Riders radio man says it’s a CFL conspiracy to have Toronto in Grey Cup

Riders followers believe there is a CFL conspiracy against the green and white to keep them out of the Grey Cup.

It’s led by the Roughriders radio play-by-play man.

Even a competing radio station employee and former player agreed on the referees and league conspiring to keep the Riders out of the CFL’s championship game.

Saskatchewan lost an early challenge by Chris Jones and that opened the conspiracy theories.


Kevin Glenn’s three interceptions led directly to 17 Argos points.


177 Comments on Riders radio man says it’s a CFL conspiracy to have Toronto in Grey Cup

  1. Jim Bentley // November 19, 2017 at 3:34 pm //

    They really need to check the water in Regina, they must be putting some sort of mind alter chemical in it!

    • Your absolutely right. There’s something wrong out there.

    • How do you figure Regina how about Sask did you watch the close line on Glenn no call refs and command joke.

      • Johnny Blumpkin // November 19, 2017 at 5:29 pm //

        It wasn’t a penalty.

        • Habsnriders // November 20, 2017 at 1:00 pm //

          Lol oh my that wasn’t a penalty in your eyes . If that wasn’t a penalty then the CFL doesn’t need refs just let the players call it school ground style and call the penalties on their own . I would to see your opinion if that call had gone against your team

      • Glenn Chernick // November 19, 2017 at 7:14 pm //
      • The term is “clothes line”, as in the line (plastic covered wire) on which people hang their clothes to dry outside, if they don’t have an electric clothes drier.

        It WAS a penalty and should have been called. The officiating this year, especially with respect to Roughing the QB, has been terribly inconsistent.

        With respect to the CFL wanting (needing) the Argos in the Grey Cup, I cite the ridiculous trade Tillman made to deliver Ricky Ray to the Argos on a silver platter in advance of the 100th Grey Cup Game….won by…yes, the Argos.

        TSN (Toronto Sports Network) needs the Argos for ratings revenue. Argo fans don’t go the home games (would you want to deal with all that traffic?), but they certainly watch them on TSN.

      • Some people are on drugs the league would want the Riders in the Cup if they had a choice 20% better viewing audiance. A comment made it would do great for the argos attendance. Dont forget after winning the 100th grey cup attendance dropped in agro land.Evan after the league and province wasted 10 million promoting the 100th GreyCup

    • Robin Labossiere // November 19, 2017 at 7:02 pm //

      Forearm shiver to throat/head. Head slammed into turf. My guess; concussion. Glenn played beyond awful after shiver. Can’t believe that wasn’t called.

      • Are you stunned? The “forearm shiver” that Battle didn’t even follow through on and pulled back? “Head slammed into turf” from Glenn flopping backwards to try and draw the call? ZIt’s also not a “forearm shiver” when you touch (not hit, it wasn’t even a hit) with the inside of your upper arm. I’m a Tiger-Cats fan, and even I didn’t think that was a penalty.

        I’d tell you to have another beer, but it sounds like you’ve had too many already.

        • Habsnriders // November 20, 2017 at 1:09 pm //

          It wasn’t a penalty ? Really ? One year in the playoffs we were playing the stamps chick sacked Burris and Burris was laying on the ground and chick tapped him on the helmet and got a 15 yard penalty , but according to you this wasnt a penalty where the player could have clearly avoided hitting Glenn but chose to follow through with a forearm .
          The fans that don’t think this was a penalty would be changing their opinions had it happened to their team

          • He didn’t follow through. That’s the flaw in your argument, Habsnriders. Butler clearly pulled his arm back as he made contact with Glenn. If he had followed through, Glenn would have been de-cleated, not falling back awkwardly. It was a flop to try and draw a penalty.

            And with the “if it was your team” comment, I don’t think Odell Willis’ hit on Zach Collaros last year should have been called a penalty, despite what others have claimed. A real fan understands and appreciates everything about the game, not just about how it pertains to their team.


  2. It was rigged, the question is how much was Toronto paying Glenn to throw those picks. Great game otherwise.

    • … and coach Jones in the frigid cold trying to make decisions.No wonder he flip-flops Glenn,no Bridge,no Glenn, no Bridge.It was rigged when no one would get him a coat.He was left helpless.

  3. White Horse // November 19, 2017 at 4:22 pm //

    Suits me just fine. All CFL fans want a East/West Grey Cup. Big rider CHOKE..CHOKE…

  4. There were about three crappy calls … all against the Riders. The roughing call was 50-50 and I thought that it was the right non-call. The questionable calls dIdn’t affect the outcome. Both teams played poorly.

