Elite talent among Riders pending free agents

There are a number of big-name Riders who could hit the open market in February.

Chris Jones and Saskatchewan’s front office has some decisions to make and work to do if the football operations staff wants to retain key pieces who have helped the Riders’ resurgence. Priorities include an intriguing, young quarterback, the team’s leading receiver, its most talented Canadian pass catcher, left tackle and a freak athlete defensive end and a top sack man.

Canadian signal caller Brandon Bridge has shown No. 1 potential in 2017, guiding Saskatchewan to multiple regular season wins while producing and picking up the offence each time he’s entered the game. Enigmatic playmaker Duron Carter sees his one-year deal expire in February, if no NFL opportunities present themselves the amount of money offered will be very interesting. Athletic Canuck target Nic Demski got off to an excellent start and though he missed nine regular season games, the Winnipeg native is expected to be coveted if he gets to the open market. After getting Bruce Campbell out of retirement he’s been a stud at left tackle, which was a sore spot for the Riders in 2016. The former Raiders draft pick has shored up the blind side in Riderville.

Integral parts of the defence are due to come available if not re-signed. Willie Jefferson fits Jones’ defensive scheme perfectly and end A.C. Leonard has a deal that runs out after the 2017 campaign, he’s impressed converting from receiver to pass rusher and notched 10 sacks in two Riders’ seasons. Veteran leader Jovon Johnson started all 18 games in the secondary for Saskatchewan and really has become a trusted presence.

Outside of Demski, some key Canadians are up: long-time Rider Dan Clark, running back and kick returner Greg Morris, special teams demon Spencer Moore, plus Makana Henry and Eddie Steele, stout national interior defensive linemen.

Listed by position, Riders pending free agents:

Brandon Bridge – national

Running back
Greg Morris – national
Shakir Bell – international

Duron Carter – international
Spencer Moore – national
Nic Demski – national
Devon Bailey – national
Chris Getzlaf – national

Offensive line
Dan Clark – national
Bruce Campbell – international
Thaddeus Coleman – international

Defensive line
Willie Jefferson – international – signed extension through 2018
A.C. Leonard – international
Ese Marabure – national
Zach Minter – international
Eddie Steele – national

Cameron Ontko – international
Beau Landry – national
Otha Foster – international
Jeff Knox – international

Defensive back
Jovon Johnson – international
Kacy Rodgers – international

Kicker and punter
Quinn Van Gylswyk – national

Notable players under contract:
QB, Kevin Glenn, signed through 2018 – international
RB, Trent Richardson, signed through 2018 – international
RB, Kienan LaFrance, signed through 2018 – national
RB/RET, Marcus Thigpen, signed through 2018 – international
REC, RET, Chad Owens, signed through 2018 – international
REC Rob Bagg, signed through 2018 – national
REC Namaan Roosevelt, signed through 2018 – international
OL, Derek Dennis, signed through 2019 – international
OL, Josiah St. John, signed through 2018 – national
OL, Peter Dyakowski, signed through 2018 – national
DL, Ivan Brown, signed through 2018 – national
LB, Henoc Muamba, signed through 2018 – national
LB, Sam Eguavoen, signed through 2018 – international
DB, Ed Gainey, signed through 2019 – international
DB, Mike Edem, signed through 2018 – national
DB, Marc-Olivier Brouillette, signed through 2018 – national
LS, Jorgen Hus, signed through 2019 – national

Justin Dunk

Justin Dunk

Justin Dunk was a five-year starter at quarterback for the University of Guelph. He covers the league for Sportsnet and 3DownNation.
Justin Dunk
Justin Dunk
About Justin Dunk (938 Articles)
Justin Dunk was a five-year starter at quarterback for the University of Guelph. He covers the league for Sportsnet and 3DownNation.

