Ticats eliminated from playoff race by Redblacks win

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have been eliminated from CFL playoff contention.

The Ottawa Redblack’s come-from-behind 33-32 win over the Saskatchewan Roughriders combined with the Ticats loss to Calgary earlier Friday means Hamilton can no longer qualify for the post-season.

Much like the Ticats loss to the Stamps earlier Friday, Ottawa’s win came in improbable fashion.

The Redblacks trailed by 12 points with just over six minutes remaining in the fourth quarter and needed a fake punt, a roughing the passer call, two third down conversions and a pass interference penalty in the end zone to score two touchdowns and win the game.

Ticats receiver Shamawd Chambers summed it up for fans.

Drew Edwards

Drew Edwards

Drew Edwards is into his eighth season covering the CFL and the Ticats for the Hamilton Spectator. He is the founder and editor of 3DownNation.
Drew Edwards
Drew Edwards
About Drew Edwards (1494 Articles)
Drew Edwards is into his eighth season covering the CFL and the Ticats for the Hamilton Spectator. He is the founder and editor of 3DownNation.

85 Comments on Ticats eliminated from playoff race by Redblacks win

  1. Stupid calls from stupid coaches …..although im in love with Jones and excuse his play calls due to lack of experience in this league I cannot excuse Jones calls from ssk he’s just a fool. I was the first critic against the cats and although most was harsh I also think that they reaĺly tried to make the post season with all they had. When you dig the hole they did it’s hard to get out . Love June Jones love where th9s team was heading and hope for better results in 2018

    • at 0 and 8, few of us would have guessed in order to eliminate us, the season would come down to a few games of very biased reffing and a hail Mary by Calgary?
      Most would have laughed at that possibility of happening.
      The cross-over rule once again is proved stupid and the league is missing out on what would have been a very possible re-match of the two hottest teams!
      We are very proud of our Cats! Me and the die-hards. There is probably some negative comments here, its easy if you are looking for things to be negative about! But its also easy to find many, many things to be thankful and proud of for the past 7 games!
      What could/should have been…

      • Yes, the crossover is stupid. Just eliminated a team on rise, that many other teams likely fear. Would have made a great playoffs, now we’ll have a Western team playing against an Eastern team for a chance to play in the eastern final. What sense does that make? If you’re going to ignore the best-west nature of the league divisions, then you might as well not have any.

  2. RB Nation // October 14, 2017 at 1:22 am //

    Maybe the TiCars should try January Jones as HC next season. That should give attendance a boost.

  3. Dundas dude // October 14, 2017 at 1:31 am //

    A very painful evening. Probably all for the best. Thanks Cats for making interesting, but this was simply not the year. Peace.

  4. What a stupid stupid stupid rule the cross over is.. If the division with the crossover looses the cup, there should have not been a cross over to begin with.
    Tonights game was billed as the two hottest teams. imagine the GC remacth! but no! Canada and our world-wide audience get burned. The team that was number one in the league (1st against 2nd, winner is best, right!) up until 00.00 seconds left actually get eliminated from playoffs. What BS if Jones is not around next yr either will i be. 50 yard 11 rows up!

    • The crossover wouldn’t be a factor if we had one more eastern team. The league needs to consider Quebec City, a city about the size of Hammer with passionate football fans. The region already supplies lots of Canadian talent.

  5. When they were under the spotlight, the refs were “fair” assholews, but meanwhile giving bs call to opponent of our playoff rival. just to make sure we dont get in
    maybe nobody will notice my $1,800 gone while giving up 50 yard liners right behind bench. Regardless of coaching staff. we won’t win against refs. Maybe they win, but i am no longer going to contribute to thier salaries

    • Dundas dude // October 14, 2017 at 8:40 am //

      Yeah, I thought that PI call against the Riders with 4 seconds left, marginal, but the Cats dug themselves too big a whole starting 0-8. They made it interesting though, but need to do well in the last 3 games to keep the momentum for 2018…right around the corner. Peace. Go Cats!