  5. Jake E Snake // November 19, 2017 at 4:25 pm //

    Rod Pedersen is terrible. Should be a Stampeders play by play guy..

    • antoine lussier // November 19, 2017 at 4:32 pm //

      yes but that would mean he would have to be in a class with Eric Bishop who, having a sense of humour, once described the opening kick-off at a Stampeder game thusly:” and it’s hey diddle- diddle -right down the middle “– according go JIM TAYLOR A CALGARY SPORTS WRITER, Bishop was called in the next day by the suits and glasses.

    • True green // November 19, 2017 at 7:15 pm //

      Rod Pederson is just a super passionate fan, and not at all an unbiased play by play man lol. But i can understand why non Rider fans don’t like him because I can’t stand listening to dunnigan call a game the bombers are in… I swear he’s in the locker room soaking up backs afterwards. He oozes bias.
      That said, there were some bad calls against the riders BUT we lost the game all on our own. No conspiracy (well…. maybe a little one???) lol

    • That’s good: “terrible”. Like your team. Given that SK has the fewest Cups in the league, there always is next year. Consider a nuclear bomb on the Riders and start again.

  6. Rider's x-fan // November 19, 2017 at 4:26 pm //

    Consider the source, he’s absolutely brain washed.

  7. Unfortunately the real Kevin glen showed his colours today and another eastern team getting a free pass to the show

  8. E. Eisenstein IV // November 19, 2017 at 4:29 pm //

    OK BlueBombers talk. First get your head out of your Blue Bottom Butt. No one including Rod Pedersen is saying the Riders simply deserved to win the game. Remove your blue jealousy of everything that is green and look at it in a non biased fashion. The challenge for Roughing the passer on the pick 6 INT. We have a Double standard there. The league has a mandate to protect the QB. That roughing call was made every time in every game of the Regular season for every team. Because it was a puck 6 in favour for the Argos the league let it go. The leagues double standard calls like that will always keep the CFL in a class of its own. That class being a sub par professional league. Again no one is saying that SK deserved the victory. What has been suggested is that the league has made every possible call they could to give the Argos the advantage they need to represent the East. Sadly the Riders would have given their Wratetn opponent a much better fight than Toronto will. By the league speaking out all week of wanting and now doing everything possible to sway the calls in Toronto’s favour to have an Eastern representative. The Grey Cup game itself will be a dud! Calgary has far too much finesse for the Argos to adapt too. They are not athletic enough in the defence. If the opponent is the EE. They will simply wear out the Argos. EE smash moth football will easily over power the Argos.
    I honestly

  9. Remember Riders – Don’t tackle anybody to hard

    CFL Brass

  10. Sad that Canada’s largest city can’t sell out a game like this. It looks as if more fans travelled he tthousands of kilometres from Saskatchewan than could be bothered to walk to BMO from their cozy condos.

    • More Cowbell // November 19, 2017 at 6:05 pm //

      Yah, this article about the attendance at the game was a great opportunity to make that comment.
      I completely see the relationship.

      • It’s called non-sequitur: 99% of the losers in the world use this tactic. You don’t address the issue, you deflect with something else and attack.

        • How did the Stamps do in the Grey Cup last year?

          • George Porge // November 21, 2017 at 1:58 pm //

            A lot better than seven other teams, and nearly as well as their opponent.

            How did your team do in the West final.. oh wait.. I mean the West semi final.. er… the East Semi… regular season.. pre season..

            Shit – how did your team do that one year four seasons ago? Pretty good? Good. Enjoy it – you have at least another year to wait until you get that feeling again.

          • Refer to Brad’s comment above George.

    • The game was 95% sold out and it was 95% Argonauts fans.

  11. I encourage all Rider Nation to avoid watching the Grey Cup. The league wants to mess with us then let the ratings tank. Rider Nation rules.

  12. In a very odd and strange way Rodney – I do agree

  13. Prove Me Wrong // November 19, 2017 at 4:51 pm //

    PERFECT finish to gangrene nation’s season!!!!!

  14. Geez, Duron Carter, Chris Jones and Rod Peterson! What’s there not to like?

  15. Rick cowan // November 19, 2017 at 5:05 pm //

    Go Eskimos go

  16. greenonions // November 19, 2017 at 5:14 pm //

    That challenge by Jones was a hail Mary. Talk about whiners. Pederson thinks the fix is on. Shocker. You ain’t got the QBing

    • Yes a forearm to the head is a hail mary

    • Jones is smart with challenges and doesn’t waste them or use them for fishing. Half the game since it changed to 1 challenge, he didn’t use it at all. He didn’t use it last week. It was A: LATE and B: HIGH and total bs it wasn’t rules roughing. Wonder if the League will issue an “apology” in a few days- “Sorry for the changing blown call. Human error”

  17. greenenvy? // November 19, 2017 at 5:17 pm //

    THUD. Your pumpkin awaits, Mr Jones.

