Masoli to start, Ticats focussed on winning remaining games

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats may be out of playoff contention but head coach June Jones isn’t quite ready to give up on 2017.

Jones says he’ll continue to field what he believes to be the most competitive line up in an attempt to win the final three games, including quarterback Jeremiah Masoli, who will start Sunday against Montreal. Veterans like defensive tackle Ted Laurent, linebacker Simoni Lawrence and receiver Luke Tasker were all in their usual spots at practice on Wednesday.

“I’m here to coach them to win and teach them how to win and that’s what we’re going to do,” Jones said. “We’re going to play the best guys who give us the best chance to win the game. I think I owe that to the players that are here.”

Masoli, who has started the last seven games after replacing Zach Collaros, is set to become a free agent next February. That’s led to some speculation that Collaros, who does have a deal in place for 2018, could get some playing time. But Jones says he’ll stick with Masoli, who is 4-3 since taking over.

“I know Zach can play, I see it every day. If he helps us to win the game, then he’s going to play but until then we’re going to stay the way we are,” Jones said. “Jeremiah has not done anything to be dislodged from that position.”

Jones, who took over when the team was 0-8 and led them back to some semblance of playoff contention, says he would like to return next season and that winning the remaining games is the best way for him to make that case. His fate won’t be decided until after the season and may be depend on what changes – if any – the Ticats make in the front office.

“I’m evaluated on how many I win so it benefits me to win,” he said.

Masoli acknowledged that not having a long-term goal to play for will be different but said there’s plenty of motivation in the games themselves.

“The pure competitors in us, we want to win,” he said. “We’re all going to be playing with a chip on our shoulder because we’re out of it as far as the playoffs go but we still want to show that we’re one of, if not the, best team in the league.”

With Jones’ status for next season still undetermined, Masoli said the team is playing hard for him as well.

“I think he’s proven without a doubt how good of a coach he is. In his short term here he’s pretty much turned the team around,” he said. “I think I speak for everyone here when I say that we would all endorse coach June for a job.”

“We’ve been trying to win, not just for ourselves, but for the new coach that brought that culture here.”

Notes: The Ticats have frozen renewal prices for current season ticket holders, meaning 2018 season seats will cost the same as they did in 2017… national offensive lineman Mike Filer, American receiver Jalen Saunders and international defensive end Adrian Tracy did not practice on Wednesday due to injury… The team added international running back Rajion Neal and offensive lineman Casey Blaser to the practice roster while releasing offensive lineman  John Kling… veteran quarterback Darian Durant took first teams in Montreal on Wednesday and is expected to start Sunday against Hamilton.

Drew Edwards

Drew Edwards

Drew Edwards is into his eighth season covering the CFL and the Ticats for the Hamilton Spectator. He is the founder and editor of 3DownNation.
Drew Edwards
Drew Edwards
About Drew Edwards (1571 Articles)
Drew Edwards is into his eighth season covering the CFL and the Ticats for the Hamilton Spectator. He is the founder and editor of 3DownNation.

75 Comments on Masoli to start, Ticats focussed on winning remaining games

  1. I’m a June Jones fan but when he says “I know Zach can play, I see it every day. If he helps us to win the game, then he’s going to play……” I get confused. How can Zach help win a game if he does not play?

    • Exactly! Had he put Zach in last week when Masoli was overthrowing receivers they might have actually won that game. True headscratcher for me.

    • Sea of Dead // October 19, 2017 at 10:02 am //

      As I noted several times before, the Cat front office has written off Collaros from any future plans and he will IMO not see the field again in 2017. JJ, who would like to come back as head coach, is just toeing the party line and paying lip service to the fans who would like to see Collaros perform with the revamped offence in the remaining games. Collaros may as well stay with his girlfriend in T.O. and watch the game on TV because he, unfortunately, has already been written off by this management group which hopefully will get the boot themselves shortly after the season ends.

