That will give him some time to think. And look for a new agent that knows extensively about the CFL.

        Practically though, with negotiations seemingly not going well at all may be best to trade his rights. The Cats might be able to pick up a draft pick from the 5th round- or even 4 th round if they are lucky.

  4. Forget this guy already!

  5. Blue Rules // January 11, 2018 at 11:45 am //

    @ dozer, if you are taking a poll, chock me up for “Piss off” he’s not here yet and no contract, yet somehow already pushing his own clothing line. This train wreck can’t be stopped, but this train wreck can remain in the USA!!. please don’t allow this parasite to infect the CFL!!.

  6. Peter Griffin // January 11, 2018 at 11:56 am //

    I say the Cats should cut this guy loose, including trading him. He wants to develop a Brand more than a football career in the CFL.

  7. Ticats chick // January 11, 2018 at 12:08 pm //

    What an embarrassment that we would even consider this greedy dude (insert any appropriate word here) for our roster. Clearly self focused on team player that has nothing to offer. Cut the ties now. Focus on football not cheesy hoodies. Can’t
    Wait till this is over.

  8. Meg Griffin // January 11, 2018 at 12:12 pm //

    To my Dad, agree, offer “baby boy” a minimum contract too hold his rights, waste another year of football for him. After all he can still hangout at the mall parkinglot and sell his clothes from the trunk of his daddy’s car, is this the other opportunities his agent was talking of?

  9. So he is using his degree at Texas [email protected] which he got at his parents behest during his NFL hiatus. So what? Good for him. Obviously he got his parents good business acumen who are billionaires I heard.

  10. Every one is assuming (make an ASS out of U and ME) Eric Burkhardt asked for 540k or whatever Collaros (Mr. 0-8) was making. He just said what recent Ticats QB’s were making. So just match Masoli and if no take than trade to MTL where I think Manziel would take even less because he has a better chance to start there. But he has a better chance to succeed in Hamilton because June Jones’ offence is tailor made for him.

    Flutie was the highest paid player when he came in 1990 with no CFL experience. Technically or not Cavallo started his first year in the CFL.

    • Recent QB with no so great results was Collaros. I doubt Masoli is making as much as Collaros was signed for after MOP numbers then injury.

      Somehow I doubt Burkhardt is targeting Masoli’s low numbers.

      Maybe we find out in the future … maybe we don’t.

    • Flutie proved himself in the NFL before he came and didnt bring no baggage with him NFL coaches were more to blame than Fluties perfomance he wasnt tall enough for them ,and he was referrering to Colloros salary there is no doubt about that also he wants to start this is not enduring to your teamates not the way to start a relationship 🙂

    • Blue rules // January 12, 2018 at 1:31 pm //

      @ Markus, dumbass, “ASSUMING” actually is (making ASS out of U and MING) HAHAHA!!!!

  11. Manziel really is a special case. I compare him to David Beckham who was a better celebrity than a (Fifa code) Football player. David was a decent midfielder who had a knack for scoring on free kicks by bending the ball around the wall and into the net. I saw him do that once live in a stadium as well on TV. The LA Galaxy made him the very first Designated Player or DP in the MLS as an experiment. LA already had Landon Donovan who was a much better FIFA Football player. They over paid something in the range of 6 M a year from a FIFA football perspective. But..they were buying attention. It worked. Over night the Galaxy supplanted a struggling Lakers team as the IT LA team. Now the MLS has rocketed up as a league using the DP exemption to the salary cap. Toronto FC has three of them and has the biggest salary in the MLS and trophies, attendance and 3rd on the Forbes MLS value list to show for it.

  12. Look at all the attention in the states this drama has already brought. The big money now is in Digital advertising and subscriptions. CFL is getting ripped off by ESPN on its digital rights but it is up for negotiations soon. It really does not matter if Manziel fails miserably on the field. In fact most people in North America will tune in to see him fail. Don’t you see? The CFL will win whether he succeeds or fails on the field. The attention is worth many millions in paid media if the CFL tried to buy it. It was the same with Beckham who did ok on the field but FIFA football fans all knew it was Landon Donovan that won LA the cups. But really Manziel is a far better a football player than Beckham was in their respective codes. Look at the big picture.

