Sexual harassment lawsuit filed against CFL Hall of Famer Warren Moon

A California woman has filed a lawsuit alleging sexual harassment and battery against former Edmonton Eskimos star quarterback Warren Moon.

The lawsuit, obtained by The Canadian Press, was filed Monday in Orange County, Calif. It names Moon and his company, Sports 1 Marketing, as defendants.

Wendy Haskell, a former executive assistant to Moon at Sports 1 Marketing, alleges in the lawsuit that Moon required her to wear skimpy lingerie, share his bed during business trips and made unwanted sexual advances.

Haskell also alleges in the documents that Moon grabbed her crotch while she was sleeping on a recent business trip in Seattle.

The Canadian Press does not normally name alleged victims of sexual assault, but Fitzgerald & Isaacson, the law firm representing Haskell, said its client had agreed to go public.

None of the allegations have been proven in court. Sports 1 Marketing did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Moon, 61, spent his entire CFL career with the Edmonton Eskimos and won five consecutive Grey Cups from 1978-1982. He was inducted into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame in 2001.

Moon went on to play 17 seasons in the National Football League with Houston, Minnesota, Seattle and Kansas City.

He appeared in nine Pro Bowls and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2006. Moon is currently an analyst on the Seattle Seahawks’ radio network. The Seahawks are aware of the lawsuit but had no additional comment, according to The Associated Press.

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12 Comments on Sexual harassment lawsuit filed against CFL Hall of Famer Warren Moon

  1. Another pc of shit

  2. Not to downplay the seriousness of the crime, what one really has to wonder how many of these are an attempt at a cash grab? There is no statute of limitations so what is to prevent someone from making accusations for something that ALLEGEDLY happened 20 years ago.
    “Mr Moon, Where exactly were you at 4:33 pm on ***day, December 6, 1997?”
    Moon, and most likely, rightfully so, “How the F&*# would I know that today?”

    • There are so many you have to wonder what is going on. We have the politicians the Hollywood producers, Hollywood actors, the TV anchors.
      Some men get into a position of authority and think they can do whatever they want.
      But it does seem suspicious when women come out years after the incident and the allegations are only against men with money.

  3. BigRedMachine // December 7, 2017 at 12:47 am //

    Hoping it’s not true. If it is I would expect more accusations to be coming out since I highly doubt this type of behaviour would be limited to one person.

  4. These are allegations and are yet to be proven. Her word against his. Funny how we forget now a days the term innocent until proven guilty. “CFL” who are you to call him “a piece of shit” are there no skeletons in your closet? I’m sure that there are a lot of these sexual misconduct stories coming out that are valid but also a lot that are not. It leaves the man in an awkward situation of trying to prove that something didn’t happen 10 or 20 years ago and everyone instantly believing he is guilty. Find it odd how many of these stories are just coming out all at one time? But just because social media gives us the opportunity to voice an opinion how about we hold onto those until the accused is given a chance to defend themselves.

    • Yes look at the Roy Moore case, the allegations come out one month before the election and the women say it happened FORTY YEARS AGO. If you are in opposition of course you will believe the women.
      But he doesn’t get a trial, but everyone gets to judge him and sentence him without any proof.
      It was a different world 40 years ago and “hitting” on a woman back then would be considered harasment today.

  5. Mantis Toboggan // December 7, 2017 at 7:43 am //

    Proud of any woman who is brave enough to come forward! Just remember innocent until proven guilty still applies. ie. Duke lacrosse team.

  6. Hope it is not true but I recall reading some time ago there was abuse involved with his first wife and marriage. Feel sorry for his present wife and family overall for this coming out and the effect on them. Usually where there is smoke there is fire. If innocent he will fight it. If guilty he will most likely not go to trial and will settle out of court for a undisclosed sum as they say.

    • It’s all heresay about what he did or didn’t do with his wife. The problem is that if he is innocent and decides to pay her off to avoid a trial then he’s deemed guilty.
      But if she is right and he is guilty then good for her.
      But it just seems that no matter who you are if a woman accuses you then you are guilty, social media will try you and your employer will disown you even without a trial

  7. That Golddigger could have called in sick instead of packing her lingerie.

  8. Unfortunately we are in a time where a person is guilty until proven innocent. There is no legal process to help them out, the court of public opinion and the court of social media decides the outcome of issues of the day. Now if guys like this truly are guilty they deserve the maximum punishment allowed. However, it would be fair to all if a guy actually had the opportunity to defend himself before his life is completely destroyed.

    • my point exactly. Also if it is true it’s completely idiotic. A guy tells you have to sleep with him and wear lingerie? How about telling him to go f… himself and you’re going to HR? I really don’t get these harassment complaints? And please don’t use the excuse you were scared to lose your job! If it is true have some respect for yourself and find a new job don’t come out two years (or 20) later and complain about it.

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