  18. CFL showed they’re amateur today – no wonder stands are empty in TO

    7,000 Rider fans in attendance at BMO and the stadium wasn’t full

    Truly amateurish !

    • I have a solution. Seems like the Rider fans aren’t really that happy to be in the CFL. The league conspires against you, and then there’s all those other amateurish, inadequate franchises and fan bases who really aren’t up to your high Rider standards and annoy the hell out of you. You support the league financially, the league totally revolves around you, is totally dependent on you and on and on and on and on it goes. Why don’t you leave? Why don’t you join the NFL? How could they possibly turn down the ultimate football franchise?

      • Get lost troll. What team do you bandwagon jump on? You sound like someone who would probably would’ve left at halftime, if that was your team… and if you even go to games.

      • A jealous rant Thunder blunder.

      • Thunderfoot, Rider fans don’t want to hear that, they just don’t. But of course they love to act like that.

      • Habsnriders // November 20, 2017 at 1:17 pm //

        Wow you finally got something right , the league does revolve around us . We can’t leave who else would you have to hurl your Childish abuse at .

    • The game was 95% sold out and it was 95% Argonauts fans.

      • Sure it was. Bet the ratings are lower for the Grey Cup than the finals, since the teams playing have the least supportive fans in their divisions, as far as actually attending games.

        • Tenseventeen // November 20, 2017 at 11:51 am //

          But the TV audience is always high for the Argos and BC has worse stadium attendance than Calgary, so your argument suffers from a lack of facts. If the Roughriders wanted to be in the Grey Cup, they should have tried winning, rather than whining, the game. Less talking, more walking. Not using a challenge ten minutes into the game (I do love the whining about the challenge failing though). Not playing roulette with your QBs. Fewer drama queens on the coaching staff and roster. Etc., etc.

          And as far as the conspiracy goes, the green tin foil hats are missing the lame illegal block call on Jackson’s big punt return and the missed block in the back on Jone’s return TD. And what about the 4 OC/UR calls the Roughriders too, did the CFL feed the Riders their a-hole juice too?

  19. Haha
    Go back to Saskabush Riders and sit in your hay field and whine to the 2 other people that live within a 1000 km radius

    • Dan Bombers // November 19, 2017 at 5:53 pm //

      2 people 1000 km radious sounds great to me
      Sure beats having neighbors all around you !!
      Was really pulling for the riders today

      • Appreciate the comment, Dan. Apparently, Kelly (above), hasn’t graduated from Grade 2 yet. Sill can’t spell S-A-S-K-A-T-C-H-E-W-A-N properly. And obviously, he doesn’t recognize the population and that snow is already covered most of the province. As they say, “Let bygones be bygones” or “kiddies be kiddies.”

  20. Koko B. Ware // November 19, 2017 at 5:36 pm //

    I listened to Mike Hogan et al. today on TSN 1050. I don’t think they are, by far, the worst broadcast team in all of sports. They refer to the Argos’ team as “us”. They sound like 14 year old fans cheering for the Argos.

    I don’t like either team. But, if the CFL ever wants to become first-rate, much of the media side needs to be more professional. Unreal!

  21. Sour Grapes to me…. I guess you have to blame someone for playing a poor 60 minute game, and Bradbury and crew threw all those interceptions as well!!! Quit your whining and thrashing other teams because rider fans sound like real poor sports.

  22. Koko B. Ware // November 19, 2017 at 5:37 pm //

    * I don’t think there is a worse broadcast team in all of sport.

    • More Cowbell // November 19, 2017 at 6:00 pm //

      You’ve heard all the broadcast teams in sport I suppose.
      Thereby, you are qualified to make such an all-encompassing conclusion?

      Sounds like sour grapes.

      • Koko B. Ware // November 19, 2017 at 7:54 pm //

        I don’t like the Riders. Mike Hogan sucks!

      • I’ve listened to each one in the CFL, many times; but I’m a true fan. Winnipeg is good. Hamilton is too. BC isn’t bad. Calgary and Edmonton are okay. The Riders are the worst, by far – they’re really a joke, but it’s great to listen to them after a loss. It’s fun for hours.

        • Tells me that your full of shit or as dumb as it. I’ve listened to lots of Eskimos games on the radio, and their commentators are terrible. They’re on and off the wagon practically every time Edmonton gains or loses the lead… great example to Eskimos fans of how to be a bandwagon jumper.