    Finally, people really this is just negotiations and posturing. Burkhardt is just doing his job and making Hamilton Mgmt. pay for stupid statements ALSO made in the press. Anyone would want that kind of representation. Stop seeing insults where there are none.

    • Little Steve // January 12, 2018 at 8:02 am //

      Exactly Markus, he has millions of fans but many more “hater” fans that will tune in to see him fail. Plus the media has a fixation with him. I love to see people change their ways and get a second chance, but the fact he is back to being stupid on social media is a bad sign.

    • Are you nuts manzeil better than Beckham, Beckham had a career manzeil has nothing

  13. MoneyTeam // January 11, 2018 at 1:02 pm //

    I feel people really underestimate the POSITIVE impact bringing Manziel to the league (hopefully Ticats!) will have. Yes ticket sales are important, but even more important are TV viewers and contracts.

    As a faint comparison, Lavar Ball’s sons drew 1.6 MILLION TOTAL VIEWERS to an online stream of their random made up game in Lithuania. This wasnt even on TV and that many people tuned in. Not to mention one son is 16, other is 19, and neither are pros and may never even make the NBA. You don’t think people are going to tune in assuming Manziel signs and sticks around for a bit? I wouldnt bet my house on it but youd be hard pressed to think viewership won’t skyrocket…

  14. Jerry football’s half season of entertaining football with a flawed Cat team and his relaxed demeanor in after game interviews has assured Mazoli the starting role as the Tiger-Cat leader.

    Johnny Manziel,on the other hand, has become the Cats and the CFL’S out of control story which is highly unlikely to end up in Hamilton.Six games into the CFL’s 2018 season he is likely to be a forgotten man, just like in the NFL, a long gone failure – Johnny Rotten Football.

  15. I watched the Naylor – Austin interview on TSN and Naylor raised the fact that in Doug Flutie’s first year in the CFL his completion was 52% and he tossed more INTS than TD passes. Austin’s response as Naylor was saying this shows where the Ticats are negotiating from as he laughed and said something like ‘you’ve done your homework’ meaning the Ticats are reminding his agent that the CFL is not a piece of cake.

    Austin added to Naylor how Flutie was replaced in BC that first by player/coach Joe Paopao so clearly they’re using that example to the deaf ears of this agent.

    There’s just too much drama with this guy and the first clue he should be untouchable is the lack of interest by any NFL team to bring party boy to their locker room.

  16. Frankly it’s only off season chatter, BUT what the hell does this rich, spoiled, brat get so much media ink? Who the hell cares if he’s marketing hoodies with his infamous logos on them?

    Get a real life Manziel, you like all the media attention and adoration, something like the narcissistic Trump. I’ve personally never seen or heard any player in the news as much as this clown Manziel and circus. Maybe establish yourself as a bona fide professional football QB, before trying establishing a clothing line, from a college player and a NFL player who squandered away an opportunity and millions.

    Maybe grow up a little Johnny Spoiled? You don’t get 600K to start the CFL, unproven commodity. Hoping Hamilton teaches you a lesson in life, you don’t always get everything you want,let him take the offer Ti-Cats offered, or retain his rights, let him sit another year, maybe he can concentrate on his hoodie business and marriage.

  17. Giving June Jones a three year contract,not playing your 540,000 Collaro’s for half a season,getting rid of Greg Ellingson, bringing Will Hill as your prized player, and giving up on your most sought after coach, Kent Austin: then anything can or will happen in Hammer Town. Exciting.This does not happen in Hamilton.

    Here’s Johnny !!

  18. Provemewrong // January 11, 2018 at 2:51 pm //

    This clown belongs in green and white.

