Henry Burris would not pay Johnny Manziel 500 grand

There is no way Henry Burris would Johnny Manziel $500,000.

“Everything that his agent is trying to use for leverage right now is non-football related. Just to let you know Mr. Agent, that’s not how it works in football. It’s all about what have you done for me lately. Now he brings some police reports, let’s be real here now, he brings counselling, he’s a guy that we don’t know what type of guy we’re going to get because who knows how many weeks he’s going to last here in Canada before something else happens,” Henry Burris told TSN 1200 in Ottawa.

Manziel has not played in a game since 2015 after going 2-6 in eight starts with Cleveland the Browns released him in March 2016. The 25-year-old wants to get back in the NFL.

“They’re trying to get a one-year deal for $500,000 come up here, the fast-food lifestyle where they come in here, make it happen and then jet back to the states,” Burris said. “It’s not going to happen that way.”

Burris finished his long career, which included a stint in the NFL, after winning a Grey Cup in 2016 and knows what it takes to play quarterback in the pros.


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  1. Enough discussions about Manziel.Let him sign for a reasonable amount or stay in Trumpland.

    • Trent Richardson // January 10, 2018 at 4:20 pm //

      No! Please Canada! Take him (and Trump). America is already too infested with losers.

    • BleedsGreen // January 10, 2018 at 8:08 pm //

      It will be a two year deal. One year and the option year which is a second contractual year. Frankly, I find this interesting. Hanks contractS and all QB contracts I have heard of had a base salary (maybe signing bonus, report and pass, bonus in off season), play time-meaning play 51% of a game to collect, performance bonuses- passing, rushing, all star, MOP etc to a total of 500.

      I highly doubt Burkhardt knew that Collaros was the highest paid player in the league. I do think he is looking for starter money.

      I can’t wait to see him in a CFL uniform. ANY CFL uniform.

  2. What do you think they paid Doug Flutie his first year in CFL. When he had no place to go. In 1990. in B.C.?

    • $350,000 for a QB that had not sat out two years and had been a model citizen. This was also in a time when there was no salary cap structure and they could have paid him anything.

      Completely different situations.

      • White Horse // January 10, 2018 at 7:20 pm //

        Larry Rykmann paid D Flutie one million cool for four straight years on a personal services contract for the Stamps. 92 thru 95….

      • Flutie had no success in the NFL… his first time around there.. and ask a Union member if you think being a union scab picket line crosser is being a model citizen. Flutie was in the same position as Manziel. He had no options. The players in the locker room hated him because he was a scab. He could not go back to the NFL. As for Manziel reports from current 49ers head coach and Johnnies OC in Cleveland says he was a model citizen in the locker room. It was just when he had too much time on his hands that he got in trouble. What I would do if I were Manziel.. I would take whatever they offer but demand an oral or written agreement to let him out of his option if he wanted to look at NFL opportunities at that time. The CFL rules are pretty fuzzy on this as per Ambrosie in a recent interview. Teams are letting guys go as in the Zylstra case so it is pretty common now to have wink wink or even to write it in.

  3. Preach it Hank!

  4. Manziel goes to a very, very bad Montreal team…to play for a coach who also has never even SEEN a CFL football game….Shawn Lemon knocks Johnny Frat-Boy out for the season in the second game…..just after a 4 interception game 1

  5. But, but … He’s the best player to ever play in the CFL! June Jones even said so! /s

  6. I really thought Hebert Burris was a little more intelligent. When a college quarterback is drafted and signed by an nfl team. Do they say what have you done for me so far. No it is their potential they potential they are paying for.

    Dies Henry Burris believe that if Johnny Manziel signs with Hamilton tiger as he will be walking up and s
    Down the sidelines for one year as he has to learn the game. Please he has all the talent and skill to take over from Mazoli in a couple of games and Mazoli with his contract would waiting as back up. That would have happened to Henry Burris as He was never the talent Manziel was coming out of college. So to be negative about Manziel and be a commentator on TSN waiting for Manziel to make a mistake is sad. I can’t wait to hear all the TSN negative CFL game commentators appologize for the negativity. At least they should remain neutral and wait to see if a negotiated settlement can be reached in CFL. Then keep neutral to give manziel a chance as it benefit the CFL and the negative commentators as well giving them tremendous media coverage in North America

    But the way someone should ask Henry Burris how much extra media coverage he got when he played. How many away from home games had fans going just to see Hebert Burris play He needs to stay neutral and should appologize in his position re his negativity.

    • Seriously buddy. It’s Henry Burris. And it’s masoli. You would know if you knew. All these manziel fans posting here outta no where now. Simple as this, I would love it if he signed with the cats, the potential (and it’s great) is there. He WILL not walk in and take masoli’s job. He will not make a crazy salary. If he wants to get his career back on track, if he’s actually truly serious about it, he’d sign the deal. If he doesn’t, good riddance he can rot on the neg list for another year and try the xfl lol

    • Terry Wilson // January 10, 2018 at 7:38 pm //

      Manziel will fail, he does not have the arm to play on the big field.

