Ticats coach June Jones (accidentally) confirms Speedy B will return

You gotta love June Jones. If you’re a media type or an ardent CFL fan, that is.

Sometimes he lets you know stuff the Ticat organization might rather he didn’t.

During a conference call about the Jeremiah Masoli signing Thursday the head coach inadvertently got in the way of the Tiger-Cats’ planned schedule of news releases when he mentioned that the team had already signed receiver/returner Speedy Banks. 3DownNation’s Justin Dunk reported the Banks extension on Wednesday.

The Cats had planned to announce that Friday, and hold a press conference with Banks Friday afternoon. That conference will still happen but without any element of surprise.

Jones had been asked whether, with a full off-season and training camp to work with, how much thicker this year’s playbook would be than last year’s keep-it-simpler approach.

“Jeremiah was starting to get a real good understanding of the concepts and the receivers were starting to buy into it too, so I think we can take it to the next level,” Jones answered before adding:

“We got Speedy signed also, and I’m excited about putting all that together. And really starting where we left off.”

Steve Milton

Steve Milton

Steve Milton is a long-time columnist for the Hamilton Spectator and was inducted into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame media wing in 2012.
Steve Milton
Steve Milton
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Steve Milton is a long-time columnist for the Hamilton Spectator and was inducted into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame media wing in 2012.

12 Comments on Ticats coach June Jones (accidentally) confirms Speedy B will return

  1. Awesome to re-sign Banks. He gives the offence a whole other dimension. Now let’s get Tasker re-signed!

  2. We gotta sign Tasker, big Ted, and Larry “Mean” Dean. And I have a feeling Luke may flee to Sask to join his buddy Zach. I will say Luke played amazing when Masoli was at QB. Hope they all back.

  3. The Cats are playing musical chairs with the same old talent.I hope someone upstairs in management realizes that the CATS will not be competitive with this strategy.Banks may be a good signing but the Cats need a lot more talent and you can ‘BANK’ on that.Or it’s lose and lose again.

    • lol same old talent you must have missed all the trades and picks and acquired last year there are tons of new faces ,where do you guys come up with this ridiculous rhetoric ?

      • Where is our Franklin,our Duron Carter,our James Wilder our Dionte Spencer… the Cats have not obtained top tier players as yet.Gable to replaced by unproven Green.Keep your head in the sand Gord and do not read all the sports stories about other teams great players wanted by the NFL AND CFL teams.

  4. I disagree ..masoli and his receivers was on a limited play book.with a full training camp and tolliver back and maybe a couple key free agent signings I think we have something to be hopeful about. Remember BE POSITIVE !

    • Yup have to agree. They also added Shamawd Chambers late in the season and it’s entirely possible that Andy will be catching passes again for the team. Chambers was really given a chance to shine and show his talent after arriving. Andy might be older and not as fast but he’s a smart receiver with lots of experience and able to make those tough catches especially on 2nd down. Tolver should be ready for training camp as he was hurt in about the 2nd play of the first game last year. He’ll add speed and size on the receiving corps. And BigD – I disagree that Tasker will want to head west to join Collaros. First of all, he isn’t the big, tall kind of receiver that CJ prefers, and secondly, he’s about to become a father so will likely want to remain closer to home. I’m hoping that the announcement of his signing occurs by early next week.

      Welcome back Speedy!

      • With all respect, Chambers is not a top tier player but more of an experimental gamble to be counting on him to make a difference. Remember all the fans claiming Tyms was going to give the Cats its new great threat receiver.Toliver has been counted on like Collaros but has never played a full season making him, too, a talent gamble to have a winning team.

  5. Dundas dude // January 4, 2018 at 8:41 pm //


  6. Tasker lives in Buffalo. Just bought a new house there. Commute is just over an hour of he goes home. He will resign in Hamilton for sure.

  7. Glad that my favourite player re signed

  8. NO surprise if already announced by this website that Banks had signed on Wednesday. Really should be a non-issue for everyone. All teams need new talent every year to improve the roster but the TiCats certainly have some proven guys as free agents that they should keep if healthy and not going on the downside of their career.

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