Ticats edge out Riders, add Alabama QB to neg list

Hamilton beat out the Riders on a technicality to put freshman University of Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa on the Ticats negotiation list, according to TSN’s Scott Mitchell.

The Hawaii native came off the bench in the second half of Monday night’s College Football Championship game to lead the Crimson Tide to a 26-23 overtime win over the University of Georgia. Tagovailoa completed 14-of-24 passes for 166 yards, three touchdowns and one interception, including the game-winning 41-yard touchdown strike in OT.

Current Ticats head coach June Jones coached Tagovailoa during his senior year in high school when he threw for 3,932 yards and 43 touchdowns, leading St. Louis to the 2016 District 1 State Championship. He chose Alabama over LSU, Oregon, UCLA and USC.

Tagovailoa attended the same high school as Hamilton’s starting quarterback Jeremiah Masoli.

So with his Ticats connections, it’s appropriate that Tagovailoa is Hamilton property.


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  1. His future CFL rights are Hamilton property. He’s still a college player for at least two more years…

  2. This dudes full first name is … Tuanigamanuolepola. So his full name is Tuanigamanuolepola Tagovailoa.

  3. And the troll is back …

    • RFD, what’s the over/under before this troll who’s life is fuelled by hate, lasts before he once again, gets the boot. Continues to break the integrity of this sites rules. He has no respect 3DN.

    • I wish people would simply ignore him. He ruins EVERY SINGLE FREAKIN THREAD.

  4. Good team management looks five years down the road. Look how long Manziel was on the Cat neg list, but like everything in life, be careful what you wish for – you might get it! I’m sure JJ had plenty of input on the ‘Bama QB. I’m sick of the chatter about Johnny Foolball. Let’s talk about TT.

  5. McCandless // January 10, 2018 at 4:05 pm //

    Nothing is wasted when you put someone on a neg. list.

  6. Nice to see reports like this. More insight for fans on neg lists. Now TiCat fans can follow him and see how the kid progresses. More reason for fans to see lists and follow potential players for their team.

  7. Howard Wulkan // January 10, 2018 at 4:19 pm //

    Interesting, but the article is lacking some details. Can someone please explain to me what “waiver priority” means, and how that gives the rights to one team over another?

  8. Neg list is like a college player or free agent list that RARELY ends up helping the team involved. I advocate the league only allow that player be on the neg list for 1 year upon their graduation or turning pro in some way by being drafted or signed by a NFL team. After that they should be able to do a DEAL with any team in the CFL who can sign them.

  9. The kid was a freshman qb. He’s barely 19. What a joke. The Neg Lists are jokes.

    • He might be only 19 but he has more maturity than many other adults I know of and he ran that offence well.. I was impressed.

  10. Sliders lose ANOTHER one ,it’s the off season and they still lose lol

    • Well their LOSS in this case was DUE to Hamilton being a WORSE team then the Riders —- as explained regarding the waver priority rule !!! So with that said it appears your just some fool that hates the riders !!! Yeah poor us , we are a better team then the cats last year !!! and their fore lost a potential great player to an incompetently managed and coached football team last year.

      • At least the sliders have Collaros who is already used to losing in Hamilton so he will feel right at home in sliderville and finishing near the bottom in the division

    • Stumps choke // January 11, 2018 at 3:32 pm //

      Dorks named Dan spew their own short comings and call it something else.

  11. Who cares

  12. Please leave this amateur alone. The Neg list is archaic and exploitative. You don’t treat CIS players like this why would we treat NCAA players like this? Create another draft for NCAA players that has the same rules as for the CIS draft but with many more rounds to account for the greater amount of NCAA players. Same rules on how long the rights last and what happens if you are not drafted. Double standard hypocrisy is what this is. Let the poor kid finish his eligibility and or declare as a hardship case. Otherwise leave amateurs alone.

  13. And know back to our regular scheduled programming. Nice move June Jones!

  14. see above. By having an International draft with same rules as National draft but with some more rounds it would force the teams to focus on realistic choices such as a Division 2 passer with a billion yards and TD’s. If a Heisman trophy winner such as Manziel or Tebow becomes avail than he should be a free agent if not already an active draft choice. The neg list was designed to prevent bidding wars but the cap effectively does that now. The problem with the neg list is essentially you are telling an NFL high draft pick he has to start at the bottom in the CFL at 55k and you just suck it up because of the extra man and less down makes us so different. Most just say screw it and take a job doing radio or for their college team. If they were free agents only one team would probably have the cash space or desperation space to pay him more than the radio job. Right now we are freezing out Manziel when the only team desperate enough and with enough cap space is MTL. Of course it is a gamble all players are (see big contract to Collaros). The upside is still there for say Kap or Griffen or Tebow who we are telling start at 55 k and suck clipboard for two years. Of course Tebow took the broadcast job and tried baseball instead with big MLB signing bonuses. We are letting potential gate receipt winners go because of the neg list. Think on all the born again Christians who would come out to see Tebow throw wobbly passes and run up the middle?

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