53 Comments on Elite talent among Riders pending free agents

  1. Should include Roosevelt and Holley as signed players. Both have extended with the Riders.

  2. Henoc Muamba is listed as an OL?

  3. Dunk get lost, was going tom leave a huge post trashing you but wont take the time . Simply stop having WET dreams over our team your not welcome to Rider nation ; drop the wetdream bro mance over BB, Bridge wont sign with your precious Argos, not with Pop who cut him while with Mtl , unless Popp way over pays!!!!! other teams have great talented FA’s pending as well //well prob not your sad asses argo’s so much or mtl. Jones/Oday /Murphy will do what they do SIGN who they really want to keep if it makes good financial sence for the overall team ( they wont over pay , they will just go like Calgary and find uniquely talented others as replacements ). Much to your dismay , C.Reynolds and the RR board have smartly followed the Stamp’s blueprint of how to build recruitment and we the RR nation will be just fine next year with new faces or old//// that is what happens when your franchise has marketing $$$$$ to have agreat dream wish list and obtain it. We the RR nation learned form the best being Calgary/Edmonton franchise and not your sorry joke of a team the Argos !!!!!! Now Dunk go find oyur cryining towel and prey and western teams keep recruiting the BEST talent to the league so oyur pathetic eastern teams can stay somewhat competitive !!!

    • Tiger man // November 9, 2017 at 3:00 pm //

      Wow…relax..take a pill.

      Justin is simply pointing out to ALL that there are free agents pending on your team.

      Hamilton has a long list too.

      You people in regina sure are touchy….cheat your way into a playoff spot …and boom…

    • I don’t know how you think the Riders are going like Calgary and won’t overpay when they are paying Derek Dennis a reported 200,000 dollars and have him under contract for another two years. The same Derek Dennis that Calgary let go because they refused to pay him that much. The same Derek Dennis that Calgary doesn’t care about anymore because he has been adequately replaced. The same Derek Dennis that got switched to left guard because he was a bust at left tackle. The same Derek Dennis that is now the highest paid American left tackle in the league. The same Derek Dennis that has been sitting out some games now that Clark is back at center and Labatte back at left guard. Good thing that Jones won’t overpay anyone!

      • Tiger Luvr // November 9, 2017 at 5:00 pm //

        Cheated? That’s lame. What are you 12? You are an embarrassment to the CFL and the Tiger name.

        • And all the violations sited to Chris Jones as well as fines…and then there’s the salary cap overages…

          What are you naïve??

          Don’t need you to justify what I write..control freak…

      • Jade Duckett // November 9, 2017 at 7:29 pm //

        He may be over paid, but he will almost certainly be back in the lineup Sunday, since as you seem oblivious to, Brendon Labatte was carted off last game

    • George Porge // November 9, 2017 at 3:32 pm //

      Guy who didn’t want to take the time trashing Dunk’s article writes one of the longest comments trashing Dunk’s article.

    • getfit51 tank goodness you didn’t leave a long post, this uninformed ridiculous drivel is already too much

    • Alex Droho // November 10, 2017 at 4:54 pm //

      Getfit51, seek help you have anger issues. This stuff stuff is supposed to be fun. Google up some video clips of Corner Gas. Relax.

    • Just because you have a blue print…doesn’t mean same results! Class and character matter! Murphy doesn’t conduct himself with class. Jones is learning but not necessarily developing! Name a player they have developed on their own???I’ll wait! Put together a solid group of players but where is the youth being developed??? Not sustainable.

    • Riders have poached everything they have other than the Stadium which was built from ground up!!!!

    • O’Day? Sorry bub, but O’Day not included in the on field team operations, that’s totally on Jones/Murphy. O’Day in charge of game day beverage and popcorn sales.

  4. List of signed players should also include Mr Labatte! Recently extended through 2021

  5. Yes , didnt you folks see, Henoc lay out those Huge blocks for George Reed’s ghost last game, Henoc on Sewell it was massive (lol) I think that is what this JA Dunk thinks he saw given the man couldn’t organize a p*** up in a brewery if someone unlocked the door for him and mailed out the invitations . What a screw up that guy is . wonder who he has being flown out of Regina today lol , right the whole team !!!!!

  6. Hey getfit51, what are you smoking? or just too many Pilsners already today? Majority of your Riders players started there careers with eastern teams? Riders won’t be able to sign all those players so that is the point of the article. It really amazes me and by now it shouldn’t the amass of stupid comments posted on this site. It’s no wonder it is not available on most sports pages or sites now. Drew just post the articles and get rid of the comments. Tired of the same old people posting on here like they are experts or have anything to really add.