  6. 2016, 2017: The Years of the Asshole Refs and loss of fans…backed and promoted by the cfl comedy centre and commissioner, ah it dont matter is dugh ahgg the ticats screw giving you another dime and buying anything form any sponsers of these refs and comedy centre

  7. Dear league sponsors: Thank you for supporting our league. Due to most apparent bias against the Ticats, I Call upon other fans to stop purchasing any products made by any sponsors of the cfl
    There is history but nothing compares to the abuse bestowed upon us Ticat fans this year. Order your tickets but hold off purchasing until we wse a new mandate. Such as not giving us 3 games in a row against teams comming off bi weeks!! Man, I can pay for my wholle season tickets in one days workd, fortunately, but even that seems not wot=rth doing
    2018: The Y…where did he go! bye have a nice winter

    • You mad, bro?

    • As an Argo fan, great to hear the sad stories from Ti-Cat supporters. Oh yes, the league is out to get Hamilton. Take the blinders off, officiating is BRUTAL across the league.

      • Yea, just a bit off last night!! The Ticat and Argo fan bases have actually both supported each other when our respective franchises were in danger of folding!
        We have a great league. What is most special about the Grey Cups are meeting fellow fans from across this great country. All so friendly and fun!
        It is a great league, and the last two games of ours were perfectly officiated. That other league in the states has the same problems, fans probably feeling that the refs are biased.
        Kind of looks like our own team here will be good enough next year to not be able to have games, or at least as many, influenced by anything other than their own play
        Good luck in your pursuit of the 2017 GC!

  8. Well, TC’s are out…and the only other team I have interest in, the Lions, are most likely to embark on a post mortem soon. So, with apologies to Green Day: “Wake me up, when the Grey Cup ends…”. 2017 RIP TC’s.

  9. Ironic as well that the team with the most ex-TC’s, the RB’s, put the final dagger in the TC’s season. Still weirded out by that call at BC Place last week though with the Ellingson “catch”…been going to games there for years and can’t recall ever a blatant error against the Lions like that one. And just happens to favour a team battling the TC’s for a PO spot. Coincidence? Perhaps. Conspiracy? Who knows. But at the very least is in that family of things that makes you go Hmm…

    • RB Nation // October 14, 2017 at 7:26 am //

      The oh and 8 start had more to do with the ticats elimination than anything that happened in the last half of the season. They’ll be all right in 2018. They just needed to flush KA and reassert their smash mouth identity. Looking forward to a stronger east next year,

      • Peter North // October 14, 2017 at 10:30 am //

        Agreed. We also found ways to lose the last 3 home games, even if we get one win, there is still life. Good clubs know how to finish off an opponent and we simply are not there yet.

        Tough season, hopefully next year is better. Now, get Collaros back in there for the last 3 games. He deserves another shot.

        No Grey Cup since 99′ in a 8-9 team league no less. Ugh.

        I feel like we are the Cleveland Browns of the CFL..haha.

        • Signing Manziel won’t help with that perception. 😉

          But no, you’re not the Cleveland Browns. The organization is not inept top to bottom. Some poor decision have been made but they weren’t all obviously terrible right from the get-go. There was an argument to be made for dumping Burris for Collaros, for example. It didn’t ultimately work out, but it wasn’t a joke-franchise kind of move.

        • Well said Peter! Unfortunately the team shot themselves in the collective foot just bit too often, including last night, and especially at home. They need to make THF a TRUE home field advantage for them again. I have to wonder if even one of those home losses might have been a win had Collaros been put into the lineup when Masoli was running hot and cold and overthrowing receivers? JM’s great when he’s on but unfortunately he’s too inconsistent even given all the starts he’s had in the past couple of years. I’d love to see what Collaros can do with this offense now that there’s a running game and much better OL play.
          Heartbreaking loss for sure but quite likely for the best.

      • CFLs Best since 1990 // October 14, 2017 at 2:23 pm //

        Gawd, I hope so (on the stronger East next year). Talk about a long time coming…

      • Slightly correct you my RBN friend…the oh and 8 Austin/1.5 m dollar man start had more to do with TC’s getting the boot.

