Eskimos all-star defender Kenny Ladler signs with Washington Redskins

Kenny Ladler has signed a future/reserve contract with the Washington Redskins.

Ladler was a CFL all-star at cover linebacker in 2017. He made 86 tackles, intercepted three passes and recovered two fumbles in 17 games. 2016 saw Ladler make 70 tackles, two interceptions, one returned for a touchdown and one forced fumble in 17 games.

He worked out for a handful of NFL teams before signing in Washington.

The Vanderbilt product was signed as an undrafted free agent by Buffalo in 2014 playing two games for the Bills recording four tackles, but he was released after training camp in 2015.

After two strong seasons in Edmonton, Ladler gets another NFL shot.


8 Comments on Eskimos all-star defender Kenny Ladler signs with Washington Redskins

  1. BigRedMachine // January 9, 2018 at 5:05 pm //

    Was the Esks best player on D last year. Good luck to him!

  2. Wishing Kenny Ladler well and much success. This was a no-brainer he was going to NFL and he will stick too.

  3. He can most definitley be a special teamer

  4. Green Pastures // January 9, 2018 at 6:34 pm //

    Hope he makes it. Good player

  5. Good for Ladler. These signings again point to a case where the NFL in the short future should cooperate with the CFL and enter into some sort of a settlement monetary agreement for the development of players winding up signing contracts with NFL teams .Such a contract would not have to be substancal say 250, 000 per player signed by the NFl club. 250 k is peanuts to NFL franchise but would be equivalent to 1 substancal player contract for a CFL team. This type of agreement would benefit all parties tot he contract players ( more $$$ possibly available CFL salary wise/a certain direct path to the NFl if pass over in the NFL draft, CFL clubs ( more operating $$$, more street cred/draw for American players passed over in drafts etc to take the CFL option re NFL dream, possible greater exposure in the USA markets for cfl teams as a fram type system where American NCAA players can get a NFl shot ( Canadians underestimate how closely American fans follow former local NCAA player from their area). NFl gets a more mature talent pool of pro ready players to choose from and even more good guy exposure in Canada. Others thoughts on this ?

    • nFL has already subsidized CFL before. CFL is invited to come evaluate players in their camps and the come up to Canada and evaluate CFL training Camps.

  6. Hey get fit , the CFL is no farm team for the NFL . The CFL is by far a better game to watch , I don’t want that kind of BS with the NFL they can keep there game ………..I AM CANADIAN

  7. Ummm not to be rude Ziggy , yes in so MANY ways the CFL is a defacto Farm team league for the NFL , any elite CFL player would leave the CFL in heart beat to play in the NFL . Remember 80% or greater of the roster players on a CFL team are American !!!! and if they could earn a living playing football in the USA ( home ) they would . Think what you will but the NFL players are the superior athletes of the two leagues players in 90% of better of the cases. The CFL and NFL games are totally different games to play ( field dimensions/# of players on field / rule differences /time clock etc. Both are great games in their own right. Just putting it out there as a concept for the current CFL teams to benefit in a way from loosing players to NFL on a yearly basis with no compensation.

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