Saskatchewan premier Brad Wall takes shot at Argos attendance

Saskatchewan premier Brad Wall took to Twitter on Saturday to troll the Toronto Argonauts.

For those not familiar with Saskie cultural references, the Canadian Western Agribition is the largest livestock show in Canada and the “best beef show on the continent.” So tofu probably wouldn’t be popular there, get it? Wall probably made this joke while wearing a bunnyhug.

Of course, Wall – who hasn’t always enjoyed his CFL experiences – is also ignoring the Riders own struggles with attendance and support. From the team’s website:

“The team had some lean years during the late ’70s and early ’80s, with poor on-field performances leading to poor attendance. By 1987, the organization decided it was necessary to conduct a telethon to keep the team afloat.”

Brad Wall is a CFL fan and that’s great but unless he’s aware of another Canadian city with a 20,000 stadium with the necessary club seats, luxury boxes and infrastructure – not to mention a fan base – I’m not sure what he’s suggesting. Given that Toronto in the country’s biggest market and economic hub, it’s hard to see how abandoning the market helps the league.

Of course, this being Twitter, one easy cheap shot deserves another, this one from Eric Weir, the NDP Member of Parliament for Regina–Lewvan.

Drew Edwards

Drew Edwards

Drew Edwards is into his eighth season covering the CFL and the Ticats for the Hamilton Spectator. He is the founder and editor of 3DownNation.
Drew Edwards
Drew Edwards
About Drew Edwards (1571 Articles)
Drew Edwards is into his eighth season covering the CFL and the Ticats for the Hamilton Spectator. He is the founder and editor of 3DownNation.

128 Comments on Saskatchewan premier Brad Wall takes shot at Argos attendance

  1. Kitchener, Waterloo, London etc … there’s more cities than Toronto in southern Ontario

    • Yes but how many have a stadium to host 20-25K, that’s the point

      Almost every team at some point has had struggles in the CFL

      • True and how many have CFL fans??
        A 20k stadium is no use even in a large city if people are not interested in football.

        Good for Wall calling a spade a spade.
        The Argos will be gone in the not too distant future

        • And when they do, the CFL will be done. National corporate partners will have zero interest in a league with no Toronto franchise. While attendance is an issue, the TV viewership is pretty good in the Golden Horseshoe making it viable for those partners. No team in TO … no corporate partners, no CFL.

        • That would be terrible. Not only being a Ti-Cat fan I would miss the exciting football games between the two teams. Also, a lot of history and great players from Toronto.

    • So why don’t more fans come in from those cities. All big university cities.

  2. Wall is such an asshole. Red neck zero

    • Dennis the Menace // October 21, 2017 at 11:36 pm //

      Wall is about 8 million times better than the joke you flakes in BC have elected. In about 2 years, the Greens/NDP alliance should pretty much have destroyed the resource sector of BC. But, hey, you flakes in BC just keep on going back to the crap that almost bankrupted BC before !!!

      • Brad Wall quit his political career to drive a big dump truck in Fort McMurray Alberta. Pay is much better and as all Saskabushers, he prefers to live in beautiful Alberta

      • And yet the people who can afford it,keep moving here from Saskatchewan? Go figure!

      • And you clearly no absolutely nothing about BC politics. The government you claim “bankrupted” BC actually delivered mostly balanced budgets. They deserved to be defeated, but for other reasons. As usual, you read your local Postmedia rag and think you’re educated about something.

      • What about your Sask party driving our province into the ground than leaving early just like your Devine led government in the 80s both guys cut from the same cloth

    • You don’t like the truth?
      Toronto is not a CFL town

      • Toronto is not a football town. What level of the game does the city support? the answer – none!!!

  3. Cheap shot. Totally gratuitous and unnecessary. But typical. Maybe Saskatchewan voters have other options.

  4. Don’t forget about when the mighty Edmonton Eskimos donated money to well being of that franchise in the early eighties

    • Who cares what happened 40 years ago

      • greenrider89 // October 22, 2017 at 9:25 pm //

        Dumb dave still lives in the past. Don’t worry about this guy, John.

      • Who cares? Really? They save your sliders sorry ass that’s why you still have your 4th place team still ,wake up and be thankful there boy

    • Truegreen // October 23, 2017 at 4:01 pm //

      Get over it Dave, if you weren’t so old and crusty you wouldn’t even remember that happened. The biggest problem with Esks fans is they all want to live in 1978-1982.

