C.J. Gable thankful Eskimos traded to get him

Judy Owen, Canadian Press

C.J. Gable wants to let his actions show the Edmonton Eskimos how thankful he is that they traded for him last month.

The running back accomplished that on Sunday when he had 16 carries for 107 yards and two touchdowns as the Eskimos defeated the Winnipeg Blue Bombers 39-32 in the CFL West Division semifinal.

“It gave me the opportunity to keep playing for (the Eskimos) and helping them out,” Gable said of the Oct. 2 trade from Hamilton.

“I’m going to do whatever I can, put my butt on the line, to help them out and win these games.”

Gable was a force in scoring both his TDs from 15 yards out. On the first one, he barrelled his way through Winnipeg defence and was pushed the final yard or two by his Eskimos teammates. The effort gave Edmonton an 18-10 lead at 5:29 of the third quarter.

His second major included jumping over a Bombers defender, a leap that made it 39-16 at 3:20 of the fourth. He also caught four passes for 37 yards.

Eskimos receiver Adarius Bowman caught TD passes of 17 and 42 yards. League-leading receiver Brandon Zylstra also scored on a 33-yard catch-and-run to help Edmonton win its sixth straight game and earn them a trip to Calgary for next Sunday’s division final against the Stampeders (13-4-1).

Both of Gable’s scores came after Winnipeg turned over the ball. The Bombers had three turnovers and Edmonton none.

“He’s been huge for us since the day that he stepped foot in our locker-room,” Edmonton quarterback Mike Reilly said of Gable.

Reilly completed 23-of-33 pass attempts for 334 yards with three TDs and no interceptions.

Zylstra led all receivers with eight catches for 156 yards. Sean Whyte connected on a 20-yard field goal for the Eskimos and made all five of his converts. Punter Hugh O’Neill added a 65-yard single.

Winnipeg receiver Weston Dressler caught a pair of fourth-quarter TDs, including one as time expired in the game. L’Damian Washington had the other score. Justin Medlock booted field goals from 20, 38 and 47 yards and was good on his one convert.

Bombers quarterback Matt Nichols was 35-of-48 for 371 yards with three TDs and no picks in front of an announced attendance of 27,244 at Investors Group Field.

The loss bumped up Winnipeg’s Grey Cup drought to 27 seasons.

Nichols said the calf injury he’s been treating since he was hurt on Oct. 28 didn’t hamper him in the pocket and backup Dan LeFevour was able to run some plays he couldn’t.

“Everything felt OK in the pocket, but it limited us a little bit by the fact I couldn’t, I wouldn’t have been able to get out there on the move or do any of our play-action, roll-out stuff,” Nichols said.

“That was tough, that was a little bit limiting, but overall I felt like we ran our whole offence and the things I did do out there I felt good doing.”

Edmonton played in last year’s East Division final as the crossover team, losing to the eventual Grey Cup-champion Ottawa Redblacks.

Both clubs were 12-6 in the regular season, with Winnipeg winning the two previous matches. The Bombers had entered the game by winning only two of their last five games and were hosting the city’s first playoff game since 2011.

Edmonton led 7-3 after the first quarter, the game was tied 10-10 at halftime and the Eskimos were ahead 25-16 after three quarters.

O’Neill scored a point on a 65-yard punt single for the 11-10 lead at 1:59 of the third quarter.

A direct snap to Winnipeg running back/receiver Timothy Flanders on a fake punt lost yards and the Bombers turned over the ball, leading to Gable’s TD at 5:29 for the 18-10 lead.

Winnipeg head coach Mike O’Shea said the failed fake punt was a “letdown” for the players.

“Not getting the fake punt, and then they ended up scoring a touchdown right after that, so it kind of let the wind out of the sails a bit, just for that moment of time,” O’Shea said.

“That was enough for them to get a couple plays on us that we had to climb back out of.”

He also took some blame for the loss.

“I feel like I let the guys down. Absolutely,” O’Shea said. “Part of the plan going in is to keep the ball out of Reilly’s hands, especially in the second half.

“They’ve been a second-half team. When we talked about how you win, part of it is making sure we control the ball more.”