    • Garney there a lot of us who enjoy the comment section, although it can get out of hand at times. Instead of deleting the suggesting to delete the comment section why don’t you only read the article.

    • Garney, go wipe up Dunks tears to egomanic looser GTA faggot. Who the F**** care what some sorry assed eastern Canadian piece of trash like you has to say , contrary to your overinflated opinion , not everything in Canada starts in the GTA.. Keep mouthing western Canadians off and see what might happen if Alberta does shut the valves on the pipelines that carry crude to eastern Canada , have fun freezing to death !!!!!! In the Game of Thrownes term , WINTER IS COMMING !!!! No go fag it up with your gay boy Dunk , your eastern assholes deserve each other !!! Gawd your eastern Canadian pieces of human garbage make me ill !!!

      • George Porge // November 9, 2017 at 3:34 pm //

        “getfit51” – I think you might need to lay off the ‘roids. Or at least put the interweb machine down until you’ve finished your raging.

      • Wow you’ve proven how good the school system is in Regina! For your opinion I live in BC so that’s western Canada if you can’t find it on a map. Oh and what the hell does Alberta’s pipelines have to do with the CFL? And unfortunately we export the raw crude to be turned into the gas we use that’s why we get screwed on the costs. I’m pretty sure the only thing that makes you ill is getting up in the morning and looking at yourself in a mirror and realizing this is the best your life will ever be. Well good luck with that and this Eastern piece of garbage as you call him won’t be cheering for the Green and White.

    • riderontheisland // November 9, 2017 at 3:09 pm //

      Wow, you will just write anything won’t you Garney. You should learn your directions because you don’t even know east from west. I counted 9, but ya that is most.hahahahah

    • George Porge // November 9, 2017 at 3:29 pm //

      You don’t like the comments, don’t read ’em. It’s pretty easy – the article usually ends before the comments begin. Let those of us that can handle a little banter now and then enjoy the comments section and you can sip your tea and crumpets with your copy of the Globe and Mail instead.

      • So you call the foul mouthed crap that fits spews banter? It’s guys like him that will have the comments section removed. I like the comment section and the talk as much as anyone but there is no need for that kind of crap. If you can’t get my point then I feel sorry for you.

    • Great post Garney. But what will the whiner fans do all day? It’s not like they’re busy helping Dear old Dad work the farm, they all moved away so they wouldn’t have to.

  7. again , dunks expert opinion don’t include that poor o-lineman Blue (who was just named a western all star),as a significant part lol , in dunks opinion Brenden is a terrible o-lineman not like those AWESOME ones that both the argos and ti cats have , lol . That is what makes reading anything written by Dunk some of the best comedy fiction written in Canada. The guy needs to win a award for being totally incompetent.

  8. I liked the article because I have been wondering who is about to be a free agent. Every team has a long list of potential free agents because of the one year contracts allowed to vets now. That is hardly Justin Dunk’s fault. Information is always good. Why get angry over good information? I have also been reading about potential free agents from other teams. Calm down.

    • that is exactly why it was written. Most intelligent fans would like to know the list of potential free agents on there team. Unfortunately Fits seems to think its a slight against the riders??

  9. I guess most teams have to deal with kind of situation. Let’s hear it for Free Agency. Makes life interesting.

    also, looks like most of rider players who are not FAs are signed through 2018. so already riders will have to deal with a similar problem next year

  10. What do you mean “if no NFL opportunities present themselves” for Carter? We already know that Washington wants him to be a DB, right? That’s what Madani told us isn’t it? lol?

