New OC Khari Jones: no decisions on Alouettes QB

Khari Jones has been installed as Montreal’s offensive coordinator, after three others reportedly turned down the position, but he does not know who the starter will be at this point.

“That’s always the No. 1 position on any football team, you want to make sure that your quarterback is in place. We’re going to look at everything, there are no decisions that have been made yet. I’ll give my two cents in where we need to go,” Jones told TSN 690 in Montreal.

The Alouettes currently have Darian Durant, Drew Willy, Matthew Shiltz, Antonio Pipkin and Jacory Harris on the roster.

“The main thing is that all of these quarterbacks and whoever you have in there they have to have that room to develop, they have to have that room to grow as quarterbacks,” Jones said.

“Many of the guys that are playing now, it wasn’t just a straight line road, it was going through some bumps and bruises. You even look at Mike Reilly who is outstanding at quarterback, but there were some years in there where they missed the playoffs and they were struggling a little bit. The main thing is you just have to give them some time to develop and some time to get comfortable in the position.”

Willy and Harris are pending free agents while Durant has a $150,000 roster bonus due on January 15. That timeline might speed up the decision process.

Montreal scored a league-low 314 points in 2017. That was 129 fewer than the next closest team (Hamilton: 443). Jones will be tasked with reigniting that offence.

“It’s just about this year and what we’re going to do as a team, and so I don’t really factor in the history of it all that much,” Jones said.

“Throughout my career as a player and a coach, these are the kind of situations that I’ve come in to and that I’m used to. When I went to Winnipeg as a player we hadn’t been to the playoffs in years and then in a couple of years, we were able to go to the Grey Cup. And same thing in coaching, stops in Hamilton and Saskatchewan and in B.C. we had a good run there. Those types of situations don’t scare me or anything. I’m more used to those situations.”


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  1. I say give it a few years and let them gel–Durant and Drew Willy–the unbeatable duo

    no one throws more touchdowns in the league than them (mind you, usually to the other teams’ DB’s) 😀

    • They should sign Glen or if his injury is not to serious Travis Lulay. Montreal fans are not going to hang tough too much longer through Bone Head moves by Kavis Reed. He already wrongfully put blame on Chapdelaine, a very good coach that just happened to be French Canadian as a bonus. If Chappy had a decent QB, Als would be just fine, they did not need Reed or the new coach

  2. Tiger man // January 5, 2018 at 2:00 pm //

    “The Alouettes currently have Darian Durant, Drew Willy, Matthew Shiltz, Antonio Pipkin and Jacory Harris on the roster.”

    This is like being the captain of the Titanic and having to chose which iceberg you’re going to hit!!!

  3. Jeff Reinbold was interviewed some years ago and recounted exactly how many pro HC jobs existed.

    His other key point was this (and Khari needs to be mindful of this as the OC will pay if the QBs suck):

    ‘If you don’t have a QB or know where to get one, you’re not lasting’ . I don’t recall Reinbold’s exact words but that in a nutshell is what two of the key takeaways from the story were.

    Drew Willy is the most frustrating of all as he plays too slow for the rush he’s always under.
    Durant last season was playing like he was trying to get his coaches all fired. Those passes were not even minor football bad.

  4. This is going to be very very competitive next season in this great league. One exception,the Als.Its going to be a long year in Montreal with Kavis Reed hanging around being first and the qb. position is weak

  5. Still have to hire position coaches

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