David Knevel stays on top as offensive linemen dominate CFL scouting bureau rankings

Offensive lineman David Knevel of the University of Nebraska has kept his spot as the top-rated player for the Canadian Football League draft.

The top three from the last rankings are unchanged with the six-foot-nine Knevel followed by offensive linemen Trey Rutherford of Connecticut and Ryan Hunter of Bowling Green.

Still another offensive lineman, Peter Godber of Rice, was ranked fourth by the CFL Scouting Bureau on its list of the 20 top prospects for the league’s spring draft. Defensive lineman Julien Laurent of Georgia State was fifth.

The top-ranked player from a Canadian university was defensive back Godfrey Onyeka of Laurier. He dropped two places from the September rankings.

Onyeka’s brother Kene, a defensive lineman at Carleton, was ranked 14th. Their cousin Nakas Onyeka was drafted 37th in the 2017 CFL draft and played last season for the Toronto Argonauts.

Mark Chapman, a receiver at Central Michigan, was 10th after not making the ranking list in September. Offensive lineman Matt Korte of Alberta was ranked 12th after not making the September list.



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  1. As usual the Canadian draft will be about the “O” linemen. That is the problem with the Canadian ratio rule, it guarantees that CFL teams stock up on the untalented positions like O lineman so they can fill the talent positions with Americans.

  2. I realize that the CFL is different than the NFL but really !!! “Untalented” !!! I beg to differ. Geez if you ever go to the U.S. and follow football there they all know that the key to winning is a strong O-Line (college or pro). Don’t see too many “talented” QB’s stay on their feet or RB’s go through holes without the O-Line doing their job. I just spent 7 years going to the U.S. watching my kid play (high school & college) it was an eye opener as to what positions they appreciated. There is a lot more to O-Line play (technique/footwork)than meets the eye. But I do agree the ratio rule does make them more desirable.

  3. if david knevel comes to the cfl , he will be a start, at 6-8 and now 328 lbs . and very talented he could quickly dominate

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