    • There is no conspiracy. You’re giving the refs far too much credit. They are simply incompetent. Every team in the league would be justified in complaining about the terrible calls against their respective teams, Ottawa included. The terrible schedule that the Redblacks have this year would be just one complaint. (2 bi-weeks in the final 3?, 3 games played in 11 days?) Yes every team has a bad schedule this year. The biggest problem the league has is the command centre, and especially Jake Ireland.
      You should be more ticked off at Kent Austin and Eric Tillman for the team they built. Gutsy game from the ti-cats tonight. There is no conspiracy, just incompetence

  10. Johnny Gunn // October 14, 2017 at 7:12 am //

    It is what it is. The TiCats did not deserve to make the playoffs. And although they had a nice little run with Masoli under centre, he is not an elite QB1. The next big news you’ll hear coming outta TigerTown is the signing of Johnny Manziel come Nov. The Johnny Football will reign over TigerTown next year. The TiCats would be wise to play their bench the last few games remaining and they to secure the 1st over pick in the Canadian College Draft.

    • CFLs Best since 1990 // October 14, 2017 at 2:33 pm //

      I think you should keep Masoli, trade the rights to the other two, or keep two for a solid one-two punch.

      CFL QB’s need to be mobile, but the real challenge for a mobile QB is being accurate while on the run. Masoli has that quality.

      That he is solid, can endure punishment, and is a threat on the ground magnifies his value.

      Masoli also has a calm, get ‘er done attitude that can be nurtured. He is composed and determined. Seen it before, and it’s a mentality that serves QB’s in this league well. He has completely changed my perception of him in a few short weeks, because I thought of him as a decent backup at best. I think you should keep him… plenty of room for growth, I expect he will get better and better, whether in your organization or another. And it’s your organization that has developed him. You want to flush that? You might regret doing so.

      • Ouch! Masoli may be calm and be able to make a good toss on the run – sometimes – but he’s been too inconsistent IMO. Didn’t count the number of times he overthrew a receiver last night or threw to a well-covered receiver when there was another one wide open. For sure he’s improved over the past couple of years but Collaros is overall the better decision maker and more accurate passer IMO. I’d regret seeing Collaros go elsewhere and torch us more than seeing Masoli move on.

      • Agreed. Masoli is a keeper

  11. Ticats DB should have let the Guy catch it and tackle him. no time left. Last 3 dont play collaros. might get injured. play Evans from Un. Tulsa. See what you have…and Golson also

    • RB Nation // October 14, 2017 at 7:31 am //

      You gotta play Collaros for the rest of the season just to see what he can do or to show other teams what he can do if a trade is what you want.Masoli is Masoli an exciting mobile QB – not sure he can run an offensive system – seems like too much of a free-lancer to me.

      • Johnny Gunn // October 14, 2017 at 7:46 am //

        Not sure playing Collaros will enhance his trade value. Teams out there are pretty sure in what Collaros is & what they’re willing to part with in order to secure his services. The last three games will not change that. Masoli could be a starter and if resigned, he will be given the opportunity to do so in camp next year, but he will be competing with John Manziel.

  12. Let the fireworks begin . The Ticats gave it all they had but it was not enough, now comes the tough decisions as we move on to 2018 . We have developed some really good young talent. Now Austin can shine as he faces some difficult decisions but gets on head start on whether he wishes to preempt some aging veterans from getting to free agency. Will be an interesting offf season. Interested to see the tweaks that Jones will make in the coaching staff. Unfortunately the noticeable empty seats speak wonders and the Ticats will likely look to put out “the negative energy” their early exit from the playoffs means by signing Johnny Manziel. It is also time to look at exactly what they have. Play Golson, play Jay Langa etc. If feel terribly for Zach Collaros. There are many instances in which Masoli’s play has been inconsistent and there is no excuse for not changing the pace in some of these games, like all other teams do by having brought in Zach Collaros. I would like to know why Collaros was not even given a single series in games with our playoff lives on the line . Masoli is not the quarterback Collaros is and I would really like to hear from the Ticat Braintrust why Collaros was never provided an appropriate opportunity after all the changes and especially after going to a running game, which for some “astounding reason” was abandoned for most of the second until the last two minutes. Playing Collaros now would be worse than having left him on the bench for the last seven games. Play Golson.

