Zach Collaros felt like a kid on his first day of school in Riderville

Zach Collaros felt like a kid on the first day of school flying out to Riderville.

Just as the changing of a school year turns a new page, Collaros is doing the same in his CFL career joining the Riders for a rebirth. The 29-year-old started eight games in 2017 – all losses – completing 167 of 266 passes for 1,767 yards, eight touchdowns and seven interceptions for Hamilton.

“I’d be lying to you if I said it wasn’t tough. I didn’t play as well as I would’ve liked, personally. As a team, we didn’t reach the goals that we had set out in the preseason. Missed the playoffs, obviously, it’s well documented we didn’t start the season off very well and I didn’t finish the season,” Collaros said.

“From a personal standpoint it was tough, but really focusing on this new chapter, this new opportunity in my career and really excited to be here in Saskatchewan.”

Naaman Roosevelt, Rob Bagg, Caleb Holley, Marcus Thigpen and two familiar targets Bakari Grant and Chad Owens are locked in to be with the Riders for 2018 or longer. Duron Carter and Nic Demski are pending free agents and getting those two back would add to the weapons for Collaros.

“There’s a lot of talent here, guys that have played at a high level in this league. As a quarterback, you kind of salivate sitting back and looking at that. Coach [Chris] Jones has done a great job here as he did in Edmonton in being able to accumulate talent,” Collaros said.

Jones was “instrumental” in bringing Collaros to the CFL which has the quarterback feeling comfortable in the rabid football town that is Regina.


“Playing the quarterback position you’re always in a fishbowl whether you like it or not you are the face of the team,” Collaros said.

Negotiations are ongoing in terms of reworking the $540,000 he’s due to make in 2018. Either way, Collaros plans on showing up and competing for the No. 1 quarterback job.

“It’s what every quarterback does,” he said. “If you don’t have the fire in your belly to play the game at a high level, you’re going to get passed up.”


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  1. Good luck to Zach !!

  2. RalphInTheCreek // January 9, 2018 at 8:43 pm //

    If Zach pans out in Sask you will hear the whining all the way from Hamilton.

    • Ralph = Hey I’m already on record as a Ticat fan who doesn’t like the loss of Collaros and thinks that he will return to form. I’m hoping that Ticats management/coaches won’t regret the trade. No disrespect intended towards Masoli who’s worked very hard to earn his chance, but I still think Collaros is overall the better QB. I guess we’ll find out this season.
      And Millner – I agree – I’m pretty sure Zachary wishes that things had turned out differently and he was still in Hamilton but being the kind of person and player that he is, he’ll do his best for his new team.

  3. He’s there not because he chose to. Million bucks says he wishes he was still in the Hammer

  4. DVD Bassman // January 9, 2018 at 9:18 pm //

    when Zach came into the CFL it was with the Argo’s and Coach Jones was a coordinator with Toronto at that time. That’s how he was “instrumental” in bringing Zach to the CFL.

  5. Yeah, that’s how he was instrumental, Mr loser

  6. Don’t feed the troll. He will go away if you ignore it.

  7. justforkicks // January 9, 2018 at 11:26 pm //

    Intelligent fans that paid attention to the interview Zach gave in Regina would have heard him say that Jones was instrumental in his arrival in TO. But what would Zach know about stuff like that eh?

  8. Colourmegreen // January 10, 2018 at 1:12 am //

    Let the gong show continue in hamilton, Montreal and Calgary. Rider will do just fine flying around under the radar

  9. Omg mr horse poop i swear your hero worship for everything Calgary is simply beyond sportsmanship or level minded. Your opinions reak of sour grapes man seriously. I for one love the fact Zach is a rider . Let the chips fall where they may. In Jones I trust because he brought our sad sack team back to respectability without a proven qb. He’s no b.s.. he’s business. Much like u claim huff is his record speaks for itself. I give credit where it’s due. Your slandering of sask being not a place of family values and crap is plain disgusting and I can’t believe your even allowed on this site the way u bash everything that isn’t red and white. Maybe your bo in the flesh.. who knows

  10. I lived on calgaey for a time . Time well wasted i might add and i came home to sask where i belonged not a monent too soon. I swear everyone in that town is me me me me me me.. it’s trickled down to city counsel where u can’t get anything built or done for sports.. obviously reflects on your teams attitude too.. throw everyone under the bus but me me me me. I’m proud saskie Mr love yourself . And I’ll bleed green not only for my team but my province till the day I day u judgmental sob

  11. Scottsask // January 10, 2018 at 9:38 am //

    Do us a favour, stop responding and starve the troll.

  12. Hope with the new change of scenery that Zack gets back to his old ways. He hasn’t been the same since getting that major injury in 2015.

  13. I think he will be a wonderful addition to the Riders. I really like his demeanour. He seems grounded and team oriented. He seems like the kind of player that Ken Miller would have chosen for his team. I will always have a special soft spot for Coach Miller.

  14. Not a Zac fan , really hope Jones knows what he is doing on this one and it does not wind up alienating Bridge (remember its only a 1 year contract he signed). Not to be uber negative but if Zac has a slightly better camp doe she start// how long does he be the starter if his play is VERY marginal.. ie Riders are winning games say 18-20 to 15 due to a great D ( and a Jacksonville Jags style offense—- marginal at best ). Just not sure the $$$ going to Zac could of been better spent . Hope a am proven wrong in a big way! GO Green !!!

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