Argos officially sign QB James Franklin

As 3Downnation’s Justin Dunk first reported, the Toronto Argonauts made the signing of quarterback James Franklin official.

“James is an outstanding young man and a great leader. We welcome him to the mix of talented quarterbacks we have on our roster and look forward to watching him compete,” said Argos general manager Jim Popp in a statement.

“Completing the trade for James in December allowed us to negotiate with him exclusively. When you trade for a player with an expiring contract, there is always an element of risk involved and that risk paid off.”

Over three seasons in Edmonton, Franklin completed 116-of-176 passes (66 completion rate) for 1,449 yards and 12 touchdowns against one interception. He’s carried the ball 18 times for 145 yards and one touchdown.

The Argos acquired Franklin in a trade with Edmonton in December, giving them an exclusive negotiating window before the 26-year-old could’ve hit free agency in February. Toronto received a third-round pick in the 2018 CFL draft while sending Canadian offensive lineman Mason Woods the other way.


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  1. Nice to see that didn’t drag on. Done, done & done. Here is hoping he is another star QB in the CFL in the near future.


  2. ivan Diablo // January 5, 2018 at 8:50 am //

    i would’ve love to see bridge s the argos pivot but popp has a long and great track record that leads me to believe that know what he is doing is correct

    welcome james franklin

  3. 2018 will be exciting in the CFL

    Franklin versus Masoli / Manziel

  4. Vic Menthol // January 5, 2018 at 9:59 am //

    Where is our daily Manziel hype piece?

  5. This surely shores up the QB position in Toronto. Don’t count out Fajardo, among others, who will make a case for themselves as Ray’s heir. As of now, the East looks to be shaping up as a three-headed monster (sorry Als).

    • That would be nice, but eastern teams seem to find mysterious ways to be bad. I’m still not sure how Ottawa managed to be so bad this year, and Hamilton is still a bit of a mystery as well. Part of the problem in Hamilton was their overall talent level, and I guess we’ll know when the signings start whether that’s been addressed.

      • Ottawa seemed to have too many changes.

        Hamilton went from no wins to six wins with no blowouts by changing few players, without an airlift. Seems to me the Austin scheme as well as personnel decisions relied too much on better talent plus refused to notice/adjust for the skills on the roster.

  6. I can see one of the other young QBs on the Argos roster going elsewhere. Most teams only carry 3 on the active roster sometimes 2 with 1 on the practice roster. Great move by Argos signing Franklin. With him and Ray they are in great shape as the Eskimos were when Franklin was there.

    • Cody Fajardo is a Free Agent and I fully expect he wants to play out west being a Cali kid who played his college ball in Nevada. I would expect Sundy to take a shot at Fajardo to compete with Eli Jenkins, Zach Klien and Danny O’Brien.

      • ivan Diablo // January 6, 2018 at 4:54 pm //

        western canada is very different from western usa unless 2 hours less on his plane flight mean more than playing on a GC championship team
        i don’t believe it, but if so, he deserves to be #2

  7. Good move for Franklin and the Argos.

    It seems that Mike Reilly was of the mind that regardless of the score etc that he was not going to relinquish the controls to anybody. Jason Maas former QB must embrace that theory versus Chris Jones who publicly stated his QB had to come out to not get killed and he has no problem changing QBs.

    Franklin in the RIGHT situation where he can brought on like Warren Moon was could be a star – however he sounds like a star who wants an NFL shot.

    Popp’s move to trade him was a bold move even though he could have offered him a decent deal as a free agent as surely that guy wouldn’t have been dumb enough to choose Montreal over the Argos.

    Argos coaching is stable – Montreal is not and hasn’t been for some years now.

  8. Now the Argo’s have two better QB’s than our Cat’s. Here we go again with our next 5 year rebuild.

  9. Dundas dude // January 5, 2018 at 4:30 pm //

    The rich get richer. I would have preferred the top team of the last generation to have been 70kms down the QEW.

  10. Popp’s calculated risk in making the Franklin trade has paid off in getting him signed.
    Time will tell how Franklin develops but I like his chances under Trestman’s tutelage.

  11. Argos signed Franklin? Cool. Any word on Rabbit, Fox, or Mr. Owl?

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