  5. As a long time Argo fan (since 1961) and long-time season ticket holder I agree it is a disgrace that the Argos don’t attract flies these days. There are multiple reasons for this so here goes . . .
    Back in the 1970s when Leo Cahill was in his second coming with the Argos and the Blue Jays were getting started, Cahill made an accurate prophecy. He said that once Toronto fans start seeing the baseball team playing all the American franchises they’ll start to think playing teams from Regina, Winnipeg, Hamilton etc. is minor league. Up to that time the Argos and Leafs owned the town and I was in the stands one season when attendance averaged 48,000 for Argo games. While baseball didn’t take over immediately — I could see the crowds start to dwindle. People who were once staunch Argo fans including my Dad and other family members started following the Jays and stopped paying attention to the Argos. Eventually the Jays became the darlings of the sports media, especially the Toronto Star, which used to send most of the Sports department and photo department to Jays spring training. Their sports section was like a promotional brochure for the Blue Jays. The Argos continued to get coverage but nothing like the Jays. The Toronto media was virtually fawning over the Jays while the Argos got less and less ink. One of my pals was the Argo beat reporter for the Star and he was told by the then sports editor (those guys are not with the paper now) that the Argos are irrelevant and it was no longer necessary to file a story every day. The Star’s Argo coverage these days is a joke. Case in point: Today in the Saturday Star there is a short bare bones story on today’s game on a back page that ran at the back of a secondary news section and not even in the Sports section. Meanwhile U.S. sports, soccer, Leafs and Raptors and the NFL got all the prime coverage. The Star would say that fans aren’t interested in the Argos anymore. There is still a market there but it’s tough competing with all major (mainly American) sports in town. There is a smug attitude among Toronto fans now that this city is too big for the CFL. Compound this with the recent disastrous seasons with an absentee owner, David Braley, the team getting kicked out of the dome for the third rate Pan Am Games, and it has just about killed the team. Toronto is like Sally field at the Oscars. It wants to be loved by everyone — in America and the world. Canada doesn’t matter much unless it’s the Leaf rivalry with Montreal. Another factor is that while the GTA’s population has swelled by a couple of million since the 1970s, most of the newcomers are immigrants from the Third World and while there are some exceptions, the vast majority of these folks prefer soccer or other old country sports. When I started attending CFL games in the 1960s nobody except immigrants watched soccer. Now half the population is immigrant. TFC is drawing full houses and the Argos get made fun of or are ignored. It really bugs me but this is the reality these days in this city. The answer? I really don’t know. It’s a multitude of factors at work — sort of the perfect storm against the CFL here — but I guarantee that once Toronto loses the Argos, it will not get the NFL despite all the cheer leading by the media for a franchise and people will miss them. Maybe that’s what’s needed. Toronto without the Argos so people long for a return of football as happened in Montreal and Ottawa after being out of the league for awhile.
    P.S. Almost forgot the fact that the GTA has less than half the high schools of my day with football programs and there are double the number of schools. Schools have dropped football programs because of costs, injuries, different demographics and on and on. P.S. Again: A big thank you to 3DownNation and Frank Zicarelli of the Toronto Sun for your great coverage of the CFL.

    • thank you.
      a very astute, reasoned and passionate observation.
      as an ex-media type (retired), i know that what you say about the media (and the star in particular) is true.
      by the way, a lovely in-law of mine from toronto was never a true argo fan, although he supported the team over many decades.
      he was a balmy beacher all the way.

      • The problem is that the Argo fans are mostly baby boomers. Every year their fans retire or just decide to stay at home rather than go to a game.
        The Argos can not attract a younger audience like TFC or families like the Jays.
        The Argos will never be relevant in Toronto, it’s over.

    • Tiny Juan.44. // October 22, 2017 at 11:54 am //

      Sorry, I do not remember the year but did former Liberal Marc Lalonde govern-
      ment not pass a bill or block a “No Fun League” team entering Canada?
      Was it late 1960`s? Is that not still in effect?
      My compliments on your posting. Well done.

    • If you were a fan since 1961 then you remember when they played at the old exhibition stadium and watched my Uncle “Dave Mann” play, 1958, then 1960-1970, this was after he played Half Back for the Chicago Cardinals 1955, 1956, 1957, and they never won a single grey cup during that time, but football was huge in high schools as well back then now you rarely hear about it, unlike in the USA. I have known a number of CFL players during my lifetime, and I wasn’t born until 1960 and while I never played the game almost all my friends did, junior high and high school, even University. In junior high one of my physical education teachers last name was Krol, his father was Joe Krol, I also knew Harold K. (Bud) Irving of the blue bombers, and first met Ulysses Curtis in 1978, then again in 2003, but didn’t know who he was when we first met, his having played for the Argos came up over a beer, later they were named to the all time all Argos team together. I also went to High School with Michael Collymore who played for multiple teams during his career. I remember telling some die hard football fans and later players, but not professional that my Uncle was Dave Mann only to be told that was impossible since he was Black, yeah and he married my dads little sister. I also just discovered that he broke the colour barrier being the first African American to play for Oregon State College, now University, after being drafted to serve in Korea. My fathers family was from Winnipeg and a few years ago I made the mistake of calling my Uncle on my mothers side in Brandon during the western semi finals, let’s just say it was a short call. Toronto and some of the other large markets have other sports teams and activities competing for peoples money as well. As far as expansion into the US market I have always wondered about the fact that we play a different game here, different field sizes and the 3 downs instead of 4 makes it a very different game, doesn’t it. I also know a number of former seasons ticket holders who let them lapse when they played in a stadium which was large but not as suited to football or so I have been told. When I checked out the ticket prices and seating at bmo field, the end zone seats were listed as the Fan Zone. Just my 2 cents on the subject, not hundreds of dollars.