  23. Sweet Lord Pedersen SHUT THE F#$K UP! It is seriously time for this homer clown to go find employment elsewhere. He is an embarrassment to any and all objective Saskatchewan football fans. That said, the Bomber talk guy should probably give it up as well, seeing as reality keeps proving almost everything he says to be incorrect, for example “the Riders have the worst Canadian depth in the CFL.”

  24. Rider fan here. Riders lost because they played badly. But argos always get sweet calls irrespective of who they are playing. Pedersen is right that the league want Argos to win. Still – Riders turned the ball over three times and were right there. One of the Argo TDs was a result of slanted Argo calls, so do the math. Still – any team that plays the argos knows they are playing the argos and the refs/league.

  25. So The Riders lost because of a non-call 9 minutes into the game. Doesn’t say much for your team if you’re packing it in already. If the refs were in a conspiracy, the time to make a call against the Riders would have been to call an illegal block on Jones late TD return, no? Really guys give your heads a shake. Glenn was awful. Bridge wasn’t much better. What game were you watching?

    • If you read my post before getting outraged the first line says why the riders lost. As an argo fan you likely don’t notice the argo calls or non calls that benefit them every game. Still, I was at the game and it was nice to see a lot of argo fans. I hope that carries over into next year.

  26. Sighhhh !!! Well, I admiit I am sad , would of been great to be in the big game , thought 1 play missed — a hit to the head on Glen didnt win or loose the game , it is important to say that the margin of victory was by less then a touchdown. What makes it worse is all year long the league has been saying any hit to the head area was an automatic penalty sooooooooooooo…………….that is abit of a shadey missed call !!!!!! Anyway our buys played well didnt give up, the injury to Jo Vo proably created a but of a mess at the worst of times in our D-backfield. Good on Ray for being able to take advantage of that !!! Give him credit !!!! But I do hope Toronto gets anialated by 50 in next sundays game , but I will be watching NFL , could realy care less who wins next week !!! my TV will have no Cfl on it .

  27. justforkicks // November 19, 2017 at 6:21 pm //

    Rider fan here as well. Riders lost because Glenn’ swan song was served up like a turkey. He’s a really great guy but will always be remembered for throwing clutch interceptions. Both D’s played well and the difference was Ricky Ray. Had Bridge gone in earlier and had more opportunity to settle things might have been different but who can say. Yes there were some bad calls but they did not result in the Rider loss. Just my opinion.

    • Agreed – I was there and it was a great game but riders played poorly. Still – they were there at the end despite the picks. Here’s hoping for next year.

  28. Sources Say // November 19, 2017 at 6:22 pm //

    When describing Rod Pedersen Evan said, “He is an embarrassment to any and all objective Saskatchewan football fans.”

    I second that motion.

    • True green // November 19, 2017 at 7:26 pm //

      Motion passed.
      But he’s a great fan and I’d be happy to have him in the crowd with me!

    • “Objective fan” sounds like an oxymoron to me.

      A fan can be more or less reasonable, but to be objective one must not be a true fan.

  29. Bill deHoog // November 19, 2017 at 6:26 pm //

    If you win say little, if you lose say less

  30. Riders has a chance to win and prolly should of.
    The closeline non call on Glenn would be been a call against the Riders if it best on Ray.
    Good game..argos got the ball last and pulled it out.

  31. Peterson is simply a SORE LOSER. Jones the HC simply said the Argos were more disciplined as a team and made the plays to the final end of the game to win it. Translation Riders had TOO many penalties and Ricky Ray did what he had to do to beat the Rider defense at the very end as he has done many times during his career. Cool as ice and the nerves of steel for RR as they say.

    • Pederaon can call it like he sees it and like it was. Jones and anyone else on the team can’t be honest without getting more fines for people to bitch about.

    • He is, but he’s an even bigger ass-kisser.

  32. So does this all mean Toronto will have 191 fans in the stands next year ?

  33. His watermelon helmet must have cut off the circulation to his brain.

  34. Hey Rod you and Slidernation can “SHUT YOUR MOUTH ” lol how’s that feel after what you told bo

    • In the context it was said, Bo deserved it. Go troll your own team’s articles… oh wait, that’s no fun since nobody gives a shit about whoever you cheer for, hence you’re trolling here.

      • You don’t get it do you? No other “team” would dare make such stupid comments – hence the attraction to Idiotville. It’s one thing to be an idiot; completely another to be such an idiot and think you’re intelligent. Talk to you in June. LOL.

