New Alouettes coach Mike Sherman made Johnny Manziel flip commitment to Texas A&M

When Mike Sherman was the head coach at Texas A&M University he convinced one Johnny Manziel to play football for the Aggies.

Coming out of Kerrville Tivy High School in Texas Johnny Football was a parade all-American passing for 3,609 yards with 45 touchdowns and ran for 1,674 yards and 30 TDs. Manziel had verbally committed to Oregon and other big NCAA programs were chasing him.

“I was able to get him to change. We sat down and visited with Johnny and his family. He has a wonderful mom and dad. We had a good talk,” Sherman told The Dallas News.

“We thought this would be a great fit for him and a great fit for A&M. Leaving the state and going all the way to Oregon … he didn’t need to do that. He could play right here in the state of Texas, his family could watch him play every weekend and he could continue the legend of Johnny Football.”

That’s exactly what Manziel did. As a redshirt freshman, Manziel threw for 3,706 yards and 26 touchdowns while rushing for 1,410 yards and 21 touchdowns in the SEC on the way to winning the Heisman Trophy in 2012. He followed that up with better passing numbers n 2013.

“You could see something special watching his high school tapes. People questioned whether he was tall enough, but he played so big,” Sherman said You could write it off that it wasn’t at that high a level — but he’d take his team of 4A kids out of Tivy and beat 5A kids out of San Antonio. He was taking teams that weren’t big and weren’t fast and beating teams that were big and were fast.”

Manziel was a first-round pick of the Cleveland Browns but wore out his welcome there. The 25-year-old is going through the process of being approved by commissioner Randy Ambrosie to be allowed in the CFL. If that happens Montreal – because of Sherman’s relationship to Manziel – might just be in play to try and trade for his rights.


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  1. Table seems to be set for Manziel to join the league with either Hamilton or Montreal. He would benefit the Als more as a gate attraction, but what assets do they have that the Ticats would want to facilitate trading their rights to a rival in the same division?

  2. Oh please trade him. Must be something Montreal can give us.

    • marko Polo // December 22, 2017 at 7:46 am //

      Be careful for what you wish for. I see a lot of guys on this board bemoaning letting Cavallo go from Ti-Cats to MTL. If you get your wish you will be handing Als three Grey cups. Then you will change from “oh we should have never let Cavallo go” to “Oh we should have never let Manziel go”.

      • That comment only works for me if we were trading Collaros to MTL. I could careless about Johnny. I will support whatever decision the team makes but I would much rather see Zach get a shot under Jones offence. We’ve seen what Zach can do. This past season was a disappointment to everyone and true Cats fans know that if anything Collaros is a competitor. I think he will come back strong this season unfortunately that’s usually true for players in the last year of there contract. I only see Manziel coming to the Hammer if he is willing to sign for 3 or more seasons otherwise its a waste.

  3. how ’bout Kavis Reed straight up for Johnny…

  4. I wonder if discussing his rights being traded to a specific team isn’t verging on tampering.

  5. Sooooooooooo he does better as a pro in the CFL than he did in Clevland, because?????

    • … he’s grown up? That’s the hope. He didn’t fail in Cleveland because he lacks talent.

    • Manziel a woman beater and substance abuser just what Hamilton needs

    • marko Polo // December 22, 2017 at 7:58 am //

      1. NFL tougher league talent wise then CFL it lies Somewhere in-between SEC and NFL. Not a slam. No one is pretending the Dutch First division Football league is as good as the English Premier Football League. Yet they are both top Divisions in their countries.
      2.Watch some youtube highlights of 2015 games Browns VS Tennessee, 49ers, At Pittsburgh, At Kansas City (set Browns QB rushing record). He was really starting to get the NFL. It was his off field addictions, erratic behavior, and Girl friend dust ups that got him. Look at Case Keenum at Vikings this year and JF was progressing a little faster than that.
      3. Maturity, sobriety, focus, and desire.
      4. He would make it in NFL now if someone would give him a chance but now everyone is salivating over the 2018 QB draft class.

  6. Just wanted to say 3DownNation has become a great site. In a league with modest media coverage, it fills an important space, and I look daily. Can’t find “contact us” button, so I’ll post here. Well done guys & Merry Christmas.

    • People complain an awful lot about it, and I’ve piled on at times, but if it went away, I’d sure miss it.

  7. Johnny Football coming up to the CFL would be great if he is ready to play and stay out of trouble. Montreal, Hamilton or Regina would all be great for him. Since the TiCats and Riders have good young guys ready to take on the starters position I’d say Montreal would definitely be the best place for him to play and he and Sherman can both find their way to be successful at the same time.

  8. Manziel to Montreal in exchange for a first round pick for the enxt three years. sound good ?

  9. The ticats have his rights and have never said anything about trading them. Until that happens discussing him playing elsewhere is pointless.

