Bo Levi Mitchell weighs in on recent QB moves

Bo knows quarterbacks.

After some time off from his own Bo Show on Sportsnet 960 The FAN in Calgary, Mitchell returned to share his views on the recent spate of quarterback moves around the CFL.

James Franklin signed for two years with the Argos and Mitchell believes that signals a shift at the pivot position in Toronto.

“The numbers would tell us whether or not, basically, if Ricky [Ray] is coming back. If he signed that quickly I would say there had to be some pretty strong words from their side saying ‘Hey, you’re going to be the guy.’ I would say the fact that he signed this fast, it’s a pretty strong indication Ricky is probably not coming back. Good for Ricky, going out on top…it’s what Ricky deserves,” he said.

Even though Mitchell is an admittedly biased fan of Zach Collaros, the 2016 CFL MOP posed a question worth considering regarding the Riders acquiring Collaros after re-signing Brandon Bridge.

“I have become a little bit more of a believer in Bridge. But my question is what was Bridge told when he signed? That’s what I want to know. When he signed his contract was he told he was going to be the guy? Was he told we’re going to bring another quarterback in?” Mitchell wondered.

Finally, Mitchell provided his analysis on what Collaros can bring to the Riders.

“GMs and everybody out there knows who Zach is and what he can do again, given the right opportunity, given the right position. I think he was in a pretty bad position last year. The quarterback that I believe Zach is: a pocket passer who can get out and make plays on his own when he needs to.”

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  1. Steve Borsa // January 8, 2018 at 3:15 pm //

    QB situation maybe be resolved, but ALS still up in sir. Wish BLM would have talked more. Also Jennings in B.C. is Jennings not FA in Feb?

    • Think Jennings has 1 more year, not a pending FA. Lulay is pending FA, but I’d think unlikely to leave BC unless he decides to retire.

      Als will have to cut or renegotiate Durant before his roster bonus this month, or put up with a far-too-hefty chunk of their cap tied up with a non-performer who routinely throws his teammates under the bus now that things aren’t going his way…but with no one really available following recent moves, what are they going to do that’s *not* a huge risk?

      Willy didn’t look much better than Durant with them, and I don’t think they could stomach the optics of bringing Glenn back…

      Manziel? Big splash could make marketing sense, assuming Hamilton willing to play ball, but big gamble that could easily degenerate into the final dumpster fire of Kavis’ GM stint.

      Fajardo? Golson? Lefevour? Hmmmm…

  2. Nice try to stir things up in Riderville Bo. Maybe concentrate on not throwing away playoff games,….
    The Jones crew has been absolutely consistent on this issue. The best players play. No one gets a guarantee. If Bridge gives the Riders the best chance to win, he plays. And a one year deal for Bridge hardly indicates any kind of long term commitment from either party.

  3. Given that Bridge only signed a one year deal I’m pretty sure he wasn’t told he would be the guy. I believe it was mentioned in both his and Collaros’ press conferences that it would be an open competition.

    • From what read when Harris resigned a 1 year as well because the cba is up next spring. Also reading, apparently the NY Giants want to see him as a starter. Like Jones reiterates, the best will play. I assume if Collaros wins the job and is having a strong season and someone needs a QB, he may ask to be traded eventually. Which is a chip the Riders hold and could potentially get back quality players. IMO, Bo is being ignorant about his comments. He wants to know what Bridge was told. Everyone knows what was basically said by O’Days press conference ference. Either way it’s none of his business.

      • Bleeding Green // January 8, 2018 at 3:48 pm //

        See him as a starter?? They liked him, but they told him he needed work. Bridge will not be a starter for the Giants anymore than Bill Belichick is going to be their HC. Bridge is an OK QB, but nowhere near NFL caliber. Its not even a conversation. I don’t even think hes the best Canadian QB. He’s just the best up here. There is some very good talent down south in the NCAA right now.

        • Pretty sure Mr Green meant that the Giants want to see Bridge start in the CFL to better prepare him for a possible NFL shot. And the NFL shot would most like be as a backup, at best, to begin.

      • Bo probably has more insight and info from people around the league than you would. So I say it’s you who is ignorant 🙂

        • Bo is just trying to sow some dissension in the Rider’s locker room. Likely still upset over the pick-6 to Duron… a memory that will always haunt him.

  4. Not often I agree with Bo, but I’ll bet Bridge wishes he hadn’t signed so quick. He may have been mislead.

    • Wrong. The only thing here to read between the lines is that Bo is a closet Rider fan and deeply wishes he wore green. His fixation on Rider Nation shows he rather take his talents to a fan base that care about its football club. Unlike the Stumps.

      • Reading even further between the lines Ladd Law secretly wishs Bo played for the riders and would do a cool radio show with Rob Pederson. Ladd Law would call in everyday

  5. Take this // January 8, 2018 at 4:32 pm //

    I don’t think Bo is as fixated on the Riders as all you Jones fans are fixated on Bo and the Stampeders. You criticize Calgary fans for commenting on every Rider story but you also compare everything Rider, even the fans and stadium, to the Stampeders. Get over yourself and get your feet back on firm ground.