19 Comments on C.J. Gable thankful Eskimos traded to get him

  1. Alex Droho // November 13, 2017 at 9:42 am //

    CJ is a class guy as is John Chick. As a Ti-Cat fan I will be cheering for Edmonton to win the cup.

  2. This year reminds of the 2005 cup run, this year we trade for Gable and John Chick, 05 we traded for Davis and Morris, both trades involved Hamilton, can Eskimo history repeat itself ? We won the cup that year, along with our returnees from IR and the NFL, we have as good of a chance as any of the remaining four clubs. Go Esks Go

    • This Esks team is better than the 2005 team IMO.Remember that took a 2 QB effort. This year I’m sure Reilly will be more than able to potentially do it on his own.

  3. A a TiCats fan I watched knowing that CJ coulda shoulda woulda run like that for us. A terrible loss for the Cats but what a boon for the Esks, who I will also be cheering for to win the Grey Cup.

  4. I didn’t see the entire game and wondering if Edmonton had any injuries? I heard Chick went down?

    • wayne denvir // November 13, 2017 at 6:44 pm //

      Unfortunately for the TiCat fans and I am one CJ was hurt more times then he played. Next year we will see. We do have a young running back that made more yards then Gable did in a short period of time Oskee Wee Wee

  5. It’s great when things work out for everyone. The trade has been good for Gable and the Eskimos. I’m sure that Gable’s replacement in Hamilton, Alex green will do well and help Hamilton as they get their act together

  6. I will be cheering for CJ as well one of my favorites. But I hold no ill will to the Ticats for trading him he spent a lot of time on the 6 game list for many years. The Ticats got younger and opened up cap space. I hope he wins a cup he is a class player.

  7. Jim Harvie // November 13, 2017 at 1:03 pm //

    Lots of ex TiCats to cheer for still left in the hunt. Next week will be epic.

  8. So happy to see CJ doing so well! Class act guy and although he couldn’t continue with the Cats I’m glad he’s doing so well. Definitely will be cheering for the Esks next Sunday!

  9. The Esks look un-stoppable and I call for them to beat the Stamps, I’m an Argo fan but look for them to lose to the Riders. It will be Esks and Riders meeting in Ottawa for the Grey Cup

  10. Gable paid his dues in Hamilton and then some. Glad he’s getting a shot in Edmonton. He’s a great player if he can stay healthy. I think the Esks are on a roll now. Most teams go through a slump sometime. Edmonton got theirs out of the way mid-season. I think the Stamps are going through one now. Edmonton’s going to the cup, probably against the Riders, although I don’t think an all-west Grey Cup is good for the league.

  11. Beam Me Up Scotty // November 13, 2017 at 6:58 pm //

    Great trade Hamilton I Am sure those 2 neg-list O-Linemen they may or may not sign that may or may not be good enough to make a difference will help our Fans forget We have not won the Cup in 18 years in a 9 team league!Please keep buying Tickets Thanks Yours Truly Scotty Mitchell

  12. E. Eienstine IV // November 14, 2017 at 7:11 am //

    I’m sorry but I have to say what a dumb article! If there was ever a sports article written that should have been called Captain Obvious. It’s this one!
    Let’s see… Im am older RB in the CFL. I play for a team who’s Head Coach and GM had lost the locker room. On top of that he prefers his OC to pass 96% of the time. The team was so bad the GM Head Coach fires himself as head coach mid season because they were 0-8. Plus the new Head Coach knows nothing about my time on the team as a RB.
    If I was Gable I’d want to be in the 1st plane ride out of that situation.
    To be given to a Western Team that was struggling but had potential. Especially if the RB was given s chance to step up and really help the offence and protect the QB. That his career would probably go on past this year. There is nothing more a RB in Gables position could ask for. Not to mention the extra pay for getting into the playoffs.

  13. Since Gable wasn’t one of Junes ‘boys’ he was traded and an unproven Green kept. I’m sure we’ll see it develop further if Jones is kept on. I’m worried that Jones ‘favoritism’ could seriously hurt the team. It should be the best player kept no matter if Jones has worked with him or not before

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