        • Yeah I get it. You’re a douchebag, troll with no life and nothing better to do than troll a team with real fans. Ever actually been to a game? Ever bought any of your teams merchandise? You sound like a typical bandwagon jumper, fair weather “fan”. Maybe I’ll read an article on here after the game next week, just to give Stamps fans a taste of their own trolling and just put LMFAO after every comment. In case that’s too hard for you to figure out, I’m implying the Stamps will lose next week.

        • Actually Brad, you look like the idiot by making childish comments on all the latest Rider stories. Before you call yourself “a true CFL fan”, better take a look in the mirror, buddy. And I hope you don’t call yourself a fan of the Stampeders. If so, why embarrass other red and white fans for your actions?

  35. I wish it was a conspiracy but unfortunately it was Kevin Glenn who cost the Riders a Grey Cup berth. One of the worst performanes in a CFL playoff game by a veteran quarterback that I have ever seen.

  36. Greycup bound // November 19, 2017 at 8:57 pm //

    Wawawa …….last week you all said how great officiating was. in predictable fashion they are now complaining. The officiating was fine. I’d be more oncern3d about the lack of dispiline, the o line and general lack of composure……..RIDER FANS SHUT YOUR MOUTHS

    • Hey smart guy, there’s more than 1 ref in the CFL. You seem a little slow, so I thought I should point that out. You see, the ref in this game wasn’t the same as the ref last game… because there’s more than 1. Understand?

  37. So did the CFL pay Glenn to throw 3 Int’s in the first half??? No that’s what he does….ask the other 7 teams he’s played for!!!!!

  38. People say the morons are in America. They haven’t been to Regina apparently. (Keep it up: every word proves this point and makes you more and more of a fool.)

    • Bradley, what fools would be saying that morons are in America? Only a fool would believe that (seems to be you). And who are you to be commenting on Regina when you keep sticking your mouth in your foot with dumb comments like that? Keep it up, Brad. Keep it up. Real winner here folks.

  39. Rider fans you show us don’t watch the Grey Cup, it’s good to be Canadian and not RiderNation.

  40. “Riders followers believe there is a CFL conspiracy against the green and white to keep them out of the Grey Cup.” Great journalism right there. Why don’t you say, “SOME Riders[‘] followers…” Oh wait. You guys go in for sensationalism.

  41. Blackhawk89 // November 19, 2017 at 9:50 pm //

    Rod”flat earth” Pedersen

  42. You’re not going to win too many games with a team efficiency for the 2 QB’s under 45. What’s the excuse for not being able to stop Ray on the final drive? They didn’t call offensive pass interference on every play? There’s no penalty for completing passes because we weren’t ready? Ray should be penalized for being accurate which is unfair to the DB’s? You had the lead with 2 minutes. You BLEW it. Take it like a man.

  43. Rod “Flat Earth”. Love it Blackhawk.

  44. DoubleBlue1873 // November 19, 2017 at 10:16 pm //

    If there’s a conspiracy against the Riders, how did they win the Cup in 2013 (i.e. more recently than the Argos) and in 2007? Come on, guys, this is just plain silly. You can’t blame the officiating for today’s outcome.

  45. Jim Corrigall // November 19, 2017 at 10:39 pm //

    Were all of the Refs fixing games for The Argos last year? You know, their first in BMO Field, hosting the Grey Cup, when it would have done the franchise and league a lot of good to have some Argo success? No, the Argos were 5 and 13 and terrible, all on their own. And the Ref didn’t fix it today, either. A very entertaining game decided by the players. A shout out to all the Argo fans who came out today (keep it up!), and to the Rider fans in attendance, as well. A terrific atmosphere today at BMO.

  46. Come on Pederson. First, you preach that the CFL and TSN want the Riders in the Grey Cup because it would be good for ticket sales and TV ratings. Because after all, the Riders are the class of the CFL. The Riders lose. Then you claim some big conspiracy that the CFL and TSN actually wanted Toronto in the big game. Make up your mind. You totally deserve all the
    people throwing the “shut your mouth” comment right back at you. I realize that Pederson is the voice of the Riders and does not have to be neutral but is it too much to expect him to have some class and respectability? There have been articles about the Riders wanting to get back to respectability. That would have to come from more than just a winning record and making the playoffs but also from the team, the coaches, the fans and the Riders media voices, including Pederson, learning to win with grace and lose with class. Cut the excuses, the blame and the conspiracy theories. Accept that the better team won today and move on with class.
    As for boycotting the Grey Cup game, the lower the ratings are, the less the contract for TV rights will be worth. And every team will get less money from TV rights. Boycotting the game to emphasize a conspiracy theory is cutting off your nose to spite your face.