    • TiCat girl // October 19, 2017 at 6:05 pm //

      EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not at all happy with his decision !! I think that June Jones is looking after his own butt and the heck with Zach!!

    • Couple things, he is trying to be nice to Zach. He also believes he has some ability, he feels Mazoli has played well enough to continue to start, he still needs more playing time to improve. Coach wants to win. if in one of the games things go really south, he is not passed putting Zach in. Thats what I got anyway

      • Agree with your read of Coach Jones. He’s playing Masoli because as a QB he’s done what was expected in running the offense. In case need arises due to injury, lack of competitiveness or success, he’s alright with putting Zach in the game if needed. I respect his winning attitude and his ability to improve the Ticats going forward.

  2. That’s right live by the sword die by the sword . Masoli is jj guy and has done nothing to lose the starting job and deserves to play out the season . Zack did everything to lose the job earlier on the season. If Zack still around by the time 2018 camp arrives he can battle it out for the starting job then . Playing jm under jj for the remainder makes sense because if they resign him (and the last three games could Go to determining jm value ) this very well could be the combo starting the 2018 season.

    • Anyone who hangs that 0-8 start on Collaros doesn’t know much about football and what a QB needs to be successful. Masoli has had every advantage compared to what Zach had for the first half of the season.

      • TiCat girl // October 19, 2017 at 6:07 pm //

        EXACTLY !!!!

      • Caledonian // October 19, 2017 at 7:40 pm //

        You are absolutely right. There is little benefit to Masoli. If Collaros had the offensive line Masoli has now, if he had the benefit of a running game to take some of the pressure off, the results would have been much different. Collaros’s record is actually Austin’s record and responsibility.

  3. I have liked the turnaround that Jones has engineered but if he does not give Collaros some playing time in 3 basically meaningless games then he is basically an idiot and should be replaced next year with someone more competent.

  4. As for the organization freezing ticket prices take this into consideration …first year I paid for seasons cost me $240 In Coors light end zone second year I got seasons cost me $1600 in the club seats last year got seasons cost me $940 in sect 101. This year I didn’t renew and went down to the stadium before games and seen the short stumpy guy in blue and paid $20 A ticket for sect 104 ($97 value I think could be more ) . So for 11 games that works out to $220 You tell me what the better value is . Maybe after a dissapointing campaign the organization should lower season seat prices.

  5. Mark..Not sure why you say jj would be incompetent just because he doesn’t play Zack? Has jm given any reason for jj to demote him?

    • Eddiefelson // October 19, 2017 at 9:30 am //

      He played one good game out of the 7…and just as easily as we are 4-3…we could be 7-0…OOORRR 1-6…nothing heroic has been done by masoli…he has run a brand new offense…the ONLY offense that made zach look bad was austins..the sane one that made matthews AND masoli look bad

    • Yes – Masoli has lost games that he should have won – I am not saying that Collaros has to start or be given the whole time but it would be idiotic not to play him some. Masoli got a quarter and a half in the 60-1 Calgary game and did not produce anything either so it is incredulous to then believe he is that much better. Nothing for or against either one but you need to see what he can do in a game situation before you make a decision.

  6. Not a Ticat fan, so I’m objective. Masoli deserves the starts based on how well he has played and made the Ticats competitive. The turnaround from complete joke to a team that held Calgary to the final play is nothing short of amazing. Collaros will be dealt in the off season to either Montreal or Toronto — teams that will pay his $500,000 salary. Regina is also possible. Masoli will come much cheaper and offers a strong arm and great mobility to make plays on the fly. Ticats will try their best to get something in the form of a trade but won’t have a strong bargaining position. They must shed that salary unless he’s the starter. In fairness to Collaros, we don’t know how he would have performed with June Jones as coach and maybe he would have done as well or better than Masoli after the change, but Masoli was playing well enough not to be yanked.

    • So if Collaros might have done ad well or better in Jones system, why isn’t he being given a chance to prove it? No one can or should pin that 0-8 start on Zach. The defense wasn’t good, the OL was a revolving door and there was no running game to help Zach. Sounds like you’d trade an elite franchise QB for one who is adequate. Not a smart move IMO.