  10. BigRedMachine // December 21, 2017 at 11:52 pm //

    After Jones gushed over him so much it would be tough for management to move him elsewhere. I think it is Masoli and Manziel in Hamilton…

    • Especially to an eastern team. Maybe if you structured the deal so that the better Maziel did the more the Ticats got back you could sell it as a win-win trade, like maybe a draft pick every year Manziel is on the team and the more games he starts the higher the pick.

    • marko Polo // December 22, 2017 at 8:00 am //

      Could have been trying to pump up trade value.

    • So you’d rather the team say how shitty he is. If you want to improve your ability to trade a player especially one with Johnny’s issues and out of football for three seasons you talk him up as much as you can. Build up hype so you can get more than he’s worth. In my opinion!

  11. This is old news and Manziel is as fat as Trump these days.

    The Manziel love in the CFL is bizarre. Ask why no one in the NFL wants him.. right he’s toxic and fat.

  12. OK look at TMZ’s Sports picture from 40 days ago-roughly a month ,of Manzel on a Maui beach. The guy has a bigger GUT then 3/4 of the beer league hockey players in Canada. I have no understanding how a coach of a CFL team could even suggest at this point Manzel can be a ELITE qb in the CFL , how disrespectful to the leagues other players/fans etc. Not saying that MAnzel was not a great athlete in his college days but that time is WELL past, IMO He is nothing more then a sad woman beating /drug abusing /violent human being living off his family fortune and past rep as a college star. IMO this is guy that has waisted his athletic gift of talent , we should be pushing this guy into the gutter where he desires to be instead of trying to make him the Face of the CFL or a CLF franchise **** This kind of mickey mouse stuff makes the cfl look more amateurish then Vince McManns failed USA XFL—- bring on the 2 strippers and the unicorn the Las Vegas Posse used to announce their CFL American expansion franchise at a press conference back in the day !!!

    • marko Polo // December 22, 2017 at 8:05 am //

      Your absolute lack of sympathy for a guy trying to correct his life after dealing with what most experts say is a disease is inconsistent with Canadian values and blind to the fact that alcohol addiction plagues all income levels in Canada. We need to applaud his efforts to turn him self around not dance on his grave in delight. Your attitude is more like that of a Nazi SS guard shuffling sub human Jews into the gas chamber. You need to move to Russia where you belong.

      • I agree Marko but how many of the haters on here were screaming about Art Briles! Manziel has his issues and did assult his girlfriend. Briles has been found guilty of nothing! But he doesn’t deserve a chance at earning a living? Makes no sense to me! In a country like #Merica!” where they sue you for serving hot coffee if Briles had any guilt or anything could have been pinned on him there would have been a dozen lawsuits against him but not one!

      • yep Jonney looked REAL serious abrout changing his life style on the Maui beach 30days ago , faunting his current girl friend in a thong bikini to TMZ and Pavarozzi reporters and lol not partying at the exclusive party resort they were staying at !!!!! in Maui, fools like Manzel that play to the media about being serious about substance abuse recovery and then doing the crap he is currently doing gives those that are serious about recovery a bad name !!!!!! I grew up in a household where substance abuse by a parent was a HUGE issue leading to the drinking death of that parent —— hats off to those who are SERIOUS about recovery — but in my personal and private life I have encountered a large number of addicts that have often promised being committed to recovery but took the easy out of claiming alcoholism is a disease!!!! Learn more about the model as what your claim is has very LIMITED support of the entire health care, its a that some support that is all, there are theories also that anyone growing up in a alcoholic/drug abusing family will eventually become an addicat themselves or be more prone to it . I have 4 siblings and myself who are at worst social drinkers to that addiction theory seems very thin to me , as a adult human being I am responsible for my actions and choices —- not looking to blame my pros and woes on some disease model excuse … But that is just the NAZZI in me talking , lol what an imbissal you are jackass !!!

      • GEEE and all this coming from a person that has trashed Chris Jones for thinking of giving Vince Young a shot !!! this year and the trash talking Vince , etc etc, wow I guess you have suddenly become a uber altruist !!!! and are in the running for beatification as the champion of lost causes !!!

  13. Re; Nick’s comments yes Manziel had brushes with the law but do some simple research and you will find more than a few former and current players have had brushes with the law including Masoli and Collaros.

    • marko Polo // December 22, 2017 at 8:07 am //

      Masoli was way worse. Search for Jeremiah Masoli on Wikepedia.

