Kavis Reed will be back as Alouettes GM: report

Kavis Reed will be back as Montreal’s general manager for the 2018 campaign, according to Alouettes beat reporter Herb Zurkowsky.

All indications within the organization are the rookie GM will be allowed to return next season, the Montreal Gazette has learned.

After the Als were eliminated from playoff contention on Thanksgiving Monday, many expected Montreal to sell off some assets at the trade deadline.

“There were requests for some of our players, but it didn’t make sense for us. It didn’t make sense you would give guys away essentially,” Reed told the Montreal Gazette by telephone. “That’s the impulsivity … that can get you into a lot of trouble. For us, in a state where we’re trying to get this right, we can’t be impulsive. We can’t react to certain things and put yourself behind the eight-ball.”

Montreal has the worst offence in the CFL (286 points scored), sit last in the CFL with a 3-12 record while the Als are currently on an eight-game losing streak.


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  1. Elwood Harris // October 12, 2017 at 9:58 am //

    Owners need to sell the team now. I’m an American and find this mess to be more of an embarrassment than the train wreck this season in Hamilton, Ontario. SMH

  2. What does it matter if you’re American Elwood?

  3. But whyyyyyy!

  4. Reed is going through some growing pains but its likely best to keep him there for some continuity through the roster rebuild.

    • Really.

      And how much mercy did Reed show the coaching staff. Were they not going through “growing pains” too??

      • Reed didn’t pick them in the first place. I imagine he’ll hire the guys he wants in the offseason. IMO he should’ve kept Thorpe but who knows what goes on behind closed doors.

  5. when mr. wettehhaul, turned the reins over to his son, its been spiraling ever since.it took mr. popp and all the coaches over the years to build a contending team, however i have never agreed to let mr. popp to coach the team. he should have kept doing what he done best.however, a new season next year, will either break or make the team.i am diehard als fan, it hurts like hell too see a team go down like they have.go als go.

  6. So next year is officially a right off!

  7. This franchise could be in more trouble than Toronto. After all the success in the early 2000’s it’s hard to believe how quickly things spiralled downwards.

    • That was about as fast as the crowds jumping off the bandwagon in Montreal…

    • Not hard to beleive at all Scott. Go back to sleep and worry about your own team. Your always the first to pile on teams that are down and out and people who live in glass houses shouldn’t be throwing stones.

      • Well Stamps. Lets be honest.. Even with our last 2 losing seasons, we always had atleast 30k+ fans. You guys can’t even get more than 27k with your winning seasons. Montreal only has 20k for seating and thats turned into atleast 15k or less now this year with another losing season. Seems to be a growing problem. Even for your “unbeatable” stumps. Maybe you shouldn’t be throwing any stones either from your glass house. Just some food for thought.

  8. Paul Smith // October 12, 2017 at 11:35 am //

    I know the weather was crummy last Monday but the empty seats at Molson Stadium was alarming.

  9. Without the Wettenhal Family, football would not be what it is today in Quebec.
    Kavis, pick the right HC and make our Als great again.
    If you are a football fan, rain or shine, ounce an Als always an Als.

  10. so Kevin Feterik wasnt available? smh

  11. So another guaranteed 4th place finish in the East in 2018? I guess the Wettenhalls must like losing games and money

  12. Paul Bomber // October 12, 2017 at 12:21 pm //

    His track-record is awful and has done NOTHING in Montreal. He has no loyalty to those around him, quick to toss people under the bus. He’s a turd (basing that on interactions I know about while he was here in Wpg … it’s a small town, word gets around). Whatever… better Montreal than Winnipeg!!

    • Dan Bombers // October 12, 2017 at 2:57 pm //

      No big deal joe mac is waiting to take over !!

      • Paul Bomber // October 12, 2017 at 3:59 pm //

        At least there once was a time where Mac seemed to know what he was doing – back in Dave Ritchie days I think, but yeah…it took years to get over that last Joe Mac hangover! (Thank you ever so much for bringing up that painful memory! You want to talk about the time my girlfriend broke up with me on Valentines Day, 1970-something next? :^)

  13. The sad part is the same players Reed is unwilling to “give away” are ones he will have to release in the offseason because the team needs to get younger.

  14. Fire him. Hire Hervey release Durant or pay cut him and Sign / Trade for Collaros

  15. South-west cowboy // October 12, 2017 at 12:56 pm //

    It beats me how Kavis ‘Consequenses’ Reed keeps landing on his feet.

  16. I guess the owners have given up on the team for 2018. I should take an hiatus watching the CFL next year since Wetenhall has clearly doesn’t want someone who is actually competent in the GM/coach position. First Montrealers has to put up with lousy decision making by Marc Bergevin with the Habs & now we’re stuck with Kavis Reed for another year. In the sports arena, Montreal is clearly going through the dark ages of ineptitude. Ownership here really love yes-men instead of people who know what they are doing.

  17. At least they’re doing one thing right: no panicking with another crazy stop-gap move, and instead are waiting until year-end to pick a good coach from the broader pool available then.And they aren’t dumping guys now, just because they’ve underperformed with a poor system for 2017. If Kavis’ new coach does not perform, then he WILL be on the hot seat next year. No guarantees, but at least there is a bit more maturity this year … so far.