    • There’s only two things that make sense to me for starting Masoli for the the last three meaningless games.

      An extra three games in the Jones offense dramatically improves Masoli. Somehow, I doubt it makes that much of a difference.

      Those making the decision on hiring Jones as HC for next year want him to deliver more wins to reinforce that he can win/adjust for the CFL rules.

      While I didn’t expect Jones as a coach who was out of the CFL so long to do well, the turnaround is not all that amazing to me, given the years of seeing Austin skip the running game that would have won made the Cats a lot more difficult to beat.

      With Masoli as a FA with no guarantee he will be back with the Cats, if as Jones says “I know Zach can play …”, why not make sure Collaros will perform in the Jones offense?

  7. Eddiefelson // October 19, 2017 at 9:21 am //

    Masoli has done NOTHING to earn the job….4-3 record would be 7-0 with zach..
    Does june seriously think beating montreal and ottawa will make masoli a starter? Combined for 8 wins? Whoopee

  8. If Collaros is bye bye after the 2017 with the Cats one would think they would show case him to the league with the remaining games left?? Will probably just be released with no compensation going back to the Cats.

  9. The Only way anyone will see Collaros in action, is if J.M. gets injured (don’t want to jinx him). Nobody wants anybody injured, but if he did,would Jones put Zach in? Or being a “nothing” game throw Golson in,to see what he has to offer, and get some reps. OK Masoli is 4-3 nothing flashy, hot and cold actually. Consistency is his issue, he can go for 10/10 then the next series over throws a 10 yard flat? What makes him excel and succeed is his ability to scramble. And he has the physique to run, where Collaros pre-injury used to scamper on 2nd and short too, to pick up a 1st down. Of course Collaros would excel, as IMO he’s a more accurate passer,with a better O Line now. The first 8 games this season, he had a defensive player on him within 2 seconds. Thus he ran, for his life, out of the and on the run and his passes went array. When Zach was playing, the defense was giving up an average of 39 points again. Reinhold was obviously over his head, new defensive players and Holley’s system improved the defense. Is Collaros just being protected, for any future dealings? Collaros’s record, going back to 2016 even is 0-12 so does anyone know if he “still has it” if he doesn’t or isn’t given the chance to play, even a couple of series? It’s mind boggling to say the least, and I for one don’t think June Junes is calling the shots. The team is being run and controlled by the front office. (Smells like K.A.)?

  10. Hire JJ, fire KA.

  11. Collaros was a consensus MOP before his concussion injury and missing half a season then came back and looked good before his torn ACL cost him a whole year… finally came back and has never looked good since… so my conspiracy theory mind says Collaros has lost it… KA knows this, June Jones knows this too so they will not risk Collaros trade value dropping any further by playing him in 2017… right now everyone blames KA and the other coaches for Zach’s performance and that’s OK… he will be traded in the off season and the new HC can deal with his weakened body and damaged psyche…

    Yeah I know KA sucked as HC and the offence was putrid… and losing Tommy Condell didn’t help… but fact is watching Collaros playing was painful… he lost his pocket presence and played scared… so worried about getting hit he panicked and folded like a cheap lawn chair…

    Masoli isn’t perfect but he reminds me of Mike Reilly… a tough SOB who does what’s necessary to win games… without all the whining and bitching I saw on the sidelines from Zach…

    Just saying…

    • Snake – I have to disagree that Collaros has “lost it”. He looked good at times earlier in the season when he had decent protection – not a frequent occurrence – but I KNOW I saw flashes of the 2015 Zach in some games. And how can you account for the fact that Zach’s completion rate while playing under duress much of the time is still better than Masoli who had a decent OL and running game to help out? He wasn’t playing “scared” – just trying to make a play. He’s too much of a competitor and team guy to play panicked. And as for him being upset on the sidelines – the only time I saw that to any great extent was in the first game when he barely had 30 seconds to get a pass off before facing an onslaught of D players because they weren’t putting the right players on the field for the plays. Sure he was frustrated and showed that, but so were many of the other players. Masoli is an adequate QB so if you’re willing to settle for that as your franchise QB instead of one who’s shown the ability to be elite, then that’s your choice. I’d rather keep Collaros rather than see him come back to haunt us.