    • Doubt the Riders or their fans care much about 1/9 of money from that. They make more than enough on merchandise and sold out games.

      • I have Grey Cup pool with east/west scores that win different amounts if the scores match the end of each quarter, all of my scores are higher east. That’s the extent of my interest in it.

      • Well, they should care. The Riders haven’t made much money in the last few years and merchandise sales were down a million dollars last year and I expect they will be down again. Every game this year was not a sellout either. Couple that with the Riders having to help pay for a new stadium and endless mini camps and $750,000 to pay Chris Jones and money to pay a huge cast of assistant coaches along with paying an entire team and staff for a few weeks down east, funds could be taking a beating.

        • There were only 2 games not sold out, including preseason, and by under 3,000 at each game. All the Carter jerseys, etc sold this year, they’re fine for cash.

  47. Colour me green // November 19, 2017 at 11:35 pm //

    All season long it is a penalty. Riders toon a penalty legend our player tried to block a throw and in the follow thu a finger, finger!, tough a QBs helmet.
    Certainly both are not penalties BUT it is called against Riders and not Argos in playoffs.
    So yes we have a right to be mad.
    Just as having east and west division is a joke. Edmonton and Riders should have had home games in the semi’s. Instead riders with better record have to play two teams at thier home stadiums. A joke, like the league.

  48. Stallion in grey saddle // November 19, 2017 at 11:39 pm //

    Great crowd in Toronto..80% Argo 20 % riders
    To riderfans
    I’d like to tell you to learn a little humility, but that’s not appropriate. You see riders fans; you have to actually be good to truly display non-humility! You never really were. 10-8? 4th in west? Get real. That’s mediocrity. Yet you walk around with this false satisfaction, false superiority and delusion of grandeur about your team. How embarrassed you must all feel tonight. Not for your team’s loss, but for your own behavior. Remember this as you shout and scream tonight as Calgary goes to another cup and as you begin to heal all those stubbed toes and injured fists.

    The riders are no longer in the room known as the 2017 CFL season. Justifiably, after your irreverence and petulance, we have the last word on you.
    Riderville………………………………………………….. SHUT…. YOUR….. MOUTHS!!!!!!!!!!

    • How about you f off and go troll somewhere else loser. How funny it will be next week when the Stamps choke and lose, just like last year. Nobody cares about the Stamps, other than to laugh when they lose… which is why you’re commenting on articles that have nothing to do with them. I’ve never commented on an article on here about the Stamps, because A: I don’t read them B: I don’t cate about them C: I’m not a troll… get a life, or see if you can find a friend who likes the same losers as you and you can jerk each other off about how great they are.

    • Is there a stallion in your grey saddle LOL? Riders lost…no excuses, that’s sports. We will always have the last word on Stamps fans..Riders are one of the top three sports brands in Canada, loyal, passionate fan base and a team on the rise. Sorry about that. Stamps fan base is terrible, usually 10,000 empty seats. Best of luck next weekend.

      • Stallion in grey saddle // November 20, 2017 at 12:56 am //

        Umm no….no you won’t. Calgary is playing for the Grey Cup, sask is having green garbage day. There is no last word for having the self perceived “3rd best brand” Argo fans really stepped up today as did the 30,000 plus at historic McMahon…. DEAL WITH IT REALGREEN

    • Hey were you there , you don’t know what you re talking about. until you are there keep your coments.

  49. Colour me green // November 19, 2017 at 11:43 pm //

    There isn’t a conspiracy but bad calls by officials. And for the record refs are human and they can be cheering for other teams and be biased in thier calls or non-calls. Women’s hockey gold medal game in Salt Lake. The trouble is how did video review get this wrong like they do time and again all season long for all teams. Brutal.
    Riders played very badly so they own that part.
    Finally the league doesn’t want riders in the grey cup because they only want teams with no fan support in it help save them from folding.

  50. Colour me green // November 19, 2017 at 11:47 pm //

    I see Donkey yet again with another name change. And no class like me every fan of every other team has stated.
    Riders lost it themselves, but refs made a few bad obviously bad calls.

  51. Rod ‘Homer’ Pedersen is an honorary member of the Flat Earth Society.

  52. greenenvy? // November 20, 2017 at 2:09 am //

    You have class, you have money, you have slightly better attendance this year than 2nd place club. You have nothing better to talk about all season & still go on. That’s class? What you don’t have is another game. You’re back to being what you are – 4th place. Good strategy going through the East.