  6. The Saskatchewan Roughriders have always found ways to fill the stands and field a team, so how are the Argos making out in their recovery effort? Judging by the empty seats today the answer is not good. Carping about the comments by the Premier from the province home to the number one CFL franchise financially and in the stands does not put seats in seats for the Argos. Toronto had better get behind the Boatman soon or one of the leagues most storied franchises will sale to better climes regardless of media market or other signs of fan disinterest.

    • Toronto doesn’t care about the Argos.
      The young millenials do not see the Argos as major league, they are minor league like the AHL or AAA baseball. That won’t change

      • Tiny Juan.44. // October 22, 2017 at 12:00 pm //

        Yes: They seem to like the fair catch, smaller field and rah-rah-style.
        They don`t even attend university sports; Just got to a game, you`ll see for yourself.

      • And the NFL will continue to view Toronto as minor league when it comes to getting a franchise. Only the citizens of Toronto could actually believe the NFL would be interested in this city when Toronto has proven time and time again, they won’t support football at ANY level. The sweet sweet irony.

    • When you only have one pro sports team in a province with a population the fraction of Toronto… Is it really Mayor Brad’s place to be commenting

  7. South-west cowboy // October 21, 2017 at 8:26 pm //

    Toronto with their smug attitude doesn’t deserve a CFL team. If they’re only going to have 5,000 fans at the game why not have it in a 5,000 seat stadium in Halifax or Moncton?

    • The Argonauts are averaging around 13,000 a game. Not sure where you’re getting 5000 from?

    • Maybe the riders could show them how to hold a telethon to save the team, remember that. Of course not.

      • A telethon would work in Sask but not in Toronto.
        In Toronto they would call in an pay for the Argos to leave

        • And the NFL would continue to laugh at the football dead zone. Please tell me you don’t actually believe an NFL franchise would replace the Argos?

      • greenrider89 // October 22, 2017 at 9:32 pm //

        Speaking of telethons, Dave, why is the eskimos stadium always half-empty? Is it because of all the fair-weather fans, david?

        • George Porge // October 25, 2017 at 12:15 pm //

          You realize that Edmonton’s stadium holds over 60,000 people, right? Even at half-full, they get a turnout that rivals most Mosaic sell-outs.

          • greenrider89 // October 26, 2017 at 12:18 pm //

            I do realize that, George. Edmonton also has a population (with surrounding area) that rivals our “entire” province. Furthermore, when the Riders are in town between 30-40 percent of fans are dressed in green and white. Pretty good for the stubble-jumpers from Saskatchewan.

      • greenrider89 // October 22, 2017 at 9:56 pm //

        Oh, and please tune in to Sportsnet for some comments and deal with the Calgary boys. They could tune you in just like your team (the eskimos) gets tuned in every year by the Stamps.

        • greenrider89 // October 22, 2017 at 9:57 pm //

          Afterall, there is only one team in Alberta (that really counts).

        • George Porge // October 25, 2017 at 12:17 pm //

          I do recall that the Esks have a more recent Grey Cup win than the Stampeders do, greenrider89. I’m not sure where you think the Stamps have been “tuning” the Eskimos. Esks had our number in 2015, and they are still a very dangerous team (especially with starters finally coming back).

          • greenrider89 // October 26, 2017 at 12:21 pm //

            George, I believe (and I’d have to pull the record books out) Calgary has won 22 of 26 games, or close. I can check that out, but Calgary does have Edmonton’s number for probably the past 10-12 years. I will elaborate at a later date since I am in Florida on vacation. Take care.

  8. Look, Toronto is not the only team that is struggling in terms of attendance. BC, Montreal and Calgary, yes Calgary are all struggling to fill the seats. Even Edmonton who used to consistently draw 30,000 + are no longer a given anymore. Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal are all being impacted greatly by the MLS teams in those cities. You can go to a MLS game and be done in 2 hours, while CFL games although better this year due to the changes to the challenge and reviews, are still 3-4 hours in length. As for Calgary, the archaic McMahon Stadium has something to do with the decrease in crowds over the last 10 years, but at the same time Stamp fans are by far the biggest fair weather fans in the league. Many of the season tickets are still purchased by corporations which give tickets to employees/ friends who, when weather turns are the first to leave, or quite frankly not even show up. The perfect example of that was last nights game versus the Riders, which showed large numbers of empty seats and then a significant more after it started raining.