    But seriously folks, there are some interesting decisions to be made here. First the offense:
    It would have been nice to have Bridge signed before this, but I can understand him wanting to go into the off season as a FA. He’ll have a strong bargaining position, but maybe more on conditions than money, because there will be a lot of good QBs on the market this year.
    Morris is very talented but he makes too many mistakes and fumbles the ball too much. I wouldn’t mind him coming back but only at a modest salary. There may well be other teams willing to pay more for him.
    Carter I think will stay, but I hope he doesn’t ask for a huge contract. He’s finally found a place where he fits in and is successful and I think he should stick with it. His “free spirit” issues mean that other teams are leery of him, and that there won’t be much interest from the NFL, especially as a 27 year old rookie DB, a position he’s never played before, but he is a free spirit so … . Moore I’d like to keep. Demski I’d like to keep as well, because I think he still has a lot of upside, but I expect him to leave. We’re just too deep at receiver for him to get much playing time. Bailey I’d like to keep. He looked ok in very limited time.
    Clark should retire. Too many injures and not very good. If he doesn’t retire we shouldn’t bring him back. Campbell will be a key player to get signed. Ideally I’d like a Canadian RT but I’m not sure if one is ready yet, so I wouldn’t mind one more year of Coleman.

    • RFD , I like your thinking on Bridge if the ratio issue changes, having a CDN QB as a counter for the 7 as pointed out , puts 1 more ALL-Star American probably on the O or D line. I think Demski is a bit of a priority as he is our NEXT Rob Bagg/ergo more playing time in Baggs position.(even thought he was as well a natural SB, but a possible bidding war with Winnipeg will probably determine where he goes/however BC had CDN starting receiver retire soooooo. The absolute D player is Jefferson , one more year out of Jo Vo would be ice as well as long as his play stays at the same level. I think OTHA is probably done in Regina and back to possibly Edmonton , or new to the Als. (Riders have Montcrief/Dargan/possibly Judge if he plays for that spot). Knoxx that is interesting , I think he stays or does a try the NFL again (seems his heart is there) and returns mid year once again .

      • I like Demski a lot, but with Roosevelt, Carter, and Grant all being 1,000 yard receivers – as well as presidents of the United States – and Holley being a potential 1,000 yard receiver, and Bagg, who I still think has a couple of years left, I don’t think Demski will stay. And you’re right about BC being another strong possible destination for Demski. I hope Addison Richards will come out of retirement and give it another shot with us. If he’s completely healed up after his year off I think Bakari Grant would be a good role model for him.

      • I agree on Jefferson as well – another POTUS, maybe we’re uncovering Jones recruiting strategy! It also makes me nervous that all three of our Canadian DTs, our whole rotation, will be FAs. I want them all back, but they may all want raises. That may be the most vulnerable position for us this off season. I’m also with you on Foster. I like him but our new guys have played very well and with him trying the NFL and then getting injured the new guys have established themselves, and they’re on entry level contracts too. I definitely want Knox back as well but we do have depth there, especially with Judge waiting in the wings as well, so we could afford to lose him, even though I really don’t want to. Another wild card that someone brought up is Bouka. He could potentially be a starting corner and a ratio changer. My guess is that Rogers will try the NFL and Bouka could slide into that spot. I’m completely with you on Johnson as well. He may have been a jerk his first time with us but he’s been nothing but great, and a key leader, this time. I hope we can get a couple more years out of him, but we do have some young guys waiting in the wings as well.

        • Jade Duckett // November 10, 2017 at 1:12 pm //

          RFD, part of the reason Jovon Johnson was such a jerk back then was he was young and still had aspirations of heading back south, he has matured a lot in the intervening years

  11. Bridge won’t have mich bargaining power IMO. Only the East is looking for starters unless you believe the very inaccurate Bridge is better than Jennings. Wally is sold on Jennings’ future & he’ll make the calls while Braley is there in 2018. Harris likely re-signs with Ottawa, Hamilton will keep one of their 3 potential starters. Als won’t take him back & Argos already have showed interest in Collaros & Franklin. Franklin has better mechanics than Bridge. Bridge may land as a backup but it won’t be in Regina. Jones will take Franklin over Bridge if he can get him or, as he has shown over & over, an NFL “project” like Manziel. Bridge won some games for Riders but he’s not a 1st stringer at this time.

    • Jones likes good players period, and he’s not afraid of the high profile NFL types that other people seem to be afraid of, but I don’t see Manziel landing in Regina. I think we’ll see some combination of Bridge, Franklin, Adams, Glenn (probably as a backup/mentor), and Williams (our current #4), and it wouldn’t surprise me to see Bridge and Franklin here, at least for part of the year. It wouldn’t completely shock me to see Vince Young back again either.