      • BleedsGreen // January 10, 2018 at 8:13 pm //

        He has arm like a cannon. His mobility and field vision among the best to ever play the game at that position. Disagree with your assessment.

    • *shrug* … regardless of league – if the HC thinks the player isn’t ready to the point of going with a different QB, that is usually what will happen.

      Sometimes owners interfere like when Wilson ordered the high paid Johnson to start the playoff game instead of Flutie (resulting in a loss). It looks like similar happened the following year where Johnson as a starter was 4-7 while Flutie was 4-1.

    • Ridersnhabs // January 10, 2018 at 10:20 pm //

      You have the nerve to question Henry Burris intelligence and showing your lack of it . First off this is not a first round NFL pic we are talking about here , this is a guy that failed badly in the NHL and has had all kinds of trouble with the law etc . The guy should feel fortunate that anyone wants him as their QB .
      Teams aren’t exactly lining up . Like Henry said , prove yourself first then negotiate for more money .
      This is a spoiled brat that will have lots to prove with his teammates

      • Ridersnhabs First off you state failed badly in the NHL. hmm had no idea Manziel played hockey. I am a life long Browns fan having grown up in the Lake Erie Region near as the crow flys to Cleveland and also a Ticats fan. He was not a failure on the field at all. He was showing roughly the same progression as the current starter at Minnesota who took a few years to percolate. Watch utube of Browns VS @Pittsburg, Tennesee, KC, and SF 2015 and you will see who was already a decent NFL QB. He won 2 game which is 1 more than the Browns in 2016 and 2017. It was the off field stuff that got him. Look up Jeremiah Masoli on Wikipedia and he had several convictions in Oregon that got him kicked off the Ducks. Manziel has had no convictions and one charges dropped. His agent is just doing his job and taking advantage of silly mistakes by Hamilton’s mgmt. The same way Manziel will make a DB pay for a mistake.

  7. Reality TV now has a Canadian channel. Manziel should sign for a reasonable number and then prove himself. But that’s not going to happen. Henry Burris paid his dues, he’s completely right. 7

  8. Burris was great. Masoli will be great. Manziel may be great or a bust. Thanks for the publicity, Johnny, but you gotta play or you have shown nothing

  9. Manziel is a unique sort of person here and others who’ve had vocal agents like he has – all have pretty much failed in the CFL.

    It might be the best route for him to stay in the USA and do that NFL Spring League. It’d be far less work for him as he clearly isn’t a worker.

  10. Let’s all regroup should Johnny Manziel be signed with the tiger cats and I will wait to hear your comments should Manziel bump Mazoli from his starter position. Mazoli was never the talent of Manziel. Nor was Henry Burris coming to the CFL. So let’s all wait to see how the negotiations go. I believe Burkhardt has put Hamilton in a spot to trade manziel
    eg to Montreal so that he would be starter day one. Montreal has to build a team. Hamilton will have better overall team this upcoming season but Manziel will win games for them.

    • Shouldn’t the regroup happen when something significant happens?

      Or are you saying that if JM bombs or has a season ending injury despite his potentianl – it isn’t worth comments?

  11. John. You should apologize for posting a barely readable comment. Saying Burris is not intelligent?

  12. I did not say Burris did not have any intelligence but rather I thought he had more. His comments went too far. To be clear everyone is assuming Manziel will not sign an agreement without $500,000. Let the negotiators finish and we will see what the deal was is based on facts not assumption. If no deal with cats they will want to see what they can get in a trade

    Burkhardt has Hamilton in a bad negotiation position. Once they unloaded Collaros they quickly signed Mazoli I am guessing for $250 k plus. They believed they would get Manziel for $100 k plus. Well they were out negotiated and now have difficulty to bring in Manziel at more money than Mazoli. June Jones knows Manziel potential and will be starting Manziel once he is ready and that may be couple of games in. They will have overpaid Mazoli. So a trade to Montreal may be in the works to Montreal. Then hamilton goes out to get a $100 k quarterback and hope Manziel playing in the east does not embarrass the organizations with him playing to his potential and winning.

    • Burkhardt is just a good negotiator. Don’t blame Johnny for that. He is a great locker room guy just ask current HC of 49ers who was his OC at Browns.

  13. justforkicks // January 10, 2018 at 5:15 pm //

    Trade Johnny to the Als for DD who is likely finished there as a starter and could be a back up or rejuvenate in Hamilton.

  14. Hamilton or Montreal. Which one will it be? I give each a 50% shot at getting him signed one way or another. The other 50% is he stays down south either getting another NFL shot if he is lucky or playing for some rinky deank football league like the American Spring Football League, Arena League or the XFL next year most likely playing with a personal services contract with Mackman the WWE founder.