    • KA knows that Collaros has lost it?

      What kool-aid was KA drinking to give so many starts while knowing this? Or are you saying KA had a revelation *after* Jones took over?

      KA deserves blame for how the whole team has performed as Jones has made few changes to end up with a far more competitive, not to mention entertaining team.

      As for Masoli resembling Riley … I don’t recall Riley missing wide open receivers in game after game.

      At the end of the day, if Masoli re-signs – the challenge for the HC (be it Jones or someone else) is to get Masoli to be more consistent.

    • Ticat Mike // October 19, 2017 at 8:06 pm //

      The only reason NOT to play Collaros is exactly you say — they really believe he has
      “lost his mojo” likely due to injuries and exacerbated by an offensive system that would batter any QB physically and mentally. But if they felt they had a future asset, they should play Collaros under a system that gives him the tools to succeed. The gamble — that Collaros continues to falter thus lowering his trade value. Boils down to whether Cats management have written Zach out of the equation — and it looks like they have. Will history repeat (remember Calvillo? Allen?). Time will tell.

    • Sea of Dead // October 19, 2017 at 8:52 pm //

      Who says history can’t repeat … As others have noted, Collaros can come back in a big way with another team (hopefully not with the Argos) just like Calvillo did with the Als. I would not put any credence in KA’s ability to evaluate talent … The guy has been a total bust for two years now and should be allowed to go to any takers (Hello Montreal!!).

    • My dear Mr. Snake, as usual your comments are bang on. Unfortunately the TC fans drinking the Collaros Kool-Aid won’t see what you, me, and a vast number of fans see until he plays with another team, basically a QB who once had the potential to be great but is now average at best, besieged by injuries and lost confidence. He’ll be 30 next year so I’ll give him maybe 2-3 more seasons before he fades off into the CFL sunset. As for Masoli he reminds me more of former TC QB Ken Hobart, not the most proficient passer but quick with his feet, had the ability to improvise, and did what it took to win a game.

  12. I won’t get into speculating about Collaros and his future with the Ticats — no point in that because *none of us* outside the team knows what management and coaches are thinking yet; they may not even have their opinions set themselves.

    I would like to see him play. And I think he will get the chance. Just because Masoli is still starting doesn’t mean Zach won’t run the offense over the final three games. And despite the goal of ending the season on a winning note, I don’t doubt that player evaluation will still be a key takeaway for the staff.

    That all said, I respect June Jones being so forthright about his choice and the reasons for it.

  13. “Your comment is awaiting moderation” — Drew, what site rules trigger this?? Because I just posted what I thought was a politely worded opinion that didn’t insult anyone.

    This happens a lot. Yet I see plenty of questionable posts from various others that slide past the filter. Some guidance would be appreciated. Thanks.

  14. Well, that makes the non-renewal of season tickets an easy choice. If you have no eye to the real future (next season) and only for the near future (this season), then you have a loser mentality as an organization. This is what the Leafs did for years. When they finally came to the realization that mediocre is not good enough, they made the decision to analyze what they had, decide what you want to keep after seeing it all and then build from there.
    It’s clear this season is done and you will be picking in the top 3, so what is the reason to keep rolling out what you know in Masoli? There is no need to worry about wins anymore, it is completely about management of assets and more importantly identifying those assets or lack thereof.
    This is where Jones and Austin can start to find job security, show you can identify and develop talent. I would rather see Golson and Evans than Masoli, although I do think the right direction would be to go with Collaros and see if he can operate in this offence.
    I wonder if Jones interim tag was lifted if we would see him make different choices during these final 3 games. Why not start Golson and Evans in the Montreal games and Collaros against Ottawa with a few reps in this weekends game against Montreal to get the rust off? Then you get a look at all three and see what you have going into the off-season and have a clearer view of your future.