    • Which teams have switched mid-game without an injury or the game salted away already?

      I can only think of Saskatchewan for this season.

  13. Johnny Gunn // October 14, 2017 at 7:51 am //

    Ari Patz you bring up a good point … the number of empty seats at Tims Hortons Field is for sure noticeable. I’m sure Bob Young does not want home games to resemble a Argo home game. Ways to generate excitement are to secure the 1st overall pick in the Canadian College draft and of course, sign Johnny Manziel.

    • Johnny – The “honour” of having the first overall draft pick has already gone to Montreal! Worst team in the league and not going to surpass the Ticats in wins. And there’s NO guarantee that Manziel would put in the work to learn the CFL game and have success. There’s NO WAY that he should be signed and assumed the starter for 2018 when there are at least 2-3 other hard-working QBs already on the team who DO know the game.

      Ari – I agree that in games like last night, and probably the Toronto and Sask games, when Masoli was inconsistent that Collaros should have been put in for at least a couple of series – if not been given the opportunity to take over the offense. I’m hoping that he gets a chance now so we can see how well he manages Jones’ system.

  14. Johnny Manziel // October 14, 2017 at 8:12 am //

    Seats are sold, they’re empty because either season seat holders aren’t showing up, or people are watching from the concourse/endzones. Can’t wait to get to TigerTown!

  15. Jeffy is a little bitter.

    • Dundas dude // October 14, 2017 at 8:51 am //

      Passion is better than indifference. It’s been tough to be a Ti Cat fan over the last 18 years…bitterness is better than the half empty stadium we see for the “world class” city Argos. I don’t see a conspiracy, but the reffing needs to improve and it does seem to favour shoring up support in the “world class” city. Argos suck. Leafs suck. Hurry up 2018!

  16. The time has come for the cats to clean house. Austin, Tillman and the whole coaching staff should be cast adrift. While there has been quite a change since June Jones took over his play calling is suspect. Clean house and start fresh without the influence of Austin and his people. Do not do what is easy make some real change.

  17. Gold Fan disagree with you. Austin is the right man to be heading up football operations in Hamilton and he has singlehandledly rebuilt the Hamilton franchise since he got here. Yes talent evaluation became an issue this year as Austin cannot perform every function which became brutally obvious by the middle of the season. Bob Young should move Scott Mitchell to one of his other enterprises and promote Austin into Mitchell’s position. Austin has already shown that he will bring in good talent. Whitlock and Mueller are good examples. The Michigan kicker has tons of promise as do the two so far unnamed offensive lineman received for Gable. Getting a second round pick for John Chick was a steal. Now it may be time to move on from people like Laurent, Simoni Lawrence , Brandon Banks etc. These are some of the tough decisions Austin is going to face in the coming weeks. Ticats will rebound in 2018 with Austin and Tillman focusing on good talent. Suspect that McNight will be moved to a defensive assistant coach and that Jeffrey Reinebold will return as special teams coordinator especially if June Jones remains.

  18. Randy – Jones is a moron. The fact that he is too dumb to grasp the CFL game just adds to it. Calling absolutely idiotic plays has nothing to do with inexperience anyway, it has to do with idiocy. Also why do we have a Coach that doesn’t grasp the CFL game? Calgary NEVER does. Why do the Ti-Cats’ players seem clueless – they reflect the coaching staff.

  19. Johnny Gunn // October 14, 2017 at 10:19 am //

    All will be solved when Manziel signs in November.

    • Johnny Nightclub is not the answer. He’s not serious about a career in pro football. If he does get signed he’ll probably be making more news about his drinking & drugging in the clubs than anything on the field.

  20. June Jones has taken an 0-8 team and turned them into contenders. But when you are 0-8 you can only do so much. The play calling in my estimation has vastly improved since Jones took over. The players have been used better and they have responded better. Play execution has been much better. I was proud of how the team played against Calgary. To be tied until the last second is no mean feat. It’s a long way from the 60-1 steamrollering by Calgary back in July. This has been a great season….since June Jones took over.