  6. My thoughts exactly. Its rare now that I’ll actually click on a Rider or Stampeder story. Instead I just instantly groan thinking about the 100 or so comments that attack each other. The content of the stories for these teams is good, as for the quality of the comments, well we’ll let the readers of 3D Nation be the judge of that.

  7. Choke a Cola // January 8, 2018 at 5:33 pm //

    Choke a cola….

  8. It’s great how Bo has become a fixture in the community. This and all his charity work. What is Branden Bridge doing these days??? Or Adams or Williams????

    • Cal Gary's Secret BF // January 8, 2018 at 7:46 pm //

      What was Bo doing in the community when he was a first year back up in Calgary?! Seriously, you’re a f#*king idiot and there’s no way to sugarcoat that.

    • Not atoning for two blown Grey Cups?

  9. She cares what Bo thinks? Maybe he should look after his own affairs before judging others.

  10. I just found out. Because no rider personnel spend the off season in Regina, the stadium has been neglected and pipes are bursting! There is massive damage and the repairs are in the 7 figures…Wow!!!

    • Now if you knew anything at all you would know the stadium is run by the city not the riders… Quit being such a sh*t disturber

      • Yes the city runs the stadium ( a burden to tax payers) But they only know if problems if someone is there to tell them there’s a problem. Had staff been around it would have been fixed quickly, mitigating much ofthe damage. I went to the stamps store on Friday. Staff was all at the offices

        • Again know the facts… The odd tax payer is miffed only because they aren’t football fans… And it was in the equipment room where the pipe burst… I had neighbors that had pipes burst… Wanna try and ridicule them too … We had -47 weather at that time… Don’t blame anyone for that.. You should worry about that run down stadium you have and let the city of Regina handle their business

          • Did I say burst pipes were anyone’s fault? I just said if staff was there the problem would have been found sooner..Burst pipes happen all the time in extreme cold. Please make sure you full read and understand what I say prior to responding 🙂
            You say the “odd taxpayer is miffed. I suspect that’s your perspective. It’s probably 50/50 as is typical. Calgary will eventually have a solution that benefits everyone.

          • “Eventually” but probably not in your life time

          • If it takes that long so be it. It will benefit all. What benefit do your citizens really get out of it?

        • At least Regina has a stadium, whereas you have a dump.

  11. Baltimore CFLer // January 8, 2018 at 9:48 pm //

    Wow Mr Lover and all other names you go by. If your goal is to push people away from this site you are succeeding. After awhile enough is enough. Not 1 discussion can be had without you trashing the Saskatchewan Roughriders. I thought this was a CFL site. Yes, there is a lot of smack, but you are often the instigator and seem to want to derail any and all good conversation. How about letting people have those good conversations. Have a good life. I truly feel sorry for you.

    Good luck to all teams in 2018 and beyond. I’m out.

    • You seem to use a few names too

      • And once again you continue to ruin any chance of having a respectful exchange of opinions. Good on you and my condolences to 3Down for allowing you to continue your bull.

  12. im baffled that people still feed the troll. Ignore him and he will go back to hiding under his bridge.

    • That’s what i kept posting in a few threads bacon. Just do NOT reply to his comments. Ignore them like they are not there. It actually worked on one thread. He did not get the attention he seeks and was quiet for a bit. When I posted it though, I was the one who got dumped on. He ruins every single freakin thread. The board would be so much better, more enjoyable and more informative without him.

  13. robservation // January 8, 2018 at 10:48 pm //

    I agree, why respond to this idiot, ignoring him is the best solution.

  14. Cal Gary's Secret BF // January 9, 2018 at 1:04 am //

    @Mr Lover – First, BLM spends at least two months in Texas in the offseason.

    DD lived in Regina year round (aside from the holiday trips home in the offseason), John Chick moved his whole family to Regina when he came back from the NFL, opened a business and is only now, two years removed, is selling his home but is keeping the business. While their may not be many/any current Riders, that’s traced to the fact that the entire team was gutted in the last two years. Players with families in the US often return to the US in the offseason, regardless of team. Xavier Fulton moved to Regina full time when he was with the Riders as well.

    BLM DIDN’T have a family when he came to Calgary. He and Madison were still only dating. There was nothing to tie him back home, like kids that are already enrolled in schools. It’s very difficult for some children to adjust to the Canadian education system, so more often than not the full move doesn’t take place. BLM DIDN”T have to factor that in.

    You need to sit doen and shut the f*#k up because you’re talking nonsense out of your ass.

    • Jeff Garcia's Agent // January 9, 2018 at 9:55 am //

      Valid points here. I would add Richie Hall, Matt Dominguez and Don Narcisse to the list as well. Hall stayed in Regina full time after retirement and was heavily involved with the Community while working with Cornwall Alternative School for high-risk kids. Dominguez is currently involved in youth basketball in Regina and volunteer’s a bunch of his time and has since the early 2000’s. Narcisse had his “Catch for Kids” program during his career and has made dozens of appearances for charities since then. The points about the current Riders being “new” is valid as well but I know for a fact that Ed Gainey and his family have a permanent residence in Regina. Gainey is also helping Christion Jones find a place to stay full time. Mr lover doesn’t seem to know what he’s talking about.

  15. JamieJGruber // January 9, 2018 at 9:49 am //

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  16. Why would anyone stay in Calgary year round if you only play football there? It’s Not one of Canada’s top cities.

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