  15. The problem is this is a weak team, with weak management that is likely to lose two of the next three games.Whatever they do simply reflects what they have done all season.Not win.Run and shoot- give all of them the boot.

    • Sorry.should have proof read it better.

    • Since Jones took over, the “weak team” has been in every game plus either taken down or been competitive with some of the hottest teams in the CFL.

      To lose two of the next three – they would have to implode against the tire fire that is Montreal.

      I am not saying they are perfect or that they don’t need improvements but weak was when Austin was HC where talent was being wasted.

  16. Ticats have put themselves in a corner and NO ONE will trade for Collaros!
    Think about it, he makes north of 500K and is due a hefty portion in Feb 2018.(this will count on next years cap)
    Cats will not want to pay that so will eventually have to release Collaros. Then teams can sign him for less.
    And there’s a number of free agent QB’s available so again that works against the Cats.
    Harris, Bridge, Franklin, and Masoli, Ray are all free agents.
    It really looks like the Cats are set on Manzeil. lol

    • I see it as less cut and dried.

      I expect the Argos, Riders and possibly Montreal being interested. Without the pressure of being in the playoffs while needing a backup, I expect the trade offers to drop in what is offered. There may also be a conversation to get Collaros to agree to a contract re-negotiation.

      After for the FAs, Harris I expect Ottawa to resign. Desjardins would be making an uncharacteristic mistake to let the young Harris who is currently #3 in the league year go.

      Ray likely is a desperation move as he has been injured a lot. The Argos supposedly made a trade offer so Ray may only be back if he is available at a reasonable price.

    • Don’t think I’ve ever agreed with a Argo fan…ever! 🙂 But I’ll agree with you here. The 1.5 m dollar man is basically a lame duck. If you decide to play him and he still sucks, especially in nothing games, you’ve just exacerbated the problem and lowered his trade value. If you don’t play him then he rusts on the sidelines and he becomes an unknown commodity and risky to a buyer. I would predict if TC’s do find a trading partner then they will be eating a huge portion of his salary.

  17. “Masoli isn’t perfect but he reminds me of Mike Reilly” Wow Snake what have you been smoking? These last three games are nothing games, and if they don’t start Collaros then that means that the team and JJ care more about themselves and their jobs than they do about our team foe 2018 and our fans. Going to be watching the games from the comfort of my home next year. If management doesn’t care about 2018 why should I waste my money on it.

  18. Has anybody thought of this possibility for next year as despite Austin’s own words I don’t believe him nor Trust when he said that he would not return to the sidelines. I don’t think Austin will be content just being upstairs. So here goes, Kent Austin returns as coach and June Jones returns as offensive coordinator. Do not discount this as I personally feel that this is the way this will play out. There is no way that Austin does not wish to be Manziel’s coach.

    Whateve way we go next year, Collaros needs playing time in these next 3 games. I feel sorry for Bob Young in terms of the losses that he has absorbed at the hands of his current management team both in terms of actual losses and particularly in terms of financial losses via poor contract management and Bob Young’s “laissez faire” attitude has to change. Bob has to have a voice that is heard.

    • I can’t see Austin returning to Hamilton’s bench unless it is for a HC firing, like Popp or Reed did in Montreal.

      If he does return as a HC, I expect it will be somewhere else. His offense has proven to be too easy to break.