      Legal issues[edit]
      On the morning of January 24, 2010, a member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house returned home and witnessed Masoli and teammate Garrett Embry leaving an area of the house near his room. When he realized a projector and two laptop computers were missing he took chase. The victim chased down Embry, who returned the projector and subsequently reported the incident to Eugene police. Police interviewed Masoli the next day, where he said he was not at the fraternity house. On March 12, 2010, Masoli pleaded guilty to second-degree burglary before Lane County Circuit Judge Maurice Merten, who sentenced Masoli to one year probation and 140 hours of community service. As part of the plea agreement, this charge was later reduced to a misdemeanor.[38] Oregon head coach Chip Kelly immediately suspended Masoli for the 2010 football season, his senior year, but allowed him to remain on the team (he still had a redshirt season available).[39]

      On June 7, 2010, Masoli was pulled over by Springfield police for a traffic violation. After inspection Masoli was cited for driving with a suspended license, failure to stop, and possession of one ounce or less of marijuana. Two days later he was dismissed from the team for “failure to adhere to obligations previously outlined”.[40] Masoli later entered guilty pleas to both the marijuana and failure to stop charges (both non-criminal violations in Oregon).[41]

  14. ya never give anyone a second chance throw them all into the gutter ,might as well throw the CFL in the gutter too,and anyone who makes a mistake,lets all be negative like yourself that will help everything and besides nobody makes you watch the cfl just tune out and you will be fine

    • In Manzels case we are at CHANCE 5, 6, 7, and counting , eventually rational people call a spade a spade. In the Catholic religion we have a Saint that is dedicated to the redemption of lost causes , Our Lady of Perpetual HOPE , I suggest you uber Manzel supporters try to hook Jonney up with her —- tell him she looks good in a bikini and he will be there in a heart beat !!!!! worshiping at her feet as long as she has wine on her !!!!

  15. marko Polo // December 22, 2017 at 8:12 am //

    big play.. I can’t find anything on Collaros legal wise. What are your sources? Check Wikipedia on Masoli.

  16. marko Polo // December 22, 2017 at 8:45 am //

    So people ask why should the CFL want someone when the NFL does not? Because Canadian culture is better than American culture. Some past cases. Warren Moon came here because the NFL wanted to switch him to wide Receiver rather than let him play QB. This was obvious racial bias rampant in the USA. But Canada welcomed run away slaves and migrants from Jamaica and Haiti. We are better than that so we gave Warren a chance. Doug Flutie crossed picket lines in a strike and was blacklisted by the NFL. People forget that. But in Canada we respect people’s right to make individual choices to support their family and let bygones be bygones. So we gave Doug a chance. In Manziel’s case he is subject to America’s unforgiving stance on drug addiction exemplified by the so called war on drugs and the mass incarceration of non violent drug possession violators. Vancouver has decriminalized Marijuana and Canada in General has a more forgiving stance on what most experts consider to be a disease (addiction). We are better than that. So lets give Johnnie Du Football a second chance.

    • Thank you for the detailed history lesson. I don’t think anyone will deny Manziel an opportunity to play up here. Football is football. If he can help a team, he will be offered a contract. Its certainly within OUR right though to ask some intelligent honest questions about his ability to play at a high level. We are the ones paying for the tickets and spending our free time in front of the TV. The main issue with many of us is the continued hype as if he actually is Doug Flutie or Warren Moon. These guys proved themselves. Until Mr. Football does, he deserves as much skepticism as any other prospect trying out for a pro football team.

    • You also have to understand that other Heisman trophy winning QBs such as Troy Smith, Eric Crouch, and Andre Ware have also played up here and have had amazingly underwhelming CFL careers. Just because a guy plays well in U.S. college doesn’t automatically mean they will do anything in Canada. Its understandable if we lack enthusiasm for this kid until he shows something.

      • Totally agree Garcia98. The game is different in more ways than they think and the talent is much better than they expect. Any US player or ex NFL star coming to the CFL is in for a surprise.

    • Any person that stoops to bias radical statements that ONE nation is better then another —- especially a nation with a very similar values system etcis a very flawed and dangerous person IMO. Regarding your statement surrounding slavery — we as Canadians are Very selective how we portray our roles in that — refer to the early stuggels of Afro-American peoples in the martimes — their expertices are not that rosey from what I have read during that period . AS well as large as a role Canada played in the 2nd world war , Canada didn’t exactly roll out he RED Carpet and invite DROVES of Jewish refugees to Canada during that time ( we infact turned away boatloades of jewish refuges from our shores, during the Mckenzie King years, in redard to the Chineese/Japanees that were settled in Canada for a generation after helping build therailroad , WE just sent them to internment camps— confiscated their property without legal recourse, as well as interming many people of Germanic decent. And finally reading aboriginal people we just took the best land , thru them on marginal lands and finched them in making it Illegal to leave the reserve until the 1960’s , nawwwww that isn’t kind of slavery is it !!!!!! ohhhhh don’t forget we also just scooped the kids out of the familys without conscent and put them in residential schools , beat them for speaking their language , practicing their religion, and sexually abused them !!! So tell me Again HOW MUCH BETTER WE ARE then AMERICANS !!!!!! —– we have more then our share of warts !!!! And yes I am proud of this great country Canada/being Canadian , I just know an honest Canadian dont look at others and SAY WE AER BETTER then YOU !!!!!! More come join us and make us a better people and country !!!! Some of that is looking at who you invite inot oyur hosue to make you better !!!! is what I am saying !!! called Vetting !!!!!!

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