    In terms of the crowd in Toronto today, I thought it was better than what I have seen recently with them being loud and into an exciting game. I am much more optimistic about the Argos situation as opposed to BC and Montreal. Toronto has solid ownership, a good and solid coaching and management staff and a perfect stadium by CFL standards. Montreal and BC are a mess on and off the field, with much work to be done to return them to relevancy in either market.

    • Attendance is down in other cities, yes, but that is due to things like bad teams.
      Toronto is different, the attendance is sagging every year and even a winning team, cheap tickets, $4 beers and lots of marketing is NOT helping.

      Quit trying to change the subject by bringing up other teams. We are talking about the failure of the Argos in Toronto

      • they went 5-13 last year in the first year at BMO.. they’re currently still below .500. Attendance has actually gone up since last season

        • The argos won a chip and played to empty crowds the very next season we don’t care about cfl ball in Toronto just the nfl or other sports not saying get a team here But get rid of the argos please and stop blaming the tfc team the argos attendance was bad long before they got here it started in the 90’s when the fan base got to old to go outside

          • So Fills gets to decide what is right for the city? No hope of the NFL ever arriving, so how about leaving the team for those of us who like to attend live football. Are you hoping for the next NFL exhibition game in TO and they’ll hand out free tickets like smarties on the 31st of October?

  9. Brad Wall should stick to running our province into the ground instead of beaking other provinces.

    • PTBO Dave will ban him from
      Any criticism of the Argos gets you banned for life!!
      Pretty bad when moderators are Argo fans.

    • The argos have bad attendance long before the tfc arrived and the attendance has not gotten better since last stop with the lies they give away half the tickets to schools and major corps

  10. I was at the game tonight. I choose to spend my sports entertainment money on the CFL. The issue is, there is a Raptors game at the ACC today. They made the playoffs last year. Another time I was at a game this year, there was a Jays game. They too made the playoffs last year. Last year, TFC was in the championship game. Not to mention the Leafs now have Auston Matthews and they were in the playoffs last year. So when you can’t go to every TO sports game, which one would you spend your money on? No other team has to compete with all the major sporting events the Toronto has to. Besides the ones I already mentioned, There is a PGA stop, major tennis tourney, the Indy…. Given all the competition, it is a wonder that we draw what we do. I am not saying it is fine that the crowd is small but understand the situation before all the snarky comments. Feel free to provide some genuine solutions to improved attendance and not just moving out of the largest market in Canada.

    • awww the argos have to compete with the whole wide world the big bad leafs those boogie men named the raptors and the demons called the blue jays….who else did I miss the lacrosse team high school basketball kids playing pick up hockey on the streef or maybe little green men are against them too….nobody cares the fan base is 45 and older move the team we don’t care but enough with the excuses I heard them all from oh they got jay game the same day as an argos game there was a Duran Duran concert (seriously) construction…to even oh there’s no place to park it’s hard to get down there bmo is in a bad location…isn’t it a stones throw away from the ex….didn’t the old ex stadium stand just blocks away from bmo spare with the excuses move the team

      • Clay Connor // October 22, 2017 at 2:28 pm //

        BMO Field is essentially on the same site as Exhibition Stadium with the field turned 90 degrees.

    • But that shouldn’t be a factor.
      That happens ALL the time in Toronto.
      The Jays have a game with 46k and TFC sell out BMO, while there is a concert at the ACC.
      People make choices but they aren’t choosing the Argos
      Nothing can be done. They have a small following compared to the other team in Toronto.
      Look at them like the AHL team, they aren’t in the major leagues.

      • TFC – 25000 passionate fans and zero support on TV. You honestly believe TFC is any different than the Argos? Wow, bizarre thinking. MLS is major league? In what universe???

  11. Feeling Blue // October 21, 2017 at 9:38 pm //

    BMO is a great place to go to a game. Atmosphere is great. Strong passionate fan base, we just need more. Is the glass half full or half empty. Half full I say. The tailgate was fantastic today. Real good vibe. Focus on the positive not the negative. Get real. You can wait for everything to change or you can help make it change. Come out and support the team. Cheer.

    • long time ticat fan here. this year i purchased an argo flex pack and took myself and three others down the highway for three games. we wanted to put bums in seats. aside from semi-occasional ticat-argo games, it was my first time going down the highway for argo football. and we were coming in from far, far away (like way down in elgin county).
      the cfl is my favourite league and favourite sport. i feel blessed that i have two teams that i can watch, and cheer for.
      and bmo is a great stadium, the argo game presentation is first-rate and fun, the fans are friendly (even to fans decked out in ticat gear) and know their stuff.
      i would say the glass is half full, and rising.
      see you at bmo for the playoffs …

