Ticats look to avenge embarrassing 60-1 loss to Stampeders

Dan Ralph, Canadian Press

Simoni Lawrence hasn’t forgotten about the last time the Hamilton Tiger-Cats faced the Calgary Stampeders.

Hamilton’s colourful linebacker had a front-row seat to Calgary’s lopsided 60-1 victory at McMahon Stadium on July 29. Lawrence, the Ticats’ defensive catalyst, could only watch because of a leg injury.

“It was super tough,” Lawrence said. “You never not want to be with your team and watch them lose a game like that . . . and how it was (as) Calgary kept putting it on them.

“I didn’t get the opportunity to play against these guys and they’re considered one of the best teams. Being a player you want to play against the best.”

Lawrence will get that chance Friday night when Hamilton (4-10) hosts Calgary (12-1-1) at Tim Hortons Field. The Ticats trail the Ottawa Redblacks (6-9-1) for second in the East Division while the Stampeders can cement first in the West with a win and Winnipeg loss to B.C. on Saturday.

A loss to Calgary and Ottawa win over Saskatchewan on Friday night would eliminate the Ticats from playoff contention. Despite the 59-point margin of victory, Lawrence didn’t feel the Stampeders ran up the score against Hamilton.

“No, it’s professional football,” he said. “If you can beat a team by 100 points, why not?”

Hamilton, which is 4-2 under interim coach June Jones, is coming off a 30-13 road win over Winnipeg last weekend. Quarterback Jeremiah Masoli threw for 338 yards and two TDs and hasn’t surrendered an interception in three games (110 pass attempts).

Masoli was the backup to veteran Zach Collaros when Hamilton last met Calgary. But he said the Ticats haven’t spoken much about that visit to McMahon.

“That was a long time ago,” Masoli said. “I think we’ve proven we’re a different kind of team than earlier in the year.”

Jones said the win over Winnipeg (10-4) gave the Ticats a confidence boost.

“Winning on the road against a good football team is not easy to do,” Jones said. “We pulled it off and that builds confidence, definitely.”

Calgary beat Montreal 59-11 at home on Sept. 29, scoring a TD or field goal on 10-of-12 possessions ( CFL record 83 per cent). The Stampeders are 15-0 coming off the bye since 2005, have won 11 straight regular-season games versus the Ticats and are 7-3 in their last 10 visits to Hamilton.

What’s more, running back Jerome Messam (CFL-high 897 rushing yards), receivers DaVaris Daniels (league’s top rookie last year) and Kamar Jordan (32 catches, 474 yards, four TDs) all return to the lineup from the injured list. Also, Randy Richards comes on to the roster to start at left tackle.

“We’re going to get their best,” Jones said. “But if we want to be the best we’ve got to be able to compete with the best.”

Quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell, the CFL’s outstanding player last year, makes Calgary’s potent offence tick. Mitchell has thrown for 3,978 yards with 20 TDs against just eight interceptions for the Stampeders, who are averaging a league-best 29.4 offensive points per game.

But Mitchell’s success is no surprise to Jones, who coached both Mitchell and Stampeders defensive lineman Ja’Gared Davis at Southern Methodist University.

“I’ve been a big fan of (Mitchell) forever,” Jones said. “He’s playing like he did in his high school film, making the same plays.

“He’s a great kid and competitor. There’s a reason they’re 12-1-1 and he’s a large part of it.”

Davis has also been solid on a Calgary defence that’s allowing a CFL-low 15.8 points per game. The six-foot-one, 238-pound Davis has 25 tackles and eight sacks, tied with Charleston Hughes and Micah Johnson for the team lead.

“I told (Davis) he kind of reminded me of James (Quick) Parker as an edge rush guy,” Jones said. “He’s pretty special, I think, as a pass rusher.

“He’s going to turn it up for me, I know that.”

Jones said the key against Calgary’s defence is not allowing it to force the offence to stray from its gameplan. And in Hamilton’s case, that’s remaining committed to the run with Alex Green, who has rushed for 237 yards in two games with the Ticats.

“You can’t let them change you and take you out of the things that you do,” Jones said. “We’ve got to do the things that have been successful, which is running the ball.

“You’ve got to stick with your gameplan no matter what the score is otherwise you’re not going to be able to block them.”


30 Comments on Ticats look to avenge embarrassing 60-1 loss to Stampeders

  1. Duece Dumper // October 12, 2017 at 5:43 pm //

    The TiCats are going to get trounced.

    • Dundas dude // October 12, 2017 at 6:05 pm //

      Yes, this one is in the bag! Calgary should chill the beer for celebrating their victory, at halftime. Not really sure why they play this game, given how big Calgary’s margin of victory will be.

    • BigTimeStampsFan // October 12, 2017 at 7:03 pm //

      Regular season records are meaningless unless you can win championships; which these chokers can’t seem to do. Unless of course they’re assisted by bad officiating…ie. Grey Cup against Hamilton. I predict they lose in the western final, at which time I’ll be cracking open a cold one to toast another year of Calgary futility. Prosit!!

      • CFLs Best since 1990 // October 13, 2017 at 3:36 pm //

        Um… they’ve won a couple in recent history. By your way of thinking, those don’t seem to count. You even attribute the officials for the ones they have won. Yeah, that seems fair and reasonable, I guess, if you like to live with rose-colored glasses on. But rose-colored glasses are true indicators of someone whose opinion I have very little respect for.

  2. Both Green and Banks will be stopped by the Calgary defence.I hope the Cats have a plan to win without them.The Cats will not have a running game unless they establish a passing game first.Chris Williams was completely shut down in Calgary as will be Banks.You can not beat Calgary by using your customary weapons because an elite team will negate them.