  19. Johnny will b good perfect for the Canadian game he will have great stats with Jones as cosch he will lead the league in passing and QB rushing yds fill seats sell merchandise help tv ratings and tv contracts with TSN and ESPN bring attention to the CFL all across the US

  20. Johnny and Erik kind of remind me of a song by Judy Collins years ago:
    “But where are the clowns
    Send in the clowns
    Don’t bother, they’re here”.

  21. Little Steve // January 12, 2018 at 8:35 am //

    I hope the kid does good, but either way the spectacle will be beyond anything the CFL can imagine. The media frenzy will ensure the CFL will never be the same. In Cleveland they actually reported on what he bought at the grocery store, from the person behind him in line. Another story when they interviewed a lady that sat next to him on the plane. The media has an unhealthy fixation with him, aka media crack. It’s an addiction that sucks everyone in, players and fans, and every time someone says his name it’s front page.

  22. By having an International draft with same rules as National draft but with some more rounds it would force the teams to focus on realistic choices such as a Division 2 passer with a billion yards and TD’s. If a Heisman trophy winner such as Manziel or Tebow becomes avail than he should be a free agent if not already an active draft choice. The neg list was designed to prevent bidding wars but the cap effectively does that now. The problem with the neg list is essentially you are telling an NFL high draft pick he has to start at the bottom in the CFL at 55k and you just suck it up because of the extra man and less down makes us so different. Most just say screw it and take a job doing radio or for their college team. If they were free agents only one team would probably have the cash space or desperation space to pay him more than the radio job. Right now we are freezing out Manziel when the only team desperate enough and with enough cap space is MTL. Of course it is a gamble all players are (see big contract to Collaros). The upside is still there for say Kap or Griffen or Tebow who we are telling start at 55 k and suck clipboard for two years. Of course Tebow took the broadcast job and tried baseball instead with big MLB signing bonuses. We are letting potential gate receipt winners go because of the neg list. Think on all the born again Christians who would come out to see Tebow throw wobbly passes and run up middle?

  23. This circus has happened before…Years ago, Bob Woolf, who has since passed away, objected to the CFL’s option clause when he represented Doug Flutie and even threatened legal action.

    Flutie broke into three-down football with B.C., then moved on to Calgary and Toronto before Flutie returned to the NFL.

  24. Slapped upside your head // January 12, 2018 at 12:24 pm //

    Sure is a lot of Robe wearing and Gavel slamming in here today. So many judges… almost unbelievable.
    Whether the simple minded can understand this or not. J.M. will be playing in the CFL. For many reasons and one of the biggest is the attention it will bring the league. It’s exactly the type of attention the CFL needs througout the USA. The attention will attract a lot of players that have slipped through the cracks. If Johnny thinks it’s ok to play there. Maybe it’s not as Mickey Mouse as we thought it was.
    As well… If Johnny wears #2 in Hamilton. The $100 that the Tiger Cats get for each official Jersey purchased can easily add $250 to $300K the first year.
    If Johnny’s skill tanks in the CFL then once again the CFL looks to be a better league than previous thought of. If Johnny lights it up then the excitement will fill the stands everywhere he goes. In no time Johnny will have a following and a QB cult of sorts will be born.
    There is nothing negative about Johnny coming up to Canada and playing. Only the super loud ignorant minority that judge everyone and everything except themselves will be left out in the cold.
    Johnny has done everything asked of him by new Commissioner Randy Ambrosie. Johnny has worked hard to stay in shape. So if Johnny does succeed in Canada and makes it back to the NFL. The American football fan will look upon Canada and the CFL as a warm Country with a big heart that has a football league that offers second chances to those who work hard and really make the appropriate changes. It’s a win win for Canada and the CFL.
    On another note, never ever belittle a man who shows the brilliance of being an entrepreneur. He’s trying to keep his brand alive and he’s trying to make a living. All of those who judged him because he comes from money are now judging him because he wants to make money. The ignorance and the spoiled of social media are going to become very unlikable people in the future.
    Best sit back watch and learn how it works in the real world.

  25. Slapped upside your head—very well articulated. Thank you.

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