    • And all you have is a week to get excited about a choke and a loss again by your loser team. Hey, at least you have a week to think of excuses for them choking. Can and do fault the officiating for the Riders loss, but don’t blame the Argos… and not a chance in Hell I’d cheer for Calgary, so go Argos!

      • As much as I hate both these teams…can see the Stumps in this one…but greener pastures ahead my friend…most likely neither of these two teams will make it to the dance after this season.

  53. If Saskatchewan and/or Edmonton was in the Grey Cup, their fans would show up. Toronto/Calgary probably a half full stadium, 95% Toronto fans. People don’t go to their games during the regular season, so can’t see them paying more or showing up for that. Ottawa fans will probably be dumping tickets for 1/2 price since there’ll be so many of them, but still won’t motivate armchair “fans” of these teams to actually attend the game. Unlike when the Riders hosted and made a killing in profits, Ottawa’s gonna lose money on this.

    • It’s already sold out.

      • Selling out the game isn’t the only factor in making a profit, most teams lose money when they host. Winnipeg even turned down hosting in the past because they couldn’t afford it.

        • Well, if you’re here in AOttawa, you’d be able to tell. They will make a healthy profit. What kind of CFL fan are you. You seem to wish bad things to happen to a partner in this league. So far every event at the Grey Cup this year has been packed. The domments have been nothing but overwhelmingly positive.

  54. No conspiracy just a bad non call on the obvious roughing the passer play and a bad unnecessary roughness call on the J Knox tackle. Could those have changed the game? Maybe. Glenn was highly ineffective after the hit to the noggin and the whole Rider offence sagged for 2 quarters after that hit. Still have to take responsibility though…9-10 2 and outs isn’t going to cut it in any league. The QBs have got to get the ball in the hands of the playmakers and that didn’t happen until the 4th. Defence on the field too long all day. Congrats to the Argos…kick some stamp butt next week!

    And oh yeah…our o-line was horrible again and needs changes…either in personnel or coaches!

    • Clay Connor // November 20, 2017 at 12:28 pm //

      You can’t suplex a guy to tackle him. Refs have called that a penalty all season.

      • It wasn’t a suplex. Knox twisted to the side and released his grip so the receiver wasn’t driven into his neck and head. Anyone could see that except for the refs and with blue tinted glasses. TO then goes down and scores a TD instead of trying a field goal. Anything can happen but those 4 points were the difference in the game.

  55. Stallion in grey saddle- you stated it perfectly!! Sean your the biggest loser going- go home and die!!!!The perfect individual to represent Rider Nation

    • I can’t hear you with your mouth full. Take stallions dick out of your mouth when you’re talking.

  56. BigRedMachine // November 20, 2017 at 9:38 am //

    99% of Rider nation are great fans and people. Rod Pedersen is the leader of the other 1%.

  57. Riders didn’t play well but the hit on glen was a clothesline hit not called by the referees. Question for other Riders fans watching tsn. If someone were to time the commentary about the Riders and their opponents a pattern of preference towards the other team would present. There is a bias there in favour of every team who are not Riders. Opinion? Thanks. I bleed green too. I also think that we played badly and lost. Next year with an eye on the prize.

  58. The same play was a penalty in the Edm vs Cal game 2 hours later…just sayin

  59. So Mr Ambrosie had a meeting, perhaps a conference call with the game refs and the command center on the day before the East final game. The object was to make absolutely sure that everyone involved knows that the Riders are not to be allowed to win the game under any circumstances. And by extension, that the Argos must, absolutely must, be in the Grey Cup. It must have been a little nerve wracking when the refs neglected to call a penalty on Christion Jones return for a TD and then let Toronto get to third and long on the final drive without calling any penalties. Could have been catastrophic! The proof, of course, is that, through the whole season, no team has had any missed calls and the command center got every challenge right. Well, carry on; get rid of every ref, the commish, every other CFL coach and team, definitely every fan that isn’t smart enough to cheer for the green, and certainly get rid of every media person and reporter, except for Pederson and Mullinder, of course. Let’s have a one team league that the Riders can win every year. Seems like that is the only way that Rider fans will accept that they are not being picked on.

    • Nobody, including Pederson, actually said that it was a plot against the Riders. It’s favouring the East team is what he implied, meaning it wouldn’t matter who their West opponent is, the East had to win. You think having 2 Western teams in the Cup might’ve fueled the fire for doing away with divisions? Ambrosie has said he wants to talk about the format, but also admits he’s a “purist” who likes the divisions.

