Stiff armed off the Riders’ neg list: Heisman winner was traded from Saskatchewan to Toronto

Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield, who won the 2017 Heisman Trophy as the NCAA’s top player on Saturday, is currently on the Toronto Argonauts negotiation list – but he was once the property of the Saskatchewan Roughriders

Mayfield was dealt from the Riders to the Argos on Feb. 10, 2016, as part of a deal that saw Saskatchewan acquire offensive lineman Bruce Campbell, who started 12 games for the green and white this season after coming out of retirement. In addition to Mayfield, the Argonauts received a 2016 fourth-round pick, 27th overall, which they used to select McMaster fullback Declan Cross who caught the game-tying two-point conversion in Toronto’s Grey Cup win in November.

Mayfield had a spectacular 2017, passing for 4,340 yards, 41 touchdowns and five interceptions hitting on 71 per cent of his attempts and 310 yards on the ground and five scores. The signature Heisman outing for Mayfield came in The Bedlam Series game against Oklahoma State when he set a new a single-game school mark with 598 passing yards and five touchdowns in a 62-52 Sooners road win. Oklahoma is 12-1 ranked No. 2 in the NCAA and take on Georgia in the Rose Bowl part of the College Football Playoff on January 1, 2018.

Last season he led the Sooners to an 11-2 record and a Sugar Bowl victory. He threw for 3,965 yards, 40 touchdowns against eight interceptions with a 70.9 completion rate while rushing for 177 yards and six touchdowns.

Other recent Heisman Trophy winners on current CFL negotiation lists include Louisville QB Lamar Jackson (Lions), QB Johnny Manziel (Ticats) and QB Robert Griffin III (Ticats).

The 22-year-old has put up gaudy numbers and earned many accolades since the swap and drawn lots of attention from NFL personnel men. There were 25 NFL scouts and three NFL general managers at Boone Pickens Stadium to see Mayfield’s record-setting 598-yard performance.

Mayfield could be a high NFL draft pick but his style would suit the CFL game well – if he ever ends up north of the border.

That said, are we sure Mayfield is a Marc Trestman type of guy? Seems like he needs to learn to win with class.

Justin Dunk

Justin Dunk

Justin Dunk was a five-year starter at quarterback for the University of Guelph. He covers the league for Sportsnet and 3DownNation.
Justin Dunk
Justin Dunk
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Justin Dunk was a five-year starter at quarterback for the University of Guelph. He covers the league for Sportsnet and 3DownNation.

29 Comments on Stiff armed off the Riders’ neg list: Heisman winner was traded from Saskatchewan to Toronto

  1. I don’t think he will start next year. Ray will come back the job is his.

  2. Trade a Canadian draft pick for an import O-lineman. Bad idea. But that’s Chris Jones.

    Mayfield sounds like another in the long list of talented QBs who just don’t “get it”. Like Manziel

    • An import O-lineman is worth more than a Canadian draft pick. An import lineman will be a starter, a Canadian draft pick will fill roster spots and hang around as a backup

      • That Canadian draft pick won a Grey Cup this year with the argooooos ,something that the sliders will NEVER do again for a long long time ,enjoy your 4th and last place finishes for many more years .It is so enjoyable and so quiet when the sliders are in the basement

        • Yeah, quiet because nobody cares about Toronto. See if winning the Grey Cup makes any difference to their pathetic game attendance next year, but highly doubt it. They have no real fanbase, just bandwagon jumpers and people cheering against Calgary. Next season will be back to their under 15k per game attendance out of a possible 4 million who potentially could go, but won’t. Very, very sad and pathetic excuse for fans. Saskatchewan has a potential 1 million fans in the entire province, yet still managed to have over 33k people at EVERY game including preseason. Frankly, I couldn’t cate less if Toronto folded- it shouldn’t be the responsibility of the league or other teams to carry them and with their lack of real fans nobody would miss them for lonf anyways.

          • 33,000 every game lol,lol,lol that’s the paid attendance but the actual fans in their seats are lucky to be 25000 and than they have the excuses,Oh it’s too cold,oh it’s too windy ,oh it’s a Friday night game come on sliders fans quit trying to think ur true fans when you are only fans when you win ,stay in your perennial 4 th or 5 th place

          • Toronto doesn’t even 5,000 season ticket holders, Saskatchewan has over 20,000… including me. I drive 6 hours each way for every home game. When was the last time you went to a Toronto game Dan?

