Judge: Loney Bowl between Saint Mary’s and Acadia must be played Tuesday

A judge decided Sunday afternoon that Saint Mary’s must play Acadia in the Atlantic University conference championship game on Tuesday.

Justice Deborah Smith made the ruling.

Saint Mary’s University was put on the sidelines last week when a player’s eligibility was called into question.

The Saint Mary’s Huskies were supposed to take on the Acadia Axeman in Wolfville, N.S., on Saturday.

Instead, the governing body for university athletics in the region, the AUS, cancelled the game over the eligibility issue and awarded the title to Acadia. Saint Mary’s decided to go to court and challenge the decision.

Saint Mary’s Associate Vice-President Margaret Murphy said the university is pleased the court has dealt with the issue in such a timely manner.

“We can certainly see that our coaches and our players are ready to play,” Murphy said. “It would be very safe to assume that the other coaches players have the same attitude and determination to take the field as well.”

It was planned to have the game played Tuesday to determine which team will take on Ontario’s Western University in the Uteck Bowl next Saturday.



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  1. The AUS made itself look like a Mickey Mouse organization last week. I’m glad the teams will be able to play the game. It’s the way it should always have been.

  2. What were the factors making the player ineligible ?

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