    • Paul Bomber // October 12, 2017 at 4:03 pm //

      Yes … they are slowly, calmly driving over the cliff. (sorry… couldn’t resist, but it is a good point you bring up… but I think you give too much credit to Kavis – he makes dumb moves on the fly like cutting Bear Woods. That’s not the sign of a decision made after careful consideration.)

  18. Ownership obviously wants the first overall draft pick in 2018.

  19. greenenvy? // October 12, 2017 at 3:37 pm //

    Question is, do good candidates who may want to get HC gig want to leave a good spot to coach in Mtl? I’m talking Claybrooks or LaPolice for example. Reed is seemingly overruled by the owners & that’s why he stays. He does their bidding. The HC will have 2 guys looking over their shoulders. Aside from that, it’s an old team that needs a lot of younger pieces & none of their QB’s seem to be the answer.

  20. They may want the draft pick but could trade it away for a QB prospect like Manziel. They’re desperate &, after the moves this year, who knows what they’ll do. Despite what Reed says, they DID give away some good players for nothing. Fine to say he didn’t like the deals but anything is better than nothing which is what you get now for Bowman, Cox, Hebert & Logan because I dont see them playing next year. Hebert was good but is there any team in the CFL other than the Als that are looking for 38 yr old LB’s? If he really did have some bites on these players for the stretch run, get what you can. Waiting for a better deal later? Get real.

    • Johnny Nightclub can’t hang in the pro leagues. He’d be as useless as the Durant/Willy has been this season with lots of interceptions & sacks.

      • Habs4Life // October 12, 2017 at 4:21 pm //

        I think you are wrong. One ting for sure all of North America will be tuned in to watch. TSN will get huge viewers. The stadium will be sold out.

        Looking forward to it!

        • Kind of hard to believe when Johnny Nightclub has never taken a career in football very seriously. His days with the Browns showed he can’t play in the pros either.

  21. Habs4Life // October 12, 2017 at 4:14 pm //

    Trading the number one pick for Johnny Football would be a smart thing. I think June Jones will likely fight to keep him. If the Als sign Manziel, I will renew my seasons tickets. That’s a great start, he’s worth a 1 all day compared to Adams who was a bust that Popp signed. Love how he gets a free pass. Aging players, massive contracts and no succession plan for the QB falls directly to blame on Jim Popp.

    As a Als fan, I am happy Mr. Reed has a safe job.

    • Why go after an unknown like Manziel who doesn’t know squat about Canadian football. Even if he does manage to grasp our game he’ll be pricey and will go back to the NFL in a heartbeat once his contract is fulfilled. Save the draft pick and bid on Franklin when he becomes available in Feb. Much better odds on him being successful than Manziel.

  22. Reed coming back for 2018 is a complete debacle for Montreal Alouette fans. Farcical at best..

  23. the als would be better off if they wouldve kept adams at qb than durant durant is not worth the money the als are paying him jones knew what he was doing tradinghim

  24. 3rd and 1 // October 13, 2017 at 7:17 am //

    I think if you look at how SK and Montreal have basically swapped their complete QB system. SKsitting at 8-6 and Montreal at 3-11. I would suggest that Popp knew better than Reed.

  25. Never should have let Popp go. Especially when you think that keeping him could have led to Trestman back on the Montreal sideline. Reed has done NOTHING to add to Als roster and plenty to deplete it. S.J Green trade totally blew up in his face. The should rename Toronto the Algonouts. Leading the East with personnel Montreal brainlessly cast off.

  26. Manziel may or may not work out. The Rider crowd constantly defends Jones through 1 washed-up NFL’er over another. Just this year alone he tried getting Vick, got Young, now has Richardson & oh yes, talked to Manziel’s agent & may or may not have worked him out. I don’t like Reed but if he got Manziel he’s an idiot & Jones is the genius after 3 failed experiments, probably going on 4?? Let’s put it another way – Riders will have a new QB in tow next year. You think Jones, with his love of all things ex-NFL would be’s doesn’t still look at Manziel as a possibility to bring in if the price is right? How’s that any different from the guys he’s brought in this year.

    • And whos your team boneyard? I’m sure we can quickly find something wrong with them…. real quick.

  27. Keep him Why ?

  28. Wow, lots of experts here. Send your resumes to Mr. Wetenhall. Convince him you’d do a much better job than Kavis. Perhaps even offer to buy out Mr. Reed’s contract.

  29. Well, RobE, you’re the smart one. Who do I follow? I’m just sayin’ – before you throw stones remember Jones’ had more than a passing interest in Manziel. BTW, more than one reporter has suggested Jones’ love affair with these ex-NFL dropouts has a lot more to do with increasing exposure in the US his way. Even your press in Regina said when Young came how big a deal it was with the US press. If Jones gets enough exposure & some success in Regina, the US colleges might come knocking. There isn’t enough money in Regina to keep him from taking a lucrative gig in the US. Jilted again, just like Austin. Why go to Regina when he can stay East close to home – traitor. Or when Henry Burris signed with the Stamps – how dare he? It’ll happen again. Jones hasn’t stayed in one place long in the CFL & has already broken contracts twice. I hope you have him for a long time – but don’t bet on it.

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