    • Calgary did not look like the same team. Were they toying with the Cats, just board or they were confident enough that they could deliver the knock-out punch at any time.Is there a problem with the Calgary offense?

      • CFLs Best since 1990 // October 14, 2017 at 2:50 pm //

        No. They’ve had some injuries on the O-Line and at receiver. They’ve also faced some good defenses, the Cats’ included (far different from the 60-1 defense you had). If it were easy, everyone would do it.

        But, much like the ‘process’ approach to QB’ing that Bo takes – best game-managing QB, maybe ever – he learned from Dickenson’s coaching process approach to game planning. Stats like passing yards are not how Bo or his receivers evaluate their performances, they use the ‘W’ or ‘L’ stat.

        Dickenson is okay with his guys making mistakes, he just wants them to learn from them. He demands it. From that, stability can take root in an organization. But Bo and the Stamps offense are extraordinarily patient as a rule, and work with what they’re given. The downside of being process-driven is that it can look pedestrian and methodical. But they know they have a good defense, so they rarely shoot themselves in the foot.

  21. i want nothing to do with the TigerCats or the CFL again. The TigerCats are the worst thing for your health if you value winning above moral victorie. Been a fan ’74. I’m never buying another piece of mechandise from the Ticants and later I am going out to my yard and burning the ticat shirts and CFL stuff that I have. I’m burning it with a picture out of the newspaper of Bob Young ontop. This team, the league, the coaching and the officiating is nothing but infuriating year in and year an year out. Anybody got a match?

  22. See ya later SOS don’t let the door hit ya in the ass on the way out !

  23. Go with Jones and Masoli for next year. A good foundation to build on.

  24. How many times over the last few years have the cats lost to the stamps with a last second field goal…..I count 3…..but there must be more..OR a last minute penalty call that led to a win? Beginning to believe in curses…

    • Harder to check for a last minute penalty call to win. I think you may be allowing the two games in 2015 to sway your thinking.

      This 2017 game had both but then you have to go back to 2015 to get the back to back last minute FGs to win.

      2014 did have the first game by three for the Stamps but their last score was Sinopoli’s running TD where a missed FG by the Cats preserved the win.

      2012 has a three point game but it was the missed hold in the snow that cost the Cats the chance to tie.

  25. Ben D’over // October 14, 2017 at 1:16 pm //

    I can’t wait for the arrival of Manziel. I’m sure the poor souls tasked with selling season tickets are looking forward to Manziel’s arrival, otherwise what are they going to sell season seats with … the status quo ??? I think not … !!!

  26. Since June Jones (along with Lolly) took over this has been a completely different team. We’ve been in every game. Let’s remember too that Castillio went down and that really hurt us. Our QB’s are still young and growing. I sure hope they don’t make wholesale changes and rebuild again. Get June Jones , Lolly back and resign Masoli.

  27. Play Collaros for the last 3 games to see if he has anything left or if he has indeed lost it as a qb. Don’t worry about him as trade value – if he still sucks and we get a kicking tee in return, so be it! For 520k per season, even if we cut him, we have money for at least two maybe three quality FA starters.

    I know the adrenaline is flowing when you are in a game like last night’s but the coaches have to coach for 60mins – someone had to advise the DBs on what to do with only 10secs left – let them catch it but DONT touch them.

    In light of the Riders’ meltdown, I believe I will be rooting for the Argos in the east. I can’t stomach seeing the RedBlacks win the Grey Cup again.

  28. I never thought Manziel would sign with Hamilton but it looks like a certainty now. The publicity will help prevent a huge decline in season ticket sales after this nightmare of a season. It remains to be seen how Manziel will do in the CFL. And if he lights it up here, and proves he has ditched all his selfish and bad behavior, guess what’s going to happen? He will be gone after one year, back to the NFL which is where his ego must reside. Maybe it will buy the Cats time to find a long-term QB, although I like what I’ve seen of Masoli — a strong arm and mobile. Can makes plays on the fly. That’s what you want in a CFL QB. Better hang on to him. Collaros won’t be there because he makes too much money and will be able to command a big buck from Montreal or Toronto. That’s where he will end up.

    • I doubt the Cats would waste their time on Manziel if he insists on a one year contract.