      It’s going to be a VERY interesting off season for QBs. Ray passed for 5500 yards, and this was Trestman’s first year. I would bet that he plays another year or two just to be part of what Trestman is building. Where does Collaros go? I’m guessing Montreal. Durant to Toronto as the backup? Or maybe to Winnipeg or Ottawa as the backup? Masoli has played well enough that I expect him to be the starter in Hamilton next year, and I think they’ll bring Manziel in as well. There are so many variables at play, however, that it’s anyone’s guess what will happen.

  12. i think you will see the riders resign jefferson johnson clark and eddie steele

  13. greenonions // November 9, 2017 at 4:55 pm //

    Boy no hedging your bets RFD. I agree Als are a likely destination for Collaros. I see no way Durant lands in TO. Remember they put a big package together for Collaros. Popp in Mtl gave up a 1st rounder for Adams. They are looking at younger, the “next one”, not the Ray/Willy type combo Barker had going. Trestman is a QB guru & they’ll look hard at a guy like Franklin. The Franklin thing with Regina is this. Esks will trade negotiating rights to best offer, just like Riders did with Durant, BC did with Reilly. Almost always the player signs with the team. It is unlikely the Esks send him to Regina, especially when there will be suitors down East. But it could happen. With the CAP & lots of FA’s available on every club, you can build a team quickly.

  14. Lancaster/Reed // November 9, 2017 at 5:24 pm //

    I thought the minimum length of a contract was 1 year plus a second year option for the team only. So basically a 2 year contract. Duron Carter signed in the offseason, so he should have 1 year remaining. Also Otha Foster and Jeff Knox Jr signed partway through the season, so they also should have 1 year remaining. Thats why trent richardson originally balked at signing to play in the cfl, he wanted to play one season and try to go back to the nfl, but the minimum contract was 2 years.
    Justin? Can you clarify cfl contract rules?

    • BleedzGreen // November 9, 2017 at 7:03 pm //

      From the CFL’s site:

      “Effective with the ratification of the 2014 CBA, all first CFL contract players must sign a standard player contract of one year, plus one additional year at the team’s option, which effectively makes it a two year contract.”

      “Starting in 2014, veteran players signing a CFL contract that is not their first are not required to have a team’s option year added to the contract, therefore they may sign a single year contract.”

      I’d post a link but it’d be held up in moderation.

  15. Carter only signed a 1 year deal with Als previously so he could pursue NFL opportunities. He had part of last season & the offseason to gauge interest & didn’t sign till February. To be honest, I don’t see Carter getting much interest down south or he would have been on someone’s PR like other CFL’ers last year. The fact he signed with Riders for half what he got in Mtl is a good indication of his interest here or in the US this past year. With the season he’s had he probably will garner some attention & get more money but I can’t see him leaving Riders if he stays in the CFL. Jones admits he talks with him every day, he’s high maintenance. Out West perhaps Wpg is the only place I can see where he could land & be the “guy”. Out East there may be some interest. The thing is there is going to be a lot of FA’s out there. Walker & Zylstra are both FA’s & no baggage, for 2 examples. There’ll be big agents lost & big agents signed. Always fun times.

    • Great comment Yard well thought out . As you point out , in the CFL a rebuild is quick if front office staff is on point. Maybe Zylstra as well will get a cup of coffee look in the states, so maybe Edmonton if that happens kicks the Duron tires , if nothing else to mess with my Riders plans moving forward. But Jones could let Duron walk and take a run at Walker if Walker is a FA as well, maybe Duron plays CB and Jones still takes a run at Walker , but that is the mind games coming after the GC.

  16. is bouka signed for next year i think he will be an importantpart of the riders next year

    • Jade Duckett // November 10, 2017 at 12:35 pm //

      Bouka is talented, but he not YET considered an elite player as he only had limited game time, so not on this list. However, I do agree with you he shows promise of being an elite player next year

  17. to getfit51
    Looks like you could use some councelling – all he did was list the free agents and the ones that are signed – sometimes I just don’t get it – so many knowledgeable contributors and then there is this kind of????

  18. One thing strange about this column is the timing. It was the Redblacks that lost. Usually one talks about this stuff after the season, not when the team is still rolling. inappropriate and distracting to the real story.

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