  60. greenonions // November 20, 2017 at 5:11 pm //

    CC, Sean spouts off w/o a clue what he’s talking about. Grey cups make a lot of money. Wpg in 2015 had operating & GC profits of 11.5M. In 2010, next year’s host Edm’s GC revenue generated for the city was 73M, 5.1M went to the club in profits The Riders added 25M in reveues for GC, resulting in 9.3 M in profits due to the GC. When a city hosts the Cup, the team’s profits go way up. Rider profits were small last year & the year before they posted a loss. That’s why the Cup hosts are passed around so everyone gets a chance.

    • Oh yeah smart guy, then why did Winnipeg turn it down in ‘02 or ‘04, saying they couldn’t afford it? It was within a year or 2 of the Riders hosting in ‘03. When the Riders hosted in ‘03 they were the 1st team in awhile to make a profit from it.

  61. Stallion in grey saddle // November 20, 2017 at 6:26 pm //

    Oh it makes perfect sense the powers the be in the CFL would want to keep the riders out of the Grey Cup. After all, a rider Grey Cup would increase overall fan participation and souvenir sales. That would improve the bottom line of all those who’s lively hood depends on the success of the league. Not to mention such a successful Grey Cup would give the league more leverage when negotiating the next TV or sponsorship deals. Yeah it makes so much sense. Rod Petersen,you’re through the looking glass. I see a Pulitzer Prize in your future.

    • What would happen to the East if playoffs changed to the top 6 teams? They would be lucky to EVER have more than 1 team make playoffs. You really think that that’s not a concern to the League?

  62. Saskatchewan has four passions:
    1) The Riders
    2) Whining about officiating
    3) Whining about the weather
    4) Whining about the federal government

    There used to be a fifth, but the CPR is no longer a thing.

    • greenrider89 // November 20, 2017 at 8:44 pm //

      And who wouldn’t whine about the federal government? I’ve seen enough in two years with Trudeau, the country’s going to pot. And though it’s looked at as a snark remark, it’s fact.

  63. That Rod guy is an embarrassment to the Roughriders. I saw 1 bad call against them in that game. Glenn lost the game, not the refs.

  64. greenonions // November 20, 2017 at 9:44 pm //

    Well, Sean, you’re talking 15 years ago. A lot has changed in the league. Why do you think the CFL awarded the Grey Cup venue to Toronto & Vancouver so much in recent years? Because David Braley owned those franchises & bled money on them. It was to help him recoup some of his losses, not to put him further in debt because they are money losing events. All you have to do is look at the financial results for teams in the year they host the GC & you will see a big spike in profits. Because it brings money into the cities, the city & province often chip in on expenses. The province has already pledged 1.5M towards expenses in Edmonton & the city is looking at another $1M or so. Last time there they sold out in 3 days after tickets went on sale. They are estimating as much as $100M in revenues brought into the city. Don’t think Regina doesn’t want the Grey Cup but they may have to wait until Hamilton has one, if they can get the lawsuits over TH Field resolved. These are big deals.

  65. Hey Sean- is that the best you’ve got? Your such a magnificent loser I love your the mouthpiece for an organization that is bush league!!! Keep spouting off and proving my point loser- probably still in moms basement!

  66. It was to help him recoup some of his losses, not to put him further in debt because they are money losing events. All you have to do is look at the financial results for teams in the year they host the GC & you will see a big spike in profits

  67. 6ft6ofgoodness // November 21, 2017 at 9:00 pm //

    As a diehard Ticats fan, it can often appear the CFL seems to not necessarily guarantee Argo wins, but help them. Now the Ticats blew the 14 point lead back on Sept 30th, but when 2 legitimate turnovers are taken away from your team in one game, and it benefits the Argos, it makes you wonder.

    • It doesn’t. Every team gets robbed and every team gets gifts – but only the Rider fans, and apparently the Cat fans, only remember one, but not the other.

      Here is a UNIVERSAL truth: only the losers complain about the refs. Got that, losers?

  68. Maybe they should’ve fixed it last year when the game was in Toronto. There was a total lack of interest in Toronto for the Grey Cup last year, empty seats and then many sold off cheap.
    If the Argos win the GC it will be embarassing to see a total lack of support for a Grey Cup winning parade in TO

  69. In case no one has noticed, the CFL brand is losing momentum, and not only in Toronto. Vancouver feels it too, and another season in Montreal like the last three will begin the spiral there too, if it hasn’t already begun. Now, I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but there is no question that money talks. In the case of the Argos or Riders in the GC, I can see both David Braley and the CFL having a clear preference. And Jake Ireland has never been anything but an Argos fan.

    Is it a slam dunk? No, of course not. No one wants to imagine that sports are anything less than 100% legitimate. But it isn’t as far-fetched as some make it out to be, either.

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