  12. Jim Corrigall // October 21, 2017 at 10:07 pm //

    Argo fans are as passionate, loyal and loud as any in the CFL. Just not enough of us get out to the games…well, there were 15,000, or so, of us at the Winnipeg game today. It was a great atmosphere. I’d put this fan base up against any. It’s just not big enough, right now…But, two things: it is harder to be an Argo fan than a fan of any other team because not only does our opponent dislike us, so
    too do many people in our own area! We have to fight all of you, CFL folk, as well as the multitude of NFL wannabees in Southern Ontario. Plus, the Argo organization has to compete with WAY more entertainment options than exist in any other CFL city. Put those options in your cities, and your teams attendance would plummet, as well. When someone like Mr. Wall, or anyone else, flippantly suggests the Argos move to some other city, none of which have the stadiums or infrastructure to host a team (at this point), it is the height of ignorance, as well as disrespect to those of us who continue to support, against all the odds, CANADIAN football here in Toronto. A big tip of the hat to all CFL fans, but especially to the hearty bunch who support the AAARRRGGGGOOOSSS!

    • I agree, the diehard Argo fan base are the best fans in the city. We’re the only fan base in the world that actually gets slammed by people constantly from our own city. Trust me, it was tough growing up an Argofan, constant mockery and questions of why do I follow the CFL. But I, like other Argo fans, don’t bend to that bullshit of the popular crowd. I took two non CFL fans to the game and they had a great time but you can see the conflict in their minds “wait, I’m suppose to mock this, jays games are boring as shit and I’m a bandwagon Jays fan but I must follow… I can’t have more fun at the Argos game, I’ve been telling everyone high school teams from Texas would win the Grey Cup my whole life “. Yeah that’s what Argo fans deal with.

      • “We’re the only fan base in the world that actually gets slammed by people constantly from our own city”. Because Toronto is a wannabe American city. Something Canadian will never sell in Toronto.

  13. Love to see team move to Halifax im sure some form of extra non perm seating could be added to St. Mary’s permanent seating is only around 4000 but temporary seating could expand to 11,000 if pushed hopefully 20,000 i think Toronto needs to be without football for a while maybe in 10-15 there will be interest again but probably not CFL needs to move forward without

  14. The CFL must do better to be relevant all over the country not just in the 9 host cities. Growing up in a non CFL market, I was the only CFL fan amongst my friends with everyone else focused on the NFL. The NFL continues to be a draw for fans not because of the actual game, but rather the hype and marketing behind it. The teams need to be better at connecting with the grass roots football in cities across the country to promote the players and the game. Due to changing demographics and immigration in Canada, more youth are choosing soccer and basketball as sport options versus football and even hockey.

  15. South-west cowboy // October 21, 2017 at 11:30 pm //

    For all you people defending the Argos. You have a mighty short memory. Don’t you remember, last year they had to give away tickets to the Grey Cup game in your wanna-be big shot city.

    • Perhaps I can answer that for you. I’ve had Argo season tickets for over 40 years. I was very interested in attending the Grey Cup but refused to pay a price per ticket that was more than 7x what a regular season ticket costs. Terrible, terrible business decision with the pricing. Game would have easily sold out with somewhat reasonable pricing. For all of those who think the NFL would ever consider Toronto, well you have mighty short memories. Tens of thousands of tickets given away to paper the house for the Bills games (start the excuses). Oh Toronto and their big league sports!!! Toronto and their desire for Uncle Sams approval.

  16. The only potential cities in Canada would be Quebec City and Halifax. Quebec City has become a football hotbed due to the CIS Laval University success over the past decade. I understand that Halifax is looking at a downtown stadium of possibly 10,000 to house a potential Canadian Premier Soccer League franchise. Building it to potentially house, or expand to house a CFL team, or even neutral site games would be great for the league. Creating some hype and interest in non host CFL cities for the league and the game would not be a bad thing. As for Toronto, it would be the worst thing for the league not to be there and should never be considered.

  17. South-west cowboy // October 22, 2017 at 12:30 am //

    Just researched it, a $30 pizza got you two Grey Cup tickets.
    Yeh, we need that market. Move em to Halifax, every Maritimer in Canada would purchase a cap and jersey. There would be pride which is something Toronto doesn’t have.

    • Details Details // October 22, 2017 at 1:04 am //

      You can’t be much of a CFL fan of you had to research that fact.
      It was big news ONLY 11 MONTHS AGO!!

      BTW, the moronic Pizza Pizza outlet that did that promotion was in HAMILTON!
      Perhaps you should dump on that city instead of Toronto.

    • Your depth of research is epic. Do you actually understand what took place with that promotion?

  18. South-west cowboy // October 22, 2017 at 1:36 am //

    Why would I bad-mouth Hamilton? They deserve a Grey Cup game.
    The point is Toronto couldn’t sell out the game even after lowering the prices prior to the give away tickets.
    Move the Argos, the only time Toronto wants to be Canadian is when it’s time for equalization payments from the West.