    • What has Chris Williams got to do with the Ticats and Banks? Cats should be getting rid of their other whiner(Collaros) too, like they did with the overrated hotdog Williams.

      • Yeah, Collaros just won’t shut up, will he. Why don’t you be a dear and post the link to one of those many news stories where his complaints are quoted.

      • Zach has been nothing but a pro through all of this? As for getting rid of Banks why? He’s proven himself an effective weapon. This is got to be one of the stupidest ignorant posts I’ve seen on here. SMH

    • And Calgary LOST to Montreal -the worst team in the league – so they aren’t always dominant!

    • Um, no they won’t Pancho ole boy (sorry Cisco). Green reminds me of Ronald Williams circa 1999…N-S runner, angry, and on a mission. Banks is reborn…perhaps in more ways than one…some people on this blog may get that one. Oh yeah, Chris Williams doesn’t factor in here…we are talking about “team” players, not “it’s all about me” players.

      • It will be a test for Green but I think he will pass.

        As for Williams, my impression is that he has not been lighting it up in the BC offense so Calgary stopping him doesn’t seem all that much of a challenge. In about the same number of games, Banks has about 150 more yards.

        • CFLs Best since 1990 // October 13, 2017 at 3:42 pm //

          I have lots of love for Green. In fact, I would have done exactly what Austin did, and traded Gable. Green is really good.

          But Calgary’s defense is something else altogether. It will be a good test on both sides of that ball. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Green have some success, but it certainly won’t come easy. Calgary has shut down pretty much everyone’s running game so far this year. If they start stopping him in the backfield, it could get ugly. Though Green’s success has often come through the gaps up the middle, I expect they’ll try to run some sweeps, etc, to make Calgary’s D-Line chase. Should be fun to watch!

      • You convinced me Philski.I just made Green one of my fantasy game players.Go CATS … go Green.

    • Too bad the Cats offense only has Green and Banks going for them. *grin*

      If Green and Banks attract too much attention … that should open up Saunders, Fantuz and Masoli.

      Jones has shown far more creativity in using what talent is available to match up to ways of beating the opponent so the worries about a plan seem overblown, IMO.

      Time will tell.

      • Don’t forget Chambers the new national receiver who caught well for us last week.Fantuz with his time off has learned some new tricks – I bet – to surprise the Stamps.

        • CFLs Best since 1990 // October 13, 2017 at 3:44 pm //

          When the Cats obtained Chambers, I came on here and had to insist that the fans give him a chance because of his potential. But most bashed the acquisition brutally. Now all of the sudden, he’s great. Just goes to show how quickly things can change, I guess.

  3. I read these comments and felt bad. Then I watch the end of last year’s GC. Now I feel fine.

  4. Tiger Chick // October 12, 2017 at 6:45 pm //

    Kudos Amicus

  5. Give er hell Hamilton!!!

  6. Calgary fans are in for a very big shock Friday night…
    The Cats are going to win this game, and by at least 10 points.
    Payback will be sweet.

    • CFLs Best since 1990 // October 13, 2017 at 3:46 pm //

      If that happens, then good on ya, Cats’ fans. I know the Stamps will recover, because they always do. However…

      “Good luck with that,” he said with a smile.

  7. June Jones is a Genius. He coached Levi Strauss in College so he will know all his weaknesses. Hamilton by a FG with time expiring by the new Kicker from UM Wolverines.

  8. Calgary is overrated and it is a long time coming for the Ticats to beat them. Ignoring the disaster earlier this season, the Ticats have come close to beating Calgary on several occasions. Ticats are going to win this game and Calgary is absolutely crazy if Bo Levi Mitchell even sees the field in this game. Hamilton is a hungry team and Calgary actually will put the balance of their season at risk if Bo Levi plays in this game as if he does, he will not finish the game and I think it is too much of a risk for Calgary to even consider.

    • CFLs Best since 1990 // October 13, 2017 at 3:49 pm //

      Overrated? Really?? Yeah, ok. I hope you’re not somebody’s boss, because you have no concept of quality. Oy, yeesh.

  9. BigRedMachine // October 12, 2017 at 11:56 pm //

    They haven’t lost after a bye since 2005. Ti-cats on a bit of a roll after an impressive win over the Bombers in Winnipeg. Hoping for a good game….

  10. It’s not just about the 60-1 loss. It’s also about the 2014 GC (hello Fantuz, Lawrence, Banks, Laurent…Masoli as well – you were all there), and the fact they haven’t beat the Stumps since Glenn was QB…in Moncton of all places. If ever there was time for redemption, this is it. My logic is if they can go into BC Place and beat the LIons, they can take out the Stumps at home as well. Go kick ass boys.

    • CFLs Best since 1990 // October 13, 2017 at 3:51 pm //

      It really would mean a lot to their organization. I have to pull for my Stamps, but hey, who doesn’t have a place in their heart for the underdog who is scratching and clawing to regain respectability? Good luck to us both, lol.

  11. If the Ticats are even close in the third quarter, the fans will be so into it!

  12. gpocatsgo // October 13, 2017 at 1:03 pm //

    To say a team is over rated when they have scored 60 and 59 points this season ? C’mon let’s be real this Calagary team is GOOD ! But that is not to say the TIcats a much better team now than they were when the two teams met earlier in the season can win this game…. this is football and and with the right effort and breaks ( turnovers) the Tigercats can be right into this one…. would be shocked if Mitchell doesn’t play this game …way to soon to be kicking back and waiting for the playoffs…

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