  19. Does the Salary Mngt System (Cap) allow for a team to trade a player and retain salary?

  20. I can not believe how blind Cat fans are Collaros was like 5-1 or 6-0 with the Argos then with Condell here He went something like 7-2 starting on labour day and Finishing in a close loss in the 2014 Grey Cup than in 2015 he was destroying teams sometimes putting up 30 points in first halfs of games before his injury all while Masoli was second or third string then Condell leaves the Offence struggles in 2016,then Steinauer leaves the entire Team struggles in 2017 and all of a sudden Zach is no good!Then the change in Coaches and every one thinks Masoli is great was the change in Coaching why they won those games or the change at QB.The Cats are 4-3 not 7-0 and I would say the Defense held us in the Stamps game and the Offense lost it 3 tries from first and goal and no points a ton of two and outs the over throws.Listen if zachs no good would Argos try and trade for him really Trestman is a former QB he has coached Calvillo and Ray he works in the off season with US college QBS and NFL QBS there is a saying learn from history or history will repeat itself (letting Calvillo go) that worked out well for the CATS get ready for another decade of losing you CAT fans I guess deserve it.

    • For the love of god @Bigplay, and the rest of you Calvillo obsessed and ‘traumatized from the past’ TC fans…Collaros is NOT, I repeat, NOT Anthony Calvillo…not even close! Calvillo had a rocket of an arm…not a popgun…and could throw the ball down the field with relative accuracy for more than 20 yards. Most important, he did not whine and bitch when things went south – he did not blame others and took it upon himself to be better, making those around him better. Oh one more thing, he did not incite slugfests at high school practice fields in Alberta.

  21. You guys don’t get it. They are going to sign mazoli and keep zack and go into 2018 with both. The best one wins and then they will trade one of them

  22. There’s a downside to playing Zach. In case he doesn’t do well or loses a number of games his value for trade purposes may go down. That’s one risk and second what message do you send by benching Masoli when as QB he has been winning games or being competitive in even the losses?

    For Coach Jones it’s also a risk because if they lose most or all of the remaining games that might affect his ability to remain Head Coach next season. I get where Jones is coming from and hope that he’s around next year to make his mark on a full season for the Ticats.

    • I don’t get why people think there is a message being sent by playing Collaros.

      That part evaporated when the Cats were eliminated from the playoffs. Starting Masoli, Collaros, Golson or the water boy does not change that there will be a competition in training camp next year.

      If Jones has to win more to win the HC job for next year – then sticking with Masoli the rest of the way makes sense where the “bad message” is meaningless IMO.

  23. I’m all in with what coach Jones is doing. He’s turned this team around.

    • I am also concerned that if you allow Masoli to pad his very mediocre stats against Ottawa and Montreal, it will only cost you more to keep him.

    • Ditto…with you…deserves to reload and hit it again…at least for one more season.

  24. NotJoshSmith // October 20, 2017 at 4:00 am //

    I continue to be unable to figure out the ineptness of this management team and coaching staff. Unless they know something we all don’t know, not to see what Zack can do in this revamped lime-up, play calling and schemes with 3 nothing games less is short of criminal and I’d be unwilling as a Ticat fan to give them inept bunch any of my ticket going forward until new management and a new owner who gives a crap is in place.

  25. Only in Hamilton can a starting QB go 0-12 and have fans clamoring for his return. Masoli doesn’t always look pretty but he’s a winner and will only continue to improve with more experience.

    • And I don’t see why some people have been putting 0-12 on Zach’s shoulders. While I feel he didn’t play as well as he’s shown he can, those were team losses and much of what the team was/wasn’t doing around him affected the QB.

      A lot changed under Jones. Isn’t it wise to see how Zach fits into Jones’ system and may benefit from those changes?

      • Starting QB’s have won-loss records. That’s just the way it is.

        • And football is called ‘the ultimate team sport’… with good reason.

          • It’s going to be okay. Next year you can take the name off the back of your #4 Ti-Cats jersey. Maybe put “Hobart” on the back if you want to go retro.

          • This isn’t about being a Collaros fan, Breeze. This is about taking another look at a team asset to have more information (and recent information at that, in the current context of the team) about what to do with him — keep him, trade him (and what value to place on him in trade), release him, postpone the decision entirely… how may this affect what to do with a new contract offer to Masoli, and should they also look at other FAs or prospects?