    • The only time Toronto wants to be Canadian?? seriously?
      What type of juvenile comment is that?
      The problem is Torontonians see them selves as Major League – not minor, they see the CFL as the AHL or AAA baseball or Tier 2 soccer.
      It has nothing to do with being Canadian.
      In fact the Argos have more Americans on their team than TFC, the Jays and Raptors combined. That kind of shoots down your theory about wanting to be American.

      • Yes it’s always funny when someone tries to bring up the Canadian thing. We are supposed to follow the Argos in Toronto because they are “Canadian”…………lol yet the best players are from the US and there are at least 50 US players on the Argo roster if you count the starters, the injured and the practice roster.

        Leave the partriotism to the Olympics, this is about pro-sports. The loyal Jays fans couldn’t care less if the majority of their players are Latino or the Raps are African Americans or the TFC are Euros and South Americans.

        • “lol yet the best players are from the US and there are at least 50 US players on the Argo roster if you count the starters, the injured and the practice roster”. Thanks for sharing what little knowledge you have of the sport.

        • I wouldn’t expect anybody from Toronto to support anything Canadian. They don’t with music, TV or movies unless their big uncle from the south says it’s okay.
          Re the Jays, nothing like waving those Canadian flags as all the Jays are heading to the airport.

  19. Feeling Blue // October 22, 2017 at 8:47 am //

    To all the negative people….if the Argos leave….what are you going to dump on next?

    • nothing will be happy not to see that 3 rate fb league

    • We aren’t “dumping” on the Argos, or the Argo fans.
      That must have gone over your head. We are dumping on the people of Toronto who couldn’t care less about the CFL !!
      Don’t you get it?
      We are on this site because we follow the CFL.

    • Well, by that time the blue jays will stink again and attracting crowds of 12000. How quickly “fans” in Toronto forget the low times with the Jays.

  20. Jose Conseco // October 22, 2017 at 9:48 am //

    Remember when Rob Ford went to Argos games? Great guy for football. Promoted high school football in the GTA.

    • yes Rob Ford was a great supporter of the Argos but the fans didn’t come out.
      The Argos were averaging 23k (014) at the RC, then 17k (015), then 16k first year at BMO and now down to 13k.
      Next year 10k??
      The MLSE owners will dump them next year

  21. No TO, no TSN contract, no CFL. Riders boat will sink with the most people on it. So there’s that, BRAD.

  22. Prove Me Wrong // October 22, 2017 at 12:44 pm //

    Hey Bradley, do you know what is the greatest export of your crappy little province?? It’s your young people. Because they can’t get an education or a job where they were born!!!!

    • Lancaster/Reed // October 22, 2017 at 1:10 pm //

      Aren’t you the same clown that said kevin glenn would be gone from the riders by the trade deadline? You were proven wrong. And you still know nothing. Sask people are now staying in the province now because we have job opportunities. Sask people built alberta, and now they are staying , and coming back, to build sask. The alberta advantage always was the sask expats.

      • Prove Me Wrong // October 22, 2017 at 1:30 pm //

        Yea, well jones benched him, again. So it may take a little longer but glen wont be in gangrene colours next year. As for sk expats,(I will type this past slowly so you can keep up) you just PROVED my point. No jobs is sk, people leave!! What part of that don’t you understand.

        • Lancaster/Reed // October 22, 2017 at 1:54 pm //

          What part of “ They are staying and expats are coming back to sask“ is too hard for your little peabrain to understand? You were PROVEN WRONG about glenn and your knowledge outside of football is just as wrong. . Don’t be bitter that there are more rider fans than stamp fans in Calgary. They will be comin* home soon as alberta sinks into an ndp economy. ( the expats left sask to get away from the ndp.)

          • Prove Me Wrong // October 22, 2017 at 2:59 pm //

            Man, what are you 12!! Did you wet your pants writing that? They only sk expats returning to the gap are those too stupid to keep employment here. Or, are you packing as we speak?

          • Lancaster/Reed // October 22, 2017 at 3:14 pm //

            What is funny is you dont see the irony of you calling me juvenile. Every post of yours shows your massive infantile personality.

          • Prove Me Wrong // October 22, 2017 at 3:47 pm //

            Yet you are the one who resorts to childish name calling. Are you packed yet? Don’t let the “Welcome to Sask-ka-bush” sign hit you in the a$$ on the way out.

          • Lancaster/Reed // October 22, 2017 at 3:57 pm //

            Hate to “ PROVE YOU WRONG AGAIN” , but i have lived and worked in Sask my entire adult life . How many years till you enter adulthood?

          • Prove Me Wrong // October 22, 2017 at 4:31 pm //

            Wow… You are getting pretty irate. But I guess having to feel ashamed of your province would do that to anyone. Good thing Bradley is sticking up for you.

      • Lancaster, Glenn would have gone if there a suitable replacement, now that there’s hope with Bridge, Glenn has one foot out the door I would say.