          • Still bitter about the Eastern Final I guess?

          • The game the officials won for the Argos? No, not really. Can’t beat crooked/inept officiating.

          • Well we know the Riders can’t beat the “crooked” officiating don’t we?

      • I’m sorry Joe but that simply isn’t true. The Canadian talent base is much much smaller than in the US. These players are critical. Campbell may a more integral player but his his pedigree is far more abundant than are Canadians. Consider too Sask is pretty lean in this department

  3. BleedzGreen // December 9, 2017 at 11:09 pm //

    Impressive highlight reel… No way our league gets a sniff of this guy.

  4. Nope. Judging by that video, not a Trestman kind of guy. Trade his rights elsewhere.

  5. Um…not a Canadian draft pick…a neg list player…please self-educate

  6. pantsonfire // December 10, 2017 at 12:22 am //

    Trade, as it stands, helped both clubs. Campbell was arguably the best OL outside of LaBatte. Dennis didn’t work out there. Cross looks like a useful guy for TO.

  7. Why is this even a story? Just because he was was on the Riders neg list……………lol

  8. The Argos should make a statement like they did with Joe Theissman and Rocket Ismal and come up with the money to sign Mayfield. The CFL would be a great training ground for the young QB, rather than parked on the bench in the NFL.
    The CFL could issue a “marquee” designation for Mayfield’s salary with only a portion counting towards the Cap…for the benefit of the entire league.

    • Agreed, but the problem is that they can still make more money carrying a clipboard down there than they can as a starter up here. If they really wanted to play and it was not al about the mooney, they we’d have a chance, as you say. IF they come up here and win a championship, they have a better chance of getting at least a #2 job down there, in not starting, and the money would be even better.
      Many of these guys don’t seem to want to pay their dues though (or they think carrying a clipboard is paying their dues).

    • There was no salary cap when Joe Theissman or Rocket Ismail played.
      There are no “marquee” designations like there was with Flutie and the CFL will never bring it back.
      The “marquee” was dropped because it almost bankrupt teams and other teams couldn’t compete.
      Teams have to live within their budget

  9. No way this guy comes to the CFL. Dunk is reduced to writing neg list articles? Sad.

    • It’s news & it’s off season, Kev. The idea is to get people checking in & commenting, which is what you’re doing.

  10. Another attempt to try and put a negative spin on the Riders, but instead it shows how smart Jones is. Trade away the RIGHTS to a player who will never play a down in the CFL in exchange for a starting offensive lineman! Perhaps the negative spin should be focused on the intelligence of Popp!

    • Well TO got a National who has played well. But giving up a draft pick in the 2018 draft for Cedric McKinley wasn’t exactly a bright move. He had McKinley in Edmonton so should have known what he COULDN’T do. Never started a game as I recall. Jones went through 4,000 or so players in his “camps” he figured, went through over 100 players in 2016 during the season, some 16 or so QB’s over the past 2 years. All that for a 4th place club with 10 wins. With all those players surely he could have done better. What did TO do with Popp & Trestman after being hired after free agency kicked in & they had to go for leftovers? Oh yeah, they won the Cup. You want to question the intelligence of Popp after that? He’s been at it one yer with Toronto. The “smart” Mr. Jones was paid big bucks & hired to win a Cup. So here we go again after year 2 – Roughrider fans reduced to talking about wait till next year – AGAIN. How predictable.

  11. Hard to say it was a bad trade for Toronto. They got Declan Cross who looks to be a good young talent and helped them win a Grey Cup. The Riders can’t say that and Campbell is a free agent this year.

  12. Tha salary cap is the issue, they should have DP’s. 2-3 players at most with a total max of $2.5 million please the current cap which is too low. Mayfield would tear it up in the CFL.

  13. Sources Say // December 10, 2017 at 1:24 pm //

    Mayfield is FIFTEEN years too young for Chris Jones.

  14. TheDer’s // December 10, 2017 at 3:30 pm //

    Baker is a low first/high second round NFL draft pick this year. CFL will never see him

  15. Just to set the record straight, there are more than 15,000 Argo fans. The problem is, with 7 professional teams here, it makes it difficult to support each team equally. TV numbers are good, so the Argos have fan support. Just not at the stadium.

  16. People are still hammering the Argos, Argo fans etc.
    Sounds like sour grapes.

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