            If Masoli ends up being our starter longer term then so be it, and I’ll cheer him on. But there’s a bigger picture here and 3 opportunities to explore how the QB piece may fit into it.

        • U apologize msd for any misunderstanding. I’m a big Collaros fan and I even own a black #4 Ti-Cats jersey. I honestly don’t think Collaros is the player he once was. The knee injury and his concussions have taken their toll. Masoli impresses me and looks better than Collaros to me. I even thought that in the pre-season.

          • should read “I apologize”…

          • I don’t think there’s any misunderstanding to apologize for, but no problem — it’s just discussion and a conversation worth having, and I appreciate your point of view. Thanks!

            A TSN story by Naylor today mentioned speculation by an unnamed CFL executive that Hamilton may not play Collaros at all because of the risk of injury, leading the team to be on the hook for his off-season bonus. That could be the team’s thinking too.

            Lots of factors at work here, and Masoli playing well these next games will make one of them that much stronger. But having an incumbent starting QB show well to close out a season isn’t a problem… if it was, most teams would love to have it, and would simply deal with the next season’s potential SMS issues in due course.

          • If Collaros survived the first 8 games without injury, he should be able to survive the current situation. I think Collaros was playing scared because he knew that another serious injury could end his career because no one would want him – serious irony there now.

    • LOL…that is good! Must be a lot of Kool-Aid manufacturing places in the Hammer right now with the new and improved Collaros flavour.

  26. What is wrong with doing the best you can all the time? That is what Capitalism is all about. If you do the best for yourself then it will benefit Everyone (a paradox)in the long run. Go Coach Jones. Now my other Bully pulpit. Reduce Ratio to 4 as MLS did int he beginning then scrap. Tale of two teams. Toronto FC is averaging 28 K with 7 Canadians out of 29 on roster or 25% CanCon. Chicago Black hawks roughly similar in pop to GTA tops in NHL and averaging 21K per game. 17 out of 58 on roster are born in the USA for 30% with 4 listed as Chicago. Fairly similar. The Hawks put the best they can on the ICe and lead NHL in Average Attendance. Same with Toronto FC putting best on the turf they can. TFC is third in MLS in attendance. Just ahead of Orlando but way behind Seattle and Atlanta which are putting up NFL numbers.

  27. I wish Drew would ask Austin or Tillman why they are not playing Zack. I understand JJs motivation in starting Mazoli but it is in the clubs best interest long term to evaluate Zach value he may return to his mop form under new schemes upgraded O line and a rushing game. Let’s compare apples to apples. Cats may be giving up on a really outstanding qb. If they don’t play him we won’t know until he comes back to haunt us

    • I totally agree and furthermore, if you let Masoli pile up huge numbers against weak opposition his agent will demand more money and it will be more expensive to re-sign him.

  28. I wonder if Breeze thinks running Cavillo out of to was a good move all he did was lose games here and now he is a sure fire hall of famer and it is cheap referring to Zachs 0-12 and not talking about taking his team to a Grey Cup and being in first place and people talking about him being the MOP at the time of his injury and I am sure a New Head Coach had nothing to do with the 4 wins must of been all Masoli.I think we should hire Breeze for GM before the Stamps scoop him up.

    • Good one bigplay. Truth be told, I was a huge Calvillo fan when he was in Hamilton and trust me I was in the minority at the time. He threw for over 500 yards in a game twice while wearing the black and gold. Sudsy benched Calvillo for Steve Taylor after firing Dieter Brock at OC and I was stunned. After Lancaster took over and cut Calvillo, I never really forgave Uncle Ronnie.

      Oskee Wee Wee.

  29. OOPS missed the wn in town but you get the point

  30. SO why so hard on Zach do you not see all the success Zach had with Milanovich and Condell then none with Austin,the reference to their strained relationship and the lack of a run game and pass protection.And if Zach is so bad why were the Argos interested do you not think Trestman knows a little something about QBS

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