  23. The ascension of the Roughriders to the CFL number one franchise is no fluke. Hundreds of millions are being invested in the province as the global middle class consumers increase and need better, higher quality food. My business interest includes investors from China who are investing in food. 100 million is the outside number that will be invested in the next 10 to 15 years. Those in Toronto and other eastern provinces need to be aware the West is on the Rise not only in terms of football but investment and wealth. Toronto can be part of this or not. If they continue to accept the status quo as unchangeable then the Boatman’s departure will not only be a business failure it will signal the economic and political decline of Toronto, Ontario and maybe even Central Canada where many friends and famiky reside.

  24. idiotwind // October 22, 2017 at 3:59 pm //

    Blah, blah, blah. Is there room for another centre of the universe?

  25. greenenvy? // October 22, 2017 at 4:02 pm //

    What,’s the worst thing about Saskatchewan? Saskstchewan.

    • Lancaster/Reed // October 22, 2017 at 4:10 pm //

      That idiots cant spell “ Saskatchewan”? Yeah ,that is the worst.

      • Prove Me Wrong // October 22, 2017 at 4:33 pm //

        At least Elmo like to say the word Saskatchewan. If you are going to criticize someone’s spelling, you should at least be able to use punctuation properly. Who’s the idiot now?

  26. greenenvy? // October 22, 2017 at 6:01 pm //

    Is that important, Lancaster? Perhpas you shood be on the speling B cite. You can cum back with sum noo werds for us. How many times did it take you to try the spambot math?

    • Lancaster/Reed // October 22, 2017 at 9:45 pm //

      Greenenvy? So you can take a cheap shot, but we shouldnt respond? Your name tells us what you are preoccupied with . And it isnt whatever team you cheer for.

  27. Feeling Blue // October 22, 2017 at 6:58 pm //

    Negative people will be negative….that’s my point

  28. The CFL is a Canadian League – Not a Minor League.
    they have the MOST players to draft from than all the other Leagues in Toronto COMBINED!!!!!!!
    75000 playing NCAA football – 1500 playing Major Jr. A hockey 1500 playing Usports football and the CFL gets the minor league title?
    Toronto’s other Leagues MUST have US money given to them or these other leagues won’t be in Canada. MLS without US franchise money – MLB without US television money- NBA without US dollars – They would have to do what the CFL has to do and we all know they couldn’t survive.

    When fan 590 constantly embarrassed the Argos, kicked them out of Skydome with the excuse of Natural grass, didn’t open the doors at the stadium until a few minutes to game time and all of the other bullshit Rogers pulled. WHERE WERE THE ADVOCATES OF THE LEAGUE?????? Premier did you speak up!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Unfortunately, a decreas in attendance in other citi s IS NOT just because of bad teams. I wouldn’t call Calgary a bad team, or Edmonton. Even BC was decent the past few years up until the last 1/2 of this year, yet attendance is down in all three cities. It is easy to see when watching a game that the “announced” crowd is not the actual attendance as had been the case in Calgary. “Announc d” attendance is regularly stated as 27,000; however, it is clear that there is about 3/4 of that number in the stands. Toronto is an integral franchise to this league, just as the other 8 are to the success of the league.

    • Get out of Greater Toronto and move to Missisauga.
      More families, good population and the mayor is a CFL fan.
      Could work.

  30. I’m embarrassed that Wall is Sask’s premier. He obviously doesn’t follow all of the CFL teams or he would understand the attendance woes of the Argos. He shld read up on it before he beaks off!

  31. Feeling Blue // October 23, 2017 at 9:02 am //

    Let’s Embrace the CFL. We should be building up everything that is Canadian. Be grateful for all the great things we have in this country.

    • Please don’t bring partriotism into it, save that for our Olympic team.
      The Argos have more US players on their roster than any other sports team in Toronto. The best players are US players too. The “Canadian” content is there to fill the numbers.
      More US players would probably bring out the fans in Toronto.
      Being Canadian doesn’t stop fans from going to Jays, Raptors, TFC games !!

  32. At least the Boatmen can win. Unlike the Raptors and the Leafs.The other small league team (TFC) AND THE may win this year.

    • That’s a silly comment, attendance in Toronto does not have a lot to do with “winning” the Argos can win everything but if they don’t have fans it doesn’t matter.
      The Argos are not seen as Major league

  33. Argos and their fans will be back.
    The TFC and Raptors will start losing so the love affairs will end quickly.
    The Jays will only attract 15000 per game unless the Yankees or BoSox are in town and the Leafs, well are the Leafs.