  15. Please go into TSN to see interview today with Kent austin by Dave Naylor. A must see. Most people on here the critics don’t know what is happening in negotiations and know the character of his agent or Manziel as a team player. Go in and get an appreciation that Hamilton I believe does want Manziel and will do what they can to keep him as a tiger cat. We will find out in a couple of weeks. June Jones will make the decision on who starts the games. There is a learning curve and only Jones will see how johnny football is progressing in spring training and exhibition games. We will all be plugged I. With all the media attention so we have to be patient.

  16. If JM signs with Hamiltom, then He will be competing with JM for the starting spot.
    Then if JM goes down with injury, JM can come off the bench and play. Its a win,win for JM and JM

  17. There will be a competition in spring trading camp and exhibition games and June Jones will decide who startsxeach game. I think Manziel would sign for what Masoli signed for In his contract. Not the $500k.

  18. Masoli has paid his dues was signed to a contract extension to be the starter in 2018 to lead this team ! I’m stating right now that johnny will not come up here (if signed) and steal the job from Masoli. Like I said in an earlier post I was all for giving this guy a chance to come up here learn the game prove himself and if he earned the right to start then so be it . Now I feel this Is a fkn circus that the cats should close the door on NOW! This is a distraction the team doesn’t need any more.

  19. Tandy go into tsn and see the interview Dave naylor did with Ken Austin. It was clear by Austin Manziel goes not want to be given anything he wants to earn it. All I am saying June Jones will decide that post season and during the season. See the interview.

  20. I guess I was one of the naive TC fans who thought the Manziel travelling circus would be adorned in humility once it arrived in Hamilton, given it’s past history. Wrong. As much as I would like to see him play for the TC’s this season it’s not worth the distraction if this silliness continues. Every time his agent opens his mouth the “T” on Johnny’s back gets bigger, and bigger…would be opponents I’m sure just salivating to knock his block off. Perhaps it’s time to move on. Use the $ as extra incentive to sign the FA’s.

  21. Every one is assuming (make an ASS out of U and ME) Eric Burkhardt asked for 540k or whatever Collaros (Mr. 0-8) was making. He just said what recent Ticats QB’s were making. So just match Masoli and if no take than trade to MTL where I think Manziel would take even less because he has a better chance to start there. But he has a better chance to succeed in Hamilton because June Jones’ offence is tailor made for him.

    • The quote is reported as ” … we believe ‘fair deal’ means on par with what Hamilton has paid their QB in recent years, despite not having much on-field success.”

      The combination of referring to past and bad performance seems to be a clear reference to Collaros … Masoli won games.

      • Cat fan. you still ASSUME … There was no figure given by Burkhardt. Everyone is up in arms about an ASSUMPTION

        • It makes sense to you that Burkhardt would be referring to a lower QB salary instead of the recent high water mark?

          Interesting assumed target for an agent that is supposed to be going after the best buck possible.

  22. I think what everyone is missing is Manziel really is a special case. I compare him to David Beckham who was a better celebrity than a (Fifa code) Football player. David was a decent midfielder who had a knack for scoring on free kicks by bending the ball around the wall and into the net. I saw him do that once live in a stadium as well on TV. The LA Galaxy made him the very first Designated Player or DP in the MLS as an experiment. LA already had Landon Donovan who was a much better FIFA Football player. They over paid something in the range of 6 M a year from a FIFA football perspective. But..they were buying attention. It worked. Over night the Galaxy supplanted a struggling Lakers team as the IT LA team. Now the MLS has rocketed up as a league using the DP exemption to the salary cap. Toronto FC has three of them and has the biggest salary in the MLS and trophies, attendance and 3rd on the Forbes MLS value list to show for it. Look at all the attention in the states this drama has already brought. The big money now is in Digital advertising and subscriptions. CFL is getting ripped off by ESPN on its digital rights but it is up for negotiations soon. It really does not matter if Manziel fails miserably on the field. In fact most people in North America will tune in to see him fail. Don’t you see? The CFL will win whether he succeeds or fails on the field. The attention is worth many millions in paid media if the CFL tried to buy it. It was the same with Beckham who did ok on the field but Fifa football fans all knew it was Landon Donovan that won LA the cups. But really Manziel is a far better a football player than Beckham was in their respective codes.

  23. @macro- the cfl has learned that it doesn’t need to whore itself out for publicity in the US. They tried this terrible marketing strategy in the ’90’s and early 2000’s with stunts like the Rocket Ismail and expanding to the US. All it did was make the league seem cheap and ultimately unstable. When they went to celebrating these quirks and being proid of who they were that’s when the league become more stable. The only market where these circus tactics work is Toronto…. and they are also the only CFL franchise that can give away tickets at $20.

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