      I also doubt anywhere Collaros goes will take him at the current contract so I’d expect a contract renegotiation.

      Time will tell.

  29. CFLs Best since 1990 // October 14, 2017 at 2:59 pm //

    Glad to see some love among Cats’ fans for Masoli. Over the course of a few weeks, he completely changed my mind about what he is capable of. Meets all prototypical CFL QB protocols 😉 a competitor who has a great composure about him. His ceiling goes much higher than I realized previously. Keep him!!

  30. Ben Dover, you want a loser like Manziel here and you think just because of his name that he’s going to change this around. And you’re calling me the bird. Dude, don’t say things about fans behind a keyboard that you couldn’t back up in person. With a name like Ben Dover, I tell you who would come out at the bottom of that meeting in a hurry. Moron.

    • Ben D'over // October 14, 2017 at 7:47 pm //

      To you want to meet and settle our differences in a contest ??? I have season tickets and will be at the last home game of the season clown. I’ll be wearing the black TiCat jersey & shouldn’t be hard to miss bozo. Ball is in your court …

  31. SOS, don’t worry about trolls like Ben D’Over/Johnny Gunn (aka Angelo) he’s not here to to talk about football or the Cats. The best practice is just to ignore him.

    • Ben D'over // October 15, 2017 at 7:25 am //

      The BJ, why do you hurt us ??? Be careful, you may get “moderated” if you refer to the legendary A.B by name !!!

  32. RalphInTheCreek // October 15, 2017 at 9:22 am //

    “The Party’s Over” See you next spring at camp. Just keep Mr. Austin away from the team.

  33. bromcbroface // October 15, 2017 at 10:51 am //

    Masoli is FA this year. His trade value is just as high as Zach. I am guessing Zach was not released because he’s going to start next year and JM will sign with….?

    I have always like JM… If he connected with Tasker for the 2 point y’all be praising him. Tough season to lose so many games by less than 3 points. Nothing to be devasted by in Tiger town, the JJ era cats are exciting and rolling. Just too late to the party.

    Looking forward to cheap tix for the remaining games and more fun football.

    • Why would you think a lack of releasing Collaros means he starts next year?

      Two teams talked about him with at least one reported to have made an offer. Why release for nothing?

      As for JM … I like but keep noticing the overthrows of wide open receivers. In at least two games, the lost points made a difference. Unless one is sure this can be cleaned up – a backup plan would be good IMO.

  34. Ticat Mike // October 15, 2017 at 2:46 pm //

    Interesting to see what the Cats do with Collaros. Can Zach resume his all star form under this current offense with a run game, better schemes and blocking? or is Zach a guy who has seen his best days behind him due to two major injuries? I would love to play Zach to see what you have unless the brainstrust have already made up their mind that Zach is gone after this year and they feel that they have more to lose (in terms of trade assets) by playing him and risking poor play rather than sitting him.
    This season has been unfair to collaros who was asked to lead a horrible offense, with no run game, poor blocking and ill conceived schemes. He took a beating and the blame. But Masoli still hasnt convinced me he is the bona fide starter the CAts need. Manziel has proven nothing and may be more a distraction than anything else.
    Like all fans – want this team to turn it around — they have some good pieces in place and Jones, despite some questionable calls, has made the team look like a team that knows how to play (most of the time). Lots of work ahead of them.

  35. Does anyone else see a resemblance between Masoli and Cavillio? Masoli has proven himself a genuine starter. Tough to let him go.

  36. Ticat Mike I agree with your comments about Collaros. I am interested to hear your sentiments about some of our defensive veterans who are now in their 30’s and will be pending free agents. Would be interested in hearing you do a podcast where you tackle this question as I believe both Simoni Lawrence and Ted Laurent are pending free agents. In addition would be interested to hear your take on Chop as Ticats have him under contract for one more year but have now developed tons of promising db’s. It will be interesting to see the stance the Ticats take with the defence. I think the John Chick trade was a steal. With the offence, we all know what is going to happen but I am hopeful that Zach will agree to renogitiate his contract and extend the term in doing so as I still feel that this is the best outcome possible for both sides.

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