    • Even during the dark times, TFC was pulling in around 19,000 consistently. Soccer supporters are a different beast than other fans. They are probably closer to Leafs supporters and will still be around during difficulties. The reality is all three major centres with MLS teams have seen attendances slowly trending upward where their CFL counterparts slowly trend down. In Montreal and Vancouver their averages are becoming identical in both CFL and MLS. The Argos had one really busy game that Inflates their average but it is pretty clear their BMO fan base is fairly non-existent. I don’t think this is a phase, but a shift in sports perspectives. Euro sports have been slowly creeping into Canada with Soccer at the forefront and continued immigration and grassroots movements will advance them further. If you look at the age demographics of who’s watching CFL vs who’s watching soccer, it becomes clear that younger fans aren’t as present in CFL and they are more interested in soccer on average. Toronto just played in front of 70,000 people in Atlanta for a regular season game. This is a huge indication of soccer having a more permanent place in North America. I think the CFL needs to rethink their marketing strategies if they intend to survive as a national league. The GTA is a much a more realistic home for the Argos. I wish the league all the best and hope they can adapt!

      • I do not wish any league ill fortune.
        I hope we all can survive.
        I believe all leagues including the NFL will have to re-think their marketing as well. it’s not just us.
        The TFC looks strong thu out it’s league. Good to see.

      • David – the Argo owners have spent a lot of money on marketing over the past two years. I don’t know how much more they spend on marketing.
        They had the publicity about the tail gate parties, the $4 beers, the ads on the TTC and TV.
        Marketing will not bring young people to Argo games.
        You are right, soccer is THE most popular sport in schools, football has disappeared.
        Kids do not identify with football

    • Rick – wake up. Their fans won’t be back because they have left and are too old.
      Young people identify with TFC and the Raptors, soccer and basketball are the number one sports in schools.
      Schools do not play football.
      The Jays were still averaging over 36k for 80 home games despite being out of playoff contention by July.
      Even if the Jays, Raps etc attendance declines that doesn’t mean the Argos attendance goes up, there is no relation.
      Football fans are a different breed they don’t go to TFC, Raps or Jays games, they are fans like you – they only like one sport

      • Jim, you don’t me. I watch the TFC on TV, I,m a huge Hitman fan, I follow our Lacrosse team and go GreenBay.Basketball and soccer have always been number one sports in school. Nothing has changed there. I’ve waatched the Jays highs and lows and I will bet you your Argos seasons tickets that support will fall as soon as they start losing.
        With all the negative press the Argos receive and the apathy from people like you it is no wonder the Argos are in tough.
        I have never understood this “minor league” comments. “NCAA is better footbal”. First of all it’s just plain ignorant and insulting to the athletes that play the game. Put yourself in their shoes, and 2nd where do you think we get our players from? NCAA!!!….and a few NFL cuts. If the CFL is a step behind, it’s not by much but who cares!!1 We have football!!! We have soccer even though it’s rated 16th…who cares!!!
        I hope the people of Toronto come around and support the Argos. I love my CFL and what the league does for its fans, charities and employment. It is more than just a football league.
        You do not know me Jim.

        P.S With good ownership comes better attendance. Give it a few seasons.

  34. RickeyRider62 // October 23, 2017 at 12:35 pm //

    Well said!

  35. Feeling Blue // October 23, 2017 at 1:57 pm //

    Just watched game highlights….awesome…pure entertainment. I was at game and it feels good all over again. Let’s pump up the boys…come to the playoff game.ARGOS…….

  36. Jade Duckett // October 24, 2017 at 1:11 am //

    Brad Wall is leaving politics as of January, Erin Weir is not, fulll disclosure Erin is a friend of mine, but even if he wasn’t, he would still be smarter than Brad Wall. Yes attendance is poor, however the fans who commented about ad revenue are right, without Toronto we lose as a league due to multi million dollar deals going bye bye without them. The Argos may not have many fans, but those they do have are fiercely loyal.

    • Maybe Wall’s comments will make some Torontonians wake up and buy playoff tickets.
      He’s pointing out the obvious.

  37. Guaranteed – Do not worry about TO leaving and TSN dumping the CFL
    ESPN would take on the broadcasting and force TSN to carry the games
    This is business – not shoot the messenger Mr. Wall

    ESPN will showcase their American kids to their country playing our game
    Any lefty thinking differently – it’s all business

  38. He’s partly right. The biggest Argo crowd every year is when Saskatoon comes to town. That’s because most of their citizens are in Toronto looking for work.

  39. By the way, who is Brad Wall?

  40. A messenger – who carries a lot of American power
    Or are you still a 1966 Lefty ?

  41. Ticats trade the rights to manziel to TO and he will fill the stands, why ? Because he is big NFL story.

  42. TrueDoubleBlueFan // October 26, 2017 at 4:02 pm //

    Far too many of these comments don’t sound like true CFL fans to me. I’m an Argos fan and was a season ticket holder for years. I was also annual attendee at Grey Cup games across this country. Circumstances prohibit my attendance any longer but the True CFL Fans I know support